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									        2010 Year-End Tax
         Planning Memos
         & Cover Letters
                  Ready-to-Use                                                         Edwin P. Morrow
                                                                                 CLU, ChFC, CFP®, RFC®

Why this is so important:
                                                                    What you get:
 All of your clients, prospects and suspects want to
  know how the new laws and rates will affect them.                  We will send you by return e-mail five Microsoft Word
  They may not have called your office – but rest                     documents: the 2010 Year-End Planning Memo for
  assured, they do have questions.                                    Individuals and the 2010 Year-End Business Tax Planning
                                                                      Memo, a cover letter that you may use to accompany each
 When your clients, and even your prospects, have
                                                                      memo and step-by-step directions.
  questions about the changes in their own particular
  situation who will they call?
                                                                     You may review, edit and personalize these documents as
 To communicate more with all your clients and                       you wish, then print them for delivery to your most important
  prospects you must employ a variety of materials. You               contacts.
  may already be sending newsletters, birthday cards,
  account statements, and more. But experts tell us that             Take advantage of this offer quickly to be perceived as
  you need more than 15 “touches” per year to have any                timely and sharp.
  hope of maintaining “Top of Mind Awareness.”
 You could research, write and fact check an article like          Return the Order Form below as soon as possible. Reaffirm
  this yourself - but wouldn’t your time be more                    your status as the professional financial advisor of choice.
  effectively spent face-to-face with your contacts?                Maintain “Top of Mind Awareness” with your most valuable
The articles are succinct and designed to illuminate
issues but not provide all the answers. That is left for you        E-mail or fax to us today! You will be among the first to receive
to do!                                                              the 2010 Year-End Planning Memos.
They briefly touch all of the following areas that are of
concern to individuals, families and business owners:

          Alternative Minimum Tax
           Capital Gains and Losses
           Charitable Donations
           Section 179 Election
           IRAs and Tax-Qualified Plans
          New Manufacturing Deduction
          How to Take Action Now

The text may illuminate issues of concern or changes that
have gone unnoticed or unappreciated by your clients.

                                   Please send Both Individual and Business
                               2010 Year-End Planning Memos and Cover Letters
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