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                                                                       Autocross 2005
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2   May 2005
                                                              start/finish line—the best reserved seating available,
                                                              and unique merchandise availability. As an invited club,

                                                                                                                                               President’s Page
                                                              we’re also entered in a contest for two parade laps on the
                                                              track for our members at the end of the race activities on
                                                              Friday and Saturday evening. To win, we must be one
                                                              of the top three clubs with the most tickets purchased.
                                                              Wouldn’t it be interesting if we had so many participants
                                                              that we filled the track nose-to-tail like we did at the 1996
                                                              Historics? You can purchase your tickets now online at:
                                                                  Street racing isn’t what we promote for our members,
                                                              but we do encourage street survival skills. This month,
Mike Mills, President                                         we’re offering the exclusive opportunity for teen driv-
                                                              ers to learn car control skills at a Street Survival School
                                                              put on by our chapter for the BMW CCA Foundation.
May Flowers                                                   This is an incredible experience that gives your teen the
    Our financial picture is still a concern for us. Chapter   hands-on education for skills that could save their live,
events are helping us build our reserves, and without         or someone else’s.
our advertisers’ support, it would be a very different             Our other upcoming driving events include an auto-
picture. Please use their services and let them know you      cross and two Club Races. And yes, there’s more than just
saw them through their advertisement with GGC. While          driving events! The Bay Area ’02’s fi�h annual Swap and
we’re still striving for a stronger cash reserve, we are      Show is May 14 in Palo Alto, and the fourth annual Pacific
steadily growing the treasury.                                Sharkfest—a celebration of the 6 Series—is May 19-21 in
    The San Jose Grand Prix is coming to the streets of       San Luis Obispo. Our CCA season is ramping up!
San Jose July 29-31. The racing includes the Champ cars,          On a sad note, at the end of March, BMW CCA lost
Toyota Atlantics, Trans-Am, Historic Stock cars, and          an institution, Yale Rachlin. Yale was recently diagnosed
the U.S. Touring Car Championship. When the local car         with pancreatic cancer which took him quickly, yet
clubs were asked to participate, Mark Dadgar and I met        peacefully. His contributions in Roundel Magazine’s early
with promoter Bob Singleton to hear about the arrange-        growth were huge and his commitment to the Club was
ments for large group a�endance. (We are a large group!)      extraordinary. He will be missed. Look to the May and
    Car club corrals will be inside the race circuit with     June issues of Roundel for more about Yale.
restricted access: cars must be in the corral early in the       Until next month,
morning before the track goes green, and must stay until         Cheers!
the track goes cold in the evening. The ticket package
                                                                 Mike MIlls
for the corral includes reserved seats on pit lane at the

                                                                      CHET’S AUTO CARE
                                                                       Chet's European & Japanese Auto Care                        TUNE-UPS
                                                                       408.983.2424                            BRAKES
                                                                       3295 El Camino Real #J, Santa Clara, CA 95051         TRANSMISSIONS
                                                                                                                            ENGINE REBUILD
                                                                                                                              ENGINE SWAPS
                                                                                                                       30K, 60K, 90K SERVICE
                                                                                                                                 OIL CHANGE
                                                                                                                                SMOG CHECK
                                                                                                                            TOWING SERVICE

                                                                                                                          Synthetic Oil Available

                                                          The most current calendar is at:
                      Dates        Event/Location             Organization/Contact info       Dates        Event/Location            Organization/Contact info
                                   MAY                                                                     AUGUST

Calendar of Events    May 7        Street Survival School
                                   Candlestick Park / San Francisco, CA
                                                                                  GG Chpt
                                                                               Bob Goebel
                                                                                              Aug 6        Car Control Clinic
                                                                                                           Marina Airport, Marina, CA
                                                                                                                                                         GG Chpt
                                                                                                                                                      Bob Goebel
                      May 14       Autocross                                      GG Chpt     Aug 7        Autocross                                     GG Chpt
                                   Marina Airport, Marina, CA             Jonathan Bensen                  Marina Airport, Marina, CA           Jonathan Bensen
                      h�p://                h�p://       
                      May 14       5th Annual Bay Area 02 Swap & Show          Bay Area 02    Aug 13       August Board Meeting                          GG Chpt
                                   El Camino Park / Palo Alto, CA                JP Collins                East Bay BMW, Pleasanton                    Mike Mills
                      h�p://                       h�p://       
                      May 14-15    Sin City Driving School                   Sin City Chpt    Aug 13-14    California Speedway Driving School            LA Chpt
                                   Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, NV Kirk Lachman                    California Speedway, Fontana, CA         Roger Scilley
                      h�p://        h�p://                  
                                                                              702-656-7799    Aug 19-21    Festorics at the Monterey Historics          GG Chpt
                      May 14-15    BMW CCA Club Racing                      NASA NorCal                    Monterey, CA                              David Crum
                                   Thunderhill Raceway, Willows, CA            Steve Walsh    h�p://                
                      h�p://        Aug 20-21    Thunderhill Driving School                    GG Chpt
                      May 19-22    Pacific Sharkfest IV                    Pacific Sharkfest                 Thunderhill Raceway, Willows, CA           Peter Vinsel
                                   San Luis Obispo, CA                      Paul DiMauro      h�p://   
                      h�p://         Aug 28       Pacific Raceways Driving School Puget Sound Chpt
                      May 21-22    BMW CCA Club Racing                        NASA SoCal                   Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA                  Tom Olsson
                                   Willow Springs Raceway, Rosamond, CASteve Walsh            h�p://         
                      h�p://                     SEPTEMBER
                      May 28       May Board Meeting                              GG Chpt     Sep 3        September Board Meeting                       GG Chpt
                                   Stevens Creek BMW, Santa Clara               Mike Mills                 Concord BMW, Concord                        Mike Mills
                      h�p://                h�p://       
                                   JUNE                                                       Sep 17-18    Bu�onwillow Driving School           Central CA Chpt
                      Jun 3        Bu�onwillow Driving School             Central CA Chpt                  Bu�onwillow Raceway, Bu�onwillow, CAPeter Kwan
                                   Bu�onwillow Raceway, Bu�onwillow, CAPeter Kwan             h�p://               
                      h�p://                      Sep 17-23    Oktoberfest - Greensboro, NC             Tarheel Chpt
                      Jun 5        Pacific Raceways Driving School Puget Sound Chpt                         Greensboro, NC
                                   Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA                   Tom Olsson     h�p://
                      h�p://                 Sep 24       Autocross                                     GG Chpt
                      Jun 5        Dorkfest 2005                                  Dorkfest                 Marina Airport, Marina, CA           Jonathan Bensen
                                   Blackhawk Auto Museum / Danville, CA Sco� Barneson         h�p://       
                      h�p://                               Sep 24-25    BMW CCA Club Racing                              VARA
                      Jun 11       Bay Area 02 Gathering                       Bay Area 02                 Bu�onwillow Raceway, Bu�onwillow, CA Steve Walsh
                                   Casey Motorsports / Petaluma, CA              JP Collins   h�p:// 
                      h�p://                                    OCTOBER
                      Jun 11       Tour of the Lost Coast                 Bavarian Rescue     Oct 8-9      BMW CCA Club Racing                      NASA SoCal
                                   Point Mendocino & Ferndale, CA          David Simmons                   Bu�onwillow Raceway, Bu�onwillow, CA Steve Walsh
                                        707-268-8074    h�p:// 
                      Jun 11-12    BMW CCA Club Racing                        NASA SoCal      Oct 22       Car Control Clinic                            GG Chpt
                                   Bu�onwillow Raceway, Bu�onwillow, CA Steve Walsh                        Marina Airport, Marina, CA                 Bob Goebel
                      h�p://        h�p://      
                      Jun 11-Jul 9 The Ultimate Drive                           BMW USA       Oct 22       October Board Meeting                         GG Chpt
                                   Bay Area BMW Dealerships              1-877-4-A-DRIVE      BMW of San Francisco                                     Mike Mills
                      Jun 12       Autocross                                      GG Chpt     Oct 23       Autocross                                     GG Chpt
                                   Marina Airport, Marina, CA             Jonathan Bensen                  Marina Airport, Marina, CA           Jonathan Bensen
                      h�p://                h�p://       
                      Jun 18       June Board Meeting                             GG Chpt
                                   BMW of Fremont                               Mike Mills    Oct 29-30     BMW CCA Club Racing                             SCCA
                      h�p://                              Laguna Seca, Monterey, CA                 Steve Walsh
                                   JULY                                                       h�p://    
                      Jul 9        Bay Area 02 Gathering                       Bay Area 02                  NOVEMBER
                                   East Bay, TBD                                 JP Collins   Nov 5-6       Infineon Driving School                       GG Chpt
                      h�p://                                     Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, CA               Peter Vinsel
                      Jul 9        July Board Meeting                             GG Chpt     h�p://     
                                   Stevens Creek BMW, Santa Clara               Mike Mills    Nov 19        November Board Meeting                       GG Chpt
                      h�p://                Stevens Creek BMW, Santa Clara                           Mike Mills
                      Jul 10       Pacific Raceways Driving School Puget Sound Chpt            h�p://         
                                   acific Raceways, Kent, WA                    Tom Olsson     Nov 19        Bremerton Driving School            Puget Sound Chpt
                      h�p://                               Bremerton Motorsports Park, Bremerton, WA Tom Olsson
                      Jul 16       Autocross                                      GG Chpt     h�p://            
                                   Marina Airport, Marina, CA             Jonathan Bensen                   DECEMBER
                      h�p://                Dec 17        December Board Meeting                       GG Chpt
                      Jul 29-31    San Jose Grand Prix               San Jose Grand Prix                    BMW of Fremont                             Mike Mills
                                   HP Pavilion / San Jose                    Mark Dadgar      h�p://         
                                              Dec 17-18    Phoenix Driving School             Roadrunner Chpt
                                                                                                           Phoenix Int’l Raceway, Phoenix, AZ      Rick Touton
                                                                                              Bolded events are Regional or National CCA events

