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					T H E A S S O C I AT I O N F O R C O N F L I C T R E S O L U T I O N
Family Section mid-year conFerence
the canyonS reSort, ParK city, utah, July 24–27, 2008
Conference Overview

this year's Family Section conference, "Building Bridges—moving mountains,"
will be an inspirational, informative conference. located in beautiful Park city, the
conference offers a chance to refresh your spirit, pick up new tips and techniques,
and network with other mediation professionals.

Enjoy four days of continuing education                    Attend Stimulating Workshops
• Be inspired by some of the top mediators and trainers    • mediating high conflict cases
  in the field                                             • mediation and domestic violence
• With 45 sessions, 3 plenaries, and 3 pre-conference      • Parenting coordination
  workshops, you'll benefit from content you won't find    • improve your relationships with clients—examine the
  anywhere else                                              feelings and barriers that affect those interactions
• Pre-conference workshops offer in-depth instruction—     • improve your understanding of crucial financial and tax
  three hours with an expert                                 issues related to divorce
                                                           • explore new frontiers for Family mediators
Tailor the Conference to Meet Your Needs
• if you're a new mediator, use the conference to learn    Enjoy a variety of pre- and post-conference activities
  new methods—mediation skills you didn't learn in your    • try fly-fishing and white water rafting
  basic training!                                          • Visit the site of the 2002 olympics. Get a taste of what
• more experienced mediators will have the chance            it's like to ride a bobsled (even in July)
  to refresh their techniques and take advantage of        • hike or mountain bike in the Wasatch mountains
  workshops intended for advanced mediators                • Stroll the galleries and shop on historic main Street
                                                           • Finish the day with a relaxing hayride—fun for you or
Reconnect with Friends and Colleagues                        your whole family
• ample time for networking                                • take in spectacular mountain views on horseback, just
• consultation opportunities with advanced Practitioners     like Park city's founders did
                                                           • Visit utah's other nearby attractions: Salt lake city,
Stay at a Luxury Resort
                                                             Bryce canyon national Park, and Zion national Park,
• the canyons resort is minutes away from Park city's
                                                             just to name a few
  main Street and over 100 restaurants and bars

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Welcome to the conference                                                                                               1
conference Schedule                                                                                                     2
Pre-conference institutes                                                                                               3
conference Workshops and Plenaries                                                                                      3
hotel information and local activities                                                                              13
about acr                                                                                                           15
registration information                                                                                            16
registration Form                                                                                                   17

                                                                      2008 ACR FAMILY SECTION MId-YEAR CONFERENCE
                                                                                                  We lco me to th e 2 0 08

                                                                      Family Section Midyear Conference

From the Executive director, ACR                                 From the Chair, ACR Family Section
Section conferences are acr’s way to concentrate                 When i joined acr five years ago, i was looking for a
education for members in specialized practices. i invite and     graduate program in conflict resolution. i was a new
encourage you to make this commitment to participate             mediator, fresh from basic training and looking for
in the Family Section conference. and when you do make           volunteer opportunities. i was hungry for guidance and
this commitment, come not just to learn, but also to return      the wisdom of experienced practitioners. i read every
home ready to apply what you have learned and share it           book that i could find about mediation and building a
with colleagues and clients.                                     practice. i attended conferences and lectures in hopes of
                                                                 learning the secret to becoming a successful, full-time
i have three reasons for this challenge. First, you owe it
                                                                 mediator. i was disappointed by accounts of other media-
to your clients and yourself to be the best mediator you
                                                                 tors about building a practice (Woody mosten writes that
can be. the better your mediation practice, the better
                                                                 it takes seven years to reach success). Fortunately, i had
settlements your clients achieve.
                                                                 worked in sales and was accustomed to building a client
Second, the practice is constantly changing—new ideas,           base. nonetheless, i was not excited about the prospect of
new techniques, and even new wrinkles. Staying “on top           taking many years to succeed. i resolved to do whatever
of the 'practice’” will positively affect both your reputation   was necessary to attain my goals.
and your market. Being innovative and open to new ideas
                                                                 acr was formed from the merger of several conflict
will elevate your work and benefit your clients.
                                                                 resolution organizations. the premise behind any merger
the third reason for this challenge is that if you can           is to consolidate resources to contribute to the overall
return home ready to share, you can fulfill one of the most      growth of the merging entities. acr's merger brought
important obligations and opportunities of the profession,       changes that were difficult for some, but the organization
which is to educate the public. and if you can communicate       has adapted to meet its members' changing needs.
to others the important principles and benefits of dispute       the Family Section is no exception to this process of adap-
resolution through mediation, the profession advances,           tation. Just as i benefited from the experience and support
the public has a greater appreciation for the importance         of those who came before me, so must we all build bridges
of your work and your work will be exponentially more            and pave the way for others to continue expanding our
satisfying.                                                      field. there will be many obstacles, as there have already
                                                                 been, that we perceive as mountains. With strength in
So join us in Park city for the best educational sessions,
                                                                 numbers, there will be no mountain that we cannot move
networking opportunities and the incredible high of
                                                                 as we build bridges together.
spending time with friends and colleagues. then the
return home will be complete!                                    i welcome you to the 2008 Bi-annual acr Family
                                                                 Section conference: Building Bridges, moving mountains.

Sincerely,                                                       Warmest regards,
                                                                 russell Gerrard
                                                                 chair, Family Section advisory council

                                                                 2008 Conference Committee
                                                                 Glenn dornfeld, chair   rebecca Smith
douglas m. Kleine, cae                                           russell Gerrard         ann marie termini
executive director                                               Velvet rodriguez-Poston Bill Wiesner

                                                                 Proposal Review Committee
                                                                 Sue Bronson, co-chair chris hickey
                                                                 tamara Fackrell       Becky magruder
                                                                 ada hasloecher        meggan mclean-Stein, co-chair

BUILdINg BRIdgES—MOvINg MOUNTAINS                                                                                              1
co nFeren c e liSt in G S

Conference Schedule

                Thursday         Friday        Saturday               Sunday
7:30am                                                                                       7:30am
                                 continental   continental
8:00am                           BreaKFaSt     BreaKFaSt                                     8:00am

8:30am                                                                                       8:30am

