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									Advertising 3
Imagine that your job is to advertise a
number of products. Which groups of
people should you target for each product?

 A machine that helps you    Music fans.
 get in to the bath.
 Mobile phone accessories.   Current affairs followers.

 High interest loans.        The unemployed.

 Magazines with gossip and   Teenagers.
 A news bulletin e-mail      OAPs.
           Analysing an Advert

When you are analysing an advert there
are various aspects that you will need to
                             The appearance and content
 The overall ‘look’ of the   of the text, including any
 advert.                     linguistic techniques that
                             have been used.

The images
that have
been chosen
and what
aspects of
the product
they serve to

                             The message that the advert
The target audience that
                             is giving about the product.
the advert is aimed at.
Adverts often use persuasive words and
techniques to convince the viewer to buy
the product that they are selling.

Sort the ideas on the following slide into
persuasive words or persuasive
Without a doubt
   Repetition     Techniques
          Use of Language
Advertisers use a range of linguistic
techniques to convince us to buy
their products:
Beautiful, descriptive language makes the
product sound wonderful:

                       Juicy, tender,
                     succulent chicken
                    coated in a smooth
                    blend of honey and
                      mustard sauce…
Alliteration makes the advert more ‘catchy’
and memorable. The use of repeated
consonant sounds creates a rhythm within
the text that helps emphasize certain

         Cutting costs on
         crazy creations!
Repetition strengthens an image in our
minds. By repeating certain words, aspects
of the product are emphasized and the
idea is made more memorable. Repeating
a phrase three times reinforces the idea:

                  toothpaste for
                 whiter teeth: make
                 your bright smile
    Travel or Holiday Advertisements

Some of their features of travel or holiday
advertisements are as follows:

 They emphasize positive aspects of the
destination, e.g. sun, sports, history.

 They stress points about the place that
make it unique or unusual.
 They appeal to a specific audience, e.g.
lovers of culture, honeymooners.

 They use an idealized image of the
destination to appeal to tourists.

 Can you think of
 any other features
 typical of holiday
           Advertising Cyprus

Imagine you are designing an advert for

• Which images of Cyprus would you use?
• Which persuasive techniques might you
  include in the advertisement?
• Which aspects of Cyprus might you
  choose to emphasize?
• What does Cyprus mean as a holiday
  destination to you?
Fact                  Cyprus has sunshine.
                      Cyprus has sea.

Rhetorical Question   Cyprus is one in a million.

Hyberbole             Cyprus is a wonderful

Rule of Three         Cyprus has 43 beaches.

Alliteration          Cyprus has beaches, sun
                      and sand.
Slogan                Swim in the sea, sunbathe
                      on the sand!
Emotive Language      Cyprus: island of the gods.

Repetition            Why go anywhere else?
Analysing the Image

Look at the images below, taken from the
advertisement for Cyprus. Why do you
think these particular images were chosen?
What do they emphasize about Cyprus as a
holiday destination?
Analysing the Image
                    Snowy mountain
Deep blue sky –     top with image
not a cloud in      of someone
sight!              having fun!      Beautiful sunset.

                         The three images show the
  Picture of ‘ancient    contrasting aspects of
  architecture’.         Cyprus that appeal to more
                         than one target group.
Analysing the Headline Text

Now look at the headline text below. What
do you notice about the text, both in
terms of its appearance and its content?
Analysing the Headline Text
The name of the             The word ‘island’ is
destination is in           repeated three times,
the largest text,           emphasizing the
making it stand             location and using the
out.                        technique of ‘listing in

The word ‘culture’               The word ‘contrasts’
will appeal to                   makes it clear that
                 The word
tourists keen on                 there is something for
                 ‘pleasure’ will
history.                         everyone in Cyprus
                 tempt people
                 who want to have
                 fun and party.
Analysing the Body of the Text

Look at the body of the text. How do the
advertisers use language to persuade you
to come to Cyprus? Do they use any
linguistic techniques in the text?
Analysing the Body of the Text
The consumer is        Alliteration gives
asked to use           emphasis and         The word ‘island’ is
his/ her               rhythm to the        repeated to emphasize
imagination.           text.                the location.

Visitors can             The use of         The final sentence
sample culture,          questions          again stresses that
take part in sports,     addresses the      Cyprus offers a variety
and be romantic.         reader             of holidays for tourists.
The message

What sort of messages about Cyprus
are the advertisers trying to send to
people reading their advertisement?

           Cyprus is…
The message
An island where tourists
can experience several
different ‘holidays’.
                                     A place that
                                     offers culture,
                                     sports and
                                     romance, all
             Cyprus is…
                                     on the one

                           Somewhere that
  An island that could     tourists will really
  be enjoyed by a          enjoy themselves
  couple or a group.
                Target Audience
What sort of target audience do you think
the advert for Cyprus is aimed at? Choose
the three most likely answers from the
ideas given below:
  Families with very young   People who like a variety
          children.            of options, not just
  People who enjoy sports     Single people who just
    and active holidays.     want to lie on the beach.

  Older couples interested   People who are keen on
       in history and        nature and wild animals.

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