Biography - Jeannie Baker Born 2 Nov 1950 in Croydon_ Surrey by liuqingyan


									                      Biography - Jeannie Baker

Born: 2 Nov 1950 in Croydon, Surrey, England.


Jeannie Baker grew up the eldest of six children
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During her five years studying art, she began to
develop her distinctive collage style.


Baker is famous for creating amazing children’s picture books by using
collage, with all the pictures in her books originally made from real
materials. Baker has described the painstaking work involved in making
just one of her books; for example her website explains that a book like
‘Where the Forest Meets the Sea’ using the collage technique will take
two to three years! Although the books are aimed at children, recently
they have had environmental themes that children might not understand
at their age – but at least the books get children thinking about
environmental issues.


Book                                 Publisher / place published                  Year
Grandfather                          Dutton (New York, NY)                        1977
Grandfather                          (revised edition)                            1980
Grandmother                          Dutton (New York, NY)                        1978
Grandmother                          (revised edition)                            1980
Millicent                            Dutton (New York, NY)                        1980
One Hungry Spider                    Deutsch (London, England)                    1982
Home in the Sky                      Greenwillow (New York, NY)                   1984
Where the Forest Meets the Sea       Greenwillow (New York, NY)                   1987
Window                               Greenwillow (New York, NY)                   1991
The Story of Rosy Dock               Greenwillow (New York, NY)                   1995
The Hidden Forest                    Greenwillow (New York, NY)                   2000
Home                                 Greenwillow (New York, NY)                   2004
Belonging                            Walker (Sydney, Australia)                   2004

Date                 T: understand a biography

1)     What are the names of Jeannie Baker’s most recent books?

2)     Give three cities that Jeannie Baker has had books published in.

3)     How old is Jeannie Baker roughly?

4)     Do you think Jeannie Baker is a patient person?

5)     Why is there a gap of between 2 and 5 years between when Jeannie
       Baker publishes a book?

6)     Do you think the photo is a recent one?

7)     Why might Jeannie Baker have moved to Australia?

8)     How is the list of books ordered?

9)     Why is no publisher/place published given for the 1980 versions of
       ‘Grandfather’ and ‘Grandmother’?

10) What does is the author telling you when he says that Jeannie Baker
    work is ‘painstaking’?

11)    Give a synonym for the word distinctive.

12) Who might be the author of this biography? Explain your answer.

13) Give 2 purposes of the biography.

14) Which political party might Jeannie Baker vote for?

15) Think of other words that you know begin with ‘bio’ e.g. biology or
    biodegradable. What does it tell you about a word when it begins
    with ‘bio’?


Now you can make up your own questions for someone else in the class to
Date                 T: understand a biography

1)     Home and Belonging (AF2)

2)     New York, Sydney and London (AF2)

3)     60 years old (AF3)

4)     Yes, because she is happy to spend 2 or 3 years on one book (AF3)

5)     Because it takes her so long to make a book (AF3)

6)     No, because she looks very young (AF3)

7)     Any reason to emigrate e.g. better weather / for work (AF3)

8)     By year published, from oldest to most recent (AF4)

9)     Because the publisher/place published is the same as for the
       previous versions of each book (AF4)

10) That it takes a lot of hard work and a long time (AF5)

11)    Unique / individual / special / different etc (AF5)

12) A friend / fan of Jeannie Baker / her publisher / any other sensible
    suggestion (AF6)

13) To tell you about her life / to tell you about her books / to
    encourage you to read her books or find out more about her (AF6)

14) Green Party (AF7)

15) The word will be something to do with life (AF7)

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