The Grama Eco Vehicle Comes With A Green Roof

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					The Grama Eco Vehicle Comes With A
Green Roof!
by Jorge Chapa, 04/01/09
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Innovation sometimes strikes from the least likely places, and this concept is proof of this
statement. The Grama, by Portuguese luxury car company Tolos, is a hydrogen-powered
vehicle that compliments its sleek design with a brand new fueling solution. Whereas most
hydrogen vehicles face the problem of a lack of fueling stations, the Grama solves this by
turning water into hydrogen thanks to its unique green roof!

The fully electric vehicle is capable of achieving a speedy 0 to 60mph in 5.5 seconds. It is
fully powered by hydrogen and capable of being driven for around 60 miles on a single tank.
And while the car is absolutely smashing looking, nothing can truly outmatch the brilliance
that is their Telhado Verde system.

The Telhado Verde system (green roof in portuguese) was developed in conjunction with
German company KHIAV (they of the Core Hydraulic Integrated Arboury Panel). The
marvelous development comprises a green roof equipped with a membrane filtering system
that is capable of collecting rainwater and moisture from the air and turning it into hydrogen,
which is used to power the vehicle.

The car comes equipped with a myriad of technologies to maximize its environmental
performance. Solar panels on the bottom of the vehicle are used to collect energy from the
sunlight reflected off the highway. Wind turbines powered by the car’s air conditioning
system provide additional electricity to power the right side directional light indicator found
in the dashboard. Needless to say the car impresses, and rightly so. Oh, and as you would
expect, the green roof can filter water (in a manner similar to that of the Mazda Kiyora) and it
can be used grow your own herbs.
Where other car manufacturers try to squeeze power through a few paltry solar panels or wind
turbines, true sustainability will only be achieved by a complete integration of all available
technologies. Needless to say, the Grama vehicle is truly one of a kind.

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