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									            Ordering Information                                                         Send to:
1 BkOrdr   Booklet: Airport Ground Vehicle Operations Guide (available about 5/1/10)
2__________Vacant Focus on Hot Spots/Generic                                  Your Name:
           Brochure: Runway Safety Through Airfield Configuration
3__________Improving Improving Runway Safety Through Airfield Configuration
           CD: Sport Pilot/Aircraft Certifications
4__________Reducing the number of V/PDs at your airport                          Address:
            A Pilot's Guide to Safe to Safe Surface Operations :
5__________Booklet: A Pilot's GuideSurface Operations
6__________kneeboard: Pilots' Guide to Airport Signs and Markings (punchcard)
7__________Brochure: Safety During Construction
8__________Brochure: Mechanic Taxiing Aircraft                            Phone Number:
9__________Brochure: Pilot Deviations
10_________Vacant pending new Snow Ops Info.
11_________CD: FAA Taxi 101
12_________CD: FAA Tug and Tow 101
15________ 8.5 x 11" handout: Airport Signs and Markings Assessment
16_________ATC Light Gun Signals for Pilots (4"x4" adhesive backed)
17_________bumper sticker: Ground Vehicle Guide to Airport Signs and Markings (adhesive backed)
18_________book: Airport Signs and Markings Flash Cards (available after 4/9/10)
           CD: Pilots' Surface Safety Training:
19_________CD: Surface Safety Training (ACE) Preventing Pilot Deviations and Accidents
           CD: The Successful Cross Country
20_________The Successful Cross Country
           Poster: Advisory 91-73 Poster
21_________Advisory CircularCircular 91/73, Pilot and Flight Crew Taxi Procedures 11" x 17"
           CD: Inspecting Airfield Markings, Signs and Lighting
23_________DVD: Inspecting Airfield Markings, Signs and Lighting
24________ Booklet: Communications: A Key Component of Safe Surface Operations
26________ Aircraft Taxi Instruction Post-It notes
27 BkOrdr Brochure: Position and Hold (under redesign to "Line Up And Wait")
29_________CD: Driver Training for Vehicle and Taxi Qualified Mechanics
32 BkOrdr AOPA Safety Advisor - Towered Airports
33 BkOrdr AOPA Safety Advisor - Non-Towered Airports
34_________Poster: Closely Aligned Runways
35________ Poster: Airfield Procedures for Vehicles and Pedestrian - (Green 11 X 17)
36________ Airport Signs and Marking - Quick Reference Guide 8.5 x 11
           Airport                                                 X 17
37_________Airport Signs and Marking - Quick Reference Guide 11 x 17
           Airport                                              24 x 20"
38_________Airport Signs and Marking - Quick Reference Guide 16"X 36
           kneeboard: Pilot and Procedures During Taxi Operations
39__________Pilot and Flight CrewFlight Crew Taxi Procedures with ATC Light Gun Signals for Pilots
40________ 8.5x11 handout: Runway safety Alert - The "Taxi to" rule
41________ Airport Signs and Marking - Quick Reference Guide 22" x 36"
42________ Ruler
43_________DVD: Runway Safety Collection
44_________Hot Spots Brochure:________ CLE EVV MKE MSN (b/o)
45________ Hot Spots Kneeboard:________ CLE EVV MKE MSN(b/o)
47_________Enhanced Centerline (large-poster)___________ (small-handout)___________
48________ Brochure: Reducing Runway Incursions - Driving on the Airport FY 2009
49________ Placemat: Airport Signs, Marking & Lighting (11 x 17)
51________ Airport Info Cards (2" x 4")
52___N/A__ Summer Initiative flyers
53________ Brochure: Preventing Wrong Runway Departures
54________ DVD: NATA Safety Awareness: Ramp Communications 1
55________ DVD: Driving on the Airport Operations Area

Send your Order To:
      Great Lakes Region Runway Safety Program Office, 2300 E. Devon, Rm. 410, DesPlaines, IL 60018
                                    Tel 847-294-8465 or -7222, Fax 847-294-7437

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14_________DVD: Airfield Operational Safety Awareness - local only
22_________DVD: Was That For Us?
25_________Radio Technique (RT) Discipline Brochure
28________ Vacant
30________ Vacant
50________ Vacant

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