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                                                                                                    Xcel Energy
        STIMULUS                                                                                     Rebates

  REBATES                                       Your
                                             Questions On:
                                            2011 Rebates &                                             14.5 SEER AC
                                              Tax Credits                                               EXAMPLE:
                                                                                                       Rheem 95% AFUE RGRC
                                                                                                               Furnace +
                                                                                                      14.5 SEER A/C will get you:
                                                                                                          $300 Rheem Rebate
                                                                                                         + $450 Fed. Tax Credit
                                                                                                      + $870 Xcel Energy Rebate
                                                                                                        = $1,620 Back!
                                 EXAMPLE:                                                               Lo                          l s!
                           Rheem 95% AFUE RGRM                                                             o   k In
                                                                                                                      side for Detai
                                 Furnace +
                        18 SEER RASL A/C will get you:
                            $1,000 Rheem Rebate
                            + $450 Fed. Tax Credit
                         + $1,120 Xcel Energy Rebate

                              = $2,570 Back!
                              Lo                          ls!
                                 o   k In
                                            side for Detai
                                                                                                     Now is the Time
                                                                                                     to Buy!
Disclaimer: While we strive to provide the best information possible, we cannot
assume responsibility for outdated information on any of the constantly changing rebate programs.
               Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency
                                  Scheduled to Expire December 31, 2011
           • The maximum amount an eligible homeowner may receive in tax credits for purchasing qualifying products,
             whether those purchases are in the form of upgraded insulation, windows, HVAC equipment or other eligible
             improvements is $500.
           • If you have already claimed credits of $500 or more from improvements made prior to 2011, you will be
             unable to claim new credits for improvements made during 2011.
           • The credit is 10% of the installed costs, not to exceed the set amount listed below:

                                   Summary for Homeowners
         Maximum Available                                                                       Efficiency                        Rheem’s
             Tax Credit                          Product Type                                  Requirements                        Qualifying
                    $50                    Any advanced main air                       Electricity use of no more
                                           circulating fan                             than 2% of the total
                                                                                       energy use of the furnace

                    $150                   Natural Gas, Propane, Oil                   95% AFUE
                                           Furnace or Boiler

                    $300                   Split System Air Conditioners               16 SEER/13 EER

                    $300                   Split System Heat Pumps                     15 SEER/12.5 EER/8.5 HSPF

                    $300                   Package Air Conditioners                    14 SEER/12 EER                              Model RGRM (pictured)
                                                                                                                                   Model RGFG
                    $300                   Package Heat Pump                           14 SEER/12 SEER/8 HSPF                      Model RGRL
                                                                                                                                   Model RGRC
                    $300                   Package Gas/Electric                        14 SEER/12 EER

                    $300                   Gas Water Heater                            EF >=0.82 or TE >=0.90

                    $300                   Heat Pump Water Heater                      EF >=2.0

             Heat Pump
            Water Heater                               Renewable Energy Product Rebates - Good Through 2016
Rheem’s Qualifying Water Heaters:                        Product          Product               Tax Credit                      Tax
                                                         Category         Type                  Specification                   Credit        Notes
                     Tankless Models:                    Geothermal     Geothermal Heat     Closed Loop:                       30% of cost,   Must be
                     RGGH-95DV Tankless (pictured)       Heat Pump      Pump                EER >=14.1, COP >=3.3              no cap         installed
                                                                                            Open Loop: EER >=16.2,                            before end
                     RTG 95 Tankless                                                        COP >=3.6                                         of 2016
                     RTG 84 Tankless                                                        Direct Expansion:
                                                                                            EER >=15, COP >=3.5
                     RTG 64 Tankless
                                                         Solar Energy   Solar Water Heating At least half the energy           30% of cost,   Must be
                                                         Systems                            generated by the “qualifying       no cap         installed
                                                                                            property” must come from the                      before end
                                                                                            sun. Only the solar portion of the                of 2016
                                                                                            system qualifies, not the entire
                                                                                            water heating system of the
                                                                                            house-hold. Water must be used
                                                                                            in the dwelling. The system must
                                                                                            be certified by the Solar Rating &
                                                                                            Certification Corporation (SRCC).
Rheem’s Qualifying Central A/C and
Heat Pumps:          Air Conditioning:                                                       Rheem’s Line of
                          Model RASL (pictured)
                                   Model RARL
                                 Model 14AJM                                                 Renewable
                                  Heat Pumps:                                                Energy Products:
                                   Model RPRL                                                Geothermal Heat Pump
                                                                                             Units (left) & Solar Water
                                                                                             Heating Systems (right)

See your Tax Advisor for details, or visit
Local Utility Energy Efficiency Rebate Information

                                             Home Comfort Professionals

                                               Cooling & Heating Rebate Programs
Central Air Conditioning - Get Up to $1,000 Back!
Xcel’s Central AC Rebate program is designed to generate maximum energy savings by focusing on
proper installation practices. Qualifying customers who purchase & install a new, eligible central air
conditioner from one of Xcel Energy’s registered contractors may receive on of the following rebates:
 New Equipment Rebates           Qualifier                        Amount          Rheem’s Qualifying Central AC
 Air Conditioning Unit           SEER 14.5, EER 12                $250            & Heat Pumps:
                                 SEER 15, EER 12.5                $350
                                 SEER 16, EER 13                  $500