                                                          To add an event to the calendar, email your information to:
 4              May 2005                               
02 Swap & Show                                                  Tour of the Lost Coast

   Bay Area 02 will be holding its 5th annual Swap &                Join the 5th annual Tour of the Lost Coast on June
Show on Saturday May 14 in Palo Alto, at El Camino              11—a three hour jaunt exploring the beauty of Humbolt
Park across from the Stanford Shopping Center. The              County. Drive the fabulous roads through the majestic
show runs from 10 a.m.– 2 p.m. and is free to the public.       redwoods, over the coastal mountains, and down into the
     The Swap & Show is the largest BMW gathering of            Mathole River Valley. Once the tour reaches the Lost Coast
its type in California. More than 100 BMW 2002s are             at Point Mendocino, we return over the hills ending the
displayed annually, along with select examples of other         tour in the Victorian hamlet of Ferndale, California.
rare and collectible BMW models from the same era. It’s              We meet at the edge of Humbolt Redwoods State
a fun and informal event. Owners buy, sell, and swap            Park at the Weo� Post Office. Be there by 10:45 a.m.
treasured vintage parts or whole cars. Vendors hawk             because we will depart at 11:00 a.m. There will be a short
accessories, services, and performance products. Gear-          stop in Honeydew at the General Store then on to Petro-
heads flock to tech sessions throughout the day.                 lia for lunch at the Hideaway (a cash-only establishment,
    There is a registration fee for vendors and for own-        so please plan accordingly).
ers displaying their cars. There is no competitive judg-            To reach the starting point in Weo�, take highway
ing or awards. Discounted pre-registration is available         101 north to the one Weo� exit, and travel west approxi-
through April 22.                                               mately one quarter of a mile. The group will be gathered
    This event is open to the BMW 2002 and all variations       on the hill to the right.
in the 02 series. Owners of BMW models built between                There is no charge for the tour, and it is open to all
1965 and 1976 including Neue Klasse E9 (CS), and E3             things BMW: cars, bikes, and Minis. If you wish to inves-
(Bavaria, 3.0S, etc.) are also invited to participate.          tigate accommodations in the area, contact the Fortuna
   When: May 14, 10 a.m.– 2 p.m.                                Chamber of Commerce at 707-725-3959.
   Where: Palo Alto, at El Camino Park                              Please contact event organizer David Simmons with
   Contact: JP Collins, ,                      a headcount, include year and model of your car.
                                        When: June 11, 10:45 a.m.
                                                                   Where: Lost Coast
Pacific Sharkfest IV                                                Lodging: Fortuna Chamber of Commerce, 707-725-3959
   This is the 4th annual gathering of owners and                  Contact: David Simmons,
aficionados of the E24 6 Series coupe. The event is being          , 707-268-8074
held Thursday May 19 through Sunday May 22, in San
Luis Obispo. Host hotel is the Embassy Suites, San Luis         Electronic Diagnostics Tech Session
Obispo. A special room rate is being offered to a�endees.             On June 25, Allen Hardy of H&B, Inc. in Berkeley
    Some of the planned activities include: show and            will host a technical session focused on electronic di-
shine car show with People’s Choice awards, tech                agnosis of our beloved BMWs. Allen will explain the pro-
sessions, dyno testing, wine tours and tasting, coast           cess and the tools, then we will have an opportunity to
drives, local tours and a�ractions, alternate activities        have our own cars diagnosed. Since the actual diagnosis
for non-drivers.                                                will consume some time, reservations will be required.
   When: May 19-May 22                                          Details will be provided on the GGC web site and in the
                                                                June Bombe.
   Where: San Lius Obispo
                                                                   When: June 25, 2005
   Contact Paul DiMauro,
                                                                   Where: H&B, Inc., 2300 Fourth St., Berkeley, CA
                                                                   Contact: Brant Miller,
Dorkfest ’05: Revenge of the Dorks
   In 2004, Dorkfest v2 set the bar for the largest Z3
Coupe and M Coupe gathering with 41 coupes in at-
tendance. Our third Dorkfest—Revenge of the Dorks—is
shaping up to be even larger this year!
    This event is free, and will be held once again at the
Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville. Participants and
Dork fans are invited for the festivities on June 5 from 9:30
a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. A museum tour begins at 2:30 p.m. Online

                                                                            Pacific SharkFest 2005
registration is available at or by contact-
ing event organizer Sco� Barneson at
    When: June 5, 2005 – 9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
    Where: Blackhawk Auto Museum, Danville
                                                                     BMW 6-Series Coupes   •                 •
                                                                                             May 20-22, 2005 San Luis Obispo, California
    Register: or
    Contact: Sco� Barneson,

6   May 2005
Golden Gate Chapter - BMW CCA Board Meeting Minutes

By Donna Seeley
                                                                               • Student corner workers. This is an important learning
Secretary, GGC BMW CCA                                                              experience for the A and B students; how do we get 100%
March 19, 2005 - BMW of Concord                                                • Beyond the A Group. The discussion continues about
The Board meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m.                                  increasing the challenge for advanced drivers with passing
                                                                                    in corners or time trials. Dadgar will develop curricula
Board in A�endance: Mike Mills, President; Peter Guagenti,                          with the driving school coordinators.
Vice President; Tammi Hull, Treasurer; Donna Seeley, Secretary;           • Car Control Clinics. The next two clinics will be at Marina.
Ed Lizardo, Membership Chair; Mark Dadgar, Driving Events                       CCC price will go up from $70 to $80. Kelly Collins will
Coordinator; Sco� Smith, Technology Manager.                                    update the website information.
Board Not in A�endance: None.                                             • Street Survival School – May 7 at Candlestick Point.
                                                                               • Marketing – Bob Goebel has talked to Channel 20 (Warner
Meeting Notes:                                                                    Brothers) to sponsor dealership T.V. video spots. We will
I. Treasurer                                                                      target the enthusiasts' kids for the first school. The Contra
•      Financials                                                                 Costa Times is involved for April 15 issue and their Sunday
    • We have $39,000 on hand. Monthly income expected:                           commuter section.
          membership dues $5,500 from National and autocross                • Goebel is recruiting a driver for the water truck.
          registrations. Accounts payable are $7,000, including some      • Club Racing
          school expenses to Laguna Seca.                                      • February Thunderhill race update: $54 loss.
    • 80% of membership dues payments are to be allocated to our               • April 9-10 Arizona race was cancelled.
          newsle�er and 20% to our general fund.                               • Guagenti is talking to the L.A. chapter about sponsoring
    • The truck and trailer expenses are charged to the Driving                     races.
          Events program, not to the chapter general fund or to           • Rally coordinator search - GGC is asking for a volunteer rally
          individual events. Dadgar will price a new compressor                 coordinator. Dadgar will talk to candidates.
          and generator for the truck. Smith believes we should track     • Misc: Dadgar and Collins will work on a presentation to
          autocross program costs. Hull and Dadgar will have an                 dealers’ sales reps and staff to introduce the Club and its
          allocation for the next meeting.                                      benefits. We will involve dealerships with regional social
•      Social Events                                                            events.
    • Marque Madness, Apr 28 – May 1, 2005                               V. Membership Chair
       • E90 (new 3 Series) introduction display will be on the           • Membership
            vendor island April 30-May 1. No rides or drives in these          • 4,409 members in GGC as of February 21. Lizardo has
            cars. GGC will have a tent in the normal Turn 5 location.               contacted all thirteen local dealers to make sure they all
       • Yokohama tires is a sponsor and will be giving away tires.                 have BMW CCA membership applications and has wri�en
    • San Jose Grand Prix, Friday, July 29, 2005                                    a preliminary member survey.
       • Dadgar, Mills, and 30-35 other car club principals met                • Mills has had a preliminary GGC brochure made up.
            with the promoter. We can get a special corral area if 100              Lizardo is to write the text.
            club members buy tickets online. Original site is inside           • Lizardo to ask Wynne Smith about anniversary pins and
            track (no in-and-out during the race). They will set up a               pulling out anniversaries for Bombe.
            separate off-track area if we bring enough cars. A normal      • Communications (Ongoing) Ways of improving the website
            race ticket is $150. The club that produces the most                were discussed.
            signups gets parade laps. USTCC has been added as a          VI. Technology
            support race.                                                 • Website content.
    • Festorics, August 19-21, 2005                                            • The website group is to set up a “Board files” area on the
       • Kelly Kirkland is training a team to run the Festorics, and                website.
            she will consult as needed.                                        • Meeting minutes will be posted in PDF format.
II. Secretary                                                             • National database interface. Smith contacted Calvin Hill at
  •     Tech Sessions: No report.                                               National about querying national database directly. National
  •     2005 Paperwork status: On schedule submi�ing forms.                     will produce reports; there will be no direct queries for ad
III. Vice President                                                             hoc reports.
  • Newsle�er: Advertising - Guagenti will write a new process;           • Misc: Mills got a le�er that BMW NA’s site had a security hole
        the 2005 ad rates and policies did not get communicated well            involving membership data, and he duplicated the problem.
        to advertisers. There are discounts for prepayment. Rates are           Mills to contact Wynne Smith.
        by the number of issues, not by the calendar year.               VII. President
  • Newsle�er Editor and Webmaster Conference: We plan to                 • Ops Manual updates. (Ongoing) All board members are to
        send representatives.                                                   update their areas.
IV. Driving Events Report                                                 • Club Racing – what are National’s minimum insurance
  • Autocross                                                                   requirements? We may need additional insurance.
       • March 12 autocross update: 65 cars a�ended; it was               • Document truck/trailer insurance and management procedure.
            reported to be extremely well-run. Due to a trailer tire      • Brian Ghidinelli, Smith, Guagenti to update website “update”
            failure, we will replace all tires and buy wheel covers.            section, including expected response time for update
            Autocrosses are scheduled for every month until                     requests.
            November. Dadgar will talk to PCA about sharing               • Hull to update bank account section.
            Alameda. Guagenti and Dadgar will talk to their contacts      • Seeley to update Under Eighteen Parental Release Consent
            about prizes.                                                       forms section, including the task to forward the forms to
  • Driving Schools                                                             National for seven years archiving.
       • February Laguna Seca school update: We made about                • Senior Leadership Conference: Mike has received results of
            $1,000.                                                             the conference. The leaders resolved to respond to members
       • March Infineon school update: We should make about                      in a timely fashion.
            $2,900. 92 students a�ended, and it was an exceptionally     The meeting was adjourned at 5:06pm
            clean event. We will talk to Infineon Raceway about our
            disappointment with the food service vendor.                 The Board thanks BMW of Concord for a comfortable meeting room.

