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					                                 Dear Recruiter,

                                       I am glad to present the students of 2009-11
                                 batch of Management of Business Finance (MBF)
                                 Programme of this Institute for possible
                                 recruitment in your esteemed organisation. MBF
                                 students are trained and nurtured well, to the
                                 best of their and our capabilities, to contribute
                                 positively towards growth and profitability of
                                 the organisation and the nation.

      Whether you are looking to fill one or many positions, the Institute’s highly
selective admission process and broad based innovative learning environment
ensures that you are selecting an employee educated very well. We are certain that
you would find the preparation, diversity and business acumen of IIF management
graduates meeting your management and executive staffing needs.

      Each year, over 58,400 individuals from extraordinary backgrounds, scoring
high percentiles in CAT/XAT/AIMA-MAT/GMAT(USA) opt to seek admission to
IIF’s programmes. They are selected after a rigorous screening of group discussions
and interview conducted by management stalwarts. These talented individuals
enhance their educational background by completing IIF’s curriculum which aims
to foster creativity, innovation, analytical ability through total personality
development, an appropriate blend of Indian ethos, western philosophy of
management and to foster a sense of hard work, commitment, devotion, discipline
and nationalism in an aesthetic and cultural atmosphere matching global standards.

     We are committed to sustained partnership between the Indian Institute of
Finance and your organization. Please feel free to call or e-mail the Career
Development Center (CDC) if you have any question or suggestions.

                                                                 J.D. Agarwal

Indian Institute of Finance

                                          Some IIF Alums
Aman Agarwal (Prof.) M B F    1999   Dir., IIFBS GGSIPU.             Rajesh Bhagwat Patil         MBF    2000   Sr. Off., Polaris Software
Abhishek Verma        MBF     2006   Dir., Verma Exim                Rakesh Sharma                MBF    2007   Information Off., CMIE
Ajay Verma            MBF     2007   Res. Mgr., IDFA                 Sachin Taneja                MBF    2000   AVP, e-Mecklai
Aloke Kr. Sasmal      MBF     2003   Area Mgr., ING Vysya            Sameer Agarwal               MBF    2008   Sr. Analyst, Batliwala Secu.
Amith Thampi          MBF     2002   Mgr., GTLLC, Dubai              Sandipan Law                 MBF    2003   Sr. Mgr., Citibank
Anand Kumar           MBF     2005   Mgr., GE Money                  Sanjog Mishra                MBF    2000   Regional Mgr. GE Capital
Anirban Mondal        MBF     2005   Analyst, Reuters                Santosh B.                   MBF    2004   Sr. Analyst, Amba Research
Ankit Gogia           MBF     2010   AR Analyst, Markit              Saugat Sur                   MBF    1999   AVP, MCX
Anmol Balchandani     MBF     2007   Analyst, EXL Services           Saugat Acharya               MBF    2003   AM, Mutual Fund India
Ashish Dua            MBF     2005   Analyst, Fortis                 S. Shankar Ray               MBF    2005   Sr. Cons., Capgemini
Avishek Chakraborty M B F     2008   MT, IFCI VCF                    S. Balasubramanian           MBF    2005   Sr. Analyst, E-Value Serve
Avishkar Saigal       MBF     2006   Sr. Mgr., Saion Real Estate     Shailendra Malik             MBF    1999   Tech. Head, Hotel Quest, Int.
Babita K Thakur       MBF     1997   Sr. Mgr. Sundaram Finance       Shalu Mehta                  MBF    1999   Zonal Head, ICICI Bank
Balakrishnan I        MBF     2002   Sr. Mgr., Thomson Fin.          Sheel Kr. Mehrotra           MBF    1999   AVP, Kotak Mahindra MF
Bipul Singh           MBF     2008   AM, ICICI Securities            Shilpa Sahay                 MBF    2008   MT, Wrigley India
Biswajit Barua        MBF     1999   Sr. Analyst, NDTV               Shilpi Roy                   MBF    2008   AM, Blend Finance
Deepali Gupta         MBF     2005   Mgr., ICICI                     Shishir Miglani              MBF    1999   India Head, Exel Internet
Dheeraj Tiwari        MBF     2009   AM, ACC                         Shubhra Singh                MBF    2004   Sr. Mgr., IL&FS Investsmart
G. Vijaya Kumar       STRP    2002   Dy. DG, Min of Def., GOI        Siddharth Mahanta            MBF    2004   Mgr., IBM
Gaurav Agarwal        MBF     2010   Mgr.,Bank of Maharashtra        Smita Bhagwati               MBF    1999   CEO, Banyan Tree Rec. Sol
Gaurav Chatterjee     MBF     2000   Sr. Analyst, Bloomberg          Sourav Bhaumik               MBF    2000   Producer, Zee Business
Goutam Bag            MBF     2004   Dir., Silverline Comm.          Somnath Dey                  MBF    2004   Rel. Mgr., Fortis Sec.
G. Arun Kumar         MBF     2002   Mgr., IL&FS                     Sonica Yadav                 MBF    1999   Mgr., G. Noida Authority
                                                                     Sunita Kaila                 STRP   2000   Commissioner IT, ITO, GOI
G. Prakash Pandey     MBF     2003   Mgr., ABN AMRO
                                                                     Swapnil Pant                 MBF    2003   CEO, Studio Enchante
I. Balakrishnan       MBF     2002   Sr. Analyst., Thomson Fin.
                                                                     Swarnalatha Rao              MBF    2004   Sr. Mgr., The Smart Cube
J. Srinivasan         MBF     1999   Sr. Exe., TCS
                                                                     Tanushree Guha               MBF    2004   Sr. Mgr., Infosys
Jinendra M. Shah      MBF     2005   RM, IL&FS Investsmart
                                                                     Uday Munjal                  MBF    2007   Analyst Cerebra Research
Jyotima Kumud         MBF     1997   G.M., Sarita Handa Exports
                                                                     Vaibhav Amarnath             MBF    2003   Dir., A.N.E. Ltd.
Kaushik Chatterjee    MBF     1998   India Head, Indiabulls Credit   Varun Jain                   MBF    2010   Fin. Analyst, Aptara
Kavneet Kaur          MBF     2010   Sr. Analyst, Copal Research     Vikas Saxena                 MBF    2000   Cr. Analyst, Karvy Cons.
Kunal Palta           MBF     2004   Wealth Mgr., Citibank           Vinay Gupta                  MBF    2000   Sr. Mgr., HDFC
Manish Mayank         MBF     2004   Territory Mgr. India Infoline   Vinay K. Pidakala            MBF    1997   Recruitment Mgr., IDBI Bank
Manish Mishra         MBF     2007   Business Analyst, DSC Ltd.      Vishal Saxena                MBF    1998   Mgr., Maral Overseas
Manodeep Lahiri       MBF     1999   Sr. Mgr., Franklin Temp. A.M.   Yogesh Toshniwal             MBF    2007   MT, Hindustan Prefab.
Manpreet Singh        MBF     2001   AVP, Bajaj Capital              Yatendra Agarwal             MBF    2008   Fin. Analyst, Analec Info.
M. Bhushan Pandey M B F       1999   Analyst, IBM                    Yamini Agarwal               MBF    2003   Vice-Chairman, IIF
M. Shyam Sunder       MBF     2007   Analyst, Amba Research
Megha Saboo           MBF     2007   Sr. Exe. SREI                   DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAM
Mohit Singha          MBF     2001   Sr. Manager, Axis Bank
Natasha Patnaik       MBF     2007   Asst. Mgr. IndusInd Bank        A.S. Sharma (Dr.)            M B F 1990    VP(Tech.), Chemoleums
Nalin Srivastava      MBF     2003   AVP, India Infoline             Alok Kumar Sinha             M B F 1998    Sr. Vigilance Off., SECL
Nishit Wali           MBF     1999   Sr. Mgr., J.K. Industries       Arun Kr. Prahraj             M B F 1996    Fin. Controler, HHI
Pallavi Sharma        MBF     2006   Associate, E&Y                  Padmanabhan                  M B F 1997    Sr. Mgr, Ashok Leyland Fin.
Pawan Verma           MBF     2006   Analyst, Trans. Val.            Ashish Sharma                PGDBF 2003    AVP, MAX New York Life.
P. N. Chandradas      MBF     2001   Sr. Mgr., Punj Llyod            J. Kr. Ambastha              PGDBF 1998    Sr. Mgr., UTI
Parth Khandelwal      MBF     2001   Sr. Officer, Metlife            Murlidhar Vanjani            M B F 1998    Mgr, Chellsons SA, SPAIN
Pankaj Kumar          MBF     2003   CEO, 24Carat                    Nasim Zaidi, IAS (Dr.)       M B F 1993    Jt. Sec., Min. of Civil Aviation
Piyush Mathur         MBF     1998   Project Mgr., TCS               Om Prakash Pandey            BBF   1995    Sr. Mgr., Hindustan Sanit
Pooja Mehndiratta     MBF     1999   AVP, Axis Bank                  Punita Bhatt                 M B F 1996    Sr. Forex Officer, SONY
Pradeep Mudundi       MBF     2008   Asso. Analyst, F1F9             Ritwik Roy                   M B F 1996    Sr. Rev. Off., Board of Rev., GOI
Prashant Bhattacharya M B F   1999   VP, Fullertone India P. Ltd.    S.K. Mittal Prof. (Dr.)      BBF   1996    G.B. Pant Univ.,
Prince Tyagi          MBF     2010   PO, Allahabad Bank              Sameer Khare,IAS             BBF   1994    Add. Comm., Guwahati
Promila Gupta         STRP    2001   Dir., Min of Def., GOI          Shitanshu Mitra              M B F 1994    AVP, HDFC
Rajat Srivastava      MBF     1998   Sr. Mgr., HDFC Bank             Somi Tandon                  M B F 1990    Sec., Min. of Def., GOI
Rajat Garg            MBF     2002   Dir., Lekhraj Builders          Sushil Kr.Menon              M B F 2001    Dy. Mgr., Reliance Petroleum
Rajeev Duggal         MBF     1998   CEO, Opt. Sys. & Comp.          Vinod K. Malhotra            M B F 1997    Chairman, FCI, GOI

            Snapshot of the Last Batch                                              Placement Profile
                  MBF 2008-10
 Placement                                       100%
                                                                                            (MBF 2008-10 Batch)
 Average Salary                        INR 49,000 p.m.                          Banking                                              22%
 Range                          INR 26,000-85,000 p.m.                        Consulting                                    18%
         Snapshot of the Current Batch                                 Financial Services                                            22%
                 MBF 2009-11
                                                                           Manufacturing                         13%
 Selected from                        58,400 Applicants
                                                                           Media & Ent.      1%
 No of Students                                      29
 Expected Salary (min.)                 INR 50,000 p.m.                        Research                                                   24%
 Regional Dominance                      All Over India

