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Slide 1 - School of Public Health and Health Professions


									School of Public Health
and Health Professions
           Annual Meeting
  [keep the wrapper on your fortune
cookie—it may have a winning number]
Dr. Lynn Kozlowski,

      School of Public Health
      and Health Professions
Best wishes to our new leaders
   Satish K. Tripathi, Ph.D.
     15th President of UB
--conferring degrees for SPHHP
Harvey G. Stenger Jr, Ph.D.
     Interim Provost
             Three Broad Goals

Get more connected

Get better               Getting our
                         message out

Get to it
  – Since June, 2010, from 93 to 487 who Like us.

  —new windows on to students and faculty and
Communications Standing Committee
Your Department Representatives:
•   Biostatistics: Chris Andrews
•   CHHB: Barb Sen
•   ENS: Mary Dedrick
•   RS: Michele Youakim
•   SPM: Marcia Wopperer
• The rest of the team:
    April Whitehead, Keith Conroy, Jillian Reading,
    Michael Anton Sciortino (Chair), Joe Mantione (AHC Rep), Phil
    Smith (Graduate Student Rep)
  Keep department reps informed!
• Reps will contact Michael Anton Sciortino
• Pam Sturtz, in RAS, will help get some stories
  out to facebook and newsletters.
           Take action yourself
• For example, if you see a student get an
  award, take a cell phone picture and send a
  sentence or two to your rep or to Michael, to
  get the story on facebook.
• Like us on facebook.
     Emergency Response Team
The Emergency Response Team is charged
  with coordinating efforts to maintain a safe
  and secure learning and work environment.
  The School’s team helps to prepare the
  school for emergency situations arising from
  fire, weather, violence or aggression, or any
  other emergency (including first response for
  physical or mental health emergencies).

              Financial Items
• Permanent State Budget Reductions:
  – $285,000 F/Y 2009-10 Mid-Year Reduction
  – $320,000 F/Y 2010-11 Additional Cut

  – 5% of our overall State Operating Budget
  – Additional 5% cut is projected for F/Y 2011-
• $35 million to each major campus: UB,
  Binghamton, Albany, Stony Brook.
  – May be largely in capital funds??
  – May go here mostly to moving medical school
• Financial context: a loss to UB of about $65
  million, including 2011-2012.
• Many questions remain about tuition and
  other financial issues for UB

• Raising funds remains crucial
• Communication and coordination with
  John Crawford and the Dean’s Office is
• 5th & 6th floor Kimball completed
• 7th floor Kimball completed
  – Biostatistics moved from Farber in December 2010
• 8th floor of Kimball completed
• 9th floor of Kimball complete by end of May
• North, West, and East sides of Kimball
          Space Improvements
• In the planning and design phase of moving ENS
  classroom/lab (Diefendorf Annex Room 9) to
  Farber Hall rooms 177, 178, 180. Anticipated
  completion – Spring 2012.
• SPHHP research space being renovated in Farber.
• Working with SPM on reorganization of space in
• Working with Capital Planning on classroom space
                Space -Cont’d
• Continuing work with University Facilities on
  relocating SPHHP space in Diefendorf Annex.
• Completing the Research Foundation space
  – Identification of SPHHP space is used with or in
    conjunction with RF grants to calculate a Federal
    indirect recovery rate that creates a revenue stream
    to UB that amounts to $50-70 million dollars.
            New Faculty
• Elizabeth Gage, Assistant Professor, CHHB

• Xuefeng Ren, Assistant Professor, SPM

• Todd Rideout, Assistant Professor, ENS

• David Williamson, Assistant Professor, ENS
New Academic Support Staff
 • Jillian Reading, Academic Advisor, Office of
         Academic and Student Affairs
 • Shira Schwartz, Keyboard Specialist 1,
        Rehabilitation Science
 • Eric Stimson, Systems Analyst
         Information Technology Services
 • Pam Sturtz, Sr. Staff Assistant, Office of
   Research Administrative Services
 • Jillian Szafranski, Staff Assistant,
         Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
       UB Service/Recognition

10-years of Service at UB
  •   Mary Dedrick
  •   Tracey Gawron
  •   Cassandra Hoebbel
  •   Theresa Rose
  •   Michael Anton Sciortino
      UB Service/Recognition

20-years of Service at UB
  • James Lenker
SPHHP Outstanding Leadership
Marcia A. Wopperer
  Social and Preventive Medicine
 SPHHP Outstanding Junior
   Researcher of the Year
Jennifer L. Temple
     Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
SPHHP Outstanding Senior
  Researcher of the Year
Alan Hutson
     SPHHP Dean’s Award for
       Community Service
William L. Scheider, Social and Preventive
        SPHHP Dean’s Award
R. Lorraine Collins
      Community Health and Health Behavior
        UB Awards to Faculty
Later in the program, we will be announcing
other major UB level awards won by our
            --Speaking of awards—

