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									                                  Important School Information:
                             Office hours are 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
                             Student hours are 7:50 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.
                                    School Phone # 582-2010
                                     School Fax # 582-2015
                               School Website
                               School Email
Principal: Corena Burbidge                                                           Secretary: Debbie Myers
Vice Principal: Lana Burns                                                           Secretary: Brenda Corkum

    School News:

             We can certainly tell its spring with the buzz of activity on our playground. Our
    students have lots of energy and interest in playing together outside. Some choose to play
    soccer or basketball, some enjoy the equipment, and some like the freedom to run and
    others just like to be with their friends. All are encouraged to play fair and cooperatively.
    It is also the time of year where we are reminding all of our students to keep their hands
    and feet to themselves and to behave respectfully. Learning how to play and have fun with
    classmates and friends on the playground is another important element of elementary school
             As we move into June, we realize how quickly the year has gone and the many special
    events already experienced. But there are still some to come. June is a busy month with
    many educational trips and adventures planned with our students. Each classroom teacher
    will send home notes with more specific information and requests for permission.
             The last day of school is June 27th and we will hold a closing Assembly at 9:30. Our
    grade 5 students will be recognized with a walk across the stage to receive a leaving
    certificate. We are excited that our whole student body and staff will be able to celebrate
    with them. All families are welcome and invited to join us. The school will dismiss at 11:05 am
    on June 27th.

                                            Home and School News
            Many thanks to the families who joined us for the “Bee Movie” viewing – it was fun
    and a profitable evening for us!
            The last meeting was held May 26, and we concluded with expressions of
    appreciation for Chair Dawn Keddy and Secretary Stacey deVries who have finished their
    terms on the executive. Thank you ladies for your enthusiasm and great ideas that have
    benefited the students and staff of Glooscap! We wish to welcome these new executive
    members for the school year 2008-2009: Suzanne Gerrits and Denise Rand, as Co-chairs,
    and Joan Cluff as Treasurer. The position of secretary is open. The Home and School at
    Glooscap has been a successful fund raising source to support the skating program and
    other school requests and they have also provided information sessions to our families
    focusing on children and learning, support for behavior challenges and organizing your home
    and child. If you have an interest in the secretary position or any questions regarding the
    Home and School, please contact past president, Dawn Keddy at 582-1382.

                                       Jump Rope for Heart
           With all of the students and the staff skipping, we raised an amazing $6105.00!
    Wow! It is great to have such community support for an important health care concern.
    Thank you to Mr. Hind who led us in the fun skipping tricks and challenges.
                              ~      A Special Occasion      ~
             The Home and School Parents Association and the staff of Glooscap
Elementary wish to invite you to an Open House in honor of Diane Edwards (Mrs. E) and
Peter Sheppard, who are both retiring from our school this year. This will be held June 10 th,
from 6:30 – 8:00 pm in the multi-purpose room of the school. Mrs. E has been on staff at
Glooscap for 34 years. Her teaching holds many warm memories for a second generation of
this community. Mr. Sheppard joined our staff 8 years ago and we appreciate his
contributions to the quality of educational services at Glooscap, concerning both fellow
staff and the student body. Best wishes only and we hope you are able to share in this
special celebration with us.

                                Grade five transition dates
      June 11th, Grade Five Orientation at NKEC. Students will leave Glooscap Elementary
       at 9:10 a.m. and walk to NKEC for orientation activities, returning at 1:30 p.m. in
       time for the elementary dismissal.
      June 17th, Information meeting for parents/guardians of students entering grade
       six at NKEC. This information meeting is for parents/guardians only and begins at
       6:30 p.m. at NKEC.
      June 18th, Grade 5 Luncheon for students and staff in the Multipurpose room at

                         Board Games and other educational toys
        The Resource staff is asking for donations of board games and other educational
toys or gadgets that your own children may have outgrown. There are many learning
benefits to playing board games as well as the social learning and fun!
        Did you know…

                                  Board Games and Learning
         In a techno-savvy world, it seems that old-fashioned board games have gone the way
of the dodo. But before you put those old games out to the curb, you might want to
reconsider the value of playing board games together as a family.
         Playing board games is more than just an alternative way to spend TV-free quality
time together. From manual dexterity to memory enhancement, board games help to develop
skills that are necessary both in and out of a classroom.
And you thought that board games were just a fun way to pass time!
         The best is of playing board games that your kids will be so busy having fun that
they won‟t even know that they are learning!
Take a look at some of the school skills that board games enhance:
      problem solving
      identifying patterns
      quick thinking
      anticipation skills
      vocabulary skills
      math skills
      confidence building
      risk-taking
      persistence
      deduction
      memory
      decision making
      team work
     Take those board games off the shelf and dust them off – they are more than old-
fashioned games, they are great learning tools!
What are some of your family‟s favorite board games? We‟d love to know!

                                     After-school Program
        The After-school Program finished this week. Many thanks to Tanya MacBride who
led our after school activities again this year. We also wish to acknowledge the support of
Canning Recreation and ATL. We had 77 children participate.
           ***    Special offer: Pewter Ornament featuring the Glooscap Logo             ***
         We have a limited number of well crafted pewter ornaments depicting our school
logo. The design was created by a former student, Michelle Trehnolm. This ornament is an
attractive keepsake for your child finishing grade 5 or as a special birthday gift. We are
selling them for $5.00 and they are available from the school office.

