KING DAVID PRIMARY SCHOOL         THE SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY:                         SCHOOL OPENING
    P.O. Box 806 MTWARA LITINGI AREA PLOT                                                  The school opens in mid January 2008 for
  #. 152 TEL: 2333022/2333420 Fax:2333752   We are a Christian school committed            Kindergarten and Grade 1- VII every year.
                                            to helping catch child reach his/her full      SCHOOL FEESSTRUCTURE (Day Scholars)
THE SCHOOL                                  potential.                                     INTERVIEW/ APPLICATION Tshs 15,000
                                            Our main concern therefore is not only         REGISTRATION / ADMISSION Tshs 100,000
King David School is an English                                                            SCHOOL DIARY             Tshs 10,000
                                            to seek academic perfection, but the
Medium Kindergarten and Primary                                                            CAUTION MONEY            Tshs 20,000
                                            total development of the child that is
School, which admits children of                                                           REPORT BOOK              Tshs 8,000
                                            physically, intellectually, emotionally,       Text Books               Tshs 40,000
between ages 3 years to 14 years. It is
                                            socially and spiritually. We strive to
a Christian school, which admits                                                           DAY SCHOLARS-Kindergarten
                                            develop in them a sense to behave in
children of all cultures and Day                                                           School fees, Transport and Stationery
                                            a reasonable manner and encourage
scholars and Boarders.                                                                                  = 325, 000 per term
                                            them to respect their peers and fellow
Our curriculum is based on the British      students. We also encourage in them            GRADE 1- VII
curriculum incorporated with the            respect of different cultures, ideas and       School fees, Transport, Stationery and
Tanzanian curriculum .It is designed to     develops beyond the confines of the            Computer class = Tsh. 325,000/=
build base for further education both       school.
                                                                                           SCHOOL UNIFORMS
locally and internationally.                The aim of school is to provide a              SHS. 40,000 PER TWO PAIRS INCLUDING
The subjects to be taught are English       stimulating, and an enjoyable
Mathematics,       Kiswahili    History,    academic program that will instill in the              Short & Shirt / Dress – I- VII
Geography, Civics, Arts, Science ,          children a desire to learn. We strive to               Short & Shirt / Dress –
                                            develop the child’s critical faculties of               Kindergarten
French,Physical Education and .                                                                    P.E UNIFORM …....…TSHS 20,000
Computer. Swimming lesson will also         thought and challenge the child to work
                                                                                                    (Per Pairs).
be taught in the school for an extra        to the best of his/her ability.                        After Class hours……..TSHS 40,000
charge.                                     We hope to increase all awareness of                   (Per two pairs)
                                            God who is good and who is the                         SWEATER ……………TSHS 15,000
The school's academic year starts I         creator of all things and encourage                     (1 Sweater)
January and ends in December. There         them to give thanks to God for his love                Tie Big size…………….TSHS 10,000
are three terms in a year.                  and goodness.                                           (per two Pairs)
Each term has a minimum of ten                                                                     Tie Small size ………… TSHS 8,000
                                                                                                    (Per two Pairs)
weeks and maximum of Twelve weeks.          ADMISSION AND FEE STRUCTURE:
                                                                                                   Socks …………………TSHS 10, 000
The school days are Monday to Friday                                                                (Per two Pairs)
                                            The admission of all pupils must be done
from 8:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m
                                            in the Principal’s office. All children must
                                            sit for an aptitude test before they are
EXTRA CURRICULUM ACTIVITIES:                admitted.
The school seriously considers extra        Before any child is admitted, the Parent/
curriculum activities as part of the        Guardian must fulfill the following:-
growth and development of child. We
                                                1. Fill in the admission forms fully
encourage children to be active by                 and return them to school there
holding Inter-house competitions                   after to be signed by the
involve Drama, Music, Gymnastic and                Principal.
ball games.                                     2. Pay the registration fees in full.
                                                3. Bring the latest academic report
Third term we have sport day                       from the previous school.
(Athletics)                                     4. Bring a copy of the birth
                                                   certificate .