1) The random-number “drawing” for the 10
   winning numbers today.
2) Pick one T-shirt as a parting gift today.
Faculty Council SPHHP

      Jennifer Temple, President
              2010 - 2011
    SPHHP - Faculty Council Members

• Steve Bauer (RS)          • Jeff Miecznikowski (BS)
• Harold Burton (ENS)       • Amy Millen (SPM)
• Richard Donahue (SPM)     • Heather Orom (CHHB)
• Elizabeth Gage (CHHB)     • Jennifer Temple
• Jim Lenker (secretary -     (president – ENS)
  RS)                       • Scott White (ex officio)
• Terry Mashtare (BS)
   Faculty Council Purpose/Mission
• Facilitate success for faculty in all aspects
  of their University roles
• Represent faculty at the school
  administrative level
• Build connections across the school for
  faculty and staff
• Serve as a channel for communicating
  information, ideas, concerns from faculty
  to school-level administration
Faculty Council Activities 2010-2011
• Get connected
 • Social event at the UB Center of Excellence
 • Coffee socials

• Get Better
 • Teaching effectiveness forum with Jason Adsit in the fall
 • Workshop for pre-tenure faculty on dossier building

• Get to It
 • Working to improve attendance by having a designated
   day each semester devoted to faculty council events.
   Consideration for Future Faculty
           Council Events
   Mentoring

   Post-award management

   Work/life balance

***We welcome feedback from the faculty for
   ideas about topics of interest.
UB SPHHP Senate Representative

          John Wilson, Ph.D.
   Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
           Senate Representative
Faculty Senate Executive Committee Agenda
  •   Minutes Approval
  •   Report of Chair (Bob Hoeing)
  •   Report of President/Provost
  •   Main Agenda Items
  •   Old/New Business
  •   Executive session (if needed)

Minutes at:
           Senate Representative
Examples of Agenda Items
• Resolution opposing the proposed nomination of an
  Interim President
• Nominations for presidential search committee
• Grading Committee’s report on Academic Standing
• Academic Planning Committee’s report on dissolution
  of Dept of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
• Academic Planning Committee’s report on
  Transnational Studies
• SUNY Senators’ Report on Spring Plenary (Articulation
  & Transfer)
            Senate Representative
• John Ho (Dean, Graduate School) & Mick Thompson
  (Executive Director, Graduate School) report on a
• Alexander Cartwright (Interim VP) & Betty Smith
  (Assistant VP for Administration/Planning) on VP
  Research Office
• Scott Weber (Vice Provost & Dean, Undergrad Education)
  on “4 year graduation guarantee”
• Michael Glick Dean, School of Dental Medicine
• Richard Cohen Director, Institute of Jewish Thought &
           Senate Representative
• Reports on Student Association (Nischal Vasant),
  Teaching & Learning Center (Jason Adsit), Campus
  Dining & Shops, WBFO
• Prof Uriel Halbreich’s proposal to merge Buffalo’s
  SUNY campuses

      John is completing term
      Who will put their name up for election to serve
      on FSEC?
  Academic and Student Affairs

Dale Fish, PT, Ph.D.
Glen E Gresham Visiting Professorship
• Transferred to SPHHP/Rehab Science
   – (from SMBS/Rehab Medicine)
• Initial event is this Friday
   – May 6, 1:30 pm, 105 Harriman Hall

Alan M. Jette, PT, MPH, Ph.D.
 "Issues in Rehabilitation Science and Disability:
        Implications for the Public's Health"
CEPH Accreditation Achieved: October, 2009
This fall we will submit an interim report to CEPH:
• Advanced courses added to MPH environmental health
• Steps to improve graduation rates (C2.7)
• Students in ‘other professional degrees’ are grounded in
  PH (C2.8)
• Students in ‘other’ academic degrees receive a broad
  introduction to PH and intro to Epi (C2.9)
• Provide CE targeted to needs of PH workforce (C3.3)
• Attempt to enhance faculty/staff diversity (C4.3)
Student Admissions (SOPHAS Round 1)

      Apps 2010   Apps 2011   % Change Offers 2010 Offers 2011   % Change
SPHHP 425         534         26        152         230          51*

