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									                            ADVANCED CONTRACTS SEMINAR
                                 Library Research Tools
    I.   Three Locations of Database Lists from the Law Library webpage
            (Note: There is overlap but there are also substantial differences.)
         A. Research Databases from Law Library webpage:
         B. On the Library Catalog (EuclidPlus):
         C. On the Library Services page of the Law School Intranet:

         Note: If working from home, you will need to use a VPN connection. You can download the
         Case VPN client from More information on VPN can be
         found at

II. Tools to find References to Law Review Articles:
        A. Print Resources:
                  1. Index to Legal Periodicals: K9 .N34 (Ground floor compact shelving, Range 78)
                      References articles in over 500 legal journals from the US, Canada, Ireland, Great
                      Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Coverage begins roughly 1850 (depending on
                      publication) to 2008 when we cancelled our print subscription).
                  2. Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals: K9.N33 (Ground floor compact shelving
                      Range 78). References articles in over 300 legal journals from countries other than
                      the U.S. and Commonwealth countries. Coverage begins roughly 1960 to 2008.
        B. Web Resources:
                  1. Index to Legal Periodicals & Retro: Intranet Research Databases.
                      Coverage 1908-present.
                  2. LegalTrac: Intranet Research Databases. The electronic version of Current Law
                      Index. Indexes articles from over 900 legal publications, including all major law
                      reviews, many bar association journals and seven legal newspapers. Abstracts
                      included. Coverage 1980-present.
                  3. Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals: Intranet Research Databases.
                      Coverage 1985-present.
        C. Westlaw: (use “Search for a Database”)
                  1. ILP - Index to Legal Periodicals: Coverage August 1981 to present.
                  2. CILP - Current Index to Legal Periodicals: Indexes articles from over 300 legal
                      publications. Coverage most recent eight weeks.
                  3. LRI – Legal Resource Index: Cover-to-cover indexing of over 850 law journals,
                      six law newspapers plus legal monographs. Coverage 1980 to present.
        D. Lexis: (use “Search by Source”)
                  1. Index to Legal Periodicals: Coverage is 1978 to current.
                  2. Legal Resource Index: Coverage is 1977 to current.

III. Tools to Access Full-Text of Law Review Articles:
        A. Print Resources:
                 1. Use EuclidPlus Online Catalog to locate hardcopy in Library and/or link to
                      electronic copy via HeinOnline links.
                 2. If not available at CWRU law library, see reference librarian for Interlibrary loan
                      service (ILLiad) (e.g., HeinOnline, Westlaw, Lexis, JSTOR).
        B. Web Resources:
                 1. Academic Search Complete: EuclidPlus Research Databases.
                     Indexes over 4300 periodicals and contains full text for over 3400 scholarly
                     publications. Provides full text journal coverage for nearly all academic areas of
                     study. Coverage is 1975 to current.
                 2. HeinOnline (Electronic Journals): EuclidPlus-Research Databases.
                    Full-text collection of back issues of legal journals. Multiple searching capabilities,
                    including access by official citation. Exact page images. Coverage varies by
                    publication. Coverage vastly predates Westlaw and Lexis but may not always have
                    most current issue depending on the specific title.
        C.   Westlaw:
                1. TP-ALL – Texts and Periodicals Database: Covers all law reviews,
                    texts, and bar journals available on Westlaw. Dates of coverage vary by publication.
                2. JLR – Journals and Law Reviews: Dates of coverage vary by publication.
                3. CML-TP – Commercial Law and Contracts Law Reviews, Texts and Bar
                    Journals. Dates of coverage vary by publication.
        D.   Lexis:
                1. 2NDARY;ALLREV – All law reviews: Dates of coverage vary by publication.
                2. 2NDARY;BARJNL – All bar reviews. Dates of coverage vary by publication.
                3. 2NDARY;COMLR – Commercial law review articles. Dates of coverage vary by

IV. Tools to Locate American Law Reports Articles:
       A. Print Resources: Use Digest to ALR (RA6.6), Digest to ALR 2d (RA6.661), and Digest to
             ALR 3d, 4th, 5th and Federal (RA6.662) or ALR Index (RA6.658) to locate relevant articles in
             hard-copy volumes.
       B. Westlaw: ALR – American Law Reports database.
       C. Lexis: ALR – Database of ALR 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th and Federal ALR annotations. Use to
             locate cites for relevant articles. Obtain full-text from hard-copy volumes.

