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					Internship Journal
Today was the first day of my internship. It was sort of different from what I expected. While the
environment was corporate, the atmosphere was relaxed and there wasn’t that air of tension
one would expect in a corporate environment. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Today was an interesting day. I am still getting accustomed to a completely new environment.
My previous three jobs were in retail and catering.

I got a desk today. I have my own computer with my own login and password. I also have a
company email address. This will look very official if I ever intend to send formal emails to
potential employers and so on.

I was assigned my first assignment today. It is a capability statement marketing our core
competencies to a key international market which I am not sure if I am at liberty to reveal. We’ll
see how handy the lessons from the marketing management class I took just last semester will
come in.

Worked on the capability statement all day today and really got nothing done. It is hard to
market a company you know so little about.

I have learned so much about Flinders Partners in only a few days. All their information
including previous projects and so on are accessible to all employees. The website doesn’t
nearly cover the scope of the work done here. It is a very dynamic company.

I am making good ground on the capability statement. Having background knowledge of the
range of services offered by FP (Flinders Partners) allows me to assess possible entry points
into our desired market. Research and analytical skills from my Marketing class are suddenly
all coming back to me. It is a good feeling to practically apply the skills I have learned in class.

I worked on the capability statement all day. I am making good ground. I have learned a fair bit
about the target market and have now established who our target audience within this market
will be. With all this knowledge it will only be a matter of time before I put the completed
document together. I have also began working on a preliminary market research document to
help a local university lecturer publish a text. The market analysis skills I have picked up will
definitely come in handy.

The capability statement is coming together well. It is in its final stages and I will soon get
together with the head of marketing and the head of the international division to discuss the
document. It turns out it is part of a larger Capability Statement being worked on by various
branches of Flinders University. The preliminary market research document is also developing
well. It is hard to find the data I need to reinforce the conclusions I am making but I am certain
that my conclusions are accurate.

I presented the final draft of the capability statement to the various heads of division. They are
impressed. Credit to the various classes I have taken to get to this point. I really enjoy this line
of work and can see myself doing something similar in the future. I am surprised by the relative
ease I am having considering a limited background in marketing. I am more interested in
economics. All those days of listening to market analyses on Fast Money and Squawk Box on
CNBC are coming in handy. I guess market analysis is a skill transferable across industries.

I met with the Gender Consortium at Flinders University today. They are looking at the possible
options available to marketing a post graduate certificate program in gender mainstreaming
and have asked me help. We decided that a preliminary market research document along the
same lines as the other one will be put together. Management is starting to entrust me with
some pretty significant work. A privilege I never really originally expected.

The capability statement has been completed and is ready for incorporation into a larger
document. My work is going to be sent to a key overseas market! I didn’t see this coming two
months ago when I was in the hot Ghanaian sun.

One project down and two to go. I was really accustomed to the structure, format and approach
towards putting together a capability statement. The task of putting together such important
preliminary market research documents is somewhat daunting but I feel I am up to the

I am becoming more and more accustomed to this new format. Flinders Partners provides a
template for putting together such documents and the research skills I acquired in the previous
project are coming in handy. I know exactly what I am looking for and where to find it. This
makes life a lot easier.

Still working on the two capability statements. Nothing too exciting that I haven’t already
mentioned. I can still see myself in this line of work although economics is still my first love. For
how long I guess.

I attended a short course on commercialisation today; brilliant. It went all day and I have been
able to network with people from various commercial and educational backgrounds. One guy
works for a venture capitalist firm in the line of work I could potentially make a career out of. He
had a lot of insight into the industry and what’s more, he is only my age. Very encouraging.

Ps: It is interesting how the concepts I learned in Business Leadership in the Market Place
have a clear and practical application. What’s more I am now certified and have one more
professional qualification.

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