                                                                   Recruiter’s Guide

                                      Chairman’s Invitation                      1
                                      IIF at a Glance                          2-8
                                      Faculty                                    7
                                      Eminent Speakers at IIF                    8
                                      Head CDC Message                           9
                                      MBF Program Profile & Course Listing   10-12
1. Our Chairman, Prof. J.D. Agarwal   Final Placement Student’s Profile      13-18
   with Dr. Manmohan Singh
2. Our Chairman with Smt. Sheila      Internship Student’s Profile              18
                                      Recruitment Procedure                     19
3. Our Chairman with Mr. Haruhiko
   Kuroda (ADB President)             Recruitment Policies                      20
4. Our Chairman and Vice Chairman
   Ms. Yamini Agarwal with Shri       FAQ’s                                     21
   Bhairon Singh Shekhawat            Focus: Placement & Summer Training        22
5. Our Chairman with Shri Arjun
   Singh                              Response Form                          23-24
6. Our Vice Chairman with Shri
   Pranab Mukherjee                   Important Web Links                       24
Indian Institute of Finance
                          IIF’s Contribution to Society
IIF acts as a Think Tank in the country. Suggestions are welcomed and implemented by GOI and other
agencies. IIF appears in some or the other Media every day.
Policy Measure                           Remark                                     Suggested        Implemented
1. Budget Time Change                  1st time in India’s History since                   On              On
                                       independence                                   26 May 1998       2 Feb 1999
2. Money Laundering Bill,              Capital Flight issue, which was                     In               In
   FERA and FEMA                       debated and discussed in Parliament             1993, 1994,      1994 and
                                       leading to formulation of ML Bill               1995, 1997       onwards
3. Kargil Tax not laid on the          Immediately after the war                           In               In
   citizens of India                                                                      1999            1999
4. Kissan Credit-Card Scheme           Financing Agriculture, raised                       In               In
   & Corporate Farming                 as an issue 1st time in India’s history          Dec 1998       1998 & 1999
5. European Constitution               Research based paper presented                      In               In
                                       at Int. forums in 1999-2001.                     1999-2000      June 2004
6. Tax Investment & Reform             Based on the research study and                     In             Since
   schemes observed in 1990s           book published in 1989                             1989            1989
7. Curbing of International            IMF & World Bank took joint                         On              On
   Money Laundering                    decision on curbing International              26 March 04      3 April 04,
                                       ML, based on our                                                June 2004,
                                       suggestion at Asia Pacific Banker’s                              Nov 2004
                                       Congress, Philippines on 26 March
                                       2004. ADB & RBI followed in
                                       June 2004 & Nov 2004 resp.
8. Education Cess                      Suggested when Dr. Manmohan Singh              In                   In
                                       was the Finance Minister in 1993              1993                 2004
9. India likely to be amongst          Research based forecast was made               In                   In
   top 3 World Economies               in 1994 at International live lecture   1994 and 2000              2002
                                       at Univ. of Maryland, USA; in
                                       2000 at Kurkshetra Univ. & others.
                                        Hon’ble President APJ Abdul Kalam
                                        wrote in his book “India 2020”
10. Oil Shock (2004-2008)              Our Chairman projected in research             On                   In
                                       paper published in Finance India,          7 January               June
                                       March 2004. Work invited as opening           2004                 2004
                                       Keynote Address at IFC, Chile, 2004
11. GDP Growth Rate at 8%              Our Chairman forecasted GDP                    On                   In
    for 2005                           Growth of 8% in 2005 & inflation            5 March               Nov 05
                                       between 3-4%, which has come true.            2005
                                       This was forecasted at Public Lecture
                                       on Analysis of Union Budget 2005.
12. Global Financial Meltdown          Our Chairman forecasted based on               On                   In
                                       research in 2003 at Keynote address at 7 January 2004,             2008
                                       IFC Chile (7th January, 2004). Our       March 2006 &
                                       Vice-Chairman projected again at         19 September
                                       Keynote Address in Israel Conf. in            2007
                                       March 2006 and at Italian Parliament
                                       ER Conf. (19 Sept., 2007)
13. World Energy Fund                  Our Vice Chairman suggested             On 5 Nov. 2007              In
    (Green Fund)                       formation of World Energy Fund/          & 6 July 2009             2008
                                       Green Fund at Keynote address at
                                       Global Forum Sweden 2007 and
                                       Finland Parliament 2009. Suggetion
                                       taken forward by OECD at OECD
                                       Forum 2008
                            IIF has signed MOUs with
The Digest, Pricewaterhouse LeeCoopers LLP, USA              Fergana Polytechnic Institute, UZBEKISTAN
Florida International University, USA                        Leon Kozminski Acad. of Entrepreneurship & Mgt, POLAND
Institute of Eco. Research, Hitotsubashi University, JAPAN   Asso. Euro-Med. de Finance Assurance et de Mgmt, FRANCE
IBSS, London School of Economics & Political Science, UK     Bukhara State University, UZBEKISTAN
UNCTAD- Research Network Link, SWITZERLAND                   Academy of Economic Studies, Bukaresti, ROMANIA
Lodz Technical University, Bielsko Biala, POLAND             Option Information Group, PHILIPPINES
Ustoz Republic Foundation, UZBEKISTAN                        Multi Commodities Exchange (MCX), INDIA
Akademia Ekonomiczna, Katowice, POLAND                       Szent Istvan University, HUNGARY
Ministry of Higher & Sec. Specialised Edu., UZBEKISTAN       ISC Paris, FRANCE
School of Banking & Finance(WSBiF), POLAND                   Banking & Finance Academy (MOF ), UZBEKISTAN
Alisher Navoiy nomidagi Samarqand davlat Univ., UZBEKISTAN   Saint Petersburg Academy of Mgt & Economics, RUSSIA
University Uttra Malaysia, MALAYSIA                          North Western Acad. of Public Admn (NWAPA), RUSSIA
Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, BELGRADE       Wyzsza Szkola Handlowa, POLAND
Grenoble Ecole De Management, FRANCE                         InterSaftey, CANADA
Tashkent Univ. Information Technology, UZBEKISTAN            Tashkent State University of Economics (TSIU), UZBEKISTAN
                                                                                   Recruiter’s Guide

       The Institute                            IIF, founded in 1987 as a non-profit, autonomous
                                                educational institution, to promote education, research
                                                & training, in finance and provide industry with
   an island of excellence in                   talented finance professionals has made distinguished
     the world of finance                       scholarly contributions. IIF is valued highly both
                                                nationally and internationally. Extensive inputs
                                                through unique teaching pedagogy, guest lectures,
                                                foreign scholars, case orientation, exchange programs,
                                                seminars and conferences motivate young scholars to
                                                strive and achieve our mission and philosophy.
                             MISSION                                        PHILOSOPHY
* To be a centre of excellence, a base for               * IIF holds highest respect for law, believes in self
  scholarship, high quality professional                   regulation and market recognition.
  education, research, training and                      * To foster creativity, innovativeness, analytical
  consultancy.                                             ability through total personality development,
* To contribute to the process of nation                   with an appropriate blend of Indian ethos and
  building by developing necessary human                   Western philosophy of management.
  resources with highly specialised financial            * To foster a sense of hard work, commitment,
  skills and thorough research.                            devotion, discipline and nationalism.
* To help increase the global competitiveness            * To foster management practice through
  of Indian Industry and India by providing                experiential learning with an appropriate blend
  the international financial perspective and              of theory & practice.
  database.                                              * To help reap the fruits of first rate education
                            LINKAGES                       and to meet the challenges of exciting years that
                                                           lie ahead.
IIF has established linkages with more than
750 leading professionals both from India                          ACADEMIC INFRASTRUCTURE
and abroad including Nobel Laureates and
from institutions like London School of                   Distinguished Faculty, well equipped
Economics, London Business School,                        Classrooms, Computer Centre and Library
Harvard University, MIT, Wharton School.                  with over 55,000 books & more than 950
University of Chicago, IITs and IIMs. IIF                 national & international journals. It is
has signed MOUs with Universities/                        depository Library for UN; WIDER; IMF; over
Institutes abroad and has developed linkages              25 central banks and research/educational
with trade and industry associations like                 institutions.
1,000 corporates, banks, financial
institutions, World Bank, IMF, ADB and
over 5,000 government officials, managers
from industry including CEOs & politicians.
IIF has provided academic support to 4
more than 100 institutions / organisations
in India and abroad. IIF has prominent
people from academia and industry on its
International & Indian Advisory Councils.                                                                  2
IIF has been a Strategic Partner for many                                   3
conferences internationally.                                                                           1
1 . Our Chairman, Prof. J.D. Agarwal
    honoured "Doctor Honoris Causa" highest
    Honour of Hungary Academy of Sciences
    & Szent Istvan Univ. (SZIU) of the Hony
    Doctorate of Eco., HUNGARY (Dec. 2007)
2 . Signing of MOU with North Western
    Academy of Public Administration, St.
    Petersburg, RUSSIA (September 2007)
3 . Seminar at IIF by Dr. Caj Sunderlund,
    Senior Advisor to PM, MFA and the then
    Dy.Secretary General, Nordic Council of
    Ministers, FINLAND (Nov. 2008, 2007)
4 . IIF Library
5 . Our Vice-Chairman, Prof. Aman Agarwal
    delivering Keynote Address at the Italian
    Parliament (Sala delle Colonne) at ER                    5
    Conference (19th September 2007)

