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									SAP Planning: Best Practices in Implementation                                                 Job Description

   Position Title: SAP R/3 Trainer

   Pay Rate Range:
     $50/hour negotiable, based on experience

   Experience Level:
     3+ years

   Education Required:
     Degree or equivalent work experience

   Physical Location of Work:
     San Antonio, TX home-base, most delivery performed in Southern US and Mexico.

   Skills/Special Requirements:
   Experience required in the development and delivery of SAP training and related user
   documentation. Must be proficient in training corporate staff in either one-on-one settings or in
   classroom settings. Skilled in the use of Microsoft Word and MS PowerPoint as training/delivery

   Strong technical reading, technical writing and technical speaking skills in English as well as

   Trainers should also be skilled in creating and refining documentation as well. Preference will be
   given to those candidates who have experience or exposure to SAP’s Knowledge Warehouse,
   IDES, InfoDB, or other SAP-enabled training systems.

   Job Description:
   SAP R/3 Trainer will work with several sites simultaneously, supporting a phased and tightly
   controlled Go-Live. Trainer will train corporate staff in either one-on-one or in groups, and host
   train-the-trainer sessions at the largest sites. Development and delivery of SAP training
   documentation required.

     12-month contract, 30 small sites, 4 large ones.

   Job Conditions:
     Office environment/cubicle while at home base.

     75% travel across Southern US and Mexico. Visa required.

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