                                                5. Bring two passport size
 KING DAVID SCHOOL FORBOARDERS                                                                     Food stuffs are Strictly
   P. O. 806 MTWARA LITINGI AREA             SCHOOL RULES AND REGULATIONS                           prohibited
PLOT NO.152 TEL: 2333022 Fax: 2333752        FOR BOARDERS                                          Cellular   phone   also
SCHOOL RULES AND REGULATIONS                    1. The pupils must report on the                   Home clothes Strictly
                                                   reporting day without failure                    prohibited
   1. King David is an English Medium
      School and all children must              2. The pupils must be accompanied          SCHOOL OPENING
      communicate in English except                by parent (s) or guardian.              The school opens on 7th
      during French and Kiswahili                                                          January,2008, for Kindergarten and
      lessons.                                  3. The pupils are not allowed to           Grade I- VI.
                                                   move from school without the
   2. The school begins at 8: 00 a.m               consent of Teacher on duty or           SCHOOL FEES STRUCTURE
      and 1 p.m all late comers will not           matron .                                Interview/Application -Tshs 15,000
      be allowed in class until they give                                                  Registration/Admission-Tshs100,000
      a satisfying reason. Otherwise            4. In case of sickness pupils must         Caution Money           -Tshs20,000
      they must be punished.                       report to the matron/ Patron and        Medical Deposit        -Tshs 20,000
                                                                                           Report Book            -Tshs 8,000
                                                   should not take any medicine
   3. Homework must be done by all                                                         School Diary           -Tshs 10,000
                                                   without matron notice.                  Text Book (Optional -Tshs 40,000
      pupils and checked by their
      parents.                                  5. Visiting days will be last Sunday
                                                                                           BOARDER: Kindergarten
                                                   of every month.
   4. The school diary must be signed                                                      School fees, Boarding fee and
      by parent’s every day.                                                               Stationary
                                                6. No foodstuff will be allowed in                       = 425,000/= per term
   5. The children must respect all
      members of staff and visitor who                                                     BOARDERS: Grade I-VII
                                                7. No home clothes will be allowed         School fees, Boarding fee and
      visit the school by greeting them            in school pupils must be in their (     Stationary
      and giving way when they                     Boarding uniform)                                    = 425,000/= per term
      dustbins .
                                                8. Pupils must be in there area of         SCHOOL UNIFORMS
   6. Cleanliness must be observed                 boarding i.e. no girl should go to      SHS. 40,000 PER TWO PAIRS
      both in class an the School                  boy’s hostel.                           INCLUDING (Short & shirt / Dress )
      compound. Nobody should drop
      litter anywhere except in dustbins        9. Time table for daily routine            (P . E UNIFORM …………….TSHS
      .                                            should be observed keenly and           20,000 (Per Pair )
                                                   time kept for every activity.           After Class hour ……...........TSHS
   7. Children must respect one                                                            40,000 (Per two pairs) & Week-end
      another. Any child found bullying         10. Cleanliness must be maintained         wear)
      another may be expelled from                  in the hostel, dinning room.           SWEATER……………………. TSHS
      school .                                      Washing room/ Toilets, classes         15,000 (Per 1)
                                                    and school compound in General.        Tie ……………………………...TSHS
   8. All children must observe silence                                                    10,000 (Per two)
      while in class dinning hall while in      11. Learn to plan your activities          Socks ………………………….TSHS
      the school bus.                               failing to plan is planning to fail.   10,000 (Per two pair)
                                                                                           Tie-Small ……………………TSHS
   9. All children must wear the proper             BOARDER PERSONAL REQUIRENTS            8,000 (Per two pair )
      school uniform including shoes.                        Bed Sheet Blue
                                                             Net Blue (4 Squared )
   10. Dangerous game e.g Throwing-                          I Bucket
       flying object are Prohibited.                         A pair of Slippers
   11. If a child violates any of the                        2 Pairs of Black leather
       above rules he/she is liable for                       shoes
       punishment, suspension or                             1 Pairs of Sport shoes
       expulsion from school depending                        (white)
       on the claim and how often it is                      Soap Dishes (Soaps,
       repeated.                                              Oil/Lotion
                                                             Combs, Tooth Brush/
                                                              Tooth paste
                                                             ToiletPapers
                                                             Several pants (under
                                                             2 Towels

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