Indian Institute of Finance

                                          IIF Research Publications
 Finance India : The quarterly journal of Finance
     IIF is publishing its prestigious Quarterly Journal of Finance since 1987. Each issue is of
     about 400 pages. It has on its editorial board some of the most eminent experts including
     NOBEL LAUREATES. Finance India is indexed & abstracted by over 20 institutions
     internationally. It is ranked at par with top international journals. Rated 3rd
     WORLDWIDE by American Statistical Association (August 2006/05/04/03/02).
                                                                                                                               READERS WRITE ....
                                                  J. D. Agarwal
                                                                                                                               "Thank you for sending
                                       Indian Institute of Finance                                                             me a copy of "Finance
                                                      Chief Editor                                                             India" June 2003 issue. I
                                                  U.S.A & Canada                                                               am studing it."
Franco Modigliani                        Merton H. Miller                               Robert A. Mundell                                   PRESIDENT
   Nobel Laureate                           Nobel Laureate                                 Nobel Laureate
   Massachusetts Inst. of Technology        University of Chicago                          Columbia University                   A. P. J. ABDUL KALAM
Douglass C. North                        Robert C. Merton                               James Joseph Heckman                            Republic of India,
   Nobel Laureate                           Nobel Laureate                                 Nobel Laureate
   Washington University                    Harvard University                             University of Chicago                          18th July 2003
Allan Young                              Gershon N. Mandelkar                           Lawrence A. Gordon
   Syracuse University                      University of Pittsburgh                       Univ. of Maryland at College Park
Anup Agarwal                             Jagdish Bhagwati
                                                                                                                               "I have read the journal
                                                                                        Lawrence Kryzanowski
   University of Alabama                    Columbia University                            Concordia University, Canada        with immense interest"
Arun J. Prakash                          James A. Gentry                                Michael Adler                                       PRESIDENT
   Florida International University         Univ. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign          Columbia University
B. Espen Eckbo                           James R. Webb                                  Raj Aggarwal                                K. R. NARAYANAN
   Dartmouth College                        Cleveland State University                     Kent State University                        Republic of India,
Bala Kashi R. Balachandran               James W. Kolari                                Rene M. Stulz
   New York University                      Texas A&M University                           Ohio State University
                                                                                                                                    12th December 1998
Ben L. Kedia                             Jerold L. Zimmerman                            Sanford J. Grossman
   University of Memphis                    University of Rochester                        University of Pennsylvania          "Thank you for a copy of
David A. Walker                          John Ensminger                                 Stanley R. Pliska
   Georgetown University                    Delta Hedge Publications                       University of Illinois at Chicago   "Finance India", published by
Frederic S. Mishkin                      Jonathan B. Welch                              Theodore M. Barnhill                   the Indian Institute of
   Federal Reserve Board                    Northeastern University                        George Washington University        Finance. With Good wishes"
                                                                                                                                       SONIA GANDHI,
                                                             U.K                                                                                President,
 Richard A. Brealey                      Elroy Dimson                                      Michael J.P. Selby
   London Business School                  London Business School                            Warwick University                All India Congress Commitee,
 Ian Cooper                              Mahendra Raj                                      Stephen Schaefer                              5th March 2001
   London Business School                  The Robert Gordon University                      London Business School
             Belgium                                   Germany                                         Netherland              "Finance India contains a
 Charles P. Van Wymeersch                 Dieter Bender                                   Thijs ten Raa                        number of scholarly & well-
   University of Namur                      Ruhr-Universitat Bochum                         Tilburg University                 researched articles. I congra-
        Czech Republic                    Siegfried Trautmann
                                            Johannes Gutenberg-Universitt                                Portugal              tulate you on this effort"
 Jaroslava Durcakova                                                                      Manuel Jose Rocha Armada                   C. RANGARAJAN,
   University of Economics                              Hungary                            University do Minho
                                          Jozsef Molnar                                                                        Governor of Andra Pradesh,
                                            Szent Istvan University                                       Russia                    26th October 2001
 Bjarne Astrup Jensen
   Copenhegan Business School                             Italy                           Evgeny Solojentsev
                                          Mario Baldassari                                  Russian Acad. of Sciences(IPME) "I am sure it will be of
 Eva Liljeblom                             University of Rome                                            Sweden                considerable use to me"
   Swedish School of Eco. & Bus. Admn.                   Poland                           Bertil Naslund                                    RUSI MODY,
               France                     Urszula Gros                                      Stockholm School of Economics
                                                                                          Tomas Bjoerk                               Chairman of Mobar,
 Bernard Belletante                         Gornoslaska Wyzsza Szkola
                                            Handlowa                                        Stockholm School of Economics               14th May 1999
   Marseille Business School
                                          Grzegorz W. Kolodko
 Jean Dermine                               Kozminski University                                       Uzbekistan
   INSEAD                                                                                 Alisher Vasikovich Vohobov           "it is very well-produced
 Georges Pariente                                                                           Tashkent Finance Institute         issue & contains rich and
   ISC Paris
                                                              India                                                            well researched reading
 B.B. Bhattacharya                        Sugan C. Jain                                   Vadiraj V.R. Panchamukhi             material"
   Jawaharlal Nehru University              University of Rajasthan                         Formerly ICSSR, Delhi
 L.M. Bhole                               Krishna Kumar                                   R. Vaidyanathan
                                                                                                                                          R. K. MISHRA,
   IIT, Mumbai                              IIM, Kozhikode                                  IIM, Bangalore                        Chairman of Observer,
 B.L.Bajpai                               A.L. Nagar                                      Madhu Vij                                  18th Febrary 1997
   University of Lucknow                                                                    FMS, University of Delhi
 L.N. Dahiya                                Indian Institute of Finance
                                          I.M. Pandey                                     Surendra S. Yadav
   Maharishi Dayanand University                                                            IIT, Delhi                         "clearly another of India's
                                            Univetsity of Delhi
                                                                                                                               first-class contributions to
                                       Aman Agarwal                                                                            the world academy"
                                                                                                                                    JAMES MIRRLEES,
                      Indian Institute of Finance & IIF Business School
                                                                                                                                          Nobel Laureate,
                                      Executive Editor                                                                         University of Cambridge,UK
    Associate Editors : Yamini Agarwal, Saurabh Agarwal, Assistant Editor : Deepak Bansal                                         21st September 2005
 * Deceased but continued being founder members of editorial team and in honor of their contribution to Finance India.
                                                                         Recruiter’s Guide
IIF Research Publications
1.    Capital Budgeting Decision under Risk & Uncertainty
2.    Tax Incentives & Investment Behaviour
3.    Capital Mirage
4.    Expenditure Control & Zero Base Budgeting
5.    Accounting for Financial Analysis
6.    Quantitative Techniques for Fin. Analysis Vol. I
7.    Quantitative Techniques for Fin. Analysis Vol. II
8.    Economics for Decision Making
9.    Organisational Behaviour
10.   International Finance
11.   Readings in Financial Management
12.   Working Capital Management
13.   Security Analysis
14.   Literature in Finance Vol.   I : Corporate Finance
15.   Literature in Finance Vol.   II : Accounting
16.   Literature in Finance Vol.   III : Financial Systems and Markets
17.   Literature in Finance Vol.   IV : Specialized Finance
18.   Literature in Finance Vol.   V : Management

              Faculty: Distinguish Academic Resource
IIF is bestowed with most distinguished internationally recognised faculty. It comprises of
senior academicians, practising professionals and young brains blooming with new ideas
led by IIF Chairman Prof. J.D. Agarwal – a financial expert with mission and vision.
Prof. J.D. Agarwal, Ph.D.(DSE Delhi), ITP (LBS      Dr. D. K. Mittal, Reader, SRCC (Adjunct Prof.)
    London), Hony. Ph.D. (TFI, Uzbekistan), Hony.   Prof. Ram K. Agarwal, M.Com., FCS; CA
    D.Litt.(SZIU, Hungary)                              and Tax Consultant
Prof. A.L. Nagar, Ph.D.; Former Pro-VC, DU &        Prof. Aman Agarwal, MPA (Columbia
    Former Professor, Delhi School of Economics         University, USA), Splz. Prog. in Fin.
Prof. Y.P.Singh, Ph.D.; Former Head & Professor,        (LSE, UK), MBF (IIF), Hony. Professor
    Delhi School of Economics                           (TSUE, Uzbekistan), Hony. Doct (UCP
Prof. P.K. Ghosh, Ph.D(L.U.) M.Com(L.U.),               Paris, France), Hony. Chair (St. Emillion,                                         Bordoux, France)

Prof. Grzegorz W. Kolodko, Ph.D.; Former Dy PM      Dr.Yamini Agarwal, Ph.D. (IIT, Delhi),
     and FM, Republic of Poland (Hony. Prof.)           M.Com.(DSE), MBF (IIF), B.Com Hons.
Prof. Saidasaror S. Gulyamov, Ph.D.; Vice Rector
    TSAU, Uzbekistan (Hony. Prof.)                  Mr. Saurabh Agarwal, M.Phil. (Finance, DSE),
                                                         M.Com. (DSE), B.Com Hons. (SRCC)
Prof. Bhai Mahavir, Former Governor MP, (Hony.
    Prof.)                                          Mr. Pushpender S. Raghav, M.Com. (MDU)
Prof. N. Vittal, IAS, Former CVC (Hony. Prof.)      Mr. Deepak Bansal, M.Sc. (MDU), M.Com.
                                                        (HPU), ADSM
Prof. T.N. Pandey, Former Chairman, CBDT
    (Hony. Prof.)                                   Mr. P. K. Jain, M. Phil.(Fin. Engg., DU),
                                                        M.Sc Op. Res., (DU, Delhi)
Prof. Joginder Singh, IPS, Former Director, CBI,    Ms. Preeti Gupta, M. Com., B.Com (H) (DU)
    GOI (Hony. Prof.)
                                                    Mr. Akshat Agarwal,PGDM (Banking &
Prof. R.N. Lakhotia, Tax Consultant (Hony. Prof.)       Finance), MBA
Prof. Arvind Pandey, IAS, Former Chairman, SAIL
     (Hony. Prof.)
                                                    Library Associates
                                                    Ms. Sonia Garg, M.A.(Lit.), M.Lib. I.Sc.
Prof. Manju Agarwal, Ph.D. (DSE Delhi), ITP (LBS    Mr. Aniruddha Tiwari, M.Lib. (DU)
     London) (Adjunct Prof.)                        Mr. Moveen Kumar, M.Lib. (DU)