                                                          Our thanks to
                                                        BMW of Concord
                                                 for hosting this board meeting!                                                                    7
               Tales of the Pacific                                          senior leaders meeting that took place a short time ago. I

CCA Updates
                                                                            will forward the results as they become available.
               FROM: Eddy Funahashi, Pacific Regional V.P.
                                                                               Our next board meeting will be in the Puget Sound
               TO: BMW CCA Pacific Region
                                                                            Chapters region of Portland, Oregon on the weekend of
               DATE: April 2005                                             June 4-5. Members are invited to sit in on the proceedings.
                    Pacific Region Chapters membership 3-22-05
                     Chapter                   Current        Last year     News From National
                     Golden Gate Chapter         4,325            4,584        FROM: Wynne Smith, Executive Director
                     Road Runner Chapter           748              744
                     Sacramento Valley Chapter     618              663        DATE: March 22, 2005
                     San Diego Chapter           1,301            1,253         BMW CCA Annual Board Meeting: The Board re-
                     Inland Empire Chapter         332              351     viewed the following proposal and agreed that it should
                     Sonora Chapter                322              307     be shared with the chapters:
                     Central California            347              348
                     Hawaii Chapter                328              324          Drivers school registration program available to
                     Wasatch Chapter               234              263     chapters: Brian Ghidinelli of the Golden Gate chapter
                     Sin City Chapter              319              304     has been working with the Golden Gate and Delaware
                     Los Angeles Chapter         3,429            3,370     Valley Chapters over the past two years to build a
                     Puget Sound Chapter         2,896            2,949     comprehensive online registration and payment system
                                                                            for driving events (HPDE, AutoX, Rally, and so on) at
                     Totals                         15,260       15,199
                                                                            h�p:// The system has been
                   Board meeting Greenville, SC : I’ve just returned        so successful that Brian wants to make it available to the
               from our board meeting in Greenville, SC. Minutes of the     other chapters. He’d like to become
               meeting will be posted to our website, pending approval.     the online registration system of choice for BMW CCA
               New board members were added including Leonard               chapters and their driving events. Chapters would not be
               Mueller, North Central RVP and Bruce Hazzard, Secre-         required to use it, but those that do would save money
               tary. Also, please offer your congratulations to our newly    and effort, mitigate technology risks and have more fun
               elected Pacific DEC, Robyn McNu�.                             running their events using Brian’s proven system. Use of
                  Our next board meeting will take place in Portland, is completely free: free for promot-
               Oregon on June 4-5.                                          ing events, free for online registration, free for generating
                   O’fest ‘05: Registration will begin with the April       reports. The only fee is a 4.5% service charge for online
               issue of Roundel. Seems that the most common question        payments. About 3% of that goes to Visa/Mastercard
               that I’ve been asked is, “How many days of a drive is it?”   and the other 1.5% is their margin which covers technol-
               and, “Are all venues in the same location?” Well, from       ogy infrastructure, customer service and other costs. If
               our West coast, you can count on about 2700 miles each       a chapter runs an event and not a single person pays
               way and 42 hours of driving. All events, aside from the      online, MotorsportReg collects $0—that’s perfectly OK
               driving events, are at one property.                         with them. Brian built the system to make events easier
                                                                            to manage. There is a very simple set of terms and condi-
                  We’ll have to wait awhile for O’fest to return to         tions each chapter must agree to—it mostly specifies that
               West of the Mississippi. Grand Rapids, MI. is being          your data is always your data and will never be sold, and
               considered for ‘06.                                          if they collect any monies on the chapter’s behalf, Motor-
                     Pacific Corrals, Concours, etc.(that I know of)         sportReg will send a check every two weeks. There is no
                     •Concours at Cedar River Park, Sea�le, WA. July 24.    lock-in; the terms do not require using MotorsportReg.
                      Puget Sound Chapter                                   com for any period of time and it is easy to both import
                                                                            and export your data. Please take a few minutes to pre-
                     •“Ultimate BMW Clean Car Contest” at Concorso
                                                                            view the site: h�p://
                      Italiano, August 19. Central -California Chapter.
                                                                                Techfest St Louis: The Hoosier Chapter has gra-
                     •BMW Festorics at the Monterey Historic Races,
                                                                            ciously stepped back from hosting the 25th TechFest in
                      August 19-21, Golden Gate Chapter.
                                                                            2006, since the St. Louis Chapter would like to host the
                   In addition to the concours offerings, we have many       event for the silver anniversary of the first Gateway Tech.
               Pacific Region High Performance Driving schools. Please       We will keep you posted as to the dates and activities
               go to the individual chapters’ website calendars to see      planned.
               their latest offerings.
                                                                                Autobahn Tours Autobahn Tours, which caters to the
                   BMW CCA Foundation Street Survival School:               BMW CCA community and is a strong supporter of the
               The Foundation has succeeded in creating a valuable          Club. They create BMW-themed tours in Germany that
               program to our young drivers as well as adding peace         include a visit to Mobile Tradition (BMW’s private mu-
               of mind for those parents of school’s students. Several of   seum), a factory tour, self-guided day trips on Bavarian
               our Pacific Regions chapters have inquired, discussed, or     roads, and all hotel nights. Some packages also include
               have preliminarily scheduled schools for ‘05. A reduced      BMW M driving programs, either a half day in a 330i
               rate for the students has been added as in incentive.        or the actual M3 Driving School. Autobahn Tours will
               If you are interested, please contact Leo Newland,           be the exclusive web portal for special discount rates on
                                                  travel for BMW CCA members when the International
                   And…. A document that describes our clubs strategic      BMW Club Office finalizes its web-based services. For
               direction/plan is currently in the works. This plan is be-   more information or to request flyers to provide to your
               ing composed from the information compiled from our          Chapter, contact Dan.Tacke�

8        May 2005
BMW CCA Seeking Ombudsman

                                                                                                                                                        News For You
                                                                         Vice-President or the National office a proposal identify-
     Club Ombudsman, David E. Dick, has announced                        ing what donation they are requesting, the date/location
his resignation from his position effective immediately.                  of the event, and a description of the event. The propos-
On behalf of the many, many members he has so ably as-                   al will be reviewed by the Executive Commi�ee of the
sisted over the past years, I offer our sincere thanks. We                BMW CCA Board of Directors (President, Executive VP,
must now conduct a search for someone to replace him.                    Secretary and Treasurer) and a response will be provided
The ideal candidate will have a background in Nego-                      within one week. All proposals must be submi�ed at
tiations or Law and the ability to understand a certain                  least 45 days prior to the event date.
amount of technical jargon. The position is strictly on a
                                                                             (For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Koch,
volunteer basis. If, for some unexplainable reason, this
                                                                         he has been a long time supporter of CCA activities through
sounds good to you, please contact me at 864-250-0022 or
                                                                         his various roles at NA. In our own chapter, we know him
                                                                         well from his ten-year relationship with our BMW Festorics
                                                                         event. Year a�er year, Larry has worked diligently to help
                                                                         us evolve Festorics into the stellar event it is today. Besides
Larry Koch New M Brands Manager                                          the monetary and display support from BMW, he’s brought
    BMW of North America announced on April 13, 2005                     in notable BMW figures as guest speakers to our dinner,
that Larry Koch has been promoted to M Brands Man-                       including Tom Purves (Chairman and CEO of BMW (U.S.)
ager and is now the official BMW NA liaison to the BMW                     Holding Corp.), Chris Bangle (Director of BMW Group
Car Club of America. Larry replaces Hernando Carvajal.                   Design), Henrik Fisker (Z8 designer and previous President
                                                                         of DesignWorks USA), Adrian van Hooydonk (General
    A member of this club since 1982, Larry has just
                                                                         Manager BMW Design), Chris Chapman (X coupé designer
celebrated 20 years of employment with BMW of North
                                                                         and Director, Automotive Design DesignWorks USA), Satch
America. In his many roles at BMW NA, Larry has al-
                                                                         Carlson (Roundel editor), as well as renowned race drivers
ways been an outstanding advocate for the club, whether
                                                                         David Hobbs, Brian Redman, Bill Auberlen, and Boris Said.
working with BMW NA or with BMW AG.
                                                                         GGC sends a hearty “congratulations” to Larry. kk)
   Prior to contacting Larry Koch or BMW of North
America, all chapters requesting any goods, services, or
cash sponsorship are required to submit to their regional

                               Repair Costs Seem Too High? Feeling Ripped Off? Not Sure Your Last Repair Was Really Necessary?
                                               With Today's Repair Costs Skyrocketing, WHO CAN YOU TRUST?
                              Today's cars are more difficult to work on and understand. It's more important than ever to choose
                              the right repair shop. How do you choose the right repair shop? Can you trust them? If you choose
                              a shop and they recommend repairs, how can you protect yourself from being ripped off?

