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Congregation Shomrei Torah Membership Application


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									                 SHOMREI TORAH
                                      19-10 Morlot Avenue
                                      Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
                             web site: http://www.shomrei-torah.org/

                              MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
The OBJECTIVE of Shomrei Torah is to maintain an Orthodox Synagogue in conformance with
the teachings of the written and oral Law of the Torah as expounded in the Shulchan Aruch and
to provide a religious, cultural, social and educational center in order to perpetuate the tenets of
Orthodox Judaism. It is also our objective to participate in worthy activities of benefit to the
Jewish people. By doing these things it is our belief that we promote the welfare of the
membership and harmony among all Jews.

Privileges of membership include: multiple daily, Shabbat and Yom Tov minyanim, daily
shiurim (day and evening for men, women and combined), daily daf yomi, discounted rates for
High Holiday seats and room rental in the synagogue, regular communication (phone squad,
e-mail, weekly bulletin, monthly calendar, Hashomer publication), Chevra Kadisha, Shiva
committee (house preparation, meals and minyanim in shiva home), eligibility to purchase
cemetery plots in Shomrei Torah’s section of Cedar Park Cemetery, Chesed committee (meals
for new birth families, hospitality to new families, visitation to elderly and ill or infirm), ritual
committee (preferences bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, aliyahs, yahrzeits), voting privileges at any
general membership meeting, invitation to attend Board of Director meetings, eligibility to serve
on the Board of Directors, Leah Sokoloff Nursery School registration priority, Youth programs
(Bnei Akiva, NCSY, Shabbat youth minyan, Shabbat groups).

We invite all members to join and share in our Mens’ Club and Sisterhood activities.

In addition, Shomrei Torah is the major contributor and supporter of our community’s Eruv and

I/We hereby apply for membership in Shomrei Torah – Orthodox Congregation of Fair Lawn.
I/We agree that, if elected to membership, I / we will abide by the constitution, by-laws and other
rules and regulations. I/We will pay membership fees and assessments as determined by the
Board of Directors.

                                  Family Name (Please print in English)

Signature                                                                 Signature

Date                                                                      Date
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                  SHOMREI TORAH
                                     MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION


Home Address                                                        City, State, Zip

Home Phone                                                          Mailing Address (If different from home address)

Marriage Date                    City, State, Country of Marriage                      Rabbi who officiated Marriage

Previous congregational affiliation (Name of congregation, City, State, Country)

                   First Adult                                                         Second Adult

Name: Title (Dr., Rabbi, Mr., Mrs., etc.) First and Last            Name: Title (Dr., Rabbi, Mr., Mrs., etc.) First and Last

Primary e-mail Address                                              Primary e-mail Address

Occupation                                                          Occupation

Employer                                                            Employer

Business Street Address                                             Business Street Address

Business City, State, Zip                                           Business City, State, Zip

Business Phone                                                      Business Phone

Hebrew Name (Use English or Hebrew letters)                         Hebrew Name (Use English or Hebrew letters)
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               SHOMREI TORAH
                     MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION


   English Name      Hebrew Name       Birthday             School Attending            Grade

  Name of Deceased   Relationship of              English                      Hebrew
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                SHOMREI TORAH
                              FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS

                               July 1, 2009 –June 30, 2010

Family membership (annual)……………$950 (as listed below)
       First year…………………………$240
       Second year………………………$450
       Third year ………………………..$950

Individual membership (annual)…...……$475 (as described below)
       First year…………………………$120
       Second year………………………$225
       Third year………………………...$475

Membership fees are posted in July. First ½ is due by December 31st and remainder is due by
June 30th or payments can be made in 12 equal monthly installments.

Building Fund……………....……$1,700 - payable in 5 annual installments ($340 per year). *
Building fund charges are posted in November and due before the end of June of that fiscal
year. (Fiscal year is July to June.)
*Building fund is deferred until 2nd year of membership.

High Holiday seats are not included in above fees.