Indian Institute of Finance

             Eminent Speakers at IIF during 1997-2010
P OLITICAL L EADERS & D IPLOMATS                                       I NDUSTRY & A SSOCIATIONS
Yashwant Sinha          Former Finance Minister, GOI                   A. Bhattacharya      Economic Advisor, ONGC
Ved Prakash Goel        Minister of Shipping, GOI                      A.K. Doda            CGM, IDBI
Ram Niwas Mirdha        MP & Chairman, JPC Security Scam               A.K. Wahi            Sr. VP (HRD), Vam Organic Chem.
Bhishma N. Singh        Former Governor of 7 states                    Alok Agarwal         ED, Polar Industries
Caj. L. Soderlund       Dy Sec. Gen., Nordic Council, Finland          Amrish Gupta         VP, DB Merchant Banking Service
Jean-Joseph Bolliot     Fin. Counsellor, Emb. of France                Amul Gogna           ED, ICRA
Yogendra K. Alagh       Former Member, Planning Comm.                  Anupam Bhasin        Sr. VP, Hero Corporate
Ratnakar Pandey         Former MP & Principal, MLNC                    Arun Kaul            MD, PNB Gilts Limited
Abid Hussain            Former Ambassador to USA                       Ashok Singh          VP, Chambal Fertilizers & Chem.
Ibrahim R. Mavlanov     Ambassodor, Embassy of Uzbekistan              B.M. Khanna          Former Chairman, MTNL
Song Oh                 First Secy, Embassy of Korea                   B.P. Chopra          Dir., Central Staff College, PNB
Grzegorz W Kolodko      Dy Prime Minister and FM, Poland               B.P. Singh           Former ED, The World Bank USA
S.S. Gulyamov           Minsiter of Education, Uzbekistan              B.P. Dhaka           COO, Parsvnath Developers
                                                                       B.S. Kulkarni        CM, United Western Bank
C IVIL S ERVICES & A DMINISTRATORS                                     Bansi Dhar           Chairman, DCM Shriram Industry
Arun Goyal, IAS         Director, Financial Intelligence Unit          Bhure Lal, IAS       Chairman, FCI
Ashok V. Desai          Chief Economic Adviser,GOI                     Bob Warner           Chairman, Timex
B.B. Pandit             Dir., Comm. Audit & Mem. Secy, Audit Board     Diana Borysenko      Regional Manager, Arktur Ukraine
B.P. Mathur             Fr. Chairman,Audit Board, CAG                  D.K. Bakshi          GM (HRD), Luxar India
Bhure Lal, IAS          Secretary, CVC, GOI                            Chander Prakash      Chairman, Sundar Lal Jain Hospital
D.K. Bhatia             Former Economic Advisor, RBI                   J.C. Jhuraney        VP (HRD), JCT Electronics
G.B. Parida, IRS        Commissioner of Income Tax, GOI                Jayant Dang          MD, Escorts Finance
GVG Krishnamurthy       Former Election Commissioner, GOI              Loi                  Director, Vielina, Vietnam
J.R. Arora              Advisor, Deptt. of Bio Technology              M.A. Hakeem          Secretary General, SCOPE
Janak Juneja, IAS       Director Tech. Edu., Govt. of Delhi            M.C. Bhandari        Director, Vaikunthlal, MICM
Joginder Singh, IPS     Former Director, CBI                           Mambi Rajan R.       MD, PNB Housing Finance
M.L. Sharma, IPS        Joint Director, CBI                            Manoj Bhalla         VP, Citi Bank
M.P. Gupta              Former Addl. Secy., Min. of Fin., GOI          Manoj Kaushik        CEO, Sai Home Finance
N. Vittal, IAS          Central Vigilence Commissioner,GOI             Meenakshi Nayyar     Chief GM (HRD), DCM
P. K. Biswas            ED, RBI                                        Naval K. Roy         VP, Moody’s Investor Ser., USA
P.M. Nair, IAS          Secretary to the President of India
P.P. Vora               CMD, National Housing Bank                     Navneet Kampani      VP, Fortune Financial Services
P. R. Jaisankar         RM, NHB                                        Neena Malhotra       MD, Goodwil Exports
P.S. Rana               ED, HUDCO                                      Nirjha Chaterjee     GMA, UCB SA Pharma, Belgium
R.S. Goel               Director, CWC, GOI                             Nguyen Xuan Qiynh    Chairman, VIelina, Vietnam
R.S. Gupta, IPS         Former Commissioner of Police, Delhi           P.C. Luther          Former Chairman, STC,DVC, MMTC
S. Chakraborty, IAS     Former Member, MRTP Comm.                      P.K. Gupta           Secretary General, NAFEN
S.K. Khanna             Former Chairman, AICTE.                        P.N.Vijay            MD, P.N.Vijay Finance Services
S.N. Bhargava, IRS      Commissioner Income Tax, GOI                   Pradeep Kr. Taluja   Former Chief Law Officer, IDPL
Somi Tandon             Secretary, Ministry of Defence, GOI            Puneeta Sinha        MD, Open Himer, Boston, USA
T.N. Pandey, IRS        Former Chairman, CBDT                          R.C. Bhargava        Former MD, Maruti Udyog Ltd.
V. Suresh, IAS          Director, Acrens Goldsrik                      Rakesh Kapoor        MD, IFCI Factors
V.N. Kaila              Chief Controller of Accounts & Financial       R.K. Gupta           Former MD, SBI
                        Adv.,Min. of Urban Dev.                        R.K. Gupta           MD, Tauras Mutual Fund
Vinay Shankar, IAS      Former Secretary, Centre-State                 Rajesh Srivastava    MD India, GIC, U.S.A.
                        Council Min. of Home Affairs                   Ranjan Dhawan        MD, PNB Guilt
                                                                       S. Hooda             Chairman, IDG, U.K.
A CADEMICS                                                             Steve Lindo          ED & CEO, PRMIA, USA
James V. Koch           President & Prof., ODU, USA                    S. Mohan             Sr Mgr. , Ranbaxy Laboratory
Anand Shetty            Professor, Iona University, USA                S. Sridhar           Regional Head, EXIM Bank
Andranik Tangian        Head & Prof., HBFG, University of Karlsruhe    Venkataraman         Director, Modi Alcatel Network
Arun J. Prakash         Chairman Finance, FIU, USA                     S.K. Bhatia          Former Director, OIL India
Ashok Abott             Prof. & Dean, West Virginia University, USA    S.L. Bhambri         Director (HRD), BHEL
Bala K.R.Balachandran   Chair Accounting, NYU, USA                     S.P. Wahi            Former Chairman, ONGC
B.B. Bhatacharya        Vice Chancellor, JLN University                Sai Ramachandran     Director, Pearl Polymer
Ben L. Kedia            Dir., CIBER, Univ. of Memphis, USA             Sandeep Vij          MD, Escorts Finance
Claude Riahi            President & CEO, ISC Group, Paris              Subhash Jagota       G.M. (HRD), Punj Lloyd
Claude Cellier          Head & Prof., Institute Superieur du Com.      Sudarshan Sareen     Chairman, DSIDC
Gautam Mitra            Director, CBW, UK                              Supravat Shaw        GM, Raunaq Finance
George Parente          Dean (Res), Groupe ISC, France                 T.K. Sinha           Former CMD, SBI
Jacob Kurien            Prof., Rockhurst University, USA               V.K. Garg            Chairman, Power Finance Corp.
Juhary Haji Ali         HOD Marketing, UUM, Malaysia                   Vinod Madhok         Director (Fin.), Dalmia (Bros.)
Meenal Shrivastava      Professor, UoW, South Africa                   Vishnu Dusad         MD, Nucleas Software
Mukul Asher             Chair Professor, NUS, Singapore                Y.K. Modi            CMD, YKM Holdings
Raj Iyengar             Prof., Catholic Univ. of America, USA
Rakesh Sarin            Sr. Asso. Dean & Chair Prof., UCLA, USA        MEDIA
S.C. Kuchhal            Former Prof. IIM Ahmedabad                     Ashok V. Desai       Consulting Editor, Business Standard
S.N. Mishra             Former Director, IEG                           Chetan Chadda        Editor, Observer Group
S.S. Lodha              Prof., Connecticut State Univ., USA            Prem Shankar Jha     Senior Journalist
Satish Shindey          HOD., IOB, Saudi Arabia                        Tapan Dasgupta       Senior Journalist, TOI
Sushanta Mallick        Asso. Prof., SBM, QM Univ. of London           Shayamal Majumdar    Resident Editor, Financial Exp.
Tapen Sinha             Dean, ITAM, Mexico                             R.K. Roy             Economic Editor, Financial Exp.
Thijs ten Raa           Prof., Tilburg Univ., Netherland               K.S. Ramachandran    Consulting Editor, Observer Group
Yakov Amihud            Sr. Prof. of Eco., Stern School of Busi. NYU   Chandra Mohan        Senior Journalist, TOI
Yochanan Shachmurove    Professor, CUNY & Wharton School               Janis Darbari        Journalist
Zunrat Gulyamov         Director, DST, Uzbekistan                      Vickram Bahl         CEO & Chief Editor, ITM TV

                                                                         Recruiter’s Guide

Dear Recruiting Partner,
     I am glad to share with you that IIF is a home
to some of the brightest inspired young minds. The
teaching methodology, live projects, Internship and    Our Vice-Chairman with Shri P. Chidambaram,
                                                       Honb’le Minister of Home, the then Finance
daily financial reviews provide our students with
                                                       Minister of India, (2006)
a strong theoretical base with practical out look in
31 core finance papers. The treatement of fundamentals and theory is provided
systematically by the faculty through lectures, Panel Discussions, Group Excercises,
Practical Problem Solving Sessions, Case Studies, Role Plays and Syndicate Sessions,
Brain Storming sessions, Financial Reviews and Seminars. IIF has an inventory of over
500 case studies in Finance so that the students are exposed to a large number of indutry
and real life cases.
                                                 The Institute has been honoured with
                                          Business School with Best Academic Input
                                          (Syllabus) in Finance at the 18th Dewang Mehta
                                          Business School Award.
                                                  The Batch of 2010 is a group of 29 future
                                          managers bubbling with zeal and enthusiasm. IIF
                                          feels proud of its Alumni who serve at senior
                                                                 positions in Banks, Credit
                                                                    Rating Agencies, Stock
 (Top to Bottom) Our Vice                                           Exchanges, Regulatory
 Chairman delivering                                                Bodies, FIIs, NBFCs,
 Invited Lectures at                                                Mutual Funds, Media,
 ASSOCHAM 3rd India
 Steel Summit (2009),                                               India Inc’s and MNCs.
 IIT Kharagpur (2008)
                                                                        I wish you a productive
 and VCAI National
 Conclave (2009).                                                   and a pleasant recruiting

                                                                       Saurabh Agarwal
                                                              Head, Career Development Center
                                                    [Vice-Chairman, Indian Institute of Finance]
Indian Institute of Finance

                 Management of Business Finance
                [Two year full time Regular Post Graduate Programme]
       MBF is a specialised program in Finance. The program has 31 out of 36 papers with
core finance focus. It is the only program in finance in the country with curricula at par
with MBA of international standard, based on international experiences and the need of
Indian industry. MBF is a course of 108 Credits.
OBJECTIVES : To develop competent and effective professional
   managers, to foster intellectual excellence and to teach                                     Advanced & Specialised
                                                                                              Courses in Finance / Project
   the latest techniques of finance by fostering independent                                   Work / Corporate Profile
   and creative thinking.                                                                     Study Semester III, IV, V &
ELIGIBILITY : Graduation/Post Graduation (in any discipline)
   with minimum of 60%.                                                                            Corporate Summer
                                                                                                   Training/ Financial
S ELECTION : Written Test [(CAT/XAT/AIMA-MAT/                                                          Reviews/
  GMAT(USA)] and Group Discussion & Interview.                                                      Seminars/ Events
PROGRAM MODULE : The first two semesters are designed to
  provide the basics of the finance function along with the other        Foundation
  functional areas of management. Highly advanced inputs of              in Finance
                                                                        Sem. I and II
  Finance are provided from semester three to six, specializing
  in different areas of finance.
      At the end of the first year the students undergoes Summer training in industrial,
  business organizations and international agencies. The objective is basically to provide
  the students with real life exposure.
      In the fourth and fifth semester the students get an opportunity to apply their
  classroom knowledge in solving the real world problems faced by the industry. In the
  Sixth Semester, each student is required to undertake a live project at a company
  whereby they try and contribute positively to both corporate and their academic learning.
                                  COURSE STRUCTURE
                  Year I                                                                     Year II
                 Semester I                                                               Semester IV
101   Accounting for Financial Analysis                                   401   Management Control Systems
102   Economics for Decision Making                                       402   Sec. Analysis & Portfolio Management
103   Quanti. Tech. & Forecasting for Finance                             403   Advanced Financial Analysis & Risk
104   Computer Applications in Finance                                    404   Capital Market & Financing
105   Regulatory Framework of Business                                    405   Financial Services
106   Organisational Behaviour                                            406   Business Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions
                                                 Daily Financial Review

                Semester II
                                                   Bi-weekly Seminars

                                                                                          Semester V
201   General Studies & Personality Dev.                                  501   Corporate Strategy & Business Policy
202   Macro Economics & Public Finance                                    502   Insurance Management & Risk Analysis
203   Op. Research for Finance & Risk Analysis                            503   New Financial Models & e-Finance
204   Human Resource Management                                           504   Financial Engineering & Risk Management
205   Marketing Management                                                505   Project Mgt. Appraisal & Control
206   Management Accounting & Control                                     506   Options, Futures & Financial Derivatives
                Semester III                                                              Semester VI
301   Financial Econometrics & Equity Res.                                601   Business Ethics & CSR
302   Indian Financial System                                             602   MIS & Control
303   Corporate Finance & Valuation                                       603   Global Financial System
304   Corporate Tax Planning                                              604   International Finance
305   Mgt. of Banking & Fin. Institutions                                 700   Project (equivalent to two courses)
306   Personal Finance & Investment                                             All courses are 3 credits each.
                                                                                   Course 700 is 6 credits.