9:00am                           WorKShoP      WorKShoP                                      9:00am
                                 SerieS 1      SerieS 5
9:30am                                                               WorKShoP                9:30am
                                                                     SerieS 9
10:00am                                                                                     10:00am
                                 BreaK         BreaK
10:30am                                                                                     10:30am
11:00am                          WorKShoP      WorKShoP                                     11:00am
                                 SerieS 2      SerieS 6
11:30am                                                              cloSinG Plenary         11:30am
                                                                     & Brunch
12:00pm                                                                                     12:00pm

12:30pm                                        lunch                                        12:30pm
                                 lunch         With SeSSionS
1:00pm                           Plenary                                                     1:00pm

1:30pm                                                                                       1:30pm
2:00pm                                                                                       2:00pm

2:30pm                           WorKShoP      WorKShoP                                      2:30pm
                                 SerieS 3      SerieS 7
3:00pm                                                                                       3:00pm
               Pre- conFerence
3:30pm         inStituteS                                                                    3:30pm

4:00pm                                                                                      4:00pm
                                 WorKShoP      WorKShoP
4:30pm                           SerieS 4      SerieS 8                                      4:30pm

5:00pm                                                                                       5:00pm

5:30pm                                                                                       5:30pm

6:00pm                                                                                       6:00pm
                                               SurPriSe eVeninG
6:30pm                                                                                       6:30pm
                                               Social eVent
7:00pm         oPeninG Plenary                                                               7:00pm

7:30pm         recePtion to                                                                  7:30pm

2                                                         2008 ACR FAMILY SECTION MId-YEAR CONFERENCE
                                                                                                        co n F e r e n ce l i Sti n GS

                                                                                          Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pre-conFerence inStituteS 2:00-5:00Pm                             PC III. The guerrilla Negotiator: Rethinking the Role
                                                                  of the Mediator
PC I. Mediation Tune-Up: A Techniques Review for                  most mediation models are based on principled, interest-
Every Mediator                                                    based negotiation strategies that expect parties to be
in this pre-conference workshop, Zena will present a              reasonable, trusting and collaborative and that most
number of techniques that family mediators use, for               conflicts can be solved by problem analysis, or healed by
discussion, presentation and role play by participants.           better communication. While useful, these models are
her workshop will include videos, exercises, fishbowl and         rarely sufficient and can be delimiting and ineffective.
group role plays. this unique institute is ideal both for         among other notions is the suggestion that mediators
new mediators who want to refresh their skills before the         should abandon their often passive or neutral stance for
conference, and experienced mediators who want an in-             a more activist, engaged role. termed a ‘guerrilla negotia-
depth examination of old and new mediation strategies             tor,’ the mediator becomes a ‘protean’ shape-shifting
from a master. if you haven’t experienced Zena as a               figure that constructively uses strategies more common
trainer—or if you’d like to again—this institute is for you.      to warfare than to civil dialogue, to bring about resilient
Zena D. Zumeta, Mediation Training and Consultation Institute,    agreements that conform to mediation principles. this
Ann Arbor, Michigan                                               institute is designed for intensive participant involvement
PC II. The Impact of a divorce Financial Planner: The             and considers recent work in neuro-science, evolutionary
differential Impact That a divorce Financial Planner’s            biology and psychology, history, military science, and
Input Has in Mediation and in Litigation                          equine and canine studies.
the increasing presence of divorce financial planners             Robert D. Benjamin, MSW, JD, Portland, OR
requires us to understand how best to work with such
professionals. the co-presenters will demonstrate how             oPeninG Plenary 7:00-8:00Pm
the divorce financial planner’s input differentially affects
the outcomes of a mediated case and a litigated case. this        Staying With Conflict
session will go into full financial detail, including equitable   We are usually asked to work on conflicts defined as time
distribution options, a detailed budget analysis and              specific, but the most significant disputes families face
projections of each person’s finances years into the future.      often endure for years. how can families approach long-
attenders will leave with a complete understanding of the         term conflicts constructively? how can conflict specialists
intricacies of how financial planning is used in divorce, and     help families with enduring conflict? What happens when
how using a divorce financial planner can greatly benefit         we ask how people can participate in as well as resolve
our clients and our practices.                                    conflict? drawing on his forthcoming book, Staying with
Carol Ann Wilson, CFP, Longmont, CO and Ken Neumann, MSW,         Conflict, Bernie will consider the implications of these
Center for Mediation & Training, New York, NY                     questions for our practice and our field.
                                                                  Bernard Mayer, Ph.D, Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute
                                                                  Resolution, Creighton University, Kingsville, Ontario
don't forget to bring a sweater!
                                                                  recePtion 8:00–10:00Pm
Because of its elevation, Park city is
                                                                  Join us after the opening plenary for a welcome reception.
usually 11°F cooler than Salt lake city.                          there will be beverages and appetizers; it's the perfect
in July, Park city's average high is 79°F;                        way to unwind after your trip, meet old friends, and
                                                                  compare notes on workshops to attend.
the average low temperature is 48°F.

BUILdINg BRIdgES—MOvINg MOUNTAINS                                                                                                     3
co nFeren c e liSt in G S