MPH   77          117         52        14          57           307
            CoursEval Procedures
• SPHHP response rates have increased:
  – Fall 2008: 47% (2789/5952)
  – Fall 2009: 43% (2279/5342)
  – Fall 2010: 79% (4618/6323)
• Evaluation of outcomes by Chairs/Dean
• Faculty assistance at the TLC
• Mid-semester feedback from students is
  encouraged (with or without use of
        Presidential Fellowships
• Three awarded to SPHHP this year
  – For new PhD students
  – $4,000 added to departmental offer
  – Renewable annually for up to 4 years
• SPHHP’s current total = 6 Fellows
• SPHHP’s overall total = 14 Fellows funded
 Commencement & Alumni Surveys
• Previously, Commencement Surveys were on
  paper, completed in robing area
• This year:
  – Email alert sent by Dean
  – Email alert sent by Program Director
  – Email with link to Vovici online survey
  – Survey in robing area for non-responders
  – Follow up surveys 6-12 months after graduation
Associate Dean for Community
Relations and Clinical Affairs
           Michael F. Noe, MD, MPH
Director, Office of Public Health
           Donald Rowe, Ph.D.
     It was a very good year...........
            For reaching out,
           For reaching higher,
         For reaching others in:
     New relationships
Evolving relationships
     Relevant service
Education and training programs
               EMPIRE STATE PHTC
Partnership with the Albany SPH
  • Funded by HRSA
  • $3.5 million over five years
Co-principal Investigator: Donald Rowe
Co-Investigators: Michael Noe, Paul Wietig
• Other Partners:
  •   NYS Nurses Association
  •   WNY Public Health Alliance
  •   NYS Association of County Health Officials
             EMPIRE STATE PHTC
• GIS & Community Health, Buffalo, May 3, 2011
• Foundations of GIS, Buffalo, July 1, 2011
• Vaccinology (Webcast), Albany, June 16, 2011
• Public Health Management Coaching Session, Albany,
  June, 2011
• Excel for Public Health Practitioners, Buffalo, July,
• Grant Writing for Public Health, Buffalo, August, 2011
Community Health Worker Movement
  • Modeled on program in NYC, Columbia SPH
  • Participation in planning functions
  • Developing role in establishing a Certificate Program
Center for Industrial Effectiveness, UB School of
  • Implementation of Six Sigma Quality
  • Improvement training for Preventive Medicine residents
  • Foundation for offering to all interested MPH students
Kaleida Health System Community Health Program
  • Community-based education on cardiac disease risk factors
  • Participation in Train- the -Trainer Program
• Psycho-educational Program for Family Caregivers
• Course delivered to over 900 caregivers to date
• Partnership with Erie County Caregiver Coalition and
  Erie County Department of Senior Services
• Participation in planning and delivery of Class Leader
  training for minority groups this year
Preventive Medicine Residency Program
• Achieved full five year accreditation (maximum
• Major health care QI projects in BGH Ambulatory
  Care Center and Hertel-Elmwood Primary Care
• MMWR Club
• Fireside Chats
• OPHP Sponsored Seminars
• Workshops
         Educational Outreach
Expanded access to Foundations of Public
Health curriculum to:
  •   Local Health Departments
  •   The NYS Department of Health, WRO
  •   WNY Public Health Alliance, Inc.
  •   UB Family Medicine
  •   Albany School of Public Health
  •   Community Health Worker Program
•   SUNY, Brockport
•   Canisius College
•   Cornell University
•   Niagara University
•   Roberts Wesleyan College
•   Medaille College
•   SUNY, Fredonia
•   Genesee Community College
              Active Collaborations
• WNYPHA/ Eight county health departments,
  consolidation of services committee
• Tonawanda Seneca Nation, PHTC grant
• County Health Departments
   •   PHTC activities
   •   GIS training
   •   Public Health applications of EXCEL
   •   Grant Writing
• NYS Association for Rural Health, Representative to
  NRHA annual conference
• Rural AHEC, PHTC collaboration for distance learning
Celebrating Research Excellence
       R. Lorraine Collins, Ph.D.
      Associate Dean for Research
         Trend: FYs 08-11 Expenditures






              '07/08   '08//09   '09/10   '10/11

                   Expenditures ‘10/11 – Estimated
Accomplishments of our Assistant Professors
       James Lenker, Ph.D., OTR/L, ATP. Rehabilitation Science
       Co-PI of Center grant from NIDRR/Dept of Education,
       Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Universal Design in the
       Built Environment
                             Lina Mu, MD, Ph.D. Social and Preventive Medicine
                             PI of R01 from NIEHS/NIH, Biological Response to
                             Air Quality Change in Beijing Pre-, Mid- and Post

         Heather Orom, Ph.D. Community Health and Health Behavior
          PI of R01 from NCI/NIH, Race Prostate Cancer Treatment, and
         Treatment Decision Difficulty and Regret

                            Jennifer Temple, Ph.D. Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
                             PI of R01 from NIDA/NIH, Gender Differences in
                            Responses to Caffeine in Children and Adolescents
Faculty Awards & Recognition

Jennifer Temple, Ph.D. Exercise & Nutrition
 A UB Exceptional Scholar – Young
  Investigator Award Recipient, 2011.
  The work must have garnered public and/or
  professional accolades beyond the norm for other
  bodies of work in the identified genre. Evidence of
  exceptional scholarship could also come from a
  sustained record of tier one publications or other
  scholarly/artistic endeavors over a 2-3 year period.
                              New and Continuing Centers
                        Randy Carter, Ph.D. Biostatistics
                        Director, Population Health Observatory

