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On September 30, Sabre was awarded TWO contracts with the US Department of Commerce’s, Census
Bureau. The first contract awarded to Sabre calls for Sabre to provide the Census Bureau with
professional services for Sub-Population Research. Sabre’s Sub-Population Research will provide the
qualitative and cognitive research into the ethnography of the race and ethnic questions in the 2010
census among other things. The Survey Research Center of the Institute for Social Science Research at
UCLA and the Urban Institute will be sub-contractors to Sabre on this effort.

Sabre’s second contract covers Sabre’s support in Data Analysis and Dissemination, which is the
analysis of census and survey data with the goals of improvement in reporting to the public and the
implementation of new and innovative ways of disseminating data to the public using new technologies.
SRC – Extend the Reach Corporation as well as the Urban Institute will be sub-contractors to Sabre on
this effort. The contracts span a length of 5 years with a total award value of $50M overall.

Sabre Systems has also recently received an additional contract with the Census Bureau. This additional
contract is set up to span five years and covers a multitude of demographic and statistical analysis tasks.
Many of these tasks involve the use of internationally renowned demographers, cartographers,
economists, and statisticians.

To date, Sabre has received 25 task orders under this contract, as well as several independent
agreements. Sabre is providing a wide range of services to perform the work under these task orders.
Some of the services include:

       Legal advice on the development of the by-laws for an international network. The network is
        called Monitoring the AIDS Pandemic (MAP).

       A study of the demography of those Eastern European countries that were once part of the Soviet
        Union Bloc.

       Development of reports on the aging population of the United States vis a vis other countries

       Development of estimation models for the aged in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

       Expert assistance in the development of definitions of metropolitan areas from the 2000 Census
        of Population and Housing.

       Development of a population atlas of the United States from Census 2000. (This was the first
        time since 1940 that such an atlas was produced.)

       Experienced assistance in the editing of coded information from Census 2000.

       Analyses of immigration from abroad by country of origin and settlement patterns in the United

In addition to the above, Sabre also has contracts with the Census Bureau to analyze migration trends
from Census 2000 and to provide GIS expertise in the development of maps to evaluate the validity of
sample responses from the 2000 Census.

For more information on the Census or how Sabre can work for you...
Please contact Frederick Cavanaugh via email or by phone at (301) 863-5090.

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