Friday, July 25, 2008

7:30–8:30am BreaKFaSt                                               1d. Basic Tax Information As It Applies To divorce
                                                                    Negotiations: What Are They Talking About and What
have breakfast with an advanced Practitioner and either             Is It Worth?
use the time towards meeting your own a.P. requirements             this session will include a list of the basic tax issues that
or simply have the opportunity to discuss a case with an            should be covered during a divorce negotiation, as well
experienced mediator. Sign up sheets will be at the                 as a discussion of exactly how much each issue is really
registration desk.                                                  worth! When couples argue over certain tax issues, at-
                                                                    tenders will have more of a sense of their complexity and
8:30–10:00am WorKShoP SerieS 1                                      values to understand when it might be more appropriate to
                                                                    refer the parties to a tax professional.
1A. AdvANCEd The Five Ws of Retirement Assets:                      Natalie Threlkeld, Administrative Office of the Courts – State of
What Is It Worth? Who gets It? When? Where do I Find                Utah, Kaysvile, UT
Information? Why Is This So Important? (Part 1)
this session will cover: three ways to value defined                1E. You Agreed to What? Working With Couples
benefit plans; who gets the money by trading or Qdro;               Who Enter Mediation Presenting an Unfair or Unwise
when each spouse can get his/her money; the sources of              Agreement
good information; when to submit a Qdro; and how to                 learn to: understand the dynamics of hasty, uninformed
avoid malpractice.                                                  or bad agreements; counteract resentment and resistance
Steven Abel, JD, Center for Mediation & Training, New City, NY      when challenging the basis for such agreements; help
                                                                    couples move forward in a productive way; and work
1B. The Child-Protection Think Tank: A Report on 25                 with couples in a rush to finalize unfair agreements.
Years of Conflict Resolution in Child Welfare                       What happens when a party insists on self-destructive
last September, 30 program administrators, researchers,             or damaging terms?
judges, and mediators met for two days to consolidate               Katherine Webster-O’Keefe, JD, MSW, New Milford, CT
lessons learned over the past 25 years about mediation in
child protection. the results of this meeting and a survey
                                                                    10:30am–12:00Pm WorKShoP SerieS 2
of 114 programs will be presented. Future directions in child
welfare conflict resolution will also be discussed.                 2A. AdvANCEd The Five Ws of Retirement Assets:
Bernard Mayer, Ph.D, Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute   What Is It Worth? Who gets It? When? Where do I Find
Resolution, Creighton University, Kingsville, Ontario               Information? Why Is This So Important? (Part 2)
                                                                    this session is a continuation from Workshop 1a.
1C. Working with divorce Financial Planners:
Maximizing Financial Outcomes in Mediations                         2B. Managing Conflict: Theory, Techniques and Skills
the increasing presence of divorce financial planners               the narrative of conflict mediation practice remains
brought about in part by their inclusion in many collabora-         predominantly rational and assumes people, if given the
tive processes calls attention to our need to understand            opportunity, can be reasonable, cooperative and make
how to work most effectively with such professionals. the           rational choices in their self-interest. While appealing in
presenters will go over various case scenarios and show             theory, both real world experience and neuro-scientific
the best way to use the expertise of a divorce financial            studies have cast doubt on the belief that people are such
planner to give clients the best results.                           “cool-headed reasoners,” suggesting that decisions are
Carol Ann Wilson, CFP, Longmont, CO and Ken Neumann, MSW,           anchored in emotion and are often irrational. this
Center for Mediation & Training, New York, NY                       interactive workshop considers the implications of those
                                                                    propositions for the structure, techniques and skills of
A note about advanced workshops a few presenters                    negotiation, specifically noting how practitioners might
designated their workshops as advanced. We included the             view and manage conflict as a constructive source of
label AdvANCEd to help you select workshops, but we                 energy instead of as a disruptive emotion that needs to be
believe that any participant will be able to learn a great          calmed, controlled, or suppressed.
deal from any workshop. We hope that an “advanced” label            Robert D. Benjamin, MSW, JD, Portland, OR
will not discourage you from attending a workshop that you
might find a bit challenging: that’s how we all learn.

4                                                                                2008 ACR FAMILY SECTION MId-YEAR CONFERENCE
                                                                                                        co n F e r e n ce l i Sti n G S

                                                                                               Friday, July 25, 2008

2C. Communication detective: 14 Communication                    12:00Pm–2:00Pm lunch Plenary
Indicators to decipher and Tools to Crack the
Communication Barriers                                           Cooperative Co-parenting vs. Parallel Parenting:
learn about the 14 communication indicators through              guiding Families to Utilizing Best Post-Separation
the martin test. then we will discuss, analyze, and give         Communication and decision-Making Strategies
techniques for task v. relationship orientation, talker v.       Parents are encouraged to co-parent following separation.
listener, logic v. feelings, verbal v. non-verbal, tough-        however, not all families are suited to this style of
skinned v. sensitive, box v. spiral, and assertive v. pleaser.   parenting. Further, encouraging co-parenting is inappro-
Tamara Fackrell, JD, J. Reuben Clark Law School, Provo, UT       priate for some families. this workshop will discuss the
                                                                 research associated with such parenting styles and help
2d. Use It or Lose It: Understanding the Role of                 practitioners learn when co-parenting or parallel parenting
Emotions in Rational decision-Making                             is the best option.
Without attention to emotions in mediation, we run a risk        Philip Stahl, PhD, ABPP, Arizona State University, Queen Creek, AZ
of missing what is central to the dispute and its resolution.
recognizing and modulating emotions in mediation is key
                                                                 2:00Pm–3:30Pm WorKShoP SerieS 3
to good judgment and successful mediation. learn to
handle intense emotions, identify masked emotion, and            3A. Exploring Non verbal Communication
capture opportunities for seeing another’s perspective.          as mediators, we are trained in verbal communication
Sue Bronson, MS, New Prospects, Milwaukee, WI                    skills. Studies show, however, that 85% of communication
                                                                 is non-verbal. it is crucial that we start honing our non-
2E. How Children of different Ages Cope with divorce:
                                                                 verbal communication skills. this workshop will help us
Using the Understanding of developmental Needs in
                                                                 distinguish different preferred non-verbal communication
Custody determination and Parenting Plan decisions
                                                                 styles and teach us how to adapt our mediation techniques
recent gains in understanding the impact of divorce on
                                                                 to adequately meet the non-verbal and verbal needs of
children are guided by knowledge of the risks and
                                                                 our clients.
protective factors given each child's age and developmental
                                                                 Velvet Rodriguez-Poston, Rodriguez-Poston Mediation Services LLC,
stage. interviewing strategies for mental health profes-
                                                                 Park City, UT
sionals and the legal profession will be demonstrated.
Guidelines for overnight visitation and access plans for the     3B. Working with High-Conflict Clients
divorcing parents will be discussed based on research and        We see an increasing number of clients with high-conflict
current practice.                                                personalities in divorce, custody, probate and family
Leslie A. Murtagh APRN,BC, Casper, WY                            business disputes. this session will provide basic
                                                                 information about four high conflict personality types,
                                                                 and ten tips for handling such clients, including: respectful
less than an hour away, the Great Salt                           calming of emotions, focusing on tasks, and setting limits.
lake is 75 by 35 miles wide.                                     William Eddy, LCSW, Esq., National Conflict Resolution Center,
                                                                 San Diego, CA
Because of its unusually high salt
                                                                 3C. An Innovative AdR Approach designed to Assist
concentration, most people can easily                            High-Conflict divorced or Separated Parents
float in the lake as a result of the higher                      mediators will be introduced to an adr approach
                                                                 incorporating strategies used in mediation, family therapy
density of the water. even though the                            and family law. a discussion on the history of parenting
Great Salt lake provides a habitat for                           coordination offers an understanding of the necessity
                                                                 of this service. Participants will learn to recognize the
millions of native birds, it is too salty to                     responsibilities of a parenting coordinator and to identify
support fish.                                                    the types of cases that benefit from parenting coordination.
                                                                 Ann Marie Termini, Cooperative Parenting Institute, Clarks Summit,
                                                                 PA and Susan Boyan, Cooperative Parenting Institute, Atlanta, GA

