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									Additional Estimates 20
dditional Estimates 2008-09
    This index is the Legal & Constitutional Affairs Committee's official index of questions taken on notice from
    the 2008-09 Additional Estimates round for the Immigration and Citizenship Portfolio. All questions regarding
    estimates should be directed to the committee's estimates officer on (02) 6277 3560. Users can filter
    questions in the index by using the auto-filter buttons at the top of each column.

QON No. Hansard Reference/Written    Senator      Output                                  Question                                Departme Answer
                                                                                                                                      nt    received
1.       14 and 83                  Barnett      Internal   In relation to FOI requests between 1 July and 30 December 2008,      Stakehold 7/05/2009
                                                 Product    provide a breakdown of the number that were granted access to         er
                                                            documents in part, in full or denied and provide the number for the   Engagem
                                                            previous 12 months.                                                   ent and
2.       14                         Barnett      Internal   Could you please advise how many reviews and consultancies have       Procurem 1/05/2009
                                                 Product    been undertaken or are under way since November 2007? Please          ent and
                                                            identify the name of the consultant, the subject matter of the        Contracts
                                                            consultancy, the duration and cost of the consultancy and the method  Branch
                                                            of procurement—whether it was an open tender or direct source, et
                                                            cetera. Also, please include a total value for all reviews and
                                                            consultancies since this time. Can you advise how many
                                                            consultancies or reviews are planned for this financial year? Have all
                                                            these been published in your annual procurement plan? Have all
                                                            these been published on the AusTender website,
                                                            And if not why not? In each case please identify the subject matter,
                                                            the duration, cost and method of procurement as above and the name
                                                            of the consultant or reviewer, if known.
3.       21                         Fierravant          1.1 Provide a copy of Population flows: immigration aspects .              Program    29/04/2009
                                    i-Wells                                                                                        Analysis
4.       23                         Barnett             1.1 In relation to Dr Moeller’s son, provide the medical costs determined  Family     14/04/2009
                                                            by the medical officer.                                                and

5.    25-26   Barnett         1.1 Will the Minister consider the merit of preparing a draft statement        Family       14/04/2009
                                  outlining the reasons for his decision in relation to Dr Moeller’s case    and
                                  and then tabling that?                                                     Health
6.    27-28   Barnett         1.1   In relation to the migration program, how many consultations have        Migration    29/04/2009
                                    been undertaken, where did they take place, who attended, how may Strategies
                                    attended and on what dates?                                              Branch
7.    28      Barnett         1.1   As a result of the December changes the Minister made, what is the       Migration    29/04/2009
                                    estimated figures for the migration program?                             Strategies
8.    28      Barnett         1.1   In relation to the migration program, provide figures from 1 July to 31 Migration     29/04/2009
                                    December 2008 in terms of meeting the budget announcement in May Strategies
                                    last year.                                                               Branch
9.    29      Fierravant      1.1   How many 457 visa holders became permanent residents in 2007-08 Labour                29/04/2009
              i-Wells               or changed their status?                                                 Market
10.   41      Hanson-         1.2   Provide the number of people who were removed because that did not Onshore             1/05/2009
              Young                 qualify for a (Protection) visa and who subsequently reapplied and       Protection
                                    were granted a (Protection) visa after they had been removed? In         Branch
                                    which year were they refused a (Protection) visa and in which year
                                    were they successful?
11.   42-43   Fierrravan      1.2   Have the Iraqi authorities expressed any concerns regarding the          Humanitar     1/05/2009
              ti-Wells              program, particularly in terms of loss of workers and capacity at a time ian
                                    when they are trying to build their economy? Has this arisen as an       Branch
                                    issue or have concerns been raised about Iraqis coming out to

                                  (This has not been raised with the Minister but the Minister took the
                                  question on notice in case the Foreign Affairs Minister or someone
                                  else has had some representations.)
12.   44      Fierravant      1.2 Under the Refugee and Humanitarian program, how many have                 Humanitar      1/05/2009
              i-Wells             arrived so far this financial year?                                       ian

