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Under CRRA’s umbrella are ten Technical Councils that CRRA supports organizationally and financially. Technical Councils are groups of members
that concentrate on a particular topic or interest. They are the grassroots level of the organization where members work on issues and develop and
create technical assistance, policy commentary, networking opportunities, and other services to CRRA and its members. For a list of technical
councils, please visit

TC Work Plan and Budget
          Please add new work plan and budget sheets to this file for each year.
          Update all information and review each Tab.
          CRRA includes the budgets of the TCs in its overall budget.
          Work Plans and Budgets are due to the CRRA Technical Council Liaison by November 1 of each year.
          TC Work Plans and Budgets must be approved by the CRRA Board and the TC Liaison must receive a signed copy of the
                 Agreement of Responsibility before any money may be spent.
          CRRA will allocate up to $2000 per calendar year per TC for activities related to the mission of the TC.
                 * CRRA's Annual $2,000 allocation does not roll over.
          Each TC should use its work plan and budget to explain:
          ·      How the TC will meet the Minimum Requirements in the Agreement of Responsibility.
          ·      Budgets should reflect how the TC plans to spend money during the next fiscal year (January - December).
                           A typical budget include expenses and income related to conference calls, workshops, conference events,
                           activities, annual retreat travel and lodging, printing and postage, student scholarships, etc...
          ·      What activities the TC plans to do in the next year.
          ·      Income the TC plans on receiving, other than the $2000 allocation.
          ·      Estimated dates of planned workshops or other activities (must submit a separate notification of workshop or other member activity
                           to the CRRA Board for approval).

Agreement of Responsibility
          Technical Council agrees to:
          ·     Send a representative to the annual retreat, unless excused with cause and providing advance notification to the TC Liaison.
                          (Cost to be included in annual budget).
          ·     Make sure that all acting TC leadership have read, understand and agree to abide by all policies
                          and procedures of the organization.
          ·     Send copies of minutes from all meetings to the TC Liaison for review and posting to the website.
          ·     Attend and participate in quarterly TC teleconferences.

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          ·     Prepare and submit an annual work plan and budget, by November 1 of each year, to the TC Liaison.
          ·     Not advertise any CRRA/TC event or workshop without written Board notification (90 days notice is encouraged).
          ·     Not represent CRRA in any public forum without prior approval.
                          (Give disclaimer, that “the viewpoints of the TC are not necessarily reflective of the CRRA, its Board or membership”).
          ·     Meet Technical Council Minimum Requirements (see below).

Technical Council Minimum Requirements
          ·     Executive Council meet regularly with minutes to TC Liaison and posted to website.
          ·     Participate in the annual conference planning.
          ·     Provide at least one other member benefit each year. This might include:
                ·          Workshop.
                ·          Organize tours or meetings for CRRA members.
                ·          Input into CRRA Recyclescene.
                ·          Develop policy or legislation.
                ·          Provide training for members, or specifically for new members.
                ·          Summarize listserv topics related to your TC and post to website.
                ·          Online tools (practices, pilot write-ups, RFP’s, ordinances, ideas on what other localities are doing, best practices).
                ·          Host and active TC Yahoo group.
                ·          Participation in Training Certification Program.
                ·          Other ideas (as proposed by TC).

Remember that TCs do not exist without CRRA. CRRA is the on-paper entity and holds the insurances and liabilities and is therefore ultimately responsible for

CRRA's Responsibility
          In return, CRRA agrees to:
          ·      Provide a Board representative to the Technical Councils (TC Liaison), responsible for coordination with the TCs and whom shall
                           serve as a direct line of communication between the TCs and CRRA Board.
          ·      Pay for and have the TC Liaison coordinate quarterly teleconferences between the TCs.
          ·      Provide all TCs with a copy of the CRRA Bylaws, Internal Policy, External Policy, Workshop Guidelines, Work Plan Guidelines,
                           and the timeframes for submitting all documents.
          ·      Provide all TCs with timely updates to all the above noted documents or changes in TC requirements.
          ·      Provide TCs with all other benefits, resources or information as outlined in the Internal Policy.
          ·      Provide TCs with a written notice of any infraction, as well as a policy and ample time to respond or correct.

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In addition,
          ·     CRRA pays for and TCs receive accounting, membership, and phone referral services.
          ·     CRRA pays for and TCs receive website development and Yahoo Group management assistance.

Did you know?
         TCs can take positions on bills .
               (Give disclaimer, that “the viewpoints of the TC are not necessarily reflective of the CRRA, its Board or membership”).
         TCs can ask CRRA to take positions on bills.
         With CRRA notification and coordination, TCs can
               put on workshops.
               get sponsors.
               advertise the TC and/or Event.
         Revenue from workshops or other activities that are organized by a TC is handled according to each TCs charter.
         Can use CRRA's Survey Monkey Subscription to survey the membership (subject to availability).