BUILdINg BRIdgES—MOvINg MOUNTAINS                                                                                                     5
co nFeren c e liSt in G S

Friday, July 25, 2008

3d. Mediating in a drive-Through World: Knowledge                4C. Critically Reflective Court Program Management:
and Skills for Time-Limited Mediations                           How to Manage People and Feel good doing It!
this workshop looks at considerations and strategies in          this presentation will address five areas: the definition
family law mediations where time is limited and issues           of critical reflection, how critical reflection can be used
are often complex. the workshop addresses the skills             in family court management, the complexity of developing
and knowledge needed to help parties receive a quality           effective family programs and systems, servant leader-
process and outcome.                                             ship, and managers as lifelong learners. each of these five
John D. Cameron, Law Offices of John D. Cameron, Laconia, NH     areas should contribute to becoming a better family court
                                                                 manager. much like Fink’s educative assessment model,
3E. AdvANCEd The 700-lb gorilla in the Session: What             there is a forward-looking assessment in which managers
We’re Feeling but don’t Talk About                               must engage many parties. and, in managing people, self
mediators have feelings and attitudes about their clients        assessment also adds to building a rationale for managing
which they keep secret, and rarely if ever talk about. how       and communicating.
do these feelings, conscious and unconscious, affect the         Rebecca Storrow, MS, 19th Circuit Court of Florida, Port St. Lucie, FL
outcome of the mediation? this interactive workshop
will be a dialogue between two 25-year veterans, with            4d. Building a Child Focus in Order to Succeed
audience participation.                                          at Family Mediation
Ken Neumann, Center for Mediation & Training, New York, NY and   the success of a divorce or paternity mediation very often
Sydell S. Sloan, Bayside, New York                               turns on parents’ willingness to focus on their children’s
                                                                 needs—and their adoption of this focus going into media-
                                                                 tion. this workshop will show how parent preparation on
3:45Pm–5:15Pm WorKShoP SerieS 4
                                                        and related work can lay the groundwork
4A. AdvANCEd Creative Spousal Support                            for mediation success.
discussions of spousal support can be tricky. learn a            Charles A. Asher and Barbara Asher, Freedom 22 Foundation,
variety of creative strategies that divorcing couples can        South Bend, IN
use that not only meet their individual financial needs, but
also allow them to maintain control over—and to instill          Who founded Sundance Film Festival?
more certainty into—their financial futures without having
to return to court.                                              you may be surprised, but the festival
Rebecca T. Magruder, MSW., JD, St. Charles, MO
                                                                 wasn't founded by robert redford. it
4B. Mediation & Collaborative Practice: Adversaries,
Bedfellows, or Partners?
                                                                 was founded in 1978 in Salt lake city by
the field of collaborative Practice involves parent coaches,     the utah Film commission. not many
child specialists, and financial advisors in its process, but    people came until the festival moved
none are called mediators. are we in a turf battle? how
could we build bridges between these two disciplines?            to the more liberal Park city in 1981—
We invite you to participate in a dialogue on these              the same year redford started the
important issues.
Barbara Landau, PhD, LL.M, Cooperative Solutions, Toronto, On-   Sundance institute. however, it wasn't
tario; Don Saposnek, PhD, Family Mediation Service, Aptos, CA;   until 1991 that the festival became
Chip Rose, JD, The Mediation Center, Santa Cruz, CA
                                                                 known as "Sundance."

6                                                                             2008 ACR FAMILY SECTION MId-YEAR CONFERENCE
                                                                                                             co n F e r e n ce l i Sti n G S

                                                                                               Saturday, July 26, 2008

4E. Exploring Culture from the Inside Out                            5B. Elder Mediation for Families Coping with Chronic
the most important elements of becoming a culturally                 Illness and End-of-Life Issues
competent mediator are exploring and recognizing our                 When a family is faced with alzheimer’s disease or other
own cultural perspectives and biases. culture starts with            end-of-life illnesses, managing caretaking needs often
our ability to know how our personal beliefs influence the           creates situations of tension and conflict. this workshop
way we view, and perhaps judge, others. What habits are              presents a model for elder mediation focusing on
we bringing to our domestic mediations that might                    establishing family care teams that improve care-giving
compromise our neutrality? We will explore how our                   and reduce family stress.
brains formulate judgments through associative                       Stan Einhorn, PhD, Aptos, CA
networking, and discuss how to effectively divert our
own cultural judgments during the mediation process.                 5C. Mediating Prenuptial Agreements: A Loving Way to
                                                                     Resolve a difficult Topic
Velvet Rodriguez-Poston, Rodriguez-Poston Mediation Services
                                                                     negotiation of a prenuptial agreement can irrevocably
LLC, Park City, UT and
                                                                     damage a marriage if handled like a business or legal
Kathy Elton, ADR Program Director for the Administrative Office of
                                                                     negotiation. Starting the process with a mediator rather
the Courts in Utah; co-owner of Restorative Connections, Salt Lake
                                                                     than two separate attorneys may be a much healthier way
City, UT
                                                                     for the couple to embark upon mutually agreeable terms,
                                                                     and may create a more positive future for their marriage.
                                                                     Laurie Israel, Esq. The Law Offices of Laurie Israel, Brookline, MA
Saturday, July 26, 2008
                                                                     5d. Mining for Needs and Interests
7:30–8:30am BreaKFaSt
                                                                     everyone knows that mediation should focus on needs
have breakfast with an advanced Practitioner and either              and interests, but how do we really accomplish this? this
use the time towards meeting your own a.P. requirements              workshop will address the techniques of mining for needs
or simply have the opportunity to discuss a case with an             and interests not only in parenting plans, but also involving
experienced mediator. Sign up sheets will be at the                  money issues and adult guardianship issues. Session will
registration desk.                                                   include video and exercises.
                                                                     Zena D. Zumeta, Mediation Training and Consultation Institute,
                                                                     Ann Arbor, Michigan
8:30am–10:00am WorKShoP SerieS 5
                                                                     5E. White Privilege: Recognizing and dealing with
5A. Financial and Tax Issues Related to divorce: How to
                                                                     Structural and Personal Power Imbalances in Mediation
Maximize Available Benefits
                                                                     White privilege is the flip side of racism: the systemic
a comprehensive review of the major financial and tax
                                                                     and individual advantages whites receive when racism
issues related to divorce and how mediators/conflict-
                                                                     disadvantages people of color. it’s often invisible to whites.
resolvers can counsel clients, including preservation of the
                                                                     We will watch the video White Privilege 101, explore our
marital capital gain exclusion, capital loss carry-forward,
                                                                     unawareness and assumptions, and discuss providing a
stock options, transfer of retirement issues, alimony/child
                                                                     "balanced" process when those imbalances are present.
support issues, dependency exemptions/filing status,
                                                                     Annie Tucker, Mediation Services of Eastern Iowa, Iowa City, IA
dependent credits, and deductibility of attorney’s/financial
planning fees.
Francisco A. Laguna, JD, TransLegal, LLC, Alexandria, VA             Bring a camera! Park city's colorful
                                                                     main Street is lined with 64 Victorian
                                                                     buildings listed in the national register
                                                                     of historic Places.