TRADE IN! You can earn two rebates - $500 for trading in
your old qualifying A/C unit and an additional rebate for                                     RASL
installing a new qualifying unit!
 Trade In Rebates                SEER Rating       EER Rating     Rebate
 Air Conditioning Unit           SEER 14           below 12       $500
 TRADE IN Must be                SEER 14.5         EER 12         $500
 12 SEER or Under AND            SEER 15           EER 12.5       $500
 5 years or older.               SEER 16           EER 13         $500

Heating & Water Heating
Heating & Water Heating Rebates: Xcel’s rebates can help you
save on the cost of purchasing a high efficiency furnace, boiler
and water heater system.
                                          Qualifier               Amount
 Natural Gas Furnace                      92% AFUE                $80
 Natural Gas Furnace                      94% AFUE                $120
 Natural Gas Boiler                       84% AFUE                $100
 Standard Tank Water Heater               .62 EF                  $25
 Standard Tank Water Heater               .65 EF                  $70
 Standard Tank Water Heater               .67 EF                  $90                                RPRL Heat Pump
 Tankless EF                              .82 EF                  $50
 Heat Pump Water Heater                   Electric                $450
Please visit for details on Xcel Energy’s programs.
                                               Rheem 2011
                                            Consumer CashBack
                    STRAIGHT COOL REBATE PROGRAM                                            Promotion
Outdoor Unit                  Indoor Unit                     Thermostat       Rebate        Details:
Prestige Series RASL-JEZ/C    Prestige Series Air Handlers:   Recommended      $1,000   Promotion Dates:
                              RBHM, RBHN, RHPN                Thermostats:              April 15th -
                              Prestige Series Furnaces:                                 November 15th, 2011
                              RGPR, RGLR, RGFE, RGGE,         HC-TST213UNMS
                              RGJF, RGPE, RGLE, RGFG          HC-TST314UNMS             Limit of 1 (one) rebate per
                              Classic Series Furnaces:        HC-TST412MDMS             qualifying system per
                              RGRM, RGTM                      HC-TST501CMMS             household address. However,
                                                              HC-TST550CMMS             if multiple qualifying systems
Prestige Series RARL-JEZ/C    Prestige Series Air Handlers:   HC-TST211GESS    $800     are installed in a single family
                              RBHM, RBHN, RHPN                HC-TST305UNMS             dwelling, each qualifying
                                                                                        system will earn a rebate.
                              Prestige Series Furnaces:       HC-TST422DFMS
                              RGPR, RGLR, RGFE, RGGE,                                   System must be purchased
                              RGJF, RGPE, RGLE, RGFG          Optional                  from a participating
                              Classic Series Furnaces:        Thermostat:               contractor to be eligible for
                              RGRM, RGTM                                                a rebate.
                                                                                        Homeowner is responsible
14AJM                         Prestige Series Air Handlers:   HC-TST203UNMS    $300
                                                                                        for submitting the rebate
                              RHPN                            HC-TST301GESS             redemption confirmation
                              Prestige Series Furnaces:       HC-TST302UNMS             form along with the
                              RGPR, RGLR, RGFD, RGFE,         HC-TST303UNMS             itemized sales invoice from
                              RGFE, RGFG, RGGE, RGJF          HC-TST-304UNMS            the installing contractor.
                              Classic Series Furnaces:        HC-TST402DFMS
                                                                                        Purchase and Installation
                              RGRM, RGTM, RGRL, RGRC,         HC-TST411MDMS
                                                                                        must be made within the
                              RGTC                                                      promotion time limits and
                                                                                        must consist of a Qualifying
NOTE: System must include a Rheem matched coil to be eligible for rebate.               system as indicated on the
                                                                                        Qualifying Product Matrix.

                                                                                        All items purchased must
                                                                                        be itemized and listed on
                                                                                        the copy of the invoice
                                                                                        from the installing
                                                                                        contractor, including
                                                                                        appropriate model and
                           HEAT PUMP REBATE PROGRAM                                     serial numbers.

Outdoor Unit                  Indoor Unit                     Thermostat       Rebate   Rheem is not responsible for
                                                                                        lost, damaged, misdirected,
                                                                                        incomplete, incorrect, or
Prestige Series RPRL-JEC      Prestige Series Air Handlers:   Recommended      $1,000
                                                                                        illegible mail or for postage-
                              RHPL                            Thermostats:              due requests.
                              Prestige Series Furnaces:
                              RGPR, RGLR, RGFE, RGFG,         HC-TST213UNMS             Reproduction, purchase,
                              RGGE, RGJF                      HC-TST314UNMS             sale, or trade of the rebate
                              Classic Series Furnaces:        HC-TST412MDMS             redemption form,
                              RGRM, RGTM, RGRL, RGRC,         HC-TST501CMMS             confirmation form, or other
                                                                                        form of proof of purchase
                              RGTC                            HC-TST550CMMS             or invoice is prohibited.

                                                              Optional                  Please allow 6 weeks for
                                                              Thermostat:               Rebate Check Processing
                                                                                        after receipt of all
                                                              HC-TST201GESS             required materials.

                                                                                        Homeowners can track
NOTE: System must include a Rheem matched coil to be eligible for rebate.               rebate progress at

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