                                 7 Ways to Find a Great BMW Repair Facility
        1. Shop around. Visit several shops, ask questions, get a               5. Don't Shop Price Alone. It's important to remember that you are
           "feel" for the people to whom you will entrust your BMW.                not just paying for the price of the part and the time to install it,
        2. Ask family, friends, co-workers to recommend a reputable                but for the professionalism and expertise of the technicians.
           BMW shop they have used.                                             6. Look for signs the shop has the equipment to properly diagnose
        3. Insist on at least a 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty.                    your BMW's problems.
        4. See that the shop employs ASE Certified Technicians.                 7. Choose a BMW facility that will Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

       Let us help you solve the "repair shop hopping" habit. Most automotive experts agree, your best value to protect the large investment
       in your BMW is to find an honest, reputable shop to take care of your service needs. Just like your doctor or your dentist, we'll get to
       know your BMW and keep you informed of the little problems before they become expensive repairs.

                     You have always had a choice of where to get your                  ������������������������������������������������������������������������
                       BMW serviced, now get your money's worth.                        ������������������������������������������
                                  Service Center                                                              �������������������������
               ����������������������������������������                                              ����������������������������������������������
               ������������      ��������������������
               �������������������������������                                                 *$100 Service Certificate offer expires March 31, 2005
                                                                                               Only 5 Service Discount Certificates available each month.

10   May 2005
Bimmerphile Editor: Ed Lizardo

   BMW World Record Challenge…Simon and Monika New-                                 want to be part of our adventure.” The Newbounds have no
bound are participating in one of the most demanding and ex-                        doubts about completing the trip, but are honest about what
                                             citing adventures                      they have undertaken as a serious test of their ability, endur-
                                             in the history of                      ance, and diplomacy.
                                             motorcycling. Af-                           This is not some selfish wish fulfillment trip, but is a quest to
                                             ter two years, nine                    raise money for Ward 15 of the Royal Manchester Children’s Hos-
                                             months, 132,000                        pital for children have been victims of abuse. One hundred percent
                                             kilometers, and 51                     of all donated monies raised will be given to the charity. PRWEB
                                             countries of chal-
                                                                                        BMW sales lead all European car makers in U.S.…Through
                                             lenging both the
                                                                                    the first three months of 2005, BMW sold 55,352 vehicles, up 4.5
                                             endurance world
                                                                                    percent over the same period last year and leading all European
                                             record of 161,000
                                                                                    manufacturers in the U.S. market. Arch rival Mercedes-Benz in
                                             kilometers and the
                                                                                    the same time frame sold 43,776, down eleven percent followed
                                          Monika Newbound
                                                                                    closely by former sales leader Volkswagen with 42,878. The rest:
                                                                                    32,152 Volvo; 16,835 Audi; 10,184 Mini; 8,707 Jaguar; 8,444 Land
                                                                                    Rover; 7,344 Saab; 7,219 Porsche; 804 Bentley; 309 Maserati; 305
                                                                                    Ferrari; 168 Lamborghini; 105 Rolls Royce; 95 Aston Martin; 48
                                                                                    Maybach; 18 Lotus. Data: Automotive News
countries world record of                                                                Which auto manufacturers make the best engines in the
102 countries, the BMW                                                              world?...The International Engine of the Year Awards provides
riders finally have the                                                              the answers. The International Engine of the Year Awards have
endurance world record                                                              become one of the most sought-a�er automotive accolades and
                                                                                    an effective marketing tool for triumphant marques. BMW en-

                                                                                                                                                                        BMW News Bytes
firmly in their sights.
They are just weeks from                                                            gines that have been honored winners in several categories from
breaking their first world                                                           1999 through 2003, including International Engine of the Year
record of “The greatest                                                             for 2001 (3.2 liter) and 2002 (4.4 liter Valvetronic).
distance on two bikes in                                                                The 2005 awards, organized by UKiP Media & Events, will
one journey.” (They have                                                            be presented in May. Judged by a panel of renowned motoring
                                                                   Simon Newbound

16,724 kilometers to go at                                                          journalists from 26 countries as disparate as the USA, Japan,
April 11, 2005.)                                                                    China, Russia, New Zealand, India, Korea, Germany, France,
     Incredibly, Simon                                                              South Africa, and the UK, the Awards highlight and acknowl-
and Monika com-                                                                     edge under hood engineering excellence.
menced this double record challenge without any knowledge of                             Judges apply their impressions from driving today’s latest
motorcycle maintenance. Plus, Monika, who rides a sponsored                         cars to help them find the powerplants that offer the best driv-
BMW F650GS, only passed her motorcycle test and obtained a                          ability, perfor-
license four weeks before their journey started. Amazingly, this                    mance, economy,

                                                                                                                                                                     BMW Press
is Monika’s first ride on a motorcycle.                                              and refinement,
     They will complete their second circumnavigation of the                        and reward manu-
earth when they arrive in Sydney, Australia in August 2005.                         facturers for the
Their first circumnavigation was from east to west and started                       successful applica-
in Dublin, Ireland and ended in St. Johns, Newfoundland                             tion of advanced
Canada took eighteen months. It took them across Scandina-                          engine technology.
via, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia, and Japan. They                             Scoring: in
rode north of the Arctic Circle three times on three continents.                    every category, the
During their time in North America, they crossed coast to coast                     panelists judge
not once, but four times and visited every state of the USA and                     each short listed
every province of Canada.                                                           engine using their
     Wherever they’ve been, they’ve been well-received by kind                      subjective driv-
and generous people. In Kazakhstan, a new state of Russia,                          ing impressions
they were unexpectedly given an apartment stocked with food,                        and technical
a tour of the city by the Department of Tourism, and taken to                       knowledge, and
a traditional dinner banquet where they were served horse                           take into account
testicles and sheep’s eyes. The mayor of the city presented                         characteristics such One of BMW’s many award winning engines is this 3.2 liter
them with a beautiful handmade rug. In his speech he said to                        as fuel economy,         6-cylinder engine of the 2000 BMW M3.
the Newbounds, “Your adventure and courage are what we in                           noise, smoothness,
Kazakhstan aspire to.”                                                              performance, and drivability. The jurors each have 25 points to
                                                                                    spend on their five favorite engines in each class. The maximum
    In Mongolia, they rode 1,600 off-road miles and lived
                                                                                    points that can be allocated to one engine is restricted to fi�een,
amongst the nomads. In North America, they experienced
                                                                                    while the minimum reward is one mark. An engine cannot be
unparalleled generosity which meant being adopted in almost
                                                                                    tied for the top slot. UKiP
every town, state, and province they visited. In Rome, Italy, they
had an audience with the Pope. In China, they camped on the                             Why engineers do the cost cu�ing at BMW…You know
Great Wall of China.                                                                things are tough for automakers and suppliers when BMW
                                                                                    execs sharpen their cost-cu�ing knives. Times are good for
    Simon and Monika are quick to tell you that their adventure
                                                                                    the Munich-based automaker. Market share is up and the new
and experiences of riding two BMW motorbikes around the
                                                                                    BMW 3 Series goes on sale this spring. It’s the company’s bread-
world is an incredible life changing experience. The couple says,
                                                                                    and-bu�er model and ought to boost sales again. Even so, the
“When people see our dusty and heavily laden BMW motor-
                                                                                    company has beefed up its purchasing department by hiring 70
bikes bikes, it brings out the best in them. It makes them smile,
                                                                                    engineers who will look for more ways to cut costs.
it makes them dream, it makes them in what ever way possible

               BMW execs o�en boast about the number of engineers in               No training wheels needed:
           top positions at the company, where engineering is clearly the     new BMW kids’ bike grows with
           most important discipline. That’s only fi�ing at a company          young riders…The new BMW
           where the CEO (Helmut Panke) is a nuclear physicist and past       Kids’ Bike lets riders avoid a wob-
           CEOs also have been engineers.                                     bly beginning by starting out as a
               Engineers in the purchasing department will be able to as-     ride-on bike without pedals, allow-
           sess where cuts can be made without damaging future product        ing children to develop balancing
           programs. Much of the BMW’s problem stems from its success.        skills until they are ready for the
           U.S. sales are so good that the unfavorable dollar/euro exchange   power of pedaling. Children can
           rate is likely to eat into profits this year. Cu�ing costs now      use the sleek two-wheeler BMW as
           means that when the dollar rebounds against the euro, BMW          a running bike, practicing steering
           will be even stronger. Automotive News                             and hand-braking skills, and de-
                                                                              veloping a natural sense of balance
                 “We assume responsibility.”…This is the philosophy           at their own pace. When young
           behind the BMW Group’s involvement in society and social           riders are ready, the sturdy plastic
           programs, which have such goals as: increased road safety, pro-    pedals and steel chain can be fi�ed
           moting understanding among peoples and opposing violence,          to the BMW Kids’ Bike. The pedals
           achieving increased recognition of highly gi�ed children and       have safety reflectors, and the pedal
           young people, educational projects in kindergarten and schools,    brake system features a hand-oper-