BUILdINg BRIdgES—MOvINg MOUNTAINS                                                                                                          7
co nFeren c e liSt in G S

Saturday, July 26, 2008

                                                               6d. Writing Effective Memoranda of Understanding
Why is the Great Salt lake salty?                              effective writing takes time, effort and attention to detail.
                                                               Good memoranda are well-organized, clear, and written
the Great Salt lake is salty because it                        in language understandable to the parties, and they
                                                               accurately reflect parties’ decisions. Join an experienced
does not have an outlet. rivers are con-                       mediator and an experienced attorney-mediator to learn
stantly bringing in small amounts of salt                      how to improve your written product when doing family
dissolved, but once the water evapo-                           and divorce mediation.
                                                               Clarence Cramer, M.A., LPC., Arizona Conciliation Court, Coolidge,
rates, the salt is left behind.                                AZ and Susan Edwards, Esq., Berwyn, PA

                                                               6E. Beyond Yes: deeper Wisdom and the Art of
10:30am–12:00Pm WorKShoP SerieS 6                              Negotiation
                                                               all of us negotiate every day. From the time we wake
6A. Your divorce-Related Tax and Financial Questions—
                                                               up until we lay down at night, we negotiate with family,
                                                               friends, colleagues, clients, and even within ourselves. this
For this highly innovative interactive workshop, attenders
                                                               workshop will introduce the Beyond yes Process to explore
will be invited to pre-submit questions regarding actual
                                                               how to develop mastery in this essential skill.
cases. the presenter will choose several of those cases
                                                               Erica Ariel Fox, Global Negotiation Insight Institute
to illustrate financial principles and strategies that are
important to all our practices, while also helping to solve
knotty problems for participants’ existing clients. [infor-    12:00–1:30Pm lunch With SeSSionS
mation on how you can pre-submit questions will follow,
separately from this brochure.]                                Powwow for Trainers of ACR Family Section-Approved
                                                               Training Programs
Francisco A. Laguna, JD, TransLegal, LLC, Alexandria, VA
                                                               Ken neumann will moderate a lunch-time discussion
6B. Never-Married and Same-gender Couples:                     that will take stock of where we are as trainers and our
The Importance of domestic Partnerships                        relationship to acr.
We will explore the options available to mediators in          Ken Neumann, Center for Mediation & Training, New York, NY and
drafting agreements for unmarried couples, the terms
parties should include in domestic partnership agreements      Additional lunch-time programs will be available.
and the limitations unmarried couples encounter when
combining households. We will also cover the pitfalls          2:00–3:30Pm WorKShoP SerieS 7
encountered by couples without domestic partnership
agreements when relationships fail.                            7A. Whose Line is it Anyway? An Interactive Sharing
Marta Papa, Marta J. Papa, PC, St. Louis, MO                   Session of Mediators' Million-dollar Lines, Questions,
                                                               and Transitions that Help Move Parties Forward
6C. Effective Support for an Empowered divorce                 all mediators have a few amazing questions, lines or
Resolution Process: The Role of Social-Support Networks        transitions in their back pocket that help bring parties out
in Marital dissolution and Adjustment                          of gridlock and onto a problem-solving path. come and
this will be an interactive lecture on: 1. the systemic view   learn from your peers and share your trade secrets.
of social networks in relation to divorcees; 2. research       Meggan Stein, JD, McLean Stein Mediation, LLC, Salt Lake City, UT
findings regarding helpful and harmful provisions of           Tamara Fackrell, JD, J. Reuben Clark Law School, Provo, UT
support; 3. support opportunities; and 4. opportunities
for more research, followed by an audience-engaged
discussion about what can be done to raise awareness           Park city is the original home of the
within the profession, with clients and social networks.       mrs. Fields cookies chain. delicious!
Rebecca Smith, Los Angeles, CA

8                                                                           2008 ACR FAMILY SECTION MId-YEAR CONFERENCE
                                                                                                   co n F e r e n ce l i Sti n G S

                                                                                      Saturday, July 26, 2008

7B. All Aboard the Technology Train! don’t Wait Too           workability instead of reinforcing complaints and
Long – You Might get Left Behind                              grievances. Past glimpses and success support couples in
technology is like a speeding train, moving rapidly forward   acknowledging capacities they appreciate which can form
to exciting destinations. there are tools to help build       the basis for satisfying agreements.
and enhance business in all professional fields, including    Rod Wells and Sandy Wells, Cornwall, NY
conflict management. learn about the technology that can
help you meet the changing expectations/needs of your         7d. Casting a Wider Net: developing Mediator
clients. don’t miss the train.                                Tolerance for diverse Personalities
Russell Gerrard, Gerrard Mediation, Sandy, UT                 classifying human personality is a practice dating back to
                                                              the Greeks’ perception of the 4 humors. carl Jung believed
7C. Appreciative Inquiry                                      our personalities determine how we take in information
Before issues, interests, questions, and reframing comes      and make decisions. Given the abundance of available
the depth and breadth of the practitioner’s presence.         research on personality typing, it makes sense for media-
this session presents 10 principles from the practice of      tors, who interface daily with diverse personalities, to use
appreciative inquiry that can transform a mediator and        this information to help clients. this workshop identifies
help shift people from criticism and contempt to visioning    personality types and informs participants about how
and possibilities. these 10 principles are the foundation     personality affects conflict styles. compassionate and
of a mediator’s presence and they’re essential to the         tolerant responses tailored to individual expressed
container that supports uncovering past successes of          personality traits for various “types” will be studied.
                                                              Lynn MacBeth, JD, Lynn MacBeth & Associates, Pittsburgh, PA

