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					                            Luis De la Puente Neumann, MBA
                     Calle William Arias Robles 135, Apt. 101. Urb. Aurora, Miraflores. Lima 18, Peru
                                          Phones: (51-1) 260-4844 / 99792-8457

Mr. De la Puente is a Retired Peruvian Navy Officer (Commander) with over 25 years of experience in supply
chain management, logistics operations and integral security. Excellent strategic thinking capabilities. Strong
experience in designing and executing projects. Expertise in electronic engineering and communications.
Entrepreneuralship personality. Has developed project proposals to improve the livelihoods of populations
engaged in artisan fishing. Well know for integrity and pragmatism. Outstanding leadership and motivational
skills. Proven track record in managing critical projects and processes in a complex environment. Experience
of successfully leading public and private sector organizations. Excellent writing skills, Spanish speaker and
ability to communicate in English.

                                        PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
Advisor / Consultant / Strategic Planning
 Strategic, organizational and administrative advisor for a Joint Venture with an Asian company. Association for
  development of mining and commercial business in the country.
 Financial and organizational advisor of a Project for recovering mineral from a sunken vessel.
 Strategic, financial and organizational advisor of franchising project in a private company. Installing a chain of stores in
  Lima and in the main cities of the country.
 Consultant. Study for the design and evaluation of the Public Investment Project (PIP) for the implementation of the
  new Criminal Procedural Code in the Judicial District of Huaura (Lima Region).
 Consultant. Institutional Research and the Informal Sector - IRIS Center Peru (, financed by
  USAID. Coordinator for the creation of new Commercial Courts in Lima.
 Consultant. Re-structure of Civil Law matters for the Peruvian Judicial System in the Supreme Court.
 Consultant at OAS Staff Federal Credit Union (Washington D.C.). Development of a financial calculator chart to
  improve the analysis for decision making to invest funds in housing.
 Development of project proposal on fisheries. Handling the personal fishing project “Project management for business
  and social development in the artisan fishing sector in Peru”.

Logistics / Operations
BANCO DE LA NACION - National Bank of Peru
Logistics Manager (Services Division)
In charge nationwide, of maintenance, transportation, telecommunications and management of contracts.

Salvage and towing business which also rescues stranded vessels at sea or shore.
Operations Manager
 Design and implementation of operative procedures, reducing costs 40%.
 Active personal training for new skills, growing 50% the work quality and staff availability.

Leading manufacturing company of explosives and welding products.
Logistics Manager
In charge of planning, direction and control of logistics operations.
 Developed, managed and operated the temporal admission program and the merchandise reposition on franchise.
  Permanent follow-up of transactions and validation of payment liberalizations.
 Outline introduction and supervision of a control system for raw material with a selection of national and international
  suppliers by their quality, prices, production capacity and delivery compliance, with savings of 7% during the first
  semester and 17% after 14 months.
 Designed, implemented and supervised a control system for replacement of consumed spare parts for the plant
  equipment, reducing 30% in time stoppage due to machinery failure as well as for preventive maintenance (15%).
Deputy Administrator of the Plant
In charge of supervising the production and the integral security.
Assistant to the General Manager, and Chief of Integral Security and Communications
 Implemented a perimeter surveillance system with patrol controls using electronic means, improving 35% on the
   efficiency of the system.
 Designed, developed and installed an external microwave telephone communications system. As result, an increase in
   rapid quality handling of customers was observed, as well as improving the liaison within the company.
 Conducted major implementations of the VHF communications system and early alarm system.
 Designed, implemented and supervised the Industrial Security Department.
 Developed and implemented a programme on Occupational Health and Safety, and managed the Life and Fire
   operations following international guidelines.

 Special Navy Staff Officer in charge of planning defense operations against terrorism.
 Fifteen years Submariner Officer in charge of mechanic, electric and electronic equipment, as well as two year of
  Deputy Commander. Diverse operations at sea with Peruvian and foreign ships.
 Special commission to Germany (Kiel) for an overhaul repair of a conventional German design submarine. Specifically
  in charge of all the electronic equipment supervising the repairs at each different manufacture factory around
  Germany, as well as being the project financial administrator.

Escuela de Administracion de Negocios para Graduados – ESAN (Lima, Peru)
Master in Business Administration MBA, with major in General Management. Thesis: “Financial and economic model for
the development of the artisan fishing sector in Peru for export of frozen seafood products”.        1999 - 2000
Escuela Superior de Guerra Naval. Peruvian Navy War College
Command and Navy Staff Officer                                                                                   1987

Escuela Superior de Guerra Naval. Peruvian Navy War College
Basic Command and Navy Staff Officer                                                                             1985
Escuela de Submarinos. Peruvian Submarine Academy
Submariner Degree                                                                                         1978 - 1979
Escuela Naval del Peru. Peruvian Navy Academy
Bachelor Degree in Navy Sciences. Graduated as Navy Officer                                               1972 – 1975

                             TRAINING, SEMINARS AND CONGRESSES
Peruvian Society of Engineers
Technics and tools por the development of investment projects                                                   2006
Peruvian Society of Engineers
Balance Score Card and Processes Administration - Tool and model of Management                                   2005
XII International SAFEX Congress - Berlin
International exchange of experience on industry-connected accidents of the explosives industry               1996
Customs National Supervision Office
Regimens of perfecting active traffic                                                                         1994
Management and Development Co.
Integral program of Management Capacitating in Security and Industrial Hygiene                                1994
National Society of Industries (SNI)
Techno communication                                                                                          1993
Escuela de Administracion de Negocios para Graduados – ESAN
Human Resources Management                                                                                    1991

Instituto Peruano de Administración de Empresas - IPAE
Defense Resources Administration                                                                              1987

Excellent skills in Microsoft Windows Vista (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Project, Publisher, Internet).
Fluency in Spanish and English.
Traveled through Peru and different countries in South and North America, most countries in Western Europe, some
Eastern European countries (Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey), Australia and some countries in Asia (Singapore, Thailand and
China-Hong Kong).
Rowing World Masters Champion (Brisbane 1994, Australia) and South American Masters Champion (El Tigre 1997,
Buenos Aires-Argentina, Mendoza 2005, Argentina, La Punta 2005 and La Punta 2007, Callao-Peru).

Dr. Enrique Javier Mendoza Ramírez
Supreme Court
Associate Justice
(51 1) 445-9287

Mr. Karl Maslo Luna
General Manager
(51 1) 315-7000

Mr. Carlos R. Calderón
Organization of American States (OAS)
CEO at the OAS Credit Union
00 1 (202) 458-3834/35

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