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Taxable Values


Taxable Values document sample

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        Effective Tax Rate Worksheet
        First Projection run:
      1 Prior Yr Total Taxable Value                                         100,000,000

      2 Over-65 Homestead Values (Schools only)                                5,560,000

      3 Prior Yr Total Taxable Value - Preliminary                            94,440,000

      4 Prior Year Total Tax Rate Per $100                                      1.38450

5A      Original Value of ARB Decision Rulings                                        0
5B      Revised Value after Court Decisions on ARB Decisions                          0
5C      Prior Yr Taxable Value Loss                                                   0

      6 Prior Yr Taxable Value Adjusted for Court Decisions                   94,440,000

      7 Taxable Value of Property Deannexed                                           0

8A      Absolute Exemptions for newly qualifying Property                             0
8B      Partial Exemptions for newly qualifying Property                              0
8C      Value of Loss Due to Newly-Qualifying Exempt Property                         0

9A      Prior Yr Value of Newly-Qualifying Agricultural-Use Property
9B      New Value as required due to Special Use
9C      Loss in Value due to newly-Qualified Ag Use Valuations                        0

     10 Total Adjustments for Lost Value                                              0

     11 Prior Yr Adjusted Taxable Value                                       94,440,000

     12 Adjusted Prior Yr Taxes                                                4,850,000

     13 Taxes Refunded for Years Before Prior Year                                    0

     14 Adjusted Prior Yr Taxes with Refunds Before Prior Year                 4,850,000

15A     Current Year Certified Value (Include value of over-65 Homesteads)   125,000,000
15B     Counties only include railroad rolling stock Values                            0
15C     Pollution Control Property Exempted for 1st year                               0
15D     Total Taxable Value on the Current Year Certified Appraisal Roll     125,000,000

     16 Taxable Value of Properties Under Protest                                     0

     17 Schools only Current Year Taxable Value of Over-65 Homesteads          5,600,000

     18 Total Current Year Taxable Value                                     119,400,000

     19 Total Taxable Value of Properties Annexed in the Past Year                    0

     20 Taxable Value of New Properties not previously on tax rolls             250,000
21 Total Adjustments to Current Year Taxable Values         250,000

22 Current Year Adjusted Taxable Values                  119,150,000

23 Current Year Effective Tax Rate per $100 value           4.07050

24 Counties only add effective rates for each tax type
       2000 Rollback Tax Rate Worksheet

  25 Prior Yr Maintenance and Operations Tax Rate per $100 Valuation       1.38450

  26 Prior Year Adjusted Taxable Value                                  100,000,000

27A    Prior Year Maint & Ops Taxes                                       4,850,000
27B    Cities, Counties & Hosp Districts with sales taxes                         0
27C    Counties - State Criminal Justice Mandate                                  0
27D    Transferring Function In (Out)                                             0
27E    Taxes Refunded for Years Prior to Last Year                                0
27F    Prior Year Maint & Ops Taxes, as Adjusted                          4,850,000

  28 Schools only - M&O Component for Chapter 42 Districts                4,850,000

29A1   Current Value on Certified Appraisal Roll                        125,000,000
29A2   Taxable Value of Properties Under Protest                                  0
29A3   Taxable Value of Over-65 Homesteads with Tax Ceilings              5,800,000
29A4   Current Year Taxable Value                                       119,200,000
29B    Schools - Values in a Tax Increment Financing Zone                         0
29C    Current Year Adjusted Taxable Value                              119,200,000

30A    County/City/Other Calculated M&O Tax Rate per $100 Value            0.00000
30B    Schools only calculated Maint & Ops Tax Rate per $100 Value         4.06879
30C    Current Year Calculated Maint & Ops Tax Rate per $100 Value         4.06879

31A    County/City/Other rollback M&O Tax Rate per $100 value              0.00000
31B    Schools only rollback M&O Tax Rate per $100 value                   4.12879
31C    Current Year M&O rollback Tax Rate per $100 Value                   4.12879

  32 Debt to be paid with property taxes and Sales Tax                           0

  33 Certified Prior Year Excess Debt Collections                                0

  34 Adjusted Current Year Debt                                                  0

  35 Certified Current Year Anticipated Collection Rate (Max of 100%)   97.00000%

  36 Current Year Debt adjusted for Collections                                  0

  37 Current Year Total Taxable Value                                   119,200,000

  38 Current Year Debt Tax Rate per $100 Value                                   0

  39 Current Year rollback tax rate (current year limit - $0.06)           4.12879

  40 Counties only - add rollback rates for each type of tax

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