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									                                                    Related Support:                                    How Long Will It Take to Finalize the
                                                    For contracts delegated to this Center, we not      Settlement?
                                                    only provide TCO support, but also provide          In FY10, the Center settled 386 terminated
                                                    Plant clearance, and if required, legal and         contracts in an average of 406 days. In
                                                    technical services.                                 discussing this time, it is important to remember
                                                                                                        that the contractor has one year (365 days) to
   Defense Contract Management Agency               Why Use DCMA Services?                              submit its proposal to the TCO. Any excess
      DCMA Terminations Center                      No one in the world does it better. Since           inventory must be screened through Plant
                                                    becoming a center in August 2005 we have            Clearance, and unless the items are scrap, this
Introduction                                        settled over 2,100 contracts valued at $7.7         involves a 66 day screening period.
The Defense Contract Management Agency, a           billion. We do these settlements quickly and        Fortunately, all contractors do not wait the full
combat support agency, maintains a cadre of         efficiently.                                        year to submit, and all terminations do not
Termination Contracting Officers whose only                                                             involve inventory. This continued management
mission is to settle contracts terminated for the   What Exactly Does a TCO Do?                         emphasis on timeliness also results in our
convenience of the Government.                      The Terminations Center is a “cradle to grave”      cases on-hand averaging less than one year
                                                    provider for termination settlements. We do not     old.
There are nineteen Termination Contracting          issue the termination notice as that must come
Officers (TCOs) located in Boston, MA,              from the Procuring Contracting Officer.             What About Terminations for
Philadelphia, PA, Atlanta, GA, Kansas City,         However, once that is done, we can issue the        Default?
MO, Dallas, TX, St. Louis, MO, Los Angeles,         confirming modification if the initial notice was   The Terminations Center is not involved in
CA, and Carson, CA. The average TCO has             in letter form. We will advise the PCO within 30    Terminations for Default as these are basically
30 years of government experience, with over        days of the amount of excess funds that can be      reprocurement actions. If DCMA administers
15 years of this as a TCO. This combined            released from the contract. We will contact the     the contract, the ACO will recoup interim
experience represents over 285 years settling       contractor, providing all forms and instructions    payments previously paid and administratively
terminated contracts.                               for its proposal. We will evaluate the proposal,    close the contract. The buying activity will then
                                                    obtain audit assistance, if required, dispose of    reprocure the item and may assess any
As of the end of FY10, they were responsible        all excess inventories, and issue the final         additional costs against the defaulted
for 375 terminated contracts valued at $16.4        settlement modification. If desired, we can also    contractor.
billion:                                            do the modification deobligating the remaining
         #Contracts      Contract Value             excess funds or, if not delegated, will advise of
Navy         103         $5,644,100,000
                                                                                                        Will You Keep Us Apprised of the
                                                    this amount by letter. We provide status
Other          3          1,268,600,000             reports when the case is initially established,
                                                                                                        Progress Towards Settlement?
Air Force     66            983,200,000             every six months thereafter, and upon final         Yes, as explained, the TCOs issue a status
Army          97            227,700,000             settlement.                                         report on a DD Form 1598 upon establishment
DLA          101            160,000,000                                                                 of a case. This form is then sent twice a year,
Coast Guard 1                 99,500,000                                                                in April and October, and a final status report
                                                    What Does It Cost to Use DCMA?                      accompanies the settlement modification. We
Marines        4              50,100,000            DCMA provides contract administration               also stand ready to provide any further
                                                    services to DoD activities at no cost. For          reporting as may be requested.
For Additional Information Contact:                 commercial agencies, we may elect to accept
DCMA Terminations Center                            the work, but this is on a reimbursable basis at
ATTN: DCMAN-ET/P. Slemons                           an hourly rate of $100 per hour. In FY10, the
2300 Lake Park Drive, Suite 210                     average terminated contract required less than
Smyrna, GA 30080-4091                               90 hours to settle. Of course, to this must be
Phone: (678) 503-6351 DSN: 697-6351                 added plant clearance, and any other support
FAX: (678) 503-6060                                 services. However, the simple fact is,
Cell:  (404) 229-4862                               specialization breeds efficiency.
Points of Contact:                                                                                  Geographic cases may also be assigned to
The Terminations Center is headquartered in        The supervisory team leader is Kathleen Austin   other offices based on workload.
Atlanta, Georgia:                                  who may be contacted at:

DCMA Terminations Division                         DCMA Terminations Center – Atlanta
ATTN: DCMAC-ET/P. Slemons                          ATTN: DCMAN-ET/Kathleen Austin
300 Lake Park Drive, Suite 210                     2300 Lake Park Drive, Suite 210
Smyrna, GA 30080-4091                              Smyrna, GA 30080-4091
Phone: (678) 503-6351 DSN: 697-6351                Phone: (678) 503-6214 DSN: 697-6214
FAX: (678) 503-6060                                FAX: (678) 503-6011
Cell:   (404) 229-4862                             E-mail:
E-mail: or
Terminations                        Western Team
                                                   The Western Team is based in Dallas, TX and
        The country is divided into two sectors,   encompasses the Los Angeles, CA; Carson,
Eastern and Western.                               CA; St. Louis, MO, Kansas City, MO; and
                                                   Dallas, TX offices. It is responsible for the
                                                   following states:

                                                   Missouri Offices –Iowa, Minnesota, and

                                                   Dallas Office – Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas,
                                                   Louisiana, Mexico, New Mexico, Oklahoma,
                                                   and Texas.

                                                   Los Angeles Office – Alaska, California,
                                                   Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska,
Eastern Team                                       Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota,
The Eastern Team is based in Atlanta, GA,          Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.
encompasses the Boston, Philadelphia and
Atlanta offices, and is responsible for the        The supervisory team leader is Charles
following states:                                  McIntosh who may be contacted at:

Atlanta Office – Alabama, Florida, Georgia,        DCMA Terminations Division – Dallas
Kentucky, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, Tennessee,     ATTN: DCMAN-ET/Charles McIntosh
Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia.        Plaza of the Americas
                                                   South Tower, Suite 1630
Boston Office – Connecticut, Delaware,             Dallas, TX 75201-2843
Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New                Phone: (214) 670-9341
Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North             Phone: DSN 940-1341
Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and        FAX: (214) 670-9459
Vermont.                                           E-mail:

Philadelphia Office – Illinois, Indiana,           International cases are distributed among the
Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.       offices based on mission requirements.

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