BUILdINg BRIdgES—MOvINg MOUNTAINS                                                                                                9
co nFeren c e liSt in G S

Sunday, July 27, 2008

7E. Mediation to Stay Married: A Common-Sense                          8d. Avoiding Mediation dilemmas: Family and divorce
Application of Conflict Resolution                                     Mediation Standards and ACR’s Complaint Process
have you ever wondered if you might have helped a                      attendees will participate in an exploration of acr’s
divorcing couple stay in a viable marriage if you had                  model Standards of Practice for Family and divorce
worked with them a year or two before they came to you                 mediation through analysis of scenarios. examples will be
to mediate a divorce? if so, mediation to Stay married                 drawn from a variety of cases. issues will include self-
may be a logical extension of your practice.                           determination/coercion, conflicts of interest, impartiality,
Laurie Israel, Esq., The Law Offices of Laurie Israel, Brookline, MA   giving advice and more. information on acr’s complaint
                                                                       process will also be discussed.
                                                                       Clarence Cramer, M.A., LPC., Arizona Conciliation Court, Coolidge,
3:45–5:15 Pm WorKShoP SerieS 8
                                                                       AZ and Paula J. Trout, JD, MBA, MPA, Alternative Dispute Resolu-
8A. Family Entanglements: Revealing Important                          tion Forums, Las Vegas, NV
Information for Mediators
Systemic constellation Work is healing process work
that honors the past and highlights the path ahead.                    one of the few utah towns established
constellations provide an overview of a situation using                by non-mormons, Park city once had
representatives physically placed in relation to each other.
Feelings and information that go beyond conventional                   27 saloons lining the street. Getting
awareness are illuminated. resolutions restore integrity               a drink in this part of utah was never
and bring lasting peace.
Sue Bronson, MS, New Prospects, Milwaukee, WI
                                                                       a problem.
8B. Impact of domestic violence on Children
in recent years, there has been growing research on the
impact of domestic violence on children. this presentation
will identify the risks to children when parents have
engaged in various types of family violence, highlighting
differences between families experiencing intimate Partner
terrorism and Situational (or common couples) Violence.
Philip Stahl, PhD, ABPP, Arizona State University, Queen Creek, AZ

8C. Calm in the Face of the Storm: Spiritual Intelligence
in Conflict
When dealing with high conflict family systems,
practitioners unknowingly absorb a great deal of negative
energy generated by these clients. many suffer burnout
and leave the field, unable to continue their work of
peacebuilding. this process begins with a mindful, holistic
practitioner—one who understands the need for strong
boundaries and prepares before each session. this work-
shop will be interactive and will include simulation of the
techniques explored.
Nan Waller Burnett, MA, Dispute Resolution Professionals, Inc,
Denver, CO and Judge Bill Bohling, Bohling Mediation, LLC, Salt
Lake City, UT

10                                                                                 2008 ACR FAMILY SECTION MId-YEAR CONFERENCE
                                                                                                     co n F e r e n ce l i Sti n G S

                                                                                           Sunday, July 27, 2008

8E. Internet Marketing for Mediators: How to google           9:00–10:30am WorKShoP SerieS 9
Yourself to Success
an introductory course designed to demystify the internet.    9A. The 2005 Bankruptcy Law Amendments’ Effects
learn how to put up a website, find new clients on the        on domestic Support Obligations: Who Are the
                                                              Real Winners under BAPCPA?
internet and create a marketing plan for the virtual world.
                                                              the Bankruptcy abuse Prevention and consumer
Lyzette SanGermain, Esq, Fraxedas Mediation Firm, Winter
                                                              Protection act of 2005 (BaPcPa) enacted the most
Park, FL
                                                              sweeping and significant changes to the Bankruptcy code
                                                              since 1978. While the BaPcPa may be known for its
5:45–???Pm SurPriSe Social eVent
                                                              impact on consumer credit card debt, it provides many
                                                              significant changes for the treatment and administration
                                                              of domestic support obligations. this program addresses
although Park city’s population is just                       the impact of the “new Bankruptcy code” on domestic
                                                              relations obligations and practice, and how it has been
a fraction of the size of Salt lake city's,                   implemented.
the town has more art museums and                             Wayne Greenwald, Wayne Greenwald, P.C., New York, NY
approximately one restaurant for every                        9B. Finding the Heart in Mediation: A Review of the
60 people.                                                    Parent-Child Pre-Release Program in Travis County
                                                              When children break the law, families are affected. the
                                                              child is separated and the family is reduced to sideline
                                                              spectators or unwilling recipients of court-assigned
                                                              responsibility. this travis county program addresses
                                                              healing and re-integration with the most invested
                                                              resource the child has—his/her own family.
                                                              Kris Donley, M.Ed., Dispute Resolution Center, Austin, Texas

                                                              9C. Elder Care Mediation: A Practical Primer for the New
                                                              this is a primer in how to build a business in elder care
                                                              mediation, which includes the practical aspects of how
                                                              to start building a business, reaching out to families, and
                                                              staying visible in the community. From the intake process
                                                              to post-mediation finesse, this session covers the "how to"
                                                              of working with clients and other professionals.
                                                              Barbara Sunderland Manousso, PhD, Manousso Mediation & ADR
                                                              Services, Houston, TX

                                                              9d. Mediation and domestic violence: A Curriculum
                                                              the iowa Sixth Judicial district Family mediation Pro-
                                                              gram and the iowa coalition against domestic Violence
                                                              have produced a curriculum on mediation and domestic
                                                              Violence. this session includes curriculum overview,
                                                              discussion of concerns regarding mediation and domestic
                                                              violence, and viewing and discussing curriculum video of
                                                              screenings and a mediation.
                                                              Annie Tucker, Mediation Services of Eastern Iowa, Iowa City, IA

BUILdINg BRIdgES—MOvINg MOUNTAINS                                                                                                 11
co nFere n c e liSt in G S

Sunday, July 27, 2008

9E. Mediating Strangers in the Night, gatekeeper
Parents, and Other Problem Cases                               the name proposed for utah? deseret,
this workshop explores how to differentially manage cases
in which the parents have had a brief or no relationship
                                                               a mormon word meaning “honeybee.”
from those of more traditional long-term marriages, when       the state symbol is still a beehive,
a parent resists sharing the child, when therapeutic models    symbolizing industry.
of mediation must override simple facilitation, and when a
case is doomed to failure.
Don Saposnek, PhD Family Mediation Service, Aptos, CA          uPcominG eVentS