12.   44      Fierravant      1.2                                                                              Humanitar      1/05/2009
              i-Wells                                                                                          ian
                                  Outline the country of birth of entrants through the program for 2007-
                                  08 and the total so far in 2008-09? The annual report refers to
                                  offshore visa grants by the top 10 countries of birth for 2006-07.
                                  Would you provide an update for those?
13.   44      Fierravant      1.2 What is your current onshore protection visa case load?                  Onshore            1/05/2009
              i-Wells                                                                                      Protection
14.   46      Fierravant      1.2 I understand that in 2007-08 certain individuals were granted            Humanitar          1/05/2009
              i-Wells             humanitarian stay temporary visas—safe haven visas. Is that the          ian
                                  case?                                                                    Branch
15.   46-47   Trood           1.2 When you were giving notice of the statistics about the visas granted I Humanitar           1/05/2009
                                  thought they were in relation to refugees. You had Liberia in that list, ian
                                  in fourth or fifth position. Was that an unusual circumstance—that is, Branch
                                  is Liberia unusually high on the list? If so, how is that explained? Is
                                  that the trend this year—is Liberia not as high on the list?

16.   49-50   Fierravant      1.3 I accept your comments that it has always been a priority; it certainly       Border        7/05/2009
              i-Wells             was when we were in government. The point that I am making, Mr                Intelligenc
                                  Metcalfe is that there is one difference—that is, you have now                e Branch
                                  abolished temporary protection visas. Since that announcement there
                                  has been a marked increase in activity. Call it arrivals, call it reports,
                                  call it interceptions or call it whatever you will, but the activity that has
                                  occurred since last year has been marked. There has been an
                                  increase in activity. My question to you is: are you saying that the
                                  abolishing of temporary protection visas had nothing whatsoever to do
                                  with the increase in activity?

                                    In fairness, Mr Metcalfe, I will give my document to you and you might
                                    clarify it for me. In particular, could you give me a breakdown and
                                    some additional information? I will put that question on notice and you
                                    can provide that to me.

17.   54      Fierravant Internal   In relation to the 15 reductions across the posts of locally engaged          Service    29/04/2009
              i-Wells    Product    employees, what roles were those people playing? Was that natural             Delivery
                                    attrition?                                                                    Network
18.   58      Fierravant        1.4 Provide a breakdown by nationality and visa category for the 50,000           Complian 24/04/2009
              i-Wells               overstayers.                                                                  ce and
19.   59-60   Fierravant        1.2 What ministerial intervention categories are there? Are we seeing             Onshore     1/05/2009
              i-Wells               trends?                                                                       Protection
                                    It would be useful just to get a picture of the trends. If you have ages it
                                    would be interesting to see the nature of the interventions for which
                                    you are being asked. Are there shifts in that?

                                    I will ask you to provide what you have at the moment and then at the
                                    next estimates committee we will get an update in relation to that.

20.   62      Fierravant Internal   How are those cases going where people in detention brought actions           Litigation   23/04/2009
              i-Wells    Product    for alleged personal injuries involving contractors that are looking after    Branch
                                    your detention centres?
21.   63      Fierravant Internal   Provide statistics on costs associated with litigation where applicants Financial 23/04/2009
              i-Wells    Product    are unsuccessful.                                                       Operation
                                                                                                            s Branch
22.   64-65   Humphrie          1.2 Have any of the (boat) arrivals in this most recent round been previous Onshore    1/05/2009
              s                     boat arrivals in Australia, onshore or offshore? Were any of them       Protection
                                    previously on the Tampa ?                                               Branch
23.   66      Fierravant        1.5 I would like figures in relation to people who have been released from Complian 23/04/2009
              i-Wells               detention into the community. Do we have some statistics on that over ce and
                                    the past couple of years?                                               Integrity
23.   66      Fierravant      1.5                                                                         Complian 23/04/2009
              i-Wells                                                                                     ce and
                                  I am interested in those various categories of people. We talked about Branch
                                  some of the community assistance available. I guess it is about
                                  people who otherwise could be in detention but are now in some sort
                                  of community type arrangement.
24.   72      Fierravant      1.5 Provide the cost of maintaining all of the immigration detention        CDSD       7/05/2009
              i-Wells             facilities.                                                             Coordinati
25.   77      Fierravant      2.1 On that point, does that mean that you have some statistics? I would Settlemen 14/04/2009
              i-Wells             be interested to see statistics going back over the last three, four or t Branch
                                  five years regarding full-time and part-time employment statistics for
                                  new arrivals. We have seen some statistics around about the need for
                                  having English and how, if people have English, it makes it easier for
                                  people to get into jobs more easily. Do you have some updated
                                  statistics in relation to that?