                                                                                                     Recruiter’s Guide
                                              MBF COURSE LISTINGS
101 Accounting for Financial                  201 General Studies and Personality          301 Financial Econometrics & Equity
Analysis: Understanding Financial             Development: History of India; World         Research: Nature and Scope of
Statements; Financial Statements Analysis     Economic Geography; Bhartiya Sanskriti       Econometrics; Linear Models; Extension
- Ratio Analysis, Funds Flow Statement,       & Litrature; Indian Philosphy; Indian        of the Linear Model; Generalised Least
Cash Flow Statement; Accounting               Science, Religion & Culture; Indian          Squares (GLS) estimation; Simultaneous
Concepts and Conventions; Accounting          Consitution; Indian Admnistrative            Equations models; Monte Carlo Studies,
for Depreciation & Price level Changes;       Structure; Grooming & Personality Traits;    Simulation       process;    Evaluating
Appropriation of Profits; Introduction to     Communication Skills & Barriers; Public      simultaneous models; Simultaneous
GAAP; International Accounting                Speaking; Inter-personal Skills & Body       confidence       intervals;    Research
Principals; Recent Trends in Corporate        Language - Personal Appearance, Posture,     Methodology, Defining Research Problem
Reporting.                                    Gesture, Facial Expression, Eye Contact,     & Design, Sampling Design, Measurement
                                              Space Distancing.                            & Scaling Techniques; Methods of Data
102 Economics for Decision Making:                                                         Collection, Processing & Analysis of Data,
Demand and Supply Analysis; Production;       202 Macro Economics & Public                 Testing of Hypothesis, Interpretation &
Cost of Production; Profit Maximisation       Finance: National Income Concepts and        Report Writing; Use of Econometric,
and Competitive Supply; Competitive           Methods of Estimating ; Theory of            Technical & Financial Tools for Equity &
Markets; Market Power - Monopoly ,            National Income Determination; Analysis      Debt Analysis.
Monopsony, Monopolistic Competition &         of Money Market ;Credit Market-
Oligopoly; Market for Factor Inputs;                                                       302 Indian Financial System:
                                              Working and Control Mechanism; General       Structure & Functions of Financial
General Equilibrium & Eco. Efficiency;        Equilibrium - IS-LM Model; International
Externalities & Public Goods.                                                              System; Equilibrium in Financial Markets;
                                              Aspects of Macroeconomics; Theory of         Overview of the IFS - Reserve Bank of
                                              Public Finance; India’s Public Finance;      India, SEBI, Commercial Banks in India,
103 Quantitative Techniques &                 Macroeconomics Policies.                     NBFC, Development Finance Institutions;
Forcasting for Finance: Managerial                                                         Financial Sector Reforms; Specialised
decision making and Statistics; Frequency     203 Operations Research for                  Financial Institutions; Money Markets;
distribution and their analysis; Index        Finance & Risk Analysis: Scientific          Capital Markets; Mutual Funds; Credit
Numbers; Probability concepts, rules and      decision making; Mathematical models         Rating; Venture Capital; Foreign Inst.
probability distributions; Sampling and       and decision theory; Linear Programming      Investors; Insurance Companies.
sampling distribution; Estimation; Tests of   (Resource Allocation) - Graphical and
Significance; Constructions of Confidence     Simplex method, Transportation and           303 Corporate Finance & Valuation:
intervals for means and proportions;          Assignment, Duality and Post Optimality,     Basic Concepts of Valuation; Investment
Simple Linear regression analysis; Simple     Sequencing, Game Theory, Queuing             Decisions - Techniques of Capital
Correlation analysis; Multiple regression     Theory, PERT/CPM, Markov Analysis;           Budgeting; Cost of Capital; Goal
and correlation analysis; Time Series         Non-Linear Programming - Integer             Programing Models; Risk Analysis in
Analysis; Meaning & Importance of             programming and its applications, Goal       Capital Budgeting; Financing Decisions -
Forcasting; Techniques of Forcasting; App.    Programming - Formulation &                  Theories of Capital Structure, Planning
of Techniques of Forcasting.                  Applications, Application of Dynamic         the Capital Structure, Assessment of Debt
                                              Programming, Simulation Techniques and       Capacity; Dividend Decisions, Models of
104 Computers Applications in                                                              Dividend Policy, Legal Aspects of
Finance: Introduction to Computer                                                          Dividends; WCM; Financial Statement
Systems & it's Components; Networking         204 Human Resources Management:              Analysis.
Concepts -LAN, WAN, E-mail, Internet;         Basic Concepts of HRM; Employment
Storage Devices; Use of Excell Spread                                                      304 Corporate Tax Planning: Nature
                                              Function; Manpower Planning at the           and Scope of Corporate Taxation;
Sheets, Word Processing, DBMS,                Enterprise      Level;     Performance
Graphics; Use of Finance Application -                                                     Taxation for Property Business,
                                              Evaluation; Post Appraisal Actions; Wage     Individual, Partnership Firms; Corporate
Tally, Oracle Finance, SPSS, Stata, MS        and Salary Administration; Fringe
Excell; Managing Data Processing in                                                        Tax and Procedure; Assessment
                                              Benefits; Motivation; Morale in Work         Procedure; Gift Tax, Wealth Tax; Sales
Organisation; E-Commerce; E-Finance.          Group; Industrial Relations.                 Tax; Excise Duty; Custom Duties; Tax
105 Regulatory Framework of                                                                Planning Methods; Selection of
                                              205    Marketing       Management:           Appropriate Form of Organisation;
Business: Main provisions of : Indian         Marketing’s Role in Organisational           Corporate Tax Management through
Contracts Act 1872; Negotiable                Performance; Building Customer               Managerial Decision; Accounting
Instruments Act 1881; Companies Act           Satisfaction; Analysing Marketing            Precautions to maximise a Tax Relief; Tax
1956; Monopolies & Restrictive Trade          Opportunities; Marketing Information &       considerations & management.
Practices Act 1969; Consumer Protection       Measuring Market Demand; Customer
Act 1986; Securities & Exchange Board of      Markets and Buying Behaviour;                305 Management of Banking &
India Act 1992; Patents Act; Securities &     Developing Marketing Strategies ;            Financial Institutions: Mgt. of Funds,
Contracts Act 1956; Sick Industrial           Differentiating and Positioning the Market   Banking & Financial Inst. - Systems &
Companies Act 1985; Foreign Exchange          Offering; Developing New Products;           Framework, Organizational Structure;
Regulation Act.                               Managing Life-Cycle Strategies; Designing    International Banking, Depository
                                              Marketing Strategies for Market Leaders,     Institutions - FDIC, Jurisdiction and
106 Organisational Behaviour:                 Challengers, Followers and Nichers;          Regulatory framework; Risk Transfer &
Nature of Organisational Behaviour;                                                        Management - Interest Rate Risk,
Theories of Organisation Behaviour;           Managing Product Lines, Brands, and
                                              Packaging; Designing Pricing Strategies      Liquidity Risk, Credit Risk, Market Risk;
Organisational setting; Group dynamics                                                     Payment, Clearing and Settlement
and organisational behaviour; Conflict        and Programs; Selecting and Managing
                                              Marketing Channels; Market Logistics;        Systems; Banks Assets, Liabilities and
and intergroup behaviour; Motivation                                                       Financial Statements, Deposit and Liability
and       organisational     behaviour;       Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public
                                              Relations; Managing the Sales Force;         Management, Off-balance sheet Products
Communication and group decision                                                           - Inter-Bank Deposits & Transactions;
making; Leadership; Organisational            Direct and On-line Marketing; Organising,
                                              Implementing,        Evaluating       and    Financial Innovation; Financing; Basel
controls; Relevance of Organisational                                                      Accord; Crisis; Hedge Mgt.; Performance
Behaviour; Organisational Change,             Controlling Markets.
                                                                                           Evaluation. Asset Liability Management.
Change Process, Resistance to Change,
Management of Change; Organisational          206 Management Accounting &                  306 Personal Finance & Investment:
Development,         Approaches      to       Control: Managerial Accounting               Objectives of Financial Investment;
Organisational           Development,         Environment; Cost Flows and Concepts;        Personal Financial Planning; Investing
Organisational Development Process;           Structure and Analysis of Cost;              with low Risk; Aggressive Investestment;
Team Building; Org. Dynamics, Power &         Techniques of Costing; Cost-Volume-          Investments - Real Assets, Companies,
Politics; Org. Climate, Components of         Profit Analysis ; Standard Costing and       Commodities and Financial Markets;
Organisational      Climate;    Morale;       Variance Analysis; Budgeting & Budgetary     Institutional Investors & Invesment;
Organisational Culture & Sub-cultures;        Control; Inventory Planning & Control;       Family Business Investments; Markets for
Socialisation.                                Pricing Decisions.                           Securities; Security Returns and