                                                               ACR's 8th Annual Conference
11:00–12:30 Pm cloSinG Plenary and Brunch
                                                               "aspirations, Possibilities, and realities: expanding
Next Frontiers: Walking Barefoot in the Sacred garden          Principles, Practice, and research in a changing World"
We spend most of our days running in circles. We answer        September 24 -27, 2008
messages, respond to crises, solve problems, and some-         hilton austin, austin, texas
how hope to get it all done. yet we know that life is more
                                                               Conflict Resolution day 2008
than crossing things off a list. We will explore some of the
                                                               conflict resolution day 2008 is october 16th. it's never
deeper waters and how to drink from the well so we find
                                                               too early to start planning an event, arranging for a
meaning and satisfaction in life, both at work and at home.
                                                               proclamation or brainstorming new ways to celebrate the
Erica Ariel Fox, Global Negotiation Insight Institute
                                                               benefits of conflict resolution.

divorce Mediation Training New York City
The Center for Mediation & Training, Inc. (founded 1983)
Known for years as the center for Family and divorce mediation, we've changed our
name to reflect our focus on training. the center’s 42-hour program, given on two
weekends (six days), provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and
practice of divorce mediation. We cover emotional, economic and legal issues, and
techniques of mediating divorce- related disputes. Videotapes of actual sessions
illustrate the lectures; all students may engage in simulation role-play exercises.

our trainings are approved by acr’s Family Section.

Upcoming training sessions
oct. 24, 25, 26 and nov. 7, 8, 9, 2008
may 15, 16, 17 and June 5, 6, 7, 2009
oct 23, 24, 25 and nov. 6, 7, 8, 2009

For details, call 1-800-61-diVorce
or visit us online at

12                                                                        2008 ACR FAMILY SECTION MId-YEAR CONFERENCE
                                                                                               co n F e r e n ce i n Fo r mati on

                                                                  Hotel Information and Local Activities

conFerence location and hotel inFormation                         actiVitieS in ParK city

the acr Family Section conference will be held at the             visit Olympic Park home to many events during the 2002
canyons resort in picturesque Park city, utah. an easy 45         Winter olympic Games, you can tour olympic Park, or try
minute drive from the Salt lake city international airport,       the "the Quicksilver" alpine Slide to see what it feels like
car rental, taxis, and shuttles can be arranged to take you       to be a luge, skeleton or bobsled athlete
to the resort.
                                                                  Hiking and Mountain Biking From the canyons, there are
Reservations                                                      over 300 miles of trails. you can ride the gondola with your
For reservations call the canyons' reservations                   bike and access some of Park city's most popular trails!
department at 888-can-yonS (226-9667). a limited
number of rooms will be held until June 8th. conference           See the view from the top For views of the surrounding
                                                                  Wasatch mountains and the valleys below, try a hot air
rates range from $119–$239 depending on room type;
                                                                  balloon ride. or ride the scenic gondola up to 8,000 feet.
plus tax, resort fee, and a service charge. to qualify for the
special rate be sure to mention the "association of conflict      Water sports learn fly fishing or try white water rafting on
resolution Family Section." For more information about the        the Weber river. experience the thrill of the rapids, scenic
resort and directions, please visit:          geological sites and nature at its best.

confirmed reservations will automatically be billed for           Enjoy Main Street lined with quaint shops and galleries,
one night's room and tax at the time the reservation is           main Street is the perfect place for an afternoon of
made. reservations must be cancelled seven days prior             shopping. Plus, there are over 100 bars and restaurants
to arrival to avoid forfeiture of first night's deposit. credit   minutes away from the resort.
cards accepted are mastercard, Visa, discover, american
express or diners club.

BUILdINg BRIdgES—MOvINg MOUNTAINS                                                                                              13
BUILdINg BRIdgES—MOvINg MOUNTAINS                                  14
                                    2008 ACR FAMILY SECTION MId-YEAR CONFERENCE
                                                                                                      About ACR

About ACR                                                      acr Board oF directorS
the association for conflict resolution (acr) is a
                                                               Marilyn S. McKnight               Clarence Cramer
professional organization dedicated to enhancing the
                                                               President                         acr Sections director
practice and public understanding of conflict resolution.
acr represents and serves a diverse national and interna-      Angelia J. Tolbert                Lou gieszl
tional audience that includes more than 5,000 mediators,       Vice President                    acr chapters director
arbitrators, facilitators, educators, and others involved in   James A. Rosenstein               directors at large
the field of conflict resolution and collaborative decision-   President-elect                   michael aloi
making. anyone interested in the field of conflict resolu-
                                                               Horatio (Ray) Lanier              rita callahan
tion is welcome to join.
                                                               immediate Past President          cindy cook
About the Family Section                                                                         Fernaundra Ferguson
                                                               Paula J. Trout                    nancy l. Gardner
the Family Section is the largest of acr’s 18 sections, with
                                                               acting treasurer                  crevon J. tarrance
more than 1,400 members. the Family Section provides
leadership, training and mentoring to members; identifies      Carol Berz                        leah Wing
and sets standards for best practices in the field of family   acting Secretary
mediation; provides networking and communication
opportunities for members; and provides conflict               acr StaFF
resolution services in all aspects of family concerns, from
adoption, divorce, family and custody disputes to family       doug Kleine                       david Solin
businesses, estates, etc.                                      executive director                meeting Planner
                                                               Terri A. Lankford                 Paulette Washington
members of acr Family Section provide family mediation
for families that are intact, as well as divorce mediation     director of membership            office manager
and mediation of issues surrounding divorce such as            and marketing
                                                                                                 Monet King
child custody, support, property division, visitation and      Marisa McCrone                    member concierge:
related matters.                                               editorial assistant, Production   Sections
                                                               manager, Graphic designer
the Family Section has led the way in promoting                                                  Madeline Palmer
practitioner excellence by being the first acr section—        Audrey Rothstein                  member concierge:
and one of only two—to offer members the opportunity           director of communications        chapters, renewals
to qualify as advanced Practitioners, a designated status
conferred on acr Family Section members who have               Family Section adViSory council memBerS
reached a high level of practice, education, and experience.
a Search for mediators on acr’s website will lead you to       Russell gerrard                   Susan Jennings
the list of advanced Practitioners.                            chair                             co-chair, training committee;
                                                                                                 chair, diversity committee
the Family Section is the only one of acr’s 18 sections        Frank Motz
                                                               chair-elect; chair, legislative   glenn dornfeld
that offers a rigorous peer-review process for approving
trainings. the review process is designed to encourage         and Public Policy committee       chair, conference committee
trainers to provide outstanding educational experiences        Mary Ann Lawson                   Cori Erickson
for potential new mediators. approved training programs        Past chair; chair, nominations    chair, Budget committee
can be found by searching acr’s website:       committee                         don Saposnek
Join ACR and the Family Section                                Susan v. Edwards                  editor, Family mediation
Join acr online by visiting or by writing to        co-chair, membership              news; ex-officio member
membership department
association for conflict resolution                            Clarence Cramer
5151 Wisconsin avenue, nW, Suite 500                           chair, ethics committee
Washington, dc 20016
                                                               Kathy McCormick
Phone: 202-464-9700
                                                               co-chair, membership committee