                                                       Donald Rowe, Ph.D. Office of Public Health Practice
                                                       & Dean’s Office
                                                       Director, UB component of the Empire State Public
                                                       Health Training Center

John Stone, Ph.D. Rehabilitation Science & Dean’s
Director, Center for International Rehabilitation
Information and Exchange (CIRRIE)

                      Jean Wactawski-Wende, Ph.D. Social and Preventive
                      Director, Women’s Health Initiative - Northeast Region
     Research Administrative Services
• Monthly requests for planned grant submissions
  – Face-to-Face meetings with all PIs
• Solicitation of feedback on satisfaction with RAS
  – Anonymous and revised evaluation forms: PI → Associate
• Meetings with departmental administrative staff
• External review of application drafts
               The RAS Newsletter

•   In the News
•   Grant Clinic
•   NIH Funding Opportunities
•   Funding Opportunities
     – Foundations
            What You Can Do
• Read the RAS Newsletter
• Respond to monthly requests to inform RAS
  staff about upcoming submissions
• Think about collaboration
• Give yourself time to create a competitive
• Have your application reviewed by an expert
Faculty Affairs

    Scott C. White, Ph.D.
        Promotion and Tenure
Assistant Professor → Associate Professor

  Changxing Ma, Biostatistics
        Promotion and Tenure

• Minor bylaw changes in voting procedures for
  promotion and tenure cases (Fall 2010).
• Major bylaw changes in voting procedures for
  promotion and tenure cases (Fall 2011).
• Workshop for pre-tenure faculty on dossier
   Information Technology -2010
• UB’s centralization of IT initiative
  – Decision/Documentation/Indecision???
• Exit of Nursing from the Student Computing
  Lab (Kimball 113) → SPHHP facility
• Kimball 113 → Instructional → Graduate
  (Biostats) → Student Computing lab
• Recent Initiative: Online feedback when work
  orders are closed (about 1’ to complete)
  – Please continue. Your feedback is helpful
 Information Technology Updates
IT, Web, A/V, Social Media—Who are we???
 • Web---Finally, a facelift for our website this
   Summer—we need everyone’s help especially for
   content improvements.
 • A/V---Continuing to collect videos of students,
   alumni and faculty from each dept.
 • Social Media----Facebook is alive and well—again,
   we need everyone’s help with informing us of
   events, news, etc. YouTube is also alive---CFA
   videos and in-house videos are on the rise.
22nd Annual J. Warren Perry Lecture, 2010
Linda Rae Murray, MD, MPH President-Elect, American
  Public Health Association & Chief Medical Officer, Cook County
  Dept. of Public Health
  “Living like we bullet proof: Social justice and health in
                       the United States”

SPHHP Outstanding Teacher of the Year, 2010
  • Outstanding contributions to education within SPHHP
   Harold Burton, Ph.D. Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
        Faculty Awards & Recognition
Harold Burton, Ph.D.
  2011 Milton Plesur Excellence in
    Teaching Award
This award is given by the UB Student
   Association. Recipients are nominated,
   evaluated, and honored completely by
   students. It recognizes teachers who
   have inspired, excited, or had a positive
   and memorable effect on students.
   “These are the teachers who bring an
   added spark of enthusiasm into the
   classroom, who fuel an atmosphere of
   creativity and participation.”
        Annual Faculty Reports
Expectations: 2010 – 2011: I love my job, I love my job, I
  love my job, …!?

• Updated (05/2011) CVs to Barb Putzig by the end
  of UB’s 2010 – 11 academic year (May 19, 2011).
• UB’s web-based Faculty Annual Reporting System
  (Digital Measures –DM)
       DM → eCV (Furlani, Vanzile-Tamsen, Schneggenburger)
Provost (Tripathi) → President (Tripathi)
 Goal: A UB-wide system for documenting faculty
  academic activities.
                            Example SPHHP Scholarship Data
                     Faculty with Peer Reviewed                                 Presentations (regional,
                             Publications                                      national & international)

                                                             Percent (%)
Percent (%)

                                                                                    2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
                             2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
                                                                                            Calendar Year
                                   Calendar Year

                            Faculty Publishing &                                   Average # Peer Reviewed
                                Presenting                                              Publications
                    100.0                                                    5.0
                     75.0                                    Number/FTE
     Percent (%)

                      0.0                                                    0.0
                             2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009                          2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
                                      Calendar Year                                         Calendar Year
Thanks to Barb for organizing the Annual
Meeting, Veronica for organizing awards
the generous support and team effort of
      the staff in the Dean’s office

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