Indian Institute of Finance
                                              MBF COURSE LISTINGS
Valuation; Risk Factors; Economic             of Business Policy; Environmental               Volatility; Options, Greek Hedging
Analysis; Industry Analysis; Company          Analysis; Analysis of Internal Resources;       Schemes; Application to Corporate
Analysis; Technical Analysis; Bond            Strategic Planning; Choice of Strategy;         Securities; Passage Time Method Real
Analysis; Market Systems & Dynamics.          Strategy Implementation; Review and             options; Structural Models of Defaultable
Personal Investment & Tax Planning;           Evaluation of Strategy.                         Bonds; Term structure of Interest rates;
Management of Board/Executive                                                                 Multifactor Models; Pricing of Term
Meetings.                                     502: Insurance Management & Risk                Structure Derivatives; Heath, Jarrow
                                              Analysis: Role & Importance of                  Morton Model of Forward rates; Optimal
401 Management Control System:                Insurance, Evolution of Actuaries,              portfolio & Consumption choice;
Meaning, Nature and Objectives of             Insurance in India, Role of IT and              Equilibrium model including CCAPM;
Management Control System; Systems            Intermediaries; Broker's Agency&                Derivative Trading; Insurance, Weather
Theory; Management & Financial Control;       Regulation; Measuring Insurance Risk,           & Energy Derivative.
Designing Control Process & Managerial        Loss Minimisation & Financial Planning;
Control; Strategic Management Control in      Life Insurance - Policies, Annuities,           601 Business Ethics & Corporate
Functional Areas - Production &               Measurement of Risk, Mortality Table,           Social Responsibility: Socio-Cultural-
Inventory Control, Marketing &                Calculation of Premium, Investment of           Economic Environment & Value Systems;
Distribution Control, Personnel Function,     Funds, Surrender Value; Marine                  Bhartiya Sanskriti, Class Structure,
Management Control in Service                 Insurance     -    Policies,  Premium           Demographic Profile, Life Styles; Political
Organisation and MNCs.                        Calculations, Settlement of Claims; Fire        Environment, & effects of Attitudes/
                                              Insurance - Policies, Rate Fixation; Re-        Preferences; Financial Environment &
402 Securities & Portfolio                    Insurance; Motor Insurance; Personal            Fiscal Systems; Ethics in Business; Business
Management: Basic Approaches to               Accident Insurance; Health Insurance;           Ethos; Governance in Family Businesses;
Portfolio Management ; Portfolio Theory ;     Rural Insurance in India; Regulatory            Good Governance; Corporate Social
Bond Management Strategies ; Portfolio        Framework in India - Insurance Act 1938,        Responsibility; Role of Administrative
Selection ; Portfolio Analysis ; Portfolio    Life Insurance Act 1956, Marine                 Systems; Governance, Corruption &
Management          and     Performance       Insurance Act 1963; Role of Insurance           Economic Performance; National
Measurements ; Portfolio Revision             Regulatory Authority; Comparative               Goverence; Governance, Ethics & CSR;
Techniques ; Management of Mutual             Analysis of Schemes & Policies.                 Regulatory & Societal Framework;
Funds ; Modifying Portfolio with
Derivatives; International Diversification.   503 New Financial Models & E-                   602 Management Information
403 Advanced Financial Analysis &             Finance: Fibre Bundles in Finance; Virtual      System & Control: Overview of MIS;
Risk: Capital Budgeting Decisions under       Arbitrage Pricing Theory; Dynamic,              Role of Information Systems in Managerial
Risk & Uncertainty - Mathematical             Volumes & Money Flows; Entrepreneurial          Decision Making; Managing & Control of
Programming Techniques, Linear                Finance; Venture Finance; Financial             Information Systems;           Artificial
Programming          Method,       Integer    Innovations; Derivative; Pricing Theories;      Intelligence & Expert Systems;
Programming Method, Goal Programming          E-Finance, E-Commerce & E-Business;             Technology & Information Systems; MIS
Model, Simulation, Fuzzy Goal                 Financial Price Simulation, Distribution        applications - ERP, SAP, RDBMS, EMS;
Programming Model, Stochastic Goal            Analysis, Cash Flow Maps, Optimization          Quality & Efficiency of Information;
Programming Model; New Financial              Techniques; Develop spreadsheets for            System Analysis & Design; TQM with MIS;
Instruments/Concepts; New Sources of          Pricing Exotic Options; Algorithmic             MIS in E-Business.
Finance; Shareholder Value Creation;          concepts and Dynamic Programming
Predicting Industrial Sickness- Using Ratio   Efficiency; Goal Programing & Stochastic        603 Global Financial System:
                                              Goal Programming Models.                        Financial Systems & Growth; Evolution of
Analysis, Altman’s Z score; Securitisation.                                                   Modern and Traditional International
404 Capital Markets & Financing:              504 Financial Engineering & Risk                Monetary and Financial System; Role of
Overview of Capital Markets; Dynamics         Management: Financial Engineering vs.           Financial Systems; Multinational Financial
of Capital Markets & its Evolution; Capital   Financial Analysis; Knowledge Base of the       System; International Markets; Movement
Market Instruments; Securities &              Financial Engineer - Mathematical &             of Finances in Electronic Age & Risk;
Exchange Board of India; International        statistical shills, Modelling skills, Product   Accounting & Tax Issues; Finance
Capital Markets; Secondary Markets;           knowledge, Knowledge of relevant                without Frontiers; Financial Systems of the
Management of Public Issues; Listing of       technology, Accounting, Tax and Legal;          Future.
Securities; Raising Funds in Overseas         Using Financial Engineering - Interest rate
Market; Foreign Investment                    dimension, Foreign Exchange dimension,          604 International Finance: Scope of
                                              Commodity price dimension, Tax                  International Finance, Balance of
405 Financial Services: Overview of           dimension, Pension Portfolio dimension,         Payment & Exchange Rate Determination;
Financial Services; Fund-based Financial      Analysing & Restructuring of the Balance        Foreign Exchange Market; Forward
Services - Lease Financing, Hire-Purchase     Sheet, Modelling a firm’s exposures;            Exchange Rates; Currency Futures;
Finance and Consumer Credit, Factoring        Product Development; Future Directions          Currency      Options;   International
and Forfaiting, Bill Discounting, Housing     in Financial Engineering; Legal protections     Investment; Exchange Rate Management;
Finance, Insurance Services, Venture          for innovative fin. products & services.        International Banking; Nature of Global
Capital Financing, Fees-based Financial                                                       Financial Market; Growth and Special
Services -Merchant Banking, Capital           505 Project Management, Appraisal               Problems of Multinational Corporations;
Issues Management, Stock Broking, Credit      & Control: Investment Decision Making           Financial Dimensions of International
Rating, Corporate Advisory Services;          - Basic Consideration: Risk and Return;         Trade; Multinational Working Capital
Regulatory issues                             Identification of Invt. Opportunities;          Management; Foreign Trade Financing.
                                              Market Appraisal; Technical Appraisal;
406 Business Valuation, Mergers &             Estimates and Projection; Financial             700 Project Work (Equivalent to 2
Acquisitions: Types and Motives of            Appraisal; Social Cost Benefit Analysis;        courses): With the objective of
Restructuring; Reasons for Corporate          PERT and CPM - Time and Resource                providing greater flair of corporate
Restructuring; Formulation of a Corporate     Planning; Project Review and Control -          experience, each participant is required
Restructuring Strategic Plan; Valuation -     Stop by Stop Procedure.                         in Semester VI, to be associated with a
Free Cash Flows Basis, Dividend Growth                                                        Corporate House and choose a practical
Basis, P/E basis; Sell-Offs; Divestitures;    506 Options, Futures & Financial                problem relevant to the Company. The
Spin-Offs; Equity Carveouts ; Leveraged       Derivatives: Forward Contracts, Futures         participant is expected to understand/
Buyouts; Master Limited Partnership;          Contracts, Options and Exotic Derivative        comprehend the problem, evaluate the
Accounting Aspects of Mergers;                products & types; Derivative History &          various options and then suggest feasible
Regulatory Environment in India ; SEBI        Evolution; Hedging with Options;                solutions for the same.
Takeover Code 1997; Relevant Provisions       Arbitrage with Options; Arbitrage and
of the Companies Act 1956 and other laws;     Pricing - Black-Scholes Options Pricing
Defense Mechanism; Negotiation Process.       Model, Binomial Model of Cox, Ross and
                                              Rubinstein, Economic Assumptions of
501 Corporate Strategy & Business             Continuos Time Model; Stochastic
Policy: Concept of Corporate Strategy;        Differential equilibrium; Brownian Motion
Mission, Objectives & Goals; Social Aspects   and ITO’s Lema; Historical & Implied

                                                                                                   Recruiter’s Guide

                         MBF 2009-11 Batch (Wave XV)

   Education Background                           Regional Background                         Summer Training

                 BCA BTM
                 3% 3%
           BBA                         Commerce
           14%                           28%                                      Banking                             34%

                                                       (41%)   North     Financial Services               21%

    7%                                                                    Hi tech/ Telecom    3%

                                                                             Manufacturing    3%

                                                       (21%)   Central      Other Services         7%

                                     Science           (17%)   East               P. S. U.                      31%
                                                       (21%)   West

1 . Our Vice-Chairman, Prof. Aman Agarwal
    honoured with the St. Emillion Brotherhood,    3                                                                   2
    Bordeaux, FRANCE (June 2007)
2 . Our Vice-Chairman at IFC 2007 in Tunisia to
    deliver Guest of Honour Address along with
    Keynote Address given by Prof. James
    Heckmann, Nobel Laureate, Prof. Harry
    Markowitz, Nobel Laureate, Prof. Georges
    gallais-Hamonno, President, French Finance
    Association, Secretary
    State    for    Higher
    Education of Tunisia      4                                                                                 1
    and Minister of Finance
    of Tunisia, Hammamet,
    TUNISIA. (March 07)
3 . Our    Vice-Chairman
    with MEP Paul Rubig,
    Member,     European
    Parliament, Brussel,
    BELGIUM (May2008).
4 . Signing of MOU with
    Szent Istvan University
    (SZIU),       Godollo,
    Hungary at IIF Delhi,
    INDIA (June 2005)

Indian Institute of Finance
             Abhishek Jain
             26 Years, B. E. (Electrical), University of Rajasthan
             Interest   : Banking; Project Management
             Internship : The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V.
             Experience : 14 Months (VertexPlus Softwares, )

                           Ankit Agrawal
                           23 Years, B. Com., University of Delhi
                           Interest   : Banking; Research
                           Internship : Export Credit Guarantee
                                        Corporation of India
                           Experience : NIL
             Aritra Basu
             24 Years, B. E. (Mechanical), Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki
             Interest   : Financial Engineering; Project Management
             Internship : N. T. P. C.
             Experience : NIL

                          Astha Bansal
                          23 Years, B. Sc. (Biology), University of Rajasthan
                          Interest     : Banking; Corporate Finance
                          Internship : Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam
                          Experience : NIL

             Bhambhani Mohit Chander
             24 Years, B. E. (E & C), Saurashtra University
             Interest   : Research; Risk Analysis
             Internship : Religare Securities
             Experience : 12 Months (Trivedi & Associates Technical
                          Services; Echjay Industries)

                          Bharati Buragohain
                          24 Years, B. Com., University of Delhi
                          Interest   : Banking (Microfinance); Insurance
                          Internship : Assam Gramin Vikash Bank
                          Experience : 7 Months (Convergys India)

             Deepak Kumar Singh
             25 Years, B. Sc. (Biotech), Bangalore University
             Interest   : Corporate Finance; Valuation
             Internship : G.A.I.L. India
             Experience : NIL

       (For MBF 2009-11 Batch Vitae. Please see enclosed CD or our Website at

                                                                    Recruiter’s Guide

      Dhananjoy Pandey
      26 Years, B. Com. (Hons.), Nagaland University
      Interest   : Banking; Derivatives
      Internship : India Infoline
      Experience : NIL

                    Gaurav Kumar Gupta
                    25 Years, B. E., Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki
                    Interest   : Project Mgmt.; Risk Analysis
                    Internship : B. H. E. L.
                    Experience : NIL

      Gursewak Singh
      29 Years, BCA, Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Univ.
      Interest   : Project Management; Banking
      Internship : UCO Bank
      Experience : NIL

                    Indu Prakash
                    26 Years, B. Sc. (Agri.), Banaras Hindu University
                    Interest     : Banking; Project Management
                    Internship : Wegmans Financial Services
                    Experience : NIL

      22 Years, B. Sc. (Biotech), Andhra University
      Interest   : Banking; Research
      Internship : Punjab National Bank
      Experience : NIL

                    Neha Singhal
                    23 Years, B. A. (Eco. Hons.), Banasthali Univ.
                    Interest   : Banking and Finance; Economics
                    Internship : Punjab National Bank
                    Experience : NIL

      Nidhi Choudhary
      22 Years, B. A. (Eco. Hons.), Banasthali University
      Interest   : Research; Banking and Finance
      Internship : Reserve Bank of India
      Experience : NIL

(For MBF 2009-11 Batch Vitae. Please see enclosed CD or our Website at

Indian Institute of Finance

              Nitin Kumar Sood
              23 Years, B. Com., Panjab University
              Interest   : Financial Planner, Portfolio Management
              Internship : India Infoline
              Experience : 12 Months (Jay Ambay Cement Store)

                           Pawan Arora
                           25 Years, B. E., Maharshi Dayanand University
                           Interest   : Corporate Finance; Financial
                           Internship : N. T. P. C.
                           Experience : NIL

              Piyush Nagpal
              23 Years, B. Com., Kurukshetra University
              Interest   : Banking; Risk Analysis
              Internship : SBI Mutual Funds
              Experience : NIL

                           Pragya Chaturvedi
                           24 Years, B. Com. (Hons.), University of Delhi
                           Interest   : Corporate Finance; Banking
                           Internship : N. T. P. C.
                           Experience : 28 Months (;
                                        Computer Sciences Corp.)