26.   77-78   Fierravant      2.1 I would be interested in where services or particular resources that            Settlemen 14/04/2009
              i-Wells             have been used in the department are targeted at increasing English             t Branch
                                  proficiency especially in relation to vocational areas. I think you will
                                  understand that I would like to see the picture of what you are doing
                                  that is specifically targeted in those areas.
27.   78      Fierravant      2.1 If in so doing you have built up basic statistical data in relation to levels   Settlemen 14/04/2009
              i-Wells             of proficiency not just on engaging in employment and new arrivals              t Branch
                                  that they go on to employment but general statistics on English
                                  proficiency could you provide that?
28.   85      Fierravant      2.3 Provide the criteria that were used for the new citizenship resource            Citizenshi 24/04/2009
              i-Wells             book tender selection.                                                          p Branch
29.   85      Barnett         2.3 Provide a breakdown of the cost of the Citizenship Test Review                  Citizenshi 24/04/2009
                                  Committee.                                                                      p Branch
30.   86      Barnett         2.3 (a) What was the sitting fee per day paid to the Citizenship Test               Citizenshi 24/04/2009
                                  Review Committee?                                                               p Branch
                                  (b) What is the standard sitting fee set by the Remuneration Tribunal?

31.   86      Barnett         2.3 Is the citizenship test review website still operating?                         Citizenshi 24/04/2009
                                                                                                                  p Branch

32.   89        Fierravant        2.3 Regarding the promotion of the value of Australian citizenship, how        Citizenshi 24/04/2009
                i-Wells               are we going with encouraging people to become Australian citizens? p Branch
                and                   I know we keep statistics in relation to those things about having lots of
                Barnett               people who have been here for years and years, but what is the trend,
                                      Ms Pope? Are we seeing more people becoming citizens?

                                      How many are eligible but have not taken up Australian citizenship?
                                      Provide a breakdown by nationality
33.   90        Fierravant        2.4 Provide a breakdown of the grants for community relations, similar         Multicultur 14/04/2009
                i-Wells               grants program and multicultural grants by electorate.                     al Affairs
34.   90        Fierravant        2.4 Provide a copy of the document that sets out the Department’s              Multicultur 14/04/2009
                i-Wells               expectations for the grant given to FECCA.                                 al Affairs
35.   90        Fierravant       2.4 With the national action plan to build on social cohesion, harmony,         Multicultur 14/04/2009
                i-Wells              security and community engagement and the grants of $10,000 to              al Affairs
                                     $20,000, could you also give me an outline? Could you break those           Branch
36.   Written   Hanson- MRT/RRT 1) Since the federal budget was handed down, the Migration Review                Migration 23/04/2009
                Young                Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal have lost $2.278 million from          Review
                                     their budget – can you advise whether this is the case, and what the        Tribunal/R
                                     reasoning behind the cut is?                                                efugee
                                     2) I am concerned that the cut in funds for these agencies, could           Review
                                     potentially reduce their effectiveness to process applications, given the   Tribunal
                                     probable increase in their workload – can the Minister advise how
                                     many cases the tribunals have reviewed in the current financial year,
                                     and whether this is above or below expectations?
37.   Written   Humphrie Internal    How many SES positions were there in this department as at:                 People    29/04/2009
                s        Product     (a) 24 November 2007?                                                       Services
                                     (b) 26 February 2009?                                                       Branch
38.   Written   Hanson-          1.5 General Detention                                                           Complian 23/04/2009
                Young                1) Internationally and domestically, what empirical data or other           ce
                                     evidence is available about the effectiveness of alternative measures       Resolutio
                                     to detention in preventing absconding and ensuring satisfactory             n Branch
                                     resolution of protection visa applications?
38.   Written   Hanson-      1.5                                                                                Complian 23/04/2009
                Young                                                                                           ce
                                                                                                                n Branch

