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To the student:, please fill in your name. (PLEASE PRINT)
Name of student: ____________________________________________________________

To the recommending teacher:

Teacher: ________________________ Subject: ______________________ Phone: __________
The internship program offers students the opportunity to “try on” a career. This program offers students the
opportunity to gain hands-on workplace skills and test their academic knowledge in a “real world” setting.
Your School to Career Liaison is there to support the student and the employer. You will serve as a “second
pair of eyes” to keep track of the student’s progress. Issues that arise should be brought to the attention of the
STC Liaison. The teacher is not expected to have direct contact with the employer. However, we invite you to
get as involved in the internship as your time allows.

Please complete this form and return to the School to Career Liaison in the Career Center. We welcome any
additional comments about the student on the back of this form.

       How well do you know the applicant? Very well ______ Somewhat _______ Slightly______

Please classify the applicant in the following categories: (leave blank any for which you have no opinion)

              Attributes                    Poor         Average             Above              Superior

    Time on task
    People skills
    Academic ability
    Leadership skills

                                       Rarely          Sometimes        Frequently           Always
    Fulfills commitments
    Shows responsibility
    Shows initiative
    Demonstrates common
    Demonstrates maturity

(Please see next page for additional comments.)

                                                                      STC on Blue currentinternforms20042005
Teacher Recommendation (continued)

STUDENT NAME:_____________________________________________

What do you consider to be this person’s strongest qualities or talents?

Please add additional comments that would help to understand or evaluate this student.
Recommendations for placement and types of support School to Career could offer the student are

Please note: Not all students are internship ready, nor are all students immediately placed due to lack of
internship opportunities in the field.

Teacher Signature___________________________________________ Date __________

     Please complete this form and return it to the student or to the School to Career Liaison.
     Thank you for your help in connecting this student with an internship opportunity.

                                                                  STC on Blue currentinternforms20042005

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