                                Monday June 23~Talent Show
        Our school is hosting a talent show on Monday June 23 at 10:15 am. This may include
a whole class dancing, a few students sharing a dance routine, piano pieces and I have heard
their may even be a few jokes told! Families are welcome to join us for this entertaining
show and stay to have a picnic lunch with their child(ren).
        We will also sell hotdogs (for a $1.00) and a special preorder form will be coming
home soon.

                                     End of year reports
        Our last day of school is June 27th and we will dismiss at 11:05 am. All students will
receive their report card on this day. We have had a few phone calls asking if students
could have their report cards early. We cannot release end of year report cards prior to
June 27th. If your child cannot be in school on June 27th, report cards can be picked up
from July 2nd to the 6th at school during 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. or parents can send a
written note requesting that a relative or a neighbor bring the report home on June 27th.

                                           School Fees
         Student supply fees for students in Grades P - 5 will be $40.00. This fee is broken
into these parts: $35.00 to classroom supplies and a $5.00 Fine Arts fee. These funds buy
all the paper, pencils, markers, glue, scribblers, binders that your children consume in their
classrooms. We do bulk order supplies and ensure delivery for the beginning of a new school
year. We ask that students in grades Primary to Five pay for their supplies in September.
All money will be collected at the main office.

                                        Library News
        The final grocery tape prize winner for the school year is Oliver McMahon in Mrs.
Champion‟s class. Special thanks to everyone who collected and sent tapes to school this
past year. Please continue to save your Sobeys and Canning ValuFoods receipts over the
summer months.
        I would also like to thank everyone who supported the school library by coming out
to our two book fairs this year. Money raised from the spring fair was recently spent on
new books. Our students also did a wonderful job this year with the 'Adopt-A-Library'
reading challenge and 'Hackmatack' reading. I wish you all a relaxing summer vacation!
Congratulations to the Grade Five's heading to middle school next year!
Shawn Gregory

Community News:

                                       Kings Physiotherapy
        Kings Physiotherapy wants to know how your kids plan to stay active this summer.
Draw or write us and you could win Subway for your end of year party. Return your entries
as a class or individually to Kings Physiotherapy at 1002 Kentucky Court, New Minas (For
directions call 681-8181). Deadline for the draw is June 16, 2008.

        Acadia Minor Hockey Association Quickstart Pre-registration 2008/2009
        Acadia Minor Hockey wants you to learn and play hockey with us!
The Quickstart program, which is the first year of ice hockey for boys and girls ages 5-8
year olds will be having on going pre-registration. Gear is limited so it is provided on a first
come first serve basis and the cost is $75.00 (Paid at registration). For more info or to pre-
register please contact the Novice Coordinators Scott & Samantha Hamilton by email or 678-8649.
                                       Lost and found
         Just a reminder to parents and students that we have accumulated quite a collection
of lost items in our Lost and Found. Please check our Lost and Found if your child has lost
any item(s) in recent months. On June 20th, all remaining items in our Lost and Found will
be donated to students and local charities.

                   Kings Early Years Screening for School (KEYSS) Project
         Preparing a child for their first day of school can be stressful for both the parents
and the child. The adjustment period can be long and upsetting for many children, especially
for those who may have unknown developmental issues. KEYSS, a project offered by the
Annapolis Valley Regional School Board in partnership with Valley Child Development
Association and supported by the Kings County Children‟s Foundation, is focused on making
this transition period easier for all involved. The upcoming KEYSS clinics will involve 3 year-
old children, starting school in September, 2010.
         The purpose of the program is to build relationships between the child, family,
school, and various community agencies. These relationships will help ease the transition into
the school for the family, and provide support in the school and community. KEYSS had its
pilot in the Fall of 2007 and it was a great success for both families and the community
partners involved!
If you have a child who will be starting school in September, 2010 please contact Mary
Cunningham at (902) 678-0097 or at to register them for
this exciting experience at „big school!‟

                                      Kentville Silver Gliders
         Kentville Silver Gliders will be running a summer figure skating school from August
11th to 28th. The school will be held at the Kentville Centennial Arena and will run daily from
Monday to Thursday. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION IS JUNE 15, 2008. For more
information contact Cheryle Gaston at 825-3692 or email at
Emma Giffin at 678-4061 or email

                                     Dates to Remember
JUNE/08          2      Monday         - Grade 5‟s visit NKEC band
                 9      Monday         - Edwards & Lightfoot class trip
                10      Tuesday        - Assembly; Gerrits & Champion class trip
                11      Wednesday      - Grade 5‟s go to NKEC
                13      Friday         - Early Dismissal 11:05
                16      Monday         - Sheppard class trip
                18      Wednesday      - Grade 5 Celebration
                19      Thursday       - Turner/Fitch/Trueman class trips
                20      Friday         - Field day
                23      Monday         - Talent show & Picnic with Hotdogs!
                24-26                  - Marking days
                                         No school for students
                27      Friday         - Assembly: 9:30
                                         Last Day, dismissal at 11:05

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