                                   2) What evidence is available about the cost effectiveness of
                                   alternatives to detention?
39.   Written   Hanson-      1.5   Children in Detention                                                        CDSD         7/05/2009
                Young              1) Could you provide a breakdown on how many children are in                 Coordinati
                                   detention and the length of time these children have been held for?          on
                                   2) What is the nationality of these children?
                                   3) Have the children been separated from their families?
40.   Written   Hanson-      1.5   Christmas Island                                                             CDSD         7/05/2009
                Young              1) Is there any intention to use the DIAC Phosphate Hill facility? If not,   Coordinati
                                   will the facility be removed?                                                on
                                   2) Are people in community detention able to move around the
                                   community freely?
                                   3) What are the definitions of alternative detention and the policies that
                                   exist for this status and the comparative of definitions between
                                   alternative detention detainees on the Australian mainland and
                                   Christmas Island?
41.   Written   Hanson-      1.5   Christmas Island                                                             CDSD         7/05/2009
                Young              1) How long did it take to get the Iraqi - Kurdistan family with a sixteen   Coordinati
                                   month old child and two older siblings released from the DIAC                on
                                   Construction Camp facility?
                                   2) Are there any families still held in the DIAC Construction Camp
                                   facility? If so, what is the family make up, ages of the members of
                                   these families and how long have they been at the DIAC Construction
                                   Camp facility?
                                   3) In the period of detention of these families in the DIAC Construction
                                   Camp facility how many excursions out into the community have been
                                   undertaken by these families?
                                   4) Are all movements of detainees within the DIAC Construction Camp
                                   facility required to be monitored at all times by a Global Solutions Ltd
42.   Written   Hanson-      1.5   1) What are the unit costs per week per detainee (these costs should         CDSD         7/05/2009
                Young              include all peripheral service costs; air charters, transport, legal         Coordinati
                                   advice, community services, housing rentals, policing, barge hire and        on
                                   education etc.) in total for the detention of Asylum Seekers on
                                   Christmas Island for:
42.   Written   Hanson-          1.5                                                                           CDSD          7/05/2009
                Young                                                                                          Coordinati

                                      (a) North West Point DIAC Christmas Island Immigration Detention
                                      (b) DIAC Construction Camp facility?
                                      (c) DIAC Phosphate Hill facility?
                                      (d) Community detention, located at Drum Site?

                                      2) What are the projected costs of detaining or housing asylum
                                      seekers on the Australian mainland?
43.   Written   Abetz             1.4 How many ‘sham’ marriages (marriages of convenience or for the           Complian      7/05/2009
                                      purposes of immigration alone) have been uncovered by the                ce and
                                      immigration department since 24 November, 2007?                          Integrity
44.   Written   Abetz              1.5 1) Has the Government decided to continue its contract with the         CDSD          7/05/2009
                                       company known as G4S in the running of its detention centres?           Coordinati
                                       2) Is the Government continuing a tendering process for new private     on
                                       managers for Australian Detention centres?
                                       3) Is the tendering of Detention Centres for private management
                                       consistent with the current government’s election policies from the
                                       2007 election?
45.   Written   Abetz              2.3 Why did it take the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship 2 months   Citizenshi 24/04/2009
                                       from the release of the Australian Citizenship Review Committee’s       p Branch
                                       report, Moving forward… Improving Pathway’s to Citizenship to the
                                       sending of correspondence to members and senators announcing its
46.   Written   Fierravant Internal    Mr Metcalfe advised on Tuesday 24 February 2009 during the              Service      29/04/2009
                i-Wells    Product     Additional Estimates hearing that as at 1 January 2009 there were       Delivery
                                       985 locally engaged staff at overseas posts.                            Network
                                       (a) In those overseas posts which the Department regards as sensitive   Performa
                                       could you provide the exact numbers of local staff in comparison to     nce
                                       Australian Department staff?                                            Branch
                                       (b) Is the Minister aware of any issues associated with corruption of
                                       locally engaged staff at overseas posts, and has the Department
                                       received any complaints?
                                       (c) Are there any plans to review staffing arrangements at overseas