BUILdINg BRIdgES—MOvINg MOUNTAINS                                                                                      15
co nFere n c e in For m at ion

Registration Information

Cancellation Policy                                             ACR diversity Statement
Full refunds (except for a $50 cancellation fee) will be        acr is committed to equity and diversity in its member-
issued if you cancel your registration in writing by June 27,   ship, structure and organizational work. a culturally
2008. the cancellation will be acknowledged but refunds         diverse organization is one that recognizes, supports,
will not be issued until after the conference. cancellations    values, and utilizes people’s differences and similarities in
postmarked between June 27 and July 22 must include             support of the organization’s goals and objectives. equity
documentation of a medical emergency. no refunds will           means recognizing and working to eliminate injustices in
be issued for cancellations postmarked after July 22,           access, process and outcomes of our work, and to meet
and purchase orders, training authorizations, etc., will be     the needs of diverse members and stakeholders.
invoiced. Substitutions are permitted at any time, but the
                                                                Eligibility for the Student Rate
appropriate member/non-member rate will apply.
                                                                you must provide proof of full-time student status—
Registration Procedure                                          enrollment in 12 credit hours undergraduate or 9 hours
acr accepts Visa, mastercard and american express with          graduate—or your registration will not be processed.
appropriate expiration date and signature. checks and
training authorizations, Form dd1556, and Purchase or-
ders are also accepted (plus an additional $15 processing
fee) and must be made payable to association for conflict
resolution. For tax-reporting purposes, acr’s ein number
is 23-7251385. once your registration is processed, you
will be sent a confirmation by email.

For questions about your registration, please contact Paco
martinez at 703-685-4130 or email at

16                                                                          2008 ACR FAMILY SECTION MId-YEAR CONFERENCE
20 0 8 acr Family Sect ion con F er en c e

Registration form
Please type or print clearly.

Full name __________________________________________ Guest's name(s) (if attending) _____________________________

title/profession ____________________________________ organization _____________________________________________

address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone _____________________ Fax _____________________ e-mail ___________________________________________________________

describe any special needs /dietary requirements ________________________________________________________________

acr member no,___________________________________ are you a Family Section member?  yes  no
ACR members, join the Family Section for $15. See below for details.

Please circle appropriate registration fee below:                      Please indicate the sessions you are likely to attend.
Member                              Before 6/27       Full Rate        Thursday, July 24                         circle your choice
Full conference                          $380              $425        Plenary and reception 7:00Pm              yes / no
Friday or Saturday                        200               220        Friday, July 25
Sunday                                     100               110       Workshop Series 1      8:30–10:00am 1a/1B/1c/1d/1e
Non-Member                                                             Workshop Series 2      10:30am–12pm 2a/2B/2c/2d/2e
Full conference                           450               495        Workshop Series 3      2:00–3:30pm        3a/3B/3c/3d/3e
                                                                       Workshop Series 4      3:45–5:15pm        4a/4B/4c/4d/4e
Friday or Saturday                        225               250
Sunday                                     115               125       Saturday, July 26
                                                                       Workshop Series 5      8:30–10:00am       5a/5B/5c/5d/5e
Presenter and Exhibitors (Full table)
                                                                       Workshop Series 6      10:30am–12pm 6a/6B/6c/6d/6e
Full conference                           295               325
                                                                       Workshop Series 7      1:30–3:00pm        7a/7B/7c/7d/7e
Friday or Saturday                         150               165
                                                                       Workshop Series 8      4:00–5:30pm        8a/8B/8c/8d/8e
Sunday                                      75                85
                                                                       Sunday, July 27
Full-time student
                                                                       Workshop Series 9      9:00–10:30am       9a/9B/9c/9d/9e
Full conference                            195              225
                                                                       Plenary & brunch       11:00am–12:30pm          yes / no
Friday or Saturday                         80               100
Sunday                                     50                 50       Payment method all fees are shown in uS dollars.
                                                                       _____ check payable to “acr” drawn on uS banks only.
Spouse/guest includes plenaries and meals; not workshops
Full conference                            160               160       _____ Government Voucher, Purchase order or other form
                                                                             Paperwork must accompany form, requires an additional
Friday or Saturday                         60                 60             $15 processing fee.
Sunday                                     40                40        _____ credit card (circle one) mastercard      Visa      amex
Pre-Conference Institute                   60                 80
circle your Pre-conference choice: Pci/ Pcii/ Pciii
                                                                       cardholder name
ACR Members, join the Family Section                          15
Total                           $                    $                 card number

Send completed registration form and payment to:                       expiration date                      3 or 4 digit security code
acr registration office, Po Box 25112 , arlington , Va
22202. or fax with credit card or Purchase order details to            cardholder's phone number
703-685-1144. contact Paco martinez at 703-685-4130 if
you have questions about your registration.                            cardholder signature

BUILdINg BRIdgES—MOvINg MOUNTAINS                                                                                                    17
Hofstra Law | LL.M. Program

Hofstra Law School's LL.M. in Family Law provides an interdisciplinary focus on family law
and domestic relations issues, helping lawyers make an impact on family law practice, policy
and procedure. The program offers:

  • Externship and Clinical Programs
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Training
  • Intensive Simulation Courses
  • Trial Skills Seminars
  • Research and Publication Opportunities
  • Interdisciplinary Policy Seminar
  • Advanced Family Law Curriculum

Information about the Program and Application Process can
be found on our Web site, via email at
or by calling the Program Director, Hon. Elaine Jackson Stack
at 516.463.7193.

association for conflict resolution
Family Section mid-year conference

Building Bridges—Moving Mountains
July 24-27, 2008
at the canyons resort
Park city, utah 02556

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