                                                                                                                     BMW Press
           creating understanding and mutual trust in communities where       ated brake on the right handle bar
           it is located, fighting HIV/AIDS.                                   and a back-pedal brake.                            BMW pedals a new bike for kids.
                The BMW Group has chosen these areas for its sociopo-              The Kids’ Bike features a
           litical commitment because they reflect its corporate culture       resilient bike frame made of high-quality brushed aluminum.
           and goals. The BMW Group’s view is that children and young         Black padding protects the top of the frame and the center of the
           adults are particularly important because they will shape the      handlebar. Other safety features include an adjustable cantilever
           society of the future.                                             front-wheel brake, a child-friendly steering design and a con-
                The company does not consider itself a sponsor in this        trolled steering lock. There are reflector lights and a hand-oper-
           regard, but rather as a commissioning body and initiator of        ated bell on the le� handle.
           its own projects. Many of these projects have been in force for        The BMW Kids’ Bike retails for $300 and is intended for
           years, and are pilot projects implemented at different BMW          children ages three to six. It weighs approximately sixteen
           Group plants. All projects have been designed to be transfer-      pounds with the pedals and the maximum weight load for the
           able to societies throughout the world, and have been created      Bike is 111 pounds. The frame ranges from 15 to 18.1 inches.
           in cooperation with competent partners from education and          Available at BMW dealerships. BMW Press
           youth work. BMW Press

12   May 2005
                                  Most successful sales month                Shuffling the deck…BMW of North America has reshuffled
                             ever…BMW posted a 7.9 percent rise         its top management and is pu�ing a Rolls-Royce executive into
                             in March group car sales to a record       the number two job. Howard Mosher, 58, global head of sales
                             127,093 vehicles due largely to strong     and marketing for Rolls-Royce, will become BMW’s executive
                             sales of its new one Series compact.       vice president of operations on May 1. Mosher, an American,
                             Deliveries of its core BMW brand           has held various posts in the auto
                             gained seven percent last month to         industry during the past 30 years
                             104,909 units, while those of its Mini     and worked for American Motors
                             brand grew an even stronger 12.1 per-      and Land Rover North America.
                             cent to 22,130 cars. The Munich-based      Mosher moves into the post cur-
                             company also said that 54 Rolls-Royce      rently held by Edward Robinson,
                             Phantoms were sold to customers in         50, who will become CEO of BMW
                             March, a rise of ten percent. “Never       Financial Services on April 1. Rob-
                             in a single month has the company          inson has been with BMW since
                             been so successful in terms of sales as    1979 and executive vice president
                             it was in March 2005,” BMW said in a       since 2002.
                             statement.                                     James McDowell, 52, cur-
                                 BMW Chief Executive Helmut             rently vice president of BMW
                             Panke had said in mid-March that he        marketing, takes over Mini.
                             expected record car sales in the initial   McDowell joined BMW in 1993.
                             three months of 2005. He reaffirmed          Jack Pitney, 42, vice president and
the company would post sales increases for all three brands to          head of Mini, takes over the top
all-time highs this year. With 36,042 units sold in the first quarter    marketing job at BMW of North
—16,362 of which in March alone—the 1 Series hatchback single-          America. Pitney began his career
handedly overcompensated for falling sales among other BMW              at BMW in 1995 as corporate com-
brand models and weaker demand for the Rolls-Royce.                     munications manager and became

                                                                                                              BMW Press
                                                                        general manager of Mini in 2001.
     Rivals Mercedes Car Group and Audi, Volkswagen’s
premium unit, posted first-quarter sales that showed mixed                   Tom Purves, who remains as
results. Mercedes group sales, including its Smart and Maybach          CEO of BMW of North America,
                                                                        says the changes were made to          I’ll trade you one Mini for one BMW. . . Jack Pitney
nameplates, sank 4.5 percent in the first three months to 261,700
                                                                        give executives more experience        swaps VP marketing postions with Jim McDowell.
vehicles, due almost entirely to a 9.2 percent drop in deliveries of
its flagship Mercedes-Benz marque. By comparison, Audi grew              in other areas. Diana T. Kurylko,
car sales by 1.8 percent to 195,044 units in the first quarter and it    Automotive News Europe
reaffirmed on Wednesday it expects another year of record sales
in 2005. Reuters

 Text by Mark Dadgar
 Photos by Chaz Yoon

                                                                                                                             GGC’s March Infineon driving school
                                                                                                                             blossoms into a spectacular weekend.

              nfineon Raceway has a well-deserved reputa-        the lesson so well that they’re ge�ing around the track              schools or a tested veteran of the A Group, the
              tion for treachery in wet circumstances, which    faster than they ever thought they could, and you have               morning driver’s meeting provides essential
              is why I spend the week before GGC’s March        the makings of a perfect weekend.                                    information about the day’s procedures and track
              Driving School frantically reloading the Weath-       By 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, the 90-plus drivers regis-             conditions. As usual, the meeting proves to be both long-term forecast page for Sonoma, California.     tered for the school have filled the paddock with a beau-             educational and entertaining due to the fact that
     Well, my desperate, Elaine Benis-inspired Sun Dance        tiful selection of Munich’s finest… plus the occasional               chief instructors Bruce Nesbit and Billy Maher are
     seems to have worked because, despite the rainy drive      interloper from Stu�gart and places farther west like                a pair of wild and crazy guys who just happen to
     up on Friday a�ernoon, the weekend dawns bright            Tokyo and Detroit. There’s a palpable buzz in the air as I           have extensive track experience.
     and sunny with blue skies crying out for fast laps at a    head for the instructor’s meeting for the pep talk by co-               In my role as Driving Events Coordinator for the
     world-famous racing circuit.                               chief instructor Bruce Nesbit, who is rebounding nicely              Golden Gate Chapter, I give a brief talk during the
         How convenient.                                        from a recent medical issue. Nez has come to Infineon                 meeting about the autocross program and about the
         Convenient because, of all the tracks at which I       to make sure his instructors tow the usual very-fine line,            upcoming Street Survival School for teens on May
     instruct, Infineon has to be my favorite. Just thinking     “Yes, Mr. Co-Chief Instructor. No, Mr. Co-Chief Instruc-             7th—it’s one of my personal priorities to raise the
     about the extreme technicality of this world-renowned      tor.” Really, it’s just like that, I swear.                          profile of the different parts of our chapter’s pro-
     circuit in combination with the spectacular surround-          The instructor meeting is followed by the driver’s               gram. The last part of my talk directs the student to
     ing wine country, spikes my heart rate. Add in the         meeting at 8:00 a.m.—a critical part of the weekend’s                explore the BMW CCA Club Racing kiosk in the pad-
     sense of accomplishment of seeing your student absorb      activities. Whether you’re completely new to track                   dock we’ve set up with the help of some club racers.

14   May 2005                                                                                                                                                                                15
                                                                   playing the Australian
                                                                   F1 race… a race safely
                                                                   tucked away on my
                                                                   TiVo for later viewing.
                                                                   The problem is, trying
                                                                   to avoid overhearing
                                                                   information about it
                                                                   at a racetrack is like
                                                                   tiptoeing through a
                                                                       The a�ernoon ses-
                                                                   sions sail smoothly
The aim is to provide curious students with a chance to spend
                                                                   with the students
some of their free time talking to racers about the thrill of
                                                                   gradually ratcheting
wheel-to-wheel competition and what it takes to participate
                                                                   up their speed as the
in the program. (Many thanks to the racers who donated their
                                                                   day progresses. By this
time and their race cars as displays for the booth!)
                                                                   point, the students and I have our rhythm down. Now
    At 9:00 a.m. the track goes hot (cars
on track) and the first group of students
head out for laps. Fi�een minutes prior,
I’m down at the Green tent checking in
with group leader Peter Vinsel to find
out which students I’ve been assigned
for the day. My A Group student for
Saturday has a viciously fast super-
charged E36 M3. Fortunately, I know
him well and look forward to riding
in that overpowered monster of a car.
My C student is the editor of a national
BMW magazine who has somehow
browbeaten BMW NA into loaning her
an E46 M3 Competition Package car
for the school. I know then, I’m in for a
good day.
    Once we’re out on the track, the
morning sessions pass quickly. My stu-
dents show good judgment beginning
the day slowly, each ge�ing into the
rhythm of track driving by warming up
themselves and their car.
    Lunchtime comes too early, as it always seems to. A�er         it’s just a ma�er of providing some fine-tuning as I spot
braving the line at the Café, I quickly spot a table to sit at     places where they can adjust their line, or change the way
with some fellow instructors and a couple of students. This        they apply the thro�le or brakes to maximize their speed
                                                  is one of the    and cornering capability. The moment when the student’s
                                                  most enjoy-      lightbulb goes on and they say, “Ahh, I get it! Thanks!,” is
                                                  able parts for   the rewarding part of being an instructor:
                                                  me, the social        Golden light blends into evening, and thoughts natu-
                                                  aspect of our    rally turn to the social hour and dinner banquet back at
                                                  GGC events.      the hotel. While the banquet is an optional part of the
                                                  We spend         driving school, I heartily encourage my students to a�end.
                                                  time talking     It’s a great opportunity to socialize with other chapter
                                                  about various    members, including the instructors and event staff. Nor-
                                                  lines through    mally, chapter staff are just names you see in the Bombe
                                                  corners while    or in the chapter email updates, but get-togethers like the
                                                  I studiously     banquets let you learn something about the person behind
                                                  avoid the T.V.   the byline. For example, at my table we have GGC com-
                                                  overhead re-     munications manager Kelly Collins musing about her first

16      May 2005
                                ride-along with an instructor on
                                a race track: “Sure, Kelly, we can
                                go slower. But why?”
                                    Dawn breaks about three
                                hours too early on Sunday morn-
                                ing, but by 7:00 a.m. we’re at the
                                track again—bleary-eyed and oh-
                                so ready to go. Our GGC policy
                                is to have students assigned new
                                instructors for the second day
                                of a school. Once again I draw
                                a very experienced A student
                                whom I know personally. When
                                I’m satisfied that he’s safe, in con-
                                trol, hits his marks, and is aware
                                of his surroundings, I sign him
off for solo driving. This frees my day up to concentrate
working on the famous twists and turns of Infineon with
my new C student—damn, this is a fun job!
    As the instructors gather in the paddock at the end of the
day, the topic on everyone’s lips is what a truly great school             Mark Dadgar is a life-long car fanatic who subscribes to way
it has been. All in all, it’s a spectacular weekend at Infineon         too many automotive magazines each month. He is the founder of
Raceway: the weather is perfect and the students are some     currently serves on the board of the Golden
of the best I’ve ever seen. Many, many thanks go out to our            Gate Chapter as the Driving Events Coordinator. As punishment
dedicated Driving Events team for pu�ing in the hours it               for that, they make him instruct at Driving Schools. You can
takes to host a driving school. You guys are the best!                 reach Mark at:
    See you all in August at Thunderhill.