47.   Written   Fierravant           1.1 (a) What opportunities are currently available for retirement visa         Education 14/04/2009
                i-Wells                  holders to move to permanent residency?                                    and
                                         (b) Does the Minister or Department have any plans to reconsider the       Tourism
                                         conditions associated with retirement visas giving them access to          Branch
                                         permanent residency?
48.   Written   Barnett      Internal    Community Cabinets                                                         Ministerial 24/04/2009
                             Product     (a) What was the cost of Minister’s travel and expenses for the            and
                                         Community Cabinet meetings held since Budget Estimates?                    Executive
                                         (b) How many Ministerial Staff and Departmental officers travelled with    Services
                                         the Minister for the Cabinet meeting?                                      Branch
                                         (c) What was the total cost of this travel?
                                         (d) What was the total cost to the Department of the Community
                                         (e) What was the total cost to the Department and Ministerial offices of
49.   Written   Barnett      Internal    Media Monitoring                                                           National    14/04/2009
                             Product     (a) How much was spent on media monitoring in CY 2008?                     Communi
                                         (b) How much has been spent on media monitoring FY 2008-09 YTD?            cations to
                                                                                                                    e with the
                                        (c) How many staff in each department/agency are employed for               efugee
                                        media related duties?                                                       Review
50.   Written   Barnett      Internal   Ministerial Travel                                                          Ministerial 14/04/2009
                             Product    (1) Has the Minister/Parliamentary Secretary travelled overseas on          and
                                        official business since Budget Estimates?                                   Executive
                                        (2) If so, where was the travel and what was the duration?                  Services
                                        (3) What was the total cost of:                                             Branch
                                          a) travel
                                          b) accommodation, and
                                          c) any other expenses?
                                        (4) How many Ministerial staff or family accompanied the
                                        Minister/Parliamentary Secretary?
                                        (5) For these staff/family what was the cost of:
                                          a) travel


                                       b) accommodation, and
                                       c) any other expenses?
                                     (6) How many officers from the Department accompanied the
                                     Minister/Parliamentary Secretary?
                                     (7) In relation to these Departmental officers, what was the total cost
                                       a) travel
                                       b) accommodation, and
                                       c) any other expenses?
51.   Written   Barnett   Internal   Government Advertising                                                    Procurem 7/05/2009
                          Product    (1) What communications programs has the Department/Agency                ent and
                                     undertaken, since 1 December 2007, or are planning to undertake?          Contracts
                                     (2) For each program, what is the total spend? Please detail including    Branch to
                                     media advertisements (where placed and costs)                             coordinat
                                                                                                               e with
                                                                                                               and the
                                     (3) What was the total spend on advertising by the                        efugee
                                     Department/Agency in CY 2008 and so far for FY 2008/09?                   Review
52.   Written   Barnett   Internal   (1) What is the Department's hospitality spend CY 2008 and FYTD?          Financial 29/04/2009
                          Product                                                                              Policy and
                                     (2) Please detail date, location, purpose and cost of all events.         Analysis
53.   Written   Barnett   Internal   (1) For each Minister/Par Sec's office, please detail total hospitality   Ministerial 29/04/2009
                          Product    spend CY 2008 and FYTD.                                                   and
                                     (2) Please detail date, location, purpose and cost of each event.         Branch
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