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             MCB Camp Pendleton
                 o Homepage
             Commanding Officer
                 o Biography
                 o CO's Mailbox                           Hospital Construction Site Street
                 o Welcome Interview                     Sweeping on Wire Mountain Road
             Sergeant Major
             Emergency Information                  As construction activities for the new
                 o Current Emergency                 hospital project increase, the contractor
                 o Planning for an Emergency         (Clark-McCarthy, A Joint Venture) has
             Base Information                       increased the frequency of street sweeping
                 o Mission                           activities on Wire Mountain Road (below
                 o About the Base                    San Jacinto Road, adjacent to the site) in
                 o Base Access                       order to maintain a safe and clean
                 o Base Map                          throughway for residents and workers alike.
                 o Business Information
                 o Civilian Jobs
                 o Combat Operational Stress
                 o Commanding Officer's                     Feds Feed Families food drive
                     Environmental Policy Letter
                 o Duty Phone Numbers                The annual Feds Feed Families food drive is
                 o Fire Information                  underway now until the end of Auguest. Help
                 o Motorcycle Safety                 donate food supplies at either commissary or
                 o Museums                           the exchange on base!
                 o Noise Advisory
                 o Personnel Locator
                 o Recycling
                 o Phone Directory                      BABY DIAPER DERBY AT CAMP
                 o Reporting Traffic Violations                 PENDLETON
                 o Road Closures & Construction
                 o Suicide Prevention                All babies 6 months to 10 months are invited
             New Personnel                          to participate. The first baby to crawl across
                 o Base Guide                        the finish line will receive a $20 box of
                 o Billeting & Lodging               Huggies' diapers.
                 o Checking In                       Date: Sat, Aug 13
       o   Housing Office                Time: 11am-1:30pm
       o   Pass & ID Section             Place: MCX Mainstore Mainside
       o   Schools
       o   Distribution Management
       o Weapons Registration                     Tactical Athlete Challenge
   Services
       o 1st Dental Battalion            Active Duty Squad Competition (Men's and
       o Animal Shelter                  Women's)
       o Armed Services YMCA             Date: Tues, Aug 16
       o Billeting & Lodging             Time: 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
       o Chaplain Services               Place: 11 Area Football Field
       o Children Youth and Teen
       o Commissary
       o Counseling Services                THE FAST TRACK TO COLLEGE
       o CREDO
       o Family Housing                  The Leadership Scholar Program (LSP) can
       o Family Readiness Officers       assist qualified Marines/Sailors to gain
       o Healthcare & Emergency          acceptance at some of the finest colleges and
           Services                      universities in the country. These institutions
       o Income Tax Assistance           have agreed to a fast track of admission for
       o Joint Education Center          LSP screened candidates.
       o Joint Legal Assistance
       o Marine Corps Family Team
       o North San Diego Country             2011 Seatbelt laws and regulations
       o Officer's Wives Club            101 Critical Days of Summer Campaign
       o Pass & ID Section               Safety Tips
       o Relocation Assistance
       o School Liaison Office           2011 Seatbelt laws and regulations
       o Sexual Assault Prevention and
           Response Program
       o Distribution Management
           Office                         WILD FIRE SEASON IS COMING! BE
       o Transition Assistance                      PREPARED!
       o Veterinary Clinic
   Marine Corps Community Services      Remember; you can never be too prepared,
   Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton        following these simple steps will lead to a
       o Naval Hospital Camp             safe and ready family. For further
           Pendleton                     information please contact the Camp
       o Naval Hospital Camp             Pendleton Fire Prevention office at 763-2742
           Pendleton Replacement         or 762-2703.
   Sexual Assault Prevention and
    Response Program
   News
       o   Camp Pendleton News              "101 Days of Summer" Drug-Free
       o   Camp Pendleton Photos                       Challenge!
       o   In The News
       o   Pendleton Points             Win $ for Unit Recreation Funds! You must
       o   Marine Corps News            register to win.
       o   Marines Magazine             Packet of events and additional information
       o   MarinesTV                    can be downloaded at
       o   MARADMINS & ALMARS 
       o   Publications
   Base Staff & Agencies
       o AC/S Logistics
       o Business Performance Office      Quarterly Flushing of Water Systems
       o Chaplain                                      Basewide
       o Communication &
           Information Systems          The Facilities Maintenance Department,
       o Community Plans & Liaison      Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton will
       o Environmental Security         continue the quarterly flushing of water
       o Facilities                     mains Basewide to include housing areas.
       o Headquarters & Support
       o Human Resources
       o Inspector General
       o Installation Restoration             300 PFT/CFT One Day Course
       o Manpower                       Date: Aug 30
       o Operations & Training          Time: 0730-1600
       o Public Affairs                 Place: Paige Fieldhouse
       o Reserve Support Unit /
           Deployment Processing
       o Safety Center
       o Security & Emergency
       o Staff Judge Advocate
   Major Commands
       o I Marine Expeditionary Force
       o I Marine Expeditionary Force
       o 1st Dental Battalion
       o 1st Marine Division
       o 1st Marine Logistics Group
       o 11th Marine Expeditionary
       o 13th Marine Expeditionary
       o   15th Marine Expeditionary
       o Marine Aircraft Group 39
       o Marine Corps Installations -
       o Marine Corps Air Station
           Camp Pendleton
       o Naval Hospital Camp
   Tenant Commands
       o Amphibious Vehicle Test
       o Assault Craft Unit 5
       o Logistics Modernization Team
       o Manpower Information
           Systems Support Office 3
       o Marine Corps
           Nonappropriated Fund Audit
       o Marine Corps Tactical
           Systems Support Activity
       o Prior Service Recruiting
       o Weapons & Field Training
       o Western Judicial Circuit
       o Wounded Warrior Battalion -
   Formal Schools
       o Assault Amphibian Schools
       o Center for Naval Aviation
           Technical Training Marine
       o Corporal's Course
       o Enlisted Education Academies
       o Field Medical Training
           Battalion - West
       o Marine Corps College of
           Distance Education and
       o School of Infantry - West
       o Train The Trainer School -
   Public Affairs
       o MCB Camp Pendleton News
            oIn The News
            oMedia Relations
            oPress Releases
            oCommunity Relations
            oKPEN TV
            oInfoTrac Subscription
            oContact Information
      MCI West
      CAC Restricted Links
          o Area Commanders
          o IPAC
          o Orders and Directives
          o Sponsored Visitor Program
             Online Application
          o MCI West Environmental
             Learning Management System
      FOIA
          o Marine Corps FOIA
          o Camp Pendleton FOIA
      Resources
          o Outlook Web
             E-mail Access

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