                                                                                                                       By Chris Webber

                                                                                                                       Photos by Kelly Collins

Kris Linquist

                                  he first GGC autocross for 2005 had everything from Russ
                                  Bowlus’ beautiful vintage 2002, to Eric Cheung’s dramati-
                                  cally more modern and more modified M coupe bending
                                  the cones at our April 12 event. (Serpentine, Shelly, serpen-
                     tine!) Looking at the large group of 64 drivers participating in this first
                     event of the season, we think the 2005 season will be a great one!
                         In addition to the autocross regulars, there were quite a few new
                     faces in the registration line. There were also a healthy number of track
                     junkies showing off their car control amidst the cones, making it obvi-
                     ous that Mark Dadgar, our chapter Driving Events Coordinator, had
                     been talking up autocross at the other CCA driving events. A few auto-
                     cross addicts from other clubs made their way out, too. These seasoned
                     drivers provided a nice level of competition, as well as a great display
                     of car control for the participants eager to learn the limits of BMWs and
                     what they can aim for in their own abilities.                                Our GGC trailer served as Autocross Command
                         Chris Goelkel, GGC trailer-master extraordinaire, arrived early—         Center for our club volunteers
                     despite having to change a tire on the trailer somewhere between its
                     distant home in Richmond and Marina. Unruffled by this harrowing
                     event, Goelkel arrived with a smile on his face and the gleam of com-
                     petition in his eye. What a trouper.
                         Now that the chapter trailer had arrived, the courser supplies
                                                                                                  Baby, it’s cold outside! Marina went from cold to
                     were available. With cones in hand, the course design team set out to
                     build the first “sideways” course in memory. This arrangement, which          colder as the day went on.
                     had the trailer on the longer side of the course area, made a dramatic
                     impact in visibility and allowed volunteers to get to and from the
                     trailer and course-worker stations much more quickly. Less running to
                     the stations translated to more runs in the cars—six to be exact. There
                     would have even been enough time for fun runs if it hadn’t started
                     raining later.
                         This day’s course proved that sometimes the key to fast times is a
                     strong foot on the brake pedal. The long, fast straights were reined in
                     by big sweepers. The straights tempted drivers to stay on the gas and
                     hope their tires stuck well enough to carry that inertia through the
                     corner. This thrill of speed was o�en mitigated by the disappointment
                     of understeer—with the front tires squealing their protest, “Too much
                     thro�le!” The more experienced drivers knew they had to go slow
                     in order to go fast: succumb not to the visceral satisfaction of the gas

                18   May 2005
                                                                                          Course Design for 2005
pedal, but employ the more cerebral strategy of brake hard, hit apexes, and acceler-          New this year is the position of auto-
ate out of the corners.                                                                   cross design chairman. It came about after
    Ken Garcia, master of cerebral racing and pilot of an E30 325is, knows the value      autocross coordinator Jonathan Bensen
of his brakes. He was able use them to great effect and end up with the second             finished evaluating the results from last
fastest time of the day—61.1 seconds. Eric Cheung, not a GGC autocross regular,           season and listening to the feedback from
but clearly no stranger to the racing line, was able to turn in an unbelievable time of   participants. He decided it would be best
60.7 seconds. That was enough to win Gonzo class and claim fastest time of the day.       to appoint an autocross course design
    Ma� Visser put in another incredible performance of the day. It didn’t seem pos-
                                                                                          chairman who would be responsible for
sible that his E36 328ic (convertible) could go as fast as he was making it go—ulti-      keeping the course design fun, fair, and
mately turning an impressive time of 64.8 seconds. Visser is relatively new to the        fast.
scene, but he is quickly showing that he will be a strong competitor. CCA experts             The person in this role would have the
are busy trying to understand if there is some magic going on when crowd-favorite         responsibility of designing or approving
and generally super-fast driver John Bolhuis fits the same profile—a tall pilot of a 3      every course for the season, and would
Series convertible.                                                                       also oversee course creation so that no
    In the trend of topless cars making impressive times on the course, Noah Kileen       changes were made in the translation from
kept the crowd entertained with his performance in his mom’s car—Deb Kileen’s             paper to cones. This, of course, means that
Merlot Z4 2.5. Despite being completely stock—including less-than-sticky, factory-        the poor sap who volunteered for this role
issue run-flat tires—Noah was able to finesse his way around the track for a fast lap       would be the person chased by an angry
of 67.1 seconds. Even though the car’s tendency was to slide like a pad of bu�er on       mob of gearheads if the course failed to
a hot griddle, Noah was able to demonstrate brilliant car control, and keep his runs      entertain, or was too hard to follow.
cone-free.                                                                                    Sound like a dream gig? Apparently I
   All these drivers were remarkably fast, but moreover they were all amazingly           thought so, because I signed up. No, you
smooth—their runs notable more for the lack of tire noise than for anything else.         can’t have my address for angry letters,
Clearly smoothness and control pays off in a big way at the timing lights.                 and no I don’t want to buy your swamp
    An autocross event, however, is not the only time when smoothness and control         land in Florida. Although I hear it is beauti-
pays dividends. The benefits of car control, as learned and practiced in the safe and      ful this time of year….
fun environment of an autocross, absolutely benefits every driver whether it be in             Despite the fact that my clothes are
spirited back-road blasting, or avoiding an accident in everyday commuting. It’s          now coated with enough white chalk to
for these reasons we invite every member out to autocross, newcomers are always           talc the hands of the entire U.S. women’s
welcomed. There are people willing to help you, even the most seasoned veteran is         gymnastic team (call me, we’ll talk), and I’m
willing to lend some guidance to newer drivers. This not only gives more confi-            having terrifying dreams about spinning
dence among the cones, but also teaches the car control skills that will likely make      roundels menacing me, I welcome your
you safer on the roadways.                                                                course design suggestions, feedback, and
   GGC autocross continues to be one of the easiest ways to get out and meet like-        questions. Hmm, I guess that means you
minded BMW lovers, and to explore the limits of your car in a fun and safe environ-       can have my address for your angry letters:
ment. Check the website, note the dates, and come out and drive!                
                                                                                              —Chris Webber

                      2005 Autocross Run Times By Class
                      First Event, April 12, 2005
     Gonzo                               AA - continued                  C
     First      Last            Time     First     Last          Time    First      Last         Time
     Eric       Cheung         60.754    Bob       Su�erfield    69.539   Curtis     Gould       70.849
     Ken        Garcia         61.120    Jeff       McCormick    69.781   Larry      Wolfson     72.575
     Chris      Webber         61.630    Ma�       Small        69.852   Earl       Webster     74.558
     Jonathan   Bensen         63.399    Chris     Goelkel      69.977   Nicholas   Li          75.435
     Steve      Kupper         63.759    Bruce     Graham       71.062   N
     Remy       Pieron         65.148    William Yu             71.337   First      Last         Time
     AAA                                 Jonathan Vogt          71.364   Richard    Vijeh        61.581
     First      Last            Time     Jason     Bishop       72.472   Sco�       Biggane     74.426
     Jason      Sams           64.439    Robert    Malone       72.823   X
     Praneil    Prasad         65.087    A                               First      Last         Time
     Saksiri    Tanphaichitr   65.264    First     Last          Time    Chuck      Renn        62.185
     Rodger     Ball           66.499    Mercado Joe            67.860   Ken        McCulloch   62.764
     Poh        Gwee           66.879    Tim       Dolan        68.031   Robert     Walker      65.697
     Kyle       Sanchez        68.172    Vance     Antonowicz   68.602   Mark       Mervich     66.895
     Jeff        Cowan          68.239    Randy     McFarland    69.313   Marshall   Moranda     67.644
     Kelly      Collins        69.341    Cathy     Dolan        71.567   Alex       Poloziouk   68.039
     Sergio     Lopez          69.754    Paul      DiMauro      72.265   Eric       Lam         68.668
     Jeremy     Chan           70.059    Can       Chang        72.437   Steven     Schmi�      68.935
     AA                                  Chu       Chiang       74.124   Grant      Low         69.306
     First      Last            Time     Kim       Smith        74.956   Fred       Kim         70.318
     Ma�hew     Visser         64.857    Stephen Lee            76.226   Catalin    Reu         71.733
     Ma�        Knoot          66.262    B                               Ian        McLeod      73.262
     John       Garcia         67.132    First     Last          Time    Cameron    Tam         75.989
     Noah       Killeen        67.190    Bob       Goebel       70.359
     Andrew     Clark          68.443    John      Orbon        72.751
     David      Crum           68.940    Victor    Lau          77.392

20    May 2005
22   May 2005
By Jonathan Bush
                                                                   will wander down into the spark-plug wells
    Welcome to the latest installment of The Wrench…               and can short out both the ignition coils and

