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Department of Consumer Protection                                                                 Jerry Farrell, Jr.
165 Capitol Avenue                                                                                Commissioner
Hartford, CT 06106
Contact:     Claudette Carveth
              Tel: 860-713-6022                                                                      August 7, 2007

        Department of Consumer Protection Pursues Overdue Payments
                   12 Home Improvement Contractors Lose Registration for Default

HARTFORD, August 7 -- The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) is suspending the Home
Improvement registrations of a dozen contractors for failing to comply with their repayment agreements to the
Home Improvement Guaranty Fund, Consumer Protection Commissioner Jerry Farrell, Jr. announced today.

In June, the agency contacted home improvement contractors who are behind or delinquent on the amounts
they owe to the Department of Consumer Protection, seeking repayment or establishment of a payment

Twelve individuals, owing a combined amount of $111,421 to the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund to
compensate for payments that the agency made on their behalf to dissatisfied customers, did not respond to the
agency’s request. Each of the contractors had, in recent years, signed a stipulated agreement promising to
repay the Guaranty Fund for the amount that the Department had paid out to their customers on claims for
uncompleted work or damage to their homes. There had been little or no repayment on these accounts.

“The stipulated agreements gave the contractors ample time to repay their debts, but also clearly stated that
non-payment could result in suspension of their contractor’s Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor
registration,” Farrell said. “For these 12 contractors, time is up. Since they have not come forth to work with
us our next course of action is to exercise our statutory authority to suspend their registrations. As of today,
these individuals are not registered to work as home improvement contractors in Connecticut.”

The suspended contractors are:
        American Lawncare & Landscaping, LLC of New Haven, HIC # 572766
        Ahmet Cilek of New London, HIC # 602638
        Robert Dimanno of Cromwell, HIC # 560716
        Jeffrey R. Donohue of Cos Cob, HIC # 572423
    Department of Consumer Protection, August 7, 2007
    Suspended Contractors, page 2

       G L Gray Metal Fabricators, Inc., of New Haven, HIC # 580630
       David A. Gray of Uncasville, HIC # 606893
       Eugene Jiminez of New Britain, HIC # 600653
       Brian Johnston of Terryville, HIC # 552315
       Ossie L. McClellan Jr., of Norwich, HIC # 613180
       Philip McClellan of Mystic, HIC # 531114
       Jaroslaw Rutkowski of Glastonbury, HIC # 543901
       Eugene Varasteh of Woodbury, HIC # 553013

“I certainly don’t enjoy taking this action, but a contractor who enters into a legal agreement with this agency
is obliged to abide by the agreement, including repayment,” Farrell said. “Contractors, who enter into large
financial contracts with homeowners, are expected to demonstrate respect for their own financial agreements
and for the laws that govern their occupation.”

Farrell said that the suspensions are immediate and will be in effect until the contractors fulfill their financial
obligation to the agency.

The Home Improvement Guaranty Fund is a pool of money administered by the Connecticut Department of
Consumer Protection, and can be used to help satisfy an unpaid judgment to a homeowner. It is created and
replenished from annual assessments and repayments by registered contractors.

Consumers may recover from the Guaranty Fund actual damages, court costs and attorneys’ fees as ordered in
their court judgment, up to $15,000, if their claim meets certain criteria. More information is available on the
Department of Consumer Protection website at under “Home Improvement.”


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