Thank you for partnering with me to make your TC and CRRA an organization that provides opportunities and services to its members
         to help them to reduce waste and conserve resources.


Laura Anthony
CRRA Board Member and TC Liaison 2008 - 2010

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onsible for

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                                                        Work Plan 08-10
Year of Work Plan:            2010
Submitted to CRRA TC Liaison: Laura Anthony
Date Approved by CRRA Board:

Technical Council (TC) Name:
TC Website:
TC Yahoo Group/Listserv

Conference Call Service Provider
Conference Call Schedule

Executive Committee :
(must be CRRA Members. Please be sure to update your website with this information)
Name                                     Position                          Affliation

Mission Statement:

Description of Technical Council Members (who are they comprised of?):

Technical Council Goals for This Year:

Technical Council Projects, Workshops, Conference Involvement, Member Benefits:
Project                          Target Date             Person Responsible

        9f3a1729-224e-4079-ab99-a6fbb96270e3.xls8/12/2011 6
                                                         Work Plan 08-10

List any Sponsors of TC (if any, subject to CRRA Policy)

Submitted signed copy of Agreement of Responsibility? Yes or No?
please send email with digital signature or fax a hard copy to TC Liaison.

Read and signed-off on CRRA By-Laws, Internal Policies, External Policies, Workshop Guidelines? Yes or No?

Have you reviewed your Charter? Yes or No?

Do not have access to charter? Yes or No?

Are there changes to Membership Recruitment/Promotion Paragraph? Yes or No?

Are there changes to short and brief TC description on Membership Brochure? Yes or No?

Are there changes to the welcome package email that new members receive if they check to become a member of you
 Yes or No?

        9f3a1729-224e-4079-ab99-a6fbb96270e3.xls8/12/2011 7
                                                Work Plan 08-10



        9f3a1729-224e-4079-ab99-a6fbb96270e3.xls8/12/2011 8
                                                     Work Plan 08-10


shop Guidelines? Yes or No?

s or No?

check to become a member of your TC?

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                                         Budget 08-10
CRRA 2010 Budget Request                                             January - December
Technical Council:

                                                                     Please prepare your technical council
INCOME:                          Budget 2010        Actual 2010      budget on this spreadsheet which
Advertising                                                          includes all of the CRRA budget line
Grant Income: Zero Waste                                             items. Most of the line items on this
                                                                     spreadsheet will not apply to
                                                                     technical councils and should be left
Interest                                                             blank. Note that CRRA provides up
Dues-Associate                                                       to $2,000 in financial support to each
Dues-Out of State                                                    technical council. Thus your net
Dues-Business                                                        income (loss) at the bottom of this
Dues-Gov't Agency                                                    spreadsheet should not exceed a
                                                                     negative $2,000. When completed,
Dues-Individual                                                      email this spreadsheet to TC Liaison,
Dues-Non-Profit                                                      Laura Anthony @
In Kind Inc/Memo
Miscellaneous Inc
Registration Inc
Special Events Inc
Tours Income
Auction Inc
In-Kind - A/V
In-Kind - Postage
In-Kind - Food & Bev
Annual Allowance to TCs                    $2,000           $2,000

TOTAL INCOME                               $2,000           $2,000

Bank Service Charges
Computer Svcs
Contract Labor- Website
Contract Labor-ED
Contract Labor-Gregory
Credit Card Fees
Decorator Exhibits
Design - Recyclescene
Dues & Subscriptions

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                                         Budget 08-10
E-Mail Fee
Facility/Equip Rental
Food & Beverage
Legal Fees
Miscellaneous Exp
NRC Memberships
Registration Fees Paid
Speaker Fees
In-Kind - A/V
In-Kind - Postage
In-Kind - Food & Bev
In-Kind - Advertising
In-Kind - Exhibits
In-Kind - Conf Misc
In-Kind - Registration
In-Kind - Legal

TOTAL EXPENSES                                  $0         $0

NET INCOME (LOSS)                          $2,000       $2,000

9f3a1729-224e-4079-ab99-a6fbb96270e3.xls8/12/2011 11
                                                      Budget 08-10

epare your technical council
  this spreadsheet which
all of the CRRA budget line
ost of the line items on this
eet will not apply to
councils and should be left
ote that CRRA provides up
 in financial support to each
council. Thus your net
oss) at the bottom of this
eet should not exceed a
$2,000. When completed,
 spreadsheet to TC Liaison,
 hony @

             9f3a1729-224e-4079-ab99-a6fbb96270e3.xls8/12/2011 12
                                           Checklist for Starting a New CRRA Technical Council

    CRRA has adopted these policies and procedures to encourage innovation and coordination among its members. This list is not intended to
overwhelm individuals, but rather highlight the different facets of organizing TCs within CRRA. It is expected that new Technical Councils will have
     to prioritize these activities, and focus on those that are most important to the TC, and coordination with CRRA's work plans and budgets.