              Prasenjit Sutradhar
              24 Years, BBM (Finance), Bangalore University
              Interest   : Corporate Finance; Accounting
              Internship : Apollo Sindhoori Capital Investment
              Experience : NIL

                           Punit Kumar Gupta
                           23 Years, BBA (Foreign Trade), Devi
                                        Ahilya University
                           Interest   : Corporate Finance; Forex and
                           Internship : Sharekhan
                           Experience : NIL
              Rahisha Harlalka
              22 Years, B. Com. (Hons.), Patna University
              Interest   : Accounting; Banking
              Internship : Punjab National Bank
              Experience : NIL

       (For MBF 2009-11 Batch Vitae. Please see enclosed CD or our Website at

                                                                    Recruiter’s Guide

      Rahul Nigam
      25 Years, B. Tech., Uttar Pradesh Technical University
      Interest   : Banking; Valuations
      Internship : Reserve Bank of India
      Experience : 22 Months (Monteage Services; IBM)

                   Rajat Ranjan Yadav
                   24 Years, B. Sc., University of Lucknow
                   Interest   : Corporate Finance; Project Mgmt.
                   Internship : G .A. I. L.
                   Experience : NIL

      Richa Mishra
      22 Years, BTM, Madhya Pradesh Bhoj University
      Interest   : Banking; Project Management
      Internship : I. D. F. C.
      Experience : NIL

                   Shruti Hazari
                   22 Years, B. Com. (Hons.), Barkatullah
                   Interest   : Banking; Taxation
                   Internship : Electrotherm
                   Experience : NIL

      22 Years, BBA, University of Rajasthan
      Interest   : Banking; Derivatives
      Internship : Rajasthan Financial Corporation
      Experience : NIL

                   Vaishali Jain
                   23 Years, B. Sc. (Biotech), Jiwaji University
                   Interest   : Corporate Finance; Equity
                   Internship : ICICI Bank
                   Experience : NIL
      Varun Rastogi
      22 Years, BBA, (Banking & Insurance), Indraprastha
      Interest   : M&A; Project Management
      Internship : UNINOR
      Experience : NIL

(For MBF 2009-11 Batch Vitae. Please see enclosed CD or our Website at

                                                                                         Recruiter’s Guide
                    Yatharth Dadhich
                    23 Years, B. Sc. (Bio), Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati
                    Interest   : Banking; Portfolio Management
                    Internship : Union Bank of India
                    Experience : NIL

                   MBF 2010-12 Batch (Wave XVI)
                Seeking SUMMER INTERNSHIP from April, 2011
Name                                 Qualification University                                                  Age
Abhineet Jaiswal                     B. Tech. (Comp.) Uttar Pradesh Technical University                          24
Aditya T. Navale                     B.E.               Visveswaraiah Technological University                    29
Anuj Kumar                           BBA                G. G. S. Indraprastha University                          21
Anushri Singhania                    BBA                Mody Institute (Deemed University)                        22
Apoorv Kumar                         BBA                Manipal University                                        24
Dipti Joshi                          B. Com.            Kumaun University                                         20
Durgesh Ranjan                       B. Sc. (Bio-Tech.) T. M. Bhagalpur University                                22
Karan M. Dave                        BMS (Fin.)         University of Mumbai                                      22
Keshav Kumar Agarwal                 B. Com.            Bharati Vidyapeeth University                             21
Kritika Gupta                        B. Tech. (Comp.) Uttar Pradesh Technical University                          21
Lipika Deogharia                     B. Sc.             Ranchi University                                         23
Mudit Chandan                        B. Sc.             Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj Univ.                        22
Nikhil Raj                           B. Com.            Lucknow University                                        22
Pasumarthi Subrah Manyam             B. Sc.             Acharya Nagarjuna University                              20
Prabhat Ranjan Kumar                 B. Sc.             University of Agricultural Sciences                       25
Rakesh Prasad                        BBA                Ch. Charan Singh University                               24
Ravi Prakash                         BBA                Manipal University                                        23
Sandeep Singh                        B.Com              Maharshi Dayanand University                              22
Shikha Bajarh                        BBA                University of Jammu                                       22
Soumen Sarkar                        BCA                University of Burdwan                                     28
Sugandha Jaiswal                     BBM                Bangalore University                                      21
Sujata Sahariah                      B. Com.            University of Delhi                                       22
Varesh Mundel                        B.E.               University of Rajasthan                                   24
Vimalendu Vedatraya                  B. Tech.           Biju Patnaik University of Technology                     25
Anil Kumar                           B. A.              Kurukshetra University                                    25
Note: Employers are advised to undertake complete educational verification before acting on information provided above.

             (For MBF 2009-11 Batch Vitae. Please see enclosed CD or our Website at
Indian Institute of Finance

Recruitment Procedure                                                             Recruitment
      Details required in Response form can be emailed to
      We would request a small profile of your
organisation. Thereafter CDC would try to schedule your                      Registration Request
visit for pre placement presentation and campus recruit-                     - Corporate Dossier
                                                                             - Job Profile
ment as per your convenience.
                        On Campus
    You can choose your interview schedule i.e. open
                                                                       On Campus
    schedule or closed/invitational schedule. In open              (From November                 Recruitment
    schedule you can make an open offer to all the                    2010 to April   Off              Fairs
    students for final placement or internship interviews.                2011)                  - In November,
                                                                   - Pre Placement  Campus           January
    In closed /invitational schedules you can pre-select             Talk                           and March
    the candidates whom you would like to interview.               - Interviews
    IIF organizes various corporate gatherings thereby
    making students share the wisdom and enabling
    corporates to interact with the students.
    You can host a Company trek whereby you can invite                   Informal               Corporate
                                                                         Gathering                Visits
    students for an on-site visit of your esteemed organization.
                        Off Campus
    The majority of employers choose to interview
    students in our private, on-campus interview rooms.
    In case if you decide to interview IIF students at an                Choose your Interview Schedule
    off-campus location, please take into account the
    travel time required as students may have classes
    and kindly arrange for the traveling expenses if outside        Open Schedule            Closed Schedule
    Delhi and NCR region.
    It would be helpful for the CDC to know where you
    are in your recruitment process.
    Your input is critical to our success. At the conclusion          Students Available from April, 2011
    of the interview day, the recruiters are requested to
    provide confidential feedback on our students and
    our office which will be highly appreciated.                              Offer and Feed Back

Why Recruit from IIF
IIF students have been trained to enable to enhance the four factors DICE, inducing transformation
and adaptive capabilities to have more efficient organization system
D     The duration of time until the change program is
I     The project team’s performance integrity depends
      on members skills
C     The commitment to change that top management
      and employees affected by change display.
E     The effort over and above the usual work that the
      change initiative demands of employees.
                                                                   Source: Harvard Business Review October 2005

                                                                               Recruiter’s Guide

                               Recruitment Policies
      IIF has developed a set of policies and guidelines to which the Institute
   and the Recruiters should mutually agree. The shared commitment to these
   policies and guidelines, by both partners , provides the foundation for a fair
   and ethical recruiting process.
      IIF makes its programmes and activities available to organizations whose
   behavior and practices are consistent with the policies outlined below. Please
   become familiar with them and use them as a reference throughout the year.
          No-Missed-Class Policy                                     Missed Interviews
     IIF maintains a very strict no-missed-class           If a student fails to appear for a scheduled
policy. Students may not miss class for                interview, please inform CDC as soon as
interviews or interview-related travel.                possible. We reserve the right to revoke a
Scheduling events/travel that conflict with            student’s recruiting privileges in the event that
a student’s class schedule is a violation of           they miss more than one interview.
IIF recruiting policy.                                               Retracting Offers
                                                            Recruiters may not pursue a student who
            Extending Job Offers
                                                       has already accepted a job offer from another
     Please notify a student in writing of             organization, as this behavior can damage
the major elements of a job offer, including           relationships with students, other recruiters,
a start date or a range of dates (for                  and the Institute. Withdrawing job offers,
example, April 2011-June 2011), to avoid any           whether verbal or written, violates
misunderstandings. We ask students to notify           professional standards and IIF recruiting
companies of their decision as soon as possible,       policy. If you are considering retracting an
since their acceptance has implications on your        offer for whatever reason, please call our office
business.                                              immediately.

               Reneging Offers                                       Grade Disclosure
                                                           If you require transcripts, please notify
     Reneging on a job acceptance is a serious
                                                       the student in advance so he or she can
issue. If a student expresses concern with his         authorize release by the Institute’s
or her employment decision, we may be able             Examination Coordinator.
to help them fully evaluate the situation.
Reneges will be evaluated on a case-to-case                      Offer Consideration Time
basis. CDC reserves the right to revoke a                  Making an offer to a student represents a
student’s recruiting privileges in the event that      significant commitment by both the employer
they renege on a job acceptance.                       and the student. To balance the needs of both
                                                       students and employers, we request that the
       Equal Opportunity Statement                     students should be given at least 2 weeks time
                                                       to make a lifetime commitment.
      In accordance with IIF policy, the Institute
does not discriminate against any person on
                                                               Notify CDP of Any Concerns
the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation,
religion, age, national or ethnic origin, political         If occasionally, a participant in the
beliefs, marital status, veteran status, or            recruiting process violates specific rules or
handicap in admission to, access to, treatment         general standards of propriety. Then for
in, or employment in its programs and activities.      assistance regarding any incidents, please
Accordingly, the Institute makes its facilities        contact our office immediately.
available to recruiting organizations whose                   IIF reserves the right to modify its
practices are consistent with this policy.                 recruiting policies throughout the year.
Indian Institute of Finance

                         Recruitment Calendar
                         In December                   06   to   11
                         In January                    10   to   14
                         In February                   21   to   26
                         In March                      07   to   12