All members must be in good standing to receive High Holiday seats and other synagogue
services (Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Rentals, Honors, etc.).

No one will be denied membership due to financial difficulties. Please contact the President or
Rabbi to make special arrangements. All communications will be confidential and arrangements
will be made in a sensitive manner.
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                     Shomrei Torah Volunteer Registry

Listed below are different areas in which Shul volunteers are active.
Please check all that apply to you. Rest assured that this information will be used only by Shul
committee chair-people, and only for recruiting purposes.

Please have every post bar/bat mitzvah individual in your household complete a form.


1.      Do you have any volunteer experience in which you helped run a project?
            Chair a fundraiser                           Host a parlor meeting
            Organize a lecture or other cultural/education program

2.      Do you have any computer skills?
            Website mastering                            Software development
            Using a spreadsheet                          Database management
            Designing flyers/desktop publishing

3.      Do you have any managerial/supervisory work experience?
            Direct supervision of others            Management of a department
            Executive position

4.      Do you have equipment that could be used in a project?
            Carpentry/construction tools               Van or truck for transporting items
            Household appliances (e.g. refrigerator)

5.      What sort of physical labor would you be willing to do?
           Building a succah                           Setting up tables and chairs
           Moving chairs/other light equipment

6.      What sports do you enjoy that you would like to play, watch or teach others, especially
            I enjoy playing
            I would like to see a professional game of
            I could see myself teaching
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7.    What type of ”general assistance” could you do for projects and events?
         Collecting money at the door                 Setting up for functions
         Staffing tables                              Shopping for supplies (food, etc.)
         Driving routes for projects (e.g. mishloach manot, honey bears, Chanukak candles)

8.    What business skills do you have?
      Making phone calls:                        Marketing skills:
         For collecting money due                    Designing flyers/posters
         For recruiting help                         Publicity/press releases
         For soliciting attendance at upcoming events

9.    Do you have professional expertise in a particular field of knowledge?
          Legal               Financial               Medical               Engineering
          Computer            Educational             Psychological/Organizational

10.   Do you have any teaching experience?
      General:                Adult                Jewish:                   Adult
                              Teen                                           Teen
                              Grade School                                   Grade School
                              Early childhood                                Early childhood

11.   Do you have any artistic talent that you can share by teaching or providing an
          Fine arts (e.g., painting, drawing, sculpture)   Decorations/centerpieces
          Music                   Dance                    Acting            Literature
          Graphic arts            Photography/videos

12.   Would you be interested in working with youth?
      Age group:      Teen                Grade school                        Early childhood
      Capacity:       Teaching             Demonstrating an art/talent        Administration

13.   Would you be interested in working with seniors?
      Capacity:       Teaching             Simply visiting to keep company
                      Helping with chores (e.g., delivering meals)
                      Monthly senior program

14.   How would you like to get involved in any political activities on behalf of Jewish
          Attending a rally/parade                       Making signs/flyers
          Writing letters/e-mails to a political representative
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15.   Which Chesed activities would you like to get involved with?
         Visiting the sick                            Driving people to the doctor’s office
         Helping set up a shiva house                 Delivering meals to the homebound
         Hosting out-of-town guests

16.   What learning activities would you like to concentrate in?
         Presenting a shiur or lecture                Writing and delivering a Dvar Torah
         Learning Gemorrah                            Learning practical halachah
         Making prayer more meaningful

17.   How could you see yourself helping the kiruv efforts of your fellow congregants?
         Teaching a class on an introductory topic
         Becoming a chevrusa with somebody just starting to learn
         Running a “support group” for people being introduced to Orthodoxy
         Attending a support group for people being introduced to Orthodoxy

18.   Which Jewish issues concern you?
         Security of Israel                          Anti-Semitism, local and worldwide
         Education of children                       Reaching out to unaffiliated Jews
         Care of seniors
         Divisiveness among religious and political denominations

Please mail completed application and check to:

Shomrei Torah
Membership Committee
P.O. Box 2793
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

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