Date September 11_ 2006 Dubai Holiday Rentals is a property by cuiliqing


									                                                                      Date: September 11, 2006

Dubai Holiday Rentals is a property management company specializing in short term holiday lets
in Dubai, due to time constraints we found that we simply did not have the time or knowledge to
handle our own SEO. We found eBrandz by a Google search, they where chosen initially as they
ranked high in the search and there response and attitude were first class.

We selected eBrandz as they were fastest to respond to our questions and enquiries, customer
Service is the most important thing any company can offer.

We did not have any concerns signing up with eBrandz.

eBrandz team was always prompt in replying to our questions and followed the time schedule
given to us. One important thing we noticed was that their answers were always factual and not
misleading in any way.

Soon we started seeing improvements in all search engines apart from Google, but we
understand that it takes time with Google. We have already seen a steady increase in business
over the last one year.

We would definitely recommend eBrandz to other companies.

Lorna Mair
Dubai Vacation Villas.


                                  PO Box 47080 Abu Dhabi
                              Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi - AD47080
                                    United Arab Emirates
                                         Lorna Mair

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