                   Frequently Asked Questions
What time of the year is your recruitment program?
    The post graduate recruitment program carries on from October to March. The
 summer training recruitments go from August through March. For specific dates in
 the current year please feel free to write to The Student Advisor : CDC
 will be your one-point contact on campus.
What are the various ways of recruiting students?
   Students can be recruited for:
    • A two-month Full Time Summer Internship
    • Live Projects
    • Entry Level Full Time Positions
    • Experienced / Lateral Positions
What time of the year is the summer internship?
    The academic schedule for the summer internship starts from the second-week of
 April till June end. The internship may last from a minimum of 8 weeks to a maximum
 of 10 weeks.
When will I receive my schedule(s) for interviews?
   A letter with your schedules will be emailed to you as soon as we receive your
 confirmation. We provide hard copies of the most current schedule and all resumes
 on your arrival at the institute
How can I get to know students?
   We recommend a variety of methods, including campus presentations or a Meet
 and Greet session supported by office hours, social events (e.g., lunch or dinner for
 specific audiences),partnering with student clubs (e.g., IIF Fraternity) and reaching
 out to students via email.
What information is essential to be provided in a PPT/Corporate Presentation or
   The information that students typically look for in corporate presentations is:
    • Profile of the Company
    • Job Profile (Projects in case of summer internships)
    • Company Salary / Stipend
What amenities are available for a presentation/recruitment process on campus?
    The campus is equipped with physical, communicational and computing
 infrastructure to facilitate a smooth recruitment process.
When can the student join the organisation after being selected?
    The students are allowed to join their job positions only after the completion of the
 course in April. However, in case the student has fulfilled the necessary attendence
 criteria he/she may be allowed to join earlier at the discretion of the Director.
                                                                                      Recruiter’s Guide

Focus: Placement, Summer Training & Sanghoshti (A Select Few )
BANKS                                                        HPL                      F1F9 India
ABN-AMRO Bank                 SEBI                                                    Genpact
                              NMCE                           MUTUAL FUNDS             Glaxo India
American Express
                              NCDEX                          Allianz Mutual Fund      Godfray Philips
ANZ Grindlays Bank
                              MCX                            Birla Capital AMC Ltd.   Goetz India Ltd.
Axis Bank
                                                             BOB Mutual Fund          Grasim Industries
Allahabad Bank                FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS         Canbank Mutual Fund      Great Eastern Shipping Co
Bank of America               Delhi Financial Corp.          GIC Asset Management     GVFL
Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait      EXIM Bank                      HDFC Mutual Fund         Hawkins
Bank of Maharashtra           GIC                            JM Mutual Fund           HCL
Bank of Nova Scotia           HDFC                           LIC Mutual Fund          Hoechst (India)
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi      HUDCO                          JM Morgan Stanley        Honda Siel
Banque Nationale de Paris     ICICI                          PNB Mutual Fund          Hewlett Packard
Bharat Overseas Bank          IDBI                           SBI Mutual Fund          ICI India
Catholic Syrian Bank          IFCI                           Taurus Mutual Fund       Indian Aluminium Co
Centurion Bank of Punjab      IIBI                           Templeton Mutual Fund    Infosys Technologies
Citibank                      IL&FS                          Unit Trust of India      Ingersoll-Rand
City Union Bank               LIC
Credit Lyonnais               Max New York Life Insurance    CORPORATES/MNCS          ITrust
Deutsche Bank                 NABARD                      ABB                         ITC Group
Dresdner Bank                 NHB                         ACC                         JCT Limited
Federal Bank                  PFC                         Adani Exports               Jindal Iron and Steel Co
Fuji Bank                                                 Alfa-Laval (India)          JK Corp
HDFC Bank                     AUDIT/CONSULTANCY FIRMS Almondz Securities              Karvy Global Services
Hongkong & Shanghai           A.F. Fergueson              Analec Infotech             Kirloskar Cummins
Banking Corp.                 BCG                         Apollo Tyres                Kodak
ICICI Banking Corp.           Career Dimenstion           Aptara                      Kotak Securities
IDBI Bank                     Chesterton Meghraj          Arvind Mills                KSB Pumps
INDUSIND Bank                 Deloitte Haskins & Sells    Ashok Leyland               LML
Karnataka Bank                Ernst & Young               Asian Hotels                Lakme
Karur Vysya Bank              Lovelock & Lewis            Asian Paints                Larsen & Toubro
Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd.       Mckinsey & Co.              Bata                        LNJ Bhilwara
Mashreq Bank                  PWC                         Bajaj Auto                  Lupin Laboratories
Nagpur Nagrik Sahakari Bank   Richard Ellis               Ballarpur Inds              Markit
Nedungadi Bank                S.B. Billimoria             Bausch & Lomb India         Mahindra & Mahindra
Punjab National Bank          Sharp & Tannan              Bayer (India)               Marico Industries
Sanwa Bank                    S.R. Batliboi & Co.         Bennette & Coleman          Morepen Laboratories
Scotia Bank                   TCS                         Bharat Forge                Motorola
Standard Chartered Bank       The Smart Cube              Bharti Telecom              NAM Securities Ltd.
State Bank of India           Tourism Fin. Corp. of India Birla Corp.                 Nagarjuna Ferts. & Chem.
Times Bank                                                Bombay Dyeing & Mfg. Co     Nerolac Paints
                              NBFCs                                                   Nestle India
INVESTMENT BANKS              The Associates              BPL
                                                          Britannia Industries        Nicholas Piramal
Crosby Securities             Bajaj Auto Finance                                      Novartis Industries
DSP Merrill Lynch             Bajaj Capital               Burroughs Wellcome
                                                          Canon                       Orchid Chemicals
ENAM Financial Consultants Birla Global Finance Ltd.                                  Oswal Chem. & Ferts.
GE Caps                       Blend Finance               Cadbury India
                                                          Cadila Pharmaceutical       Parke-Davis (India)
ICICI Securities              Ceat Finance                                            Pepsico
IDBI Capital Market Services Cholamandalam Finance        Capital IQ
                                                          Carrier Aircon              Pfizer
IFCI Financial Services       Consortium Finance                                      Philips India
Jardine Fleming               Escorts Finance             Castrol India
                                                          Century Enka                Pidilite Industries
J.M. Financial & Investments First Leasing                                            Procter & Gamble
J P Morgan                    India Lease Dev.            Chambal Fert. & Chemicals
                                                          CIPLA                       Raymond Synthetics
Kotak Mahindra Capital Co. Kotak Mahindra Finance                                     Reliance Industries
Peregrine Capital             Lazard Credit Capital       CMIE
                                                          CocaCola                    Reliance Capital
PNB Capital Services          Motor & Gen. Finance                                    Reliance Life Insurance
SBI Capital Market            Nicco Uco Finance           Colgate-Pamolive
                                                          Copal Partners              Reliance Money
Bajaj Capital Ltd.            Peerlesss                                               Satyam Computers
                              R.R. Finance                Crompton Greaves
CREDIT RATING AGENCIES Sundaram Finance                   Dabur India                 S K F Bearings India
Fitch Ratings                                             DSCL                        Tata Chemicals
                              SBI Home Finance                                        TELCO
CARE                          Tata Finance                Digital Equipments
CRISIL                                                    DLF                         TISCO
                              Zuari Leasing & Fin. Co.                                Titan Industries
Duff & Phelps                                             Dr. Reddys Laboratories
ONICRA                        PSU's                       Duncans Industries          Transparant Value
SMERA                         BHEL                        Dynamic Orbit               TVS-Suzuki
                              EIL                         East India Hotels           United Phosphorus
S TOCK E XCHANGE            & IOC                                                     Usha Ispat
                                                          EID-Parry (India)
   REGULATORY BODIES          NALCO                       Escorts                     Videocon Group
BSE                           NTPC                        Essar Steel                 Voltas
DSE                           NHPC                        Evalue Serve                Wipro
IRA                           Powergrid Corporation Ltd. Exide Industries             Wockhardt
OTCEI                         ONGC                                                    Wrigley India
                                                          Finolex Cables              Zee Telefilms
NSE                           SAIL                        Flex Industries             Zuari Agro Chemicals

                                     Response Form
for Final Placement/Internship Interviews (Please mark your selection on the reverse page)
 We invite you to kindly send us the following information to facilitate your recruitment process.
                                                   Organisational Information
Organisation Name      : _________________________________________________________
Contact Person         : _________________________________________________________
Designation            : _________________________________________________________
Address                : _________________________________________________________
Telephone              : _________________________________________________________
Fax                    : _________________________________________________________
Email                  : _______________________________Website :              _________________
Please also enclose a brief information broucher/profile about the Organization
                    Job Profile                                   Purpose of Visit
Job Title              :   ___________________                 Final Placement
Job Function           :   ___________________                 Summer Training
Number of Openings     :   ___________________                 Live Project
Location               :   ___________________                      Target Audience
Divison                :   ___________________                 Ist Years Only
Brief Description      :   ___________________                 2nd Years Only
Salary       During Training    On Confirmation                Both Classes
                                                               Selected Students
                                                            Estimated Students Attendance
HRA                                                            10-20
                                       Signature               60-70
On Campus Placements :
Kindly Choose             Kindly Choose Either      Campus Visit shall include     Support Facilities
The Dates of Visit:-      Morning Presentations        Pre-Placement Talk          Required
                                                       Personality/Aptitude Test      LCD Projector
1st Choice    -----------    10 A.M. Onwards           Group Discussion               OHP
2nd Choice    ----------- After Lunch Presentations    Interview                      TV
3rd Choice    -----------    2 P.M. Onwards            Others --------------------    Others ----------
                                                    (Please Specify)               (Please Specify)
Off Campus Placement :
   Will accommodation be provided ?                                          Yes                No
   Any consideration to candidates with prior work experience ?              Yes                No
   Would you like to give Pre-Placement Talk ( PPT ) ?                       Yes                No
   Intended dates of visit for
   PPT/ Campus Recruitment :
Kindly courier/fax /email /this information to :
                     Student Advisor, Career Development Center (CDC)
                     INDIAN INSTITUTE OF FINANCE
           A-10, Sector 83, Noida - 201305, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
            Phone : 0091-120-4340444; 2449041; 2936445, Email :
                                    Website :
Indian Institute of Finance
                          Final Placement Candidates
Abhishek Jain                 Indu Prakash               Rahisha Harlalka
Ankit Agrawal                 Madhulika                  Rahul Nigam
Aritra Basu                   Neha Singhal               Rajat Ranjan Yadav
Astha Bansal                  Nidhi Choudhary            Richa Mishra
Bhambhani Mohit Chander       Nitin Kumar Sood           Shruti Hazari
Bharati Buragohain            Pawan Arora                Suman
Deepak Kumar Singh            Piyush Nagpal              Vaishali Jain
Dhananjoy Pandey              Pragya Chaturvedi          Varun Rastogi
Gaurav Kumar Gupta            Prasenjit Sutradhar        Yatharth Dadhich
Gursewak Singh                Punit Kumar Gupta

                       Summer Internship Candidates
Abhineet Jaiswal              Kritika Gupta              Shikha Bajarh
Aditya T. Navale              Lipika Deogharia           Soumen Sarkar
Anuj Kumar                    Mudit Chandan              Sugandha Jaiswal
Anushri Singhania             Nikhil Raj                 Sujata Sahariah
Apoorv Kumar                  Pasumarthi Subrah Manyam   Varesh Mundel
Dipti Joshi                   Prabhat Ranjan Kumar       Vimalendu Vedatraya
Durgesh Ranjan                Rakesh Prasad              Anil Kumar
Karan M. Dave                 Ravi Prakash
Keshav Kumar Agarwal          Sandeep Singh

                          Important Web Links
                                   The Institute
    The Institute  
    Chairman & Director
    Admission Notice 2010
    IIF in Press   
    Finance India  

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