                                                                                                                                 Meanwhile, Back At The Wrench...
first caller, you’re on the air.                                    engine computer (DME).
    740iL Driver’s Seat on Strike                                       By the 100,000-mile mark, most V8s get new
    I drive a 1998 740iL and the driver’s side power seat          intake manifold gaskets and a PCV back plate. You’ll
stopped working. I checked the fuses and they are fine. Is this     know if the plate has failed when the engine starts in-
common with BMW? Does the power seat (with memory) have            gesting large quantities of oil through the numbers four
a reset option? I’m hoping there isn’t a control unit that needs   and eight cylinders. This fouls the spark plugs, result-
replacing. Any help with this would be great.          Thanks,     ing in huge amounts of blue smoke belching out of the
                                                     Chris H.      tailpipe. Power drops dramatically, and it will look for
    Chris, I’ll wager your steering wheel’s motor-driven           all the world like you’ve obliterated the engine. With any
reach and height adjustments have also stopped work-               luck, you won’t destroy the catalytic converters (there are
ing. Try this quick fix before you start replacing expen-           two) and oxygen sensors (there are four) in the process.
sive black boxes:                                                      Engine compartment heat: All E39s, as with all
    At the base of the seat, there is a plastic trim piece.        modern BMWs, get the Cooling System Therapy Session
Under this, behind the switch, is a plug. Remove the               by 100,000 miles: new radiator, coolant reservoir, water
plastic trim piece (one or two Torx heads and a plastic            pump, thermostat, and front engine hoses. This is due to
clip) and check that the plug is still firmly a�ached to the        the plastic and rubber breaking down from heat cycling
back of the power seat switch.                                     inside the engine compartment. The nasty things that can
                                                                   happen include radiator hose necks break off, coolant
     We have a customer who is about six and a half feet           bo�les split open, thermostats—electronically controlled
tall. Every time he brings in his 1998 740iL, we have to do        on later cars—fail, and water pumps leak. If the session is
this fix to make the seat move so we can reach the ped-             performed earlier than 100,000 miles, you should be fine.
als to drive the car into the shop. Our hypothesis is that
the plug always pops off due to the way he has to fold                  Suspension and steering: All these components are
himself into his car.                                              relatively robust. The V8s get power steering pressure
                                                                   lines (pump to box) sooner or later—a skin-shedding job.
   That was it! You saved me a great deal of green. Thanks for
your help. I appreciate it.                       Sincerely,           All power steering systems ooze from the crappy
                                                                   crimp-clamps on the reservoir and elsewhere in the system.
                                                     Chris H.      A cure is to replace them with sturdy German hose clamps.
    The Scoop on the E39 540i Sport                                    We’ve replaced a center-track rod on an 80,000-mile
    I’m thinking of a six-speed/sport package E39 540i from        540i wagon before, but haven’t seen the problem on any
1997-99 and a�er looking at cars this weekend, I’m a bit           other similar-mileage E39s. We’ve also replaced a rear
confused on what exactly designates a “sport package.” I was       upper control arm on an M5 because the ball joint boot
told that a sport package is any 540i with a six-speed, but I’ve   was ripped. There was neither impact damage nor play
also been told that doesn’t mean it’s a sport package. If any      in the ball joint, so we assumed it was just a bad boot.
six-speed is a sport package, then why do some have the sport          Brake system: The E39 brakes are strong and fairly
seats, M Technik steering wheel, etc? Do you have any insider      large. To fill the brake fluid reservoir, you need to know
information on this model?                 Much appreciated!       that it’s buried under the tray for the driver’s side cabin
                                                      Aeon T.      air filter. Once you know where it is, it takes two minutes
    Aeon, if it’s a six-speed, it is indeed a sport package.       to access it.
There was an option on the sport package of ordering                   Transmission: We haven’t seen any problems with
Comfort seats, which were different than Sport and Flat             the six-speed transmissions or their clutches. There is an
seats. You can spot the Comfort seats by their articulated         inline dampening valve between the clutch master and
backrests. The sport steering wheel didn’t appear until            slave cylinders that, yes, dampens clutch actuation. You
1999 on the 540i sport package.                                    can remove the valve if you want firmer, quicker clutch
    You’re a rock star. Thanks for ge�ing back to me! Any-         engagement. However, the result may be that the car eats
thing else I should know?                            Aeon T.       flex discs and/or rear tires.
   Sure. Here’s a list of more random bits about the                   Factory mobile phone: When the remote micro-
1997-99 E39 540i:                                                  phone (located above your right eyebrow by the sunroof
                                                                   switch) fails, it will cause nasty feedback through the
    Interior: Look for blank pixels in the dashboard dis-
                                                                   stereo—and not just when the phone powers up.
plays. The earlier cars seem more afflicted than the later
cars. The rest of the interior holds up be�er than the E34             Gremlins: A customer stated the high beams only
5 Series. We haven’t seen Power Seat Cable Migration as            worked on flash-to-pass. It turned out the fog lights and
on earlier 5 Series... yet.                                        corresponding dashboard indicator were also out-to-
                                                                   lunch. We first checked the fuses and discovered one of
    Rear window regulators were year-specific for the
                                                                   the two lamp control module fuses was missing. Replac-
first few years of this model and are all now no longer
                                                                   ing the fuse cured both the high beam and fog light issues.
available (NLA). The fix is to update with a newest-style
                                                                   Sometimes, while chasing electrical gremlins, checking
regulator and an adapter kit.
                                                                   your power is as important as checking your grounds.
   Engine: All BMW V8s should get valve cover gaskets
                                                                      That’s all for this month, please keep sending in your
between 75,000 and 90,000 miles. If le� unchecked, the oil
                                                                   questions. We’ll see you next time.

                   Email your questions to: TheWrench@ggcbmwccaorg
                 Last          First       City            Model     Year   Last               First       City              Model    Year

New Members
                 Aguilera      Francesca   Hercules        328iC     1997   Mellema            Robert      San Luis Obispo   Z4 2.5   2004
                 Bailey        Sco�        Sco�s Valley                     Mena               Mauricio    San Jose          330Xi    2001
                 Baker         Daniel      Fairfax         328is     1996   Mengenity          Al          Campbell
                 Bandong       Hilario     San Mateo       Z4        2004   Mervich            Mark        Redwood City
                 Barbin        Richard     San Jose                         Montoya            Gil         Lafaye�e          Z8       2002
                 Benjamin      Casey       San Francisco   330i      2004   Morrison           Michael     Sunnyvale         528i     2000
                 Bradish       George      Moraga          325i      2004   Noetzel            Werner      San Mateo
                 Brown         John        Orinda          2000      1969   Pawlak             Jan         San Jose          330i     2004
                 Burne�        Greg        Santa Ana                        Quintero Sanchez Dolores       Fremont
                 Chavez        Jeffrey      San Rafael      740i      1998   Rambod             Hany        Los Gatos
                 Cox           Ryan        San Francisco   330Xi     2002   Ramsdell           Richard     Saratoga
                 Dix           Sco�        Santa Cruz      2002tii   1973   Robertson          Charles     Cupertino
                 Dolan         Tim         San Carlos      Mini      2005   Rom                Karin       Los Gatos
                 Dorrance      Todd        Mountain View   M3        1997   Ruiz               Javier      Mountain View     M5       2001
                 Fang          Edward      San Francisco   330Ci     2004   Saxena             Vikram      Mountain View     Z4       2004
                 Geusen        Mark        Santa Rosa      M5        2000   Saylor             Sco�        Monterey          325is    1989
                 Glasure       Thomas      Salinas                          Schaefer           Robert      Concord           325i     2004
                 Goff           Courtney    Santa Cruz      530i      2001   Schwartz           Randall     Salinas
                 Graham        Bruce       Pacific Grove    M5        2000   Sconiers-branch Michele        Richmond          745i     2003
                 Hembree       Leslie      Novato          Z4        2003   Seifert            Sharon      Mill Valley
                 Huong         Wa          Union City                       Sheehan            Kevin       Palo Alto

                 Hyde          Geoff        San Francisco   M3        1998   Sherman            Rolland     Martinez
                 Imani         Ken         Walnut Creek    X5        2001   Solnao             Toni        San Leandro       318ti    1996
                 Jordan        John        Santa Rosa      325i      2001     Referred by Duke Roberts
                 Kapiszewski   Piotr       Oakland         M5        2003   Stollmeyer         Mike        Santa Rosa        545i     2005
                 Law           Kenneth     Moraga          330i      2002   Thompson           Kirk        Berkeley          325is    1989
                 Lopatin       Andrew      San Jose                         Trieu              Dat         San Carlos        M3       1995
                 Lu            Avery       San Jose        540ia     2000   Valente            Miguel      Hayward           M3       2004
                 Lui           Tovah       Burlingame                       Wehman             Brandon     Marina            325i     1991
                 Martinez      Tito        Daly City       M3        2001   Wiggins-Harris     Stephanie   Pi�sburg
                 McDaniel      Dudley      Danville        Z4        2003   Yoon               Sung        San Jose          X3       2005
                                                                            Zempel             Chip        Fair Oaks