Done     Date        Party    Initial Start Up Task
                       TC         Initial Interest
                       TC         Develop Mission Statement
                       TC         Petition the TC Liaison
                      CRRA        TC Liaison forward idea or concept to CRRA Board for its blessing to move forward
                       TC         Create an Executive Board made up of at least 3 CRRA Members
                                          Must be one from each of the North, Middle, and South of the State
                       TC         Create Charter between the new TC and CRRA
                                          See Model Charter
                       TC         Submit Mission Statement, Charter, and Executive Board to CRRA Board for approval
                      CRRA        CRRA Board approves formation of new TC
                      CRRA                CRRA adds new Technical Council to Policy Manual under Technical Council Organizations
                       TC         Develop Workplan and Budget for current year and submit to CRRA Board for approval
                                          See Sample Workplan and Budget
                                          This must be done before any money can be spent by TC.
                      CRRA        Approve TC Workplan and Budget
                                          Note: new Workplan and Budget are required by each TC by November 30 of each year
                       TC         Submit Signed Copy of Agreement of Responsibility
                       TC         Read and Sign-Off on CRRA By-Laws, Internal Policies, External Policies, Workshop Guidelines
                                          TCs can take policy positions.
                                          TCs can ask CRRA to take policy positions.
                                                                                                                          TC - Technical Council
     9f3a1729-224e-4079-ab99-a6fbb96270e3.xls8/12/2011                  13                           CRRA - TC Liaison /CRRA Board/ CRRA Staff
                                        Checklist for Starting a New CRRA Technical Council
Done   Date        Party    Initial Start Up Task
                                    With CRRA notification and coordination, you can put on workshops and other programs and get
                                    sponsors. If workshop or program requires any CRRA funding, CRRA Board approval is necessary
                                    before commitments made.
                     TC        Assign Board Members to the following tasks:
                                       CRRA Liaison
                                       Conference Liaison
                                       Recyclescene Liaison
                                       Website Liaison
                     TC        Plan to send someone from TC to CRRA Annual Retreat (cost for this will be in work plan)
                     TC        Adopt TC Internal Policies
                                       See Model TC Internal Policy Guidelines
                   CRRA        Add new TC Executive Committee to CRRA TC Ex Comm yahoo group
                   CRRA        Create new yahoo group for new TC
                   CRRA        Create new Financial Statement for new TC
                   CRRA        Create new membership database for new TC
                     TC        Create a 1 sentence description of the TC to go on CRRA Membership Application
                   CRRA        Add new TC to technical council options on the CRRA Membership Application
                     TC        Develop logo for new TC
                   CRRA        Develop basic webpage for new TC
                     TC        Develop webpage content for new TC
                     TC        Prepare an e-mailable welcome package for CRRA members who join the TC
                     TC        Submit to CRRA a membership recruitment paragraph describing how your TC will benefit members.

                                                                                                                 TC - Technical Council
   9f3a1729-224e-4079-ab99-a6fbb96270e3.xls8/12/2011              14                        CRRA - TC Liaison /CRRA Board/ CRRA Staff
                                                           Checklist for Starting a New CRRA Technical Council
Done         Date           Party    On-Going Responsibilities
                                 TC            Schedule Conference Calls
                                 TC            Submit Minutes of Conference Calls and Meetings to TC Liaison.
                              CRRA             Post TC Minutes to Website
                                 TC            Submit articles to Recyclescene
                                 TC            Update Website
                                 TC            Participate on Conference Committee
                                 TC            Plan Workshop for CRRA Members
                                                         See Workshop Guidelines
                                 TC            Have Elections for Executive Board
                                 TC            Communicate with TC members and CRRA Members on regular basis.
                                 TC            Survey members - using CRRA's Survey Monkey subscription (if available).

This is a must have for all TC and for passing out at each annual retreat.
This definitely needs to be posted on the website. I know that each TC has it's own website, but perhaps we need a general TC information page that
           contains this type of information for those interested in joining or starting a TC.

                                                                                                                                                                 TC - Technical Council
       9f3a1729-224e-4079-ab99-a6fbb96270e3.xls8/12/2011                                            15                                      CRRA - TC Liaison /CRRA Board/ CRRA Staff
 To keep an ongoing history of organization, each year when submitting your budget and work plan,
 please update this page with references to your Charter and other important documents that are not
                 contained in this excel file. Please include what you can in this file.

Past Executive Committee Members/Leaders

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