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									Literature Circles
                     The Giver
The Giver is the story of a
twelve-year-old boy named
Jonas. In a world with no
poverty, no crime, no
sickness and no
unemployment, and where
every family is happy, Jonas is
chosen to be the
community's Receiver of
Tuck Everlasting
          Imagine coming upon a
          fountain of youth in a
          forest. To live forever--
          isn't that everyone's

          For the Tuck family,
          eternal life is a reality, but
          their reaction to their fate
          is surprising. Kidnapping,
          murderers, and
                  The Hobbit
"In a hole in the ground
there lived a hobbit. Not a
nasty, dirty, wet hole,
filled with the ends of
worms and an oozy smell,
nor yet a dry, bare, sandy
hole with nothing in it to
sit down on or to eat: it
was a hobbit-hole, and
that means comfort."
                           The Hobbit
Bilbo Baggins is a Hobbit. Like
most of his kind, he is well off, well
fed, and best pleased when sitting
by his own fire with a pipe, a glass
of good beer, and a meal to look
forward to.

Soon 13 dwarves have arrived on
the hobbit's doorstep in search of
a burglar, and before he can even
grab his hat or an umbrella, Bilbo
Baggins is swept out his door and
into a dangerous adventure.
Chocolate River Rescue
          Shawn leaped back onto the ice. He took
          a breath and jumped over the widening
          crack, grabbing his little brother by the
          coat as he flew through the air. Both boys
          fell heavily to the ice on the other side.
          The boys stared in horror as the crack
          widened to reveal an eddy of churning,
          foaming brown water.

          Tony, Craig, and Shawn are trapped on an
          ice floe on the Petitcodiac River in the
          dead of winter, and the rapid current is
          pulling them toward the ocean. Twelve-
          year-old Petra arrives and the boys think
          they’re saved, but their dangerous
          journey is only just beginning.
                   Bridge to Terabithia
Jess Aarons is eager to start fifth grade.
He's been practicing his sprints all
summer, determined to become the
fastest runner at school. All seems to be
on track, until the new girl in class (who
also happens to be Jess's new next-door
neighbor), Leslie Burke, leaves all the
boys in the dust, including Jess. After this
rather frustrating introduction, Jess and
Leslie soon become inseparable.
Together, they create an imaginary, secret
kingdom in the woods called Terabithia
that can be reached only by swinging
across a creek bed on a rope. But one
morning a tragic accident befalls Leslie as
she ventures alone to Terabithia, and
Jess's life is changed forever.
The Pigman
    To John and Lorraine, the world feels
    meaningless; nothing is important. They
    certainly can never please their parents,
    and school is a chore. To pass the time,
    they play pranks on unsuspecting people.
    It's during one of these pranks that they
    meet the "Pigman"--a fat, balding old
    man with a zany smile plastered on his
    face. In spite of themselves, John and
    Lorraine soon find that they're caught up
    in Mr. Pignati's zest for life. In fact, they
    become so involved that they begin to
    destroy the only corner of the world
    that's ever mattered to them.
       The Present Tense of Prinny
An alcoholic mother, a distracted father,
a best friend who spends all his time
with his new “girlfriend,” and three
relentless schoolyard bullies: Prinny
Murphy's past, present, and future
certainly are “tense.” Adding to her
misery, she still can't read well enough
to escape from remedial lessons with
the dour Mrs. Dooks. But when a kindly
substitute teacher introduces her to
LaVaughn's inner-city world in the free
verse novel, Make Lemonade, Prinny
discovers that life can be full of
possibilities – and poetry.
The Nine Lives of Travis Keating
              After his mother's death, Travis Keating and
              his father move to Ratchet, Newfoundland,
              to start a new life. Some life. Travis soon
              discovers that only a few oddballs show any
              interest in him: Cole, a talker who soon
              makes himself scarce; Hector, a strange kid
              whose ears stick out; and Prinny, a girl as
              scraggly as her skinny ponytail. Nobody you
              can really call a friend. And then there's
              Hud, the toughest, nastiest bully in school,
              who hates "townies" and promises to make
              Travis's life an utter misery. But Travis
              doesn't care. He's got his "funeral face," a
              tight mask that gives away nothing and
              allows him to hide his feelings. The face
              also makes him reckless…
                   Cowboys Don’t Cry
Shane Morgan's world is shattered when his
mother is killed in a car accident. His father
and hero, a famous rodeo star, drowns his
sorrow in booze and soon is just a rodeo
clown with a drinking problem. Then the two
inherit a small ranch, and Shane looks
forward to having a real home, making
friends, and getting through a whole school
year in the same place. But things don't go
well at school or at home. In fact, Shane and
his father seem to be growing further and
further apart.

Will his father ever change? Will things ever
be different?
Gathering Blue
       Having suffered numerous unnamed
       disasters (aka, the Ruin), civilization has
       regressed to a primitive, technology-free
       state; disorder, savagery, and self-
       interest rule. Kira, a crippled young
       weaver, has been raised and taught her
       craft by her mother, after her father was
       allegedly killed by "beasts." When her
       mother dies, Kira fears that she will be
       cast out of the village. Instead, the
       society's Council of Guardians installs her
       as caretaker of the Singer's robe, a
       precious ceremonial garment depicting
       the history of the world and used at the
       annual Gathering.
No Escape
    Chloe teams up with her kid sister
    Phoebe to clear the name of a falsely
    accused young man. When Caleb
    Darke is released from prison, nobody
    in town wants him back. Nobody will
    even give him a chance - except Chloe.
    She's sure he didn't commit the crime
    he was convicted of. The trouble is,
    how is she going to prove it? And if
    Caleb didn't do it, who did? Because
    that person is going to do everything
    possible to keep Chloe from finding
               The Subtle Knife
‘What is he? A friend, or an
enemy’? ‘He is a murderer’. Will
has just killed a man. He’s on
the run. His escape will take
him far beyond his own world,
to the eerie disquiet of a
deserted city and to a girl, Lyra.
Her fate is strangely linked to
his own, and together they
must find the most powerful
weapon in all the word.
Trials of Death
         Crepsley has brought Darren to
         Vampire Mountain to undergo
         the Trials of Death, an elective
         ritual periodically undergone by
         vampires in order to bond with
         the clan and prove their worth.
         As a half-vampire, Darren is in
         more danger of failing the trials
         than the others who usually
         participate, but he is determined
         to go ahead. The penalty for
         failing without dying is execution.
                  The Gravesavers
In the wake of a family tragedy, twelve-
year-old Minn Hotchkiss is sent to spend
the summer with her sour grandmother
in the tiny seaside town of Boulder Basin,
Nova Scotia. Almost as soon as she
arrives, Minn discovers the skull of a
human child on the beach. She is swiftly
caught up in a mystery that reaches back
more than a century, to the aftermath of
the most tragic shipwreck in Maritime
history before the