24         May 2005
                                      CARS IS CARS
Classified Ads              2001 330Ci WBABN53401JU21280 - Jet Black/Black/
                       Aluminum trim. Must sell Black Beauty as I have an ‘05
                       on order. 33,500 careful miles, one finicky owner, always
                                                                                        1974 2002 - Modified engine, Schrick cam, headers,
                                                                                    two Solex sidedra�s, custom air box, MSD, Mecca oil
                                                                                    filter, oil cooler, factory close-ratio five-speed, suspension
                       garaged. Five-speed, 225/45 x 17 Pilot Sports, partial       upgrades, good interior. Car has been si�ing for several
                       Sport Package—Dealer installed steering. Interior has        years. $1,000. Call 831-649-4840.
                       never seen food, drink, or smoke. No dings! Dealer ser-
                       viced, all documentation. $26,000. Tom, 415-388-3752.
                                                                                                  PARTS IS PARTS
                                                                                        2001 E46 sedan parts - The following parts are OEM
                           1998 M3 Sedan WBSCD9321WEE07805 - Techno
                                                                                    and like new condition: walnut interior trim, ten pieces
                       Violet/Grey, five-speed manual. I’ve owned this car since
                                                                                    (except console), $175; steering wheel, $125; passenger
                       ’99, it’s immaculate. Excellent inside and out, requires
                                                                                    and middle interior vents, $50; gauge face cover, $25;
                       absolutely no work—looks, rides, and sounds great.
                                                                                    bumper cover with AC Schnitzer lip spoiler—fog lights
                       Garaged at night and never smoked in. Car has M rear
                                                                                    included, $150; new AC Schnitzer aluminum dead pedal,
                       wing, power sunroof, power front seats, cruise control,
                                                                                    $50; new AC Schnitzer grill emblems, $25; Dinan Stage
                       onboard computer, HK sound, CD changer, factory
                                                                                    Two springs, $100. Al 510-243-6614.
                       alarm, OEM rear sunshade, Alpina So�lines. Eurospec M
                       Floating hat front rotors, and new Potenza S03 tires. Re-        Four black steel wheels - Size 6 1/2J X15, fits E36 3
                       cent lubrication service: Lubro Moly Synthetic. Gearbox/     Series. Excellent condition, used only for a few auto-
                       clutch/brakes replaced approximately eighteen months         crosses. Excellent for winter snow tires. These are $140.00
                       ago. New ba�ery. Maintenance records are included.           new from Tire Rack. $45.00. Ed 510-658-1015.
                       Registration paid till January ’06. Email me for a link          GARAGE SALE! - Le�overs from a conversion proj-
                       to the CarFax Report. Photos available. Gerald 408-930-      ect – 1996 E36 Compact with 65,000 miles. Complete ex-
Publication dead-
                       3015,                                  haust system, suspension, brakes, steering components,
line for copy is the       1975 2002 - (no smog needed) 45-DCOE Webers, 292         body trim, ECU, instrument cluster. Miscellaneous E36
first of the month      degree cam, tii distributor, headers, five-speed overdrive,   and E30 parts from this car and others. Bargain prices.
- see front of                                                                      Contact me for a complete list, part numbers, and prices.
                       alloy wheels, good tires, PLUS assorted parts. $1,000.
magazine for more
                       707-875-9147.                                                Mark 510-524-1557,

                                                                                                COMMERCIAL ADS
                                                                                         2002/Bav/3.0/Coupe Radiator Upgrades. Rebuilt
                                                                                     with new three-row high-efficiency core. Be�er cooling.
                                                                                     Fits without mods—same size, mounting, clearances,
                                                                                     fi�ings, and appearance. Curt Ingraham, 510-507-2002,
                                                                                         Have your classic BMW painted by a fellow car
                                                                                     enthusiast with nearly twenty years experience. I do
                                                                                     body work, rust repair, and specialize in the 2002 and
                                                                                     3.0 Coupe, as well as doing CLEAR COAT REPAIRS on
                                                                                     your late 1980’s and early 1990’s cars. I use top qual-
                                                                                     ity German-made acrylic urethane paints and deliver a
                                                                                     factory looking finish. My prices are a bargain in today’s
                                                                                     current market. Contact me: Andy Schank, via email at
                                                                           , or call me at 510-236-5232 to set
                                                                                     up an appointment for a free estimate.

 26          May 2005
The Ultimate Drive for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
   E    xperience the exhilaration of driving a new BMW while joining
        the fight against breast cancer. In partnership with the Susan
G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, BMW organizes an annual
                                                                        for research in the past eight years. All the information you need to
                                                                        participate is right here, including easy, on-line registration. Sign up
                                                                        today. Together we can turn the corner on breast cancer.
event, The Ultimate Drive®, to raise money for breast cancer research       Find out how to participate in The Ultimate Drive® by either calling
and outreach programs. Choose a vehicle, take it for a drive, and       1-877-4-A-DRIVE or go to: h�p://
BMW will donate $1 per mile on your behalf to the Susan G. Komen        EventsandPrograms/UDSK/
Breast Cancer Foundation, our partner in raising over $8,000,000

       Date          Day, time                        BMW Center        6/25/05       Saturday, 10-6              BMW of San Francisco
                     Address                                    City                  1675 Howard Street                San Franscisco
       6/11/05       Saturday, 10-6                     Coast BMW       6/27/05       Monday, 10-6                  Weatherford BMW
                     12100 Los Osos Valley Road     San Luis Obispo                   750 Po�er Street                         Berkeley
       6/13/05       Monday, 9-5                 BMW of Bakersfield      6/28/05       Tuesday, 10-6                     East Bay BMW
                     3201 Ca�el Drive                    Bakersfield                   4350 Rosewood Drive                    Pleasanton
       6/15/05       Wednesday, 10-6                   Weber BMW        6/30/05       Thursday, 10-6                 BMW of Concord
                     7171 N Palm Avenue                       Fresno                  1967 Market Street                       Concord
       6/18/05       Saturday, 10-6                       My BMW        7/6/05        Wednesday, 10-6                      Niello BMW
                     1 Geary Plaza                           Seaside                  2020 Fulton Avenue                    Sacremento
       6/20/05       Monday, 10-6               Stevens Creek BMW       7/7/05        Thursday, 10-6                BMW of Roseville
                     4343 Stevens Creek Boulevard       Santa Clara                   110 Automall Drive                       Roseville
       6/22/05       Wednesday, 10-6                   Valley BMW       7/9/05        Saturday, 10-6                  Bill Pearce BMW
                     4369 McHenry Avenue                   Modesto                    2620 Kietzke Lane                       Reno, NV

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28        May 2005
                Independent Service & Supply Discounts
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                Berkeley Motor Works                510-528-1214        5% Parts/Svc
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                Classic Euro-Asian                  530-534-6887        10% Parts                                             San Francisco, CA 94103
                 Oroville                                                                                                     Sales: (800) USA-BMWs
                CSi                                 714-879-7310        10% Parts
                 Fullerton                                                                                                    BMW of Santa Maria
                Conversion Techniques               510-639-0911        Various                                               2150 South College Drive
                 Oakland                                                                                                      Santa Maria, CA 93455
                Dinan                               650-962-9401        10% Labor                                             (805) 614-0306
                 Mountain View
                                                                                                                              Claridge’s BMW
                Double 02 Salvage                   510-782-2002        10% Used Parts
                                                                                                                              4421 5 Auto Mall Circle
                German Auto                         805-922-1262        10% Parts
                                                                                                                              Fremont, CA 94538
                 Santa Maria                                                                                                  (510) 360-5900
                Jam Engineering                     831-372-1787        Various Parts                                         Coast BMW
                 Monterey                                                                                                     1484 Auto Park Way
                Nate Smith's Optimal Auto           831-476-1332        10% Parts                                             San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
                 Santa Cruz                                                                                                   (805)543�4423
                Patelco Credit Union                415-442-6200        Special Offer
                                                                                              East Bay BMW
                Phaedrus                            415-567-8000        10% Parts                                             4355 Rosewood Drive
                 San Francisco                                                                                                Pleasanton, CA 94566
                Roseville BMW                       916-782-9434        10% Pads                                              (925) 463-2555
                 Roseville                                                                                                    Mid City Motor World
                Rossi’s Tire Service                831-424-0011        Various                                               4800 N. Highway 101
                SAS German Auto                     925-846-4886        10% Parts
                                                                                                                              Eureka, CA 95501
                                                                                                                              (707) 443-4871
                Schulba BMW Service                 650-592-7352        10% parts orders
                Belmont                                                                                                       MY BMW
                Sound Innovations                   510-471-9062        10% Parts                                             One Geary Plaza
                 Hayward                                                                                                      Seaside, CA 93955
                Stanford European                   650-324-4488        15% Parts                                             (831) 899-5555
                 Palo Alto
                Sterling Car Care Prod & Svc        510-471-4600        10% Prod/Svcs                                         Peter Pan BMW
                2002 Haus                           805-541-2002        10% Parts                                             2695 S. El Camino Real
                 San Luis Obispo                                                                                              San Mateo, CA 94403
                West Bay Bavarian                   415-457-0820         10% Parts, Labor,                                    (650) 349-9077
                 San Rafael                                             and Dinan work                                        Prestige BMW
                Dealership Discounts                Ph # on right                                                             2800 Corby Avenue
                Allison BMW                         10% Parts                                                                 Santa Rosa, CA 95407
                 Mountain View                                                                                                (707) 545-6602
                BMW of San Francisco                10% Parts
                 San Francisco                                                                                                Stevens Creek BMW
                BMW of Fremont                      10% Parts & Labor                                                         3737 Stevens Creek
                 Fremont                                                                                                      Santa Clara, CA 95050
                East Bay BMW                        10% Parts                                                                 (408) 249-9070
                                                                                                                              Sonnen BMW
                MY BMW                              10% Parts
                 Seaside                                                                                                      1599 E. Francisco Blvd
                Peter Pan BMW                       10% Parts                                                                 San Rafael, CA 94901
                 San Mateo                                                                                                    (415) 482-2000
                Sonnen                              10% Parts                                                                 Weatherford Motors
                 San Rafael                                                                                                   735 Ashby Avenue
                Stevens Creek BMW                   Various/                                                                  Berkeley, CA 94710
                 Santa Clara                        20% Parts & Labor                                                         (510) 654-8280
                Weatherford Motors                  Various

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