V. Tools to Locate Case Law:
       A. Print Resources:
                1. West’s Federal Practice Digests, West’s Decennial and General Digests, West’s state
                2. Uniform Commercial Code Case Digest (3rd Floor Stacks, KF880.3 P5).
                3. Uniform Commercial Code Reporting Service 1st (3rd Floor Stacks, KF885.A5) and
                    2nd (3rd Floor Stacks, KF885.A51).
       B. Web Resources (personally don’t recommend but getting a lot better)
       C. Westlaw:
                1. FCML-CS – Federal Commercial Law and Contracts Cases database:
                    Coverage from 1789.
                2. MCML-CS – Multistate Commercial Law and Contracts Cases: Coverage
                    varies by state.
                3. UCC-CS – Uniform Commercial Code cases. Coverage from 1898.
                4. UCC-CS+ - Uniform Commercial Code cases plus state Attorneys General
                    opinions, County Council Opinions, U.S. and state Comptroller opinions, Board of
                    Contract Appeals decisions, and commentaries from the UCC Reporting Service.
       D. Lexis:
                1. K-LAW;FEDCTS – Federal contract law cases. Coverage from 1789.
                2. K-LAW;STCTS – Contract cases from all states plus the District of Columbia.
                    Coverage varies by state.
                3. K-LAW;MEGA – Contract cases from federal and state courts combined.
                4. UCC REPORTER - DIGEST – Uniform Commercial Code Digest.
VI. Treatises (hard-copy):
       A. Contracts:
                 1. Corbin, Arthur L. Corbin on contracts; a comprehensive treatise on the rules of
                        contract law. St. Paul : West Pub. Co., [1950-
                        Law Reserve & Stacks KF801 .C68 (15+ vols.) Lexis: CORBIN
                 2. Farnsworth, E. Allan. Farnsworth on Contracts. New York : Aspen Law &
                        Business, c2004-
                        Law Stacks KF801.F367 2004 (3 vols.)
                 3. Williston, Samuel. A Treatise on the Law of Contracts 4th. Rochester,
                         N.Y. : West Pub. Co., 1990-
                        Law Reserve & Stacks KF801 .W55 1990 (31 vols.) Westlaw: WILLSTN-CN

         B.   Uniform Commercial Code:
                1. Anderson, Ronald A. Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code. Rochester,
                        New York : Lawyers Co-operative Pub., Co., 1981-
                        Law Reserve KF879.514 .A53 1981 (12+ vols.) Westlaw: ANDR-UCC
                2. Bender’s Uniform Commercial Code Service. New York : M. Bender, [1963]-
                        3rd Floor Stacks KF889.A1 B4
                3. Hawkland, William D. Uniform Commercial Code Series. Wilmette, Ill. :
                        Callaghan, c1982-
                        Law Reserve KF879.527 H38 (10+ vols.) Westlaw: Hawkland
                4. Misc./Browsing:
                        a. Additional treatises pertaining to Contracts are available in the 3 rd floor
                             stacks with call numbers ranging from KF801 through KF844.
                        b. Additional treatises pertaining to Government Contracts are available in the
                             3rd floor stacks with call numbers ranging from KF846-865.
                        c. Additional treatises pertaining to the UCC and Commercial Law are
                             available in the 3rd floor stacks with call numbers ranging from KF871-

VII. Restatements:
        A. Hard Copy: Restatement of the law second, contracts 2d / as adopted and
                        promulgated by the American Law Institute at Washington, D.C.,
                        May 17, 1979. St. Paul, Minn. : American Law Institute Publishers, 1981.
                        Law Stacks KF395.A2C67 1981
        B. Westlaw: REST-CONTR
        C. Lexis: Rule Sections: 2NDARY;CONTR2, annotated case citations: 2NDARY;CONTR3
        D. Web: National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws

VIII. Tools to find Business and Finance Articles:
        A. Indexes and Abstracts (via Euclid Plus-Electronic Resources) :
                  1. ABI/InformComplete- Provides indexing and abstracts to articles from more than
                     1,300 business and management publications, including 350 English- language titles
                     from outside the U.S. Coverage from 1971 to present. (ABI/Inform Archive covers
                  2. EconLit- Indexes articles from over 300 major economic journals, books,
                     dissertations and collective volumes (conferences, essays etc). International in scope.
                     Coverage from 1969 to present. Abstracts included for materials from 1987.
        B. Full-Text Resources (via Euclid Plus-Electronic Resources):
                  1. Academic Search Complete- Indexes over 4300 periodicals and contains full text
                     for over 3400 scholarly publications. Provides full text journal coverage for nearly
                     all academic areas of study - including social sciences, humanities, education,
                     computer sciences, engineering, language and linguistics, arts & literature, medical
                     sciences, and ethnic studies. Coverage from 1975 to present.
                  2. Accounting and Tax- Abstracts and some full-text newspaper and periodical
                     articles covering accounting and tax news. Coverage from 1986-present.
         3.    Business & Management Practices- Draws content from over 300 practically
               oriented management journals. Articles also selected from the more than 1000 trade
               journals and newspapers.
         4. Business Source Premier- Indexes over 3200 periodicals and contains full text for
               over 2700 scholarly journals and business periodicals covering management,
               economics, finance, accounting, international business, etc. 200 journals have PDF
               full text back to 1965 or the first issue published. Business Source Premier contains
               PDF images for the great majority of journals. Coverage from 1965 to present.
         5. EconLit- Produced by the American Economics Association, this database covers
               international economic issues. It provides comprehensive information on capital
               markets, econometrics, economic forecasting, government regulations, labor
               economics, monetary theory, urban economics and much more. EconLit records
               include journals as well as articles in collective volumes (essays, proceedings, etc.),
               books, book reviews, dissertations, and working papers. Coverage from 1969 to
         6. JSTOR (Electronic Journals)- Provides full text searchable access to select
               scholarly periodicals in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Science and Business.
         7. OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center- Browsable but not searchable scientific,
               technical, business and medical journal content in electronic format. EJC
               complements traditional paper-based journals by providing an easy-to-use web
               interface to many of the scientific, technical, and medical journals to which CWRU
               subscribes. Good for obtaining copies of articles when you already have the cites.
         8. Regional Business News- collection of full text newswires from all over the world.
               Covers business, political, economic and other diverse, international news events.
               Covers most recent 30 days.
C.   Westlaw and Lexis:
         1. ECONNEWS – (Westlaw)
              Ecomomic News database contains news and information
              related to the economics. Contains documents from newspapers, magazines,
              journals, newsletters, transcripts, and wires as provided by Dow Jones & Co.,
              Inc. to West Group. Contains articles covering news about economics, including
              economic surveys, economic outlooks on various countries, country reports
              and regional reports, and economic statistics. Overall coverage begins on January 2,
               1984. Coverage varies.
         2. BUSFIN;ABI- (Lexis) currently excluded from our contract. Can try News Group
               File, All but may retrieve an inordinate number of documents.
D.    Social Science Research Network-
               SSRN is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research
               and is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social
               sciences (i.e., financial, economics, accounting, legal, management). Each of
               SSRN's networks encourages the early distribution of research by publishing
               submitted abstracts and by soliciting abstracts of top quality research papers around
               the world. The SSRN eLibrary consists of two parts: an Abstract Database
               containing abstracts on over 43,500 scholarly working papers and forthcoming
               papers and an Electronic Paper Collection currently containing over 24,300
               downloadable full text documents in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. The eLibrary also
               includes the research papers of a number of fee based partner publications. The
               SSRN eLibrary can be searched by title, author, or Journal/Topic.
E.   BePress Legal Repository-
             The Bepress Legal Repository offers working papers and pre-prints from scholars
             and professionals at some of the best law schools in the world. Additionally, the
             bepress Legal Repository includes articles from bepress' roster of peer-reviewed
F.   BePress Journals -
             Founded by professors in 1999, Berkeley Electronic Press publishes
                    peer-reviewed electronic journals Asian Journal of Comparative Law, Global Jurist,
                    International Commentary on Evidence, Issues in Legal Scholarship, Theoretical
                    Inquiries in Law, Journal of Tort Law, Muslim World Journal of Human Rights, and
                    Review of Law & Economics, as well as dissertations from many top law programs.

IX. Tools to Locate Hard Copy Monographs, Treatises, Loose-leafs, etc. (i.e., library catalogs!):
       A.    EuclidPlus – CWRU Library Catalog
       B.    OhioLink- place your own ILL requests online.
       C.    WorldCat- place request with library staff.
       D.    Cleveland Public Library, Main Branch- An excellent resource.
       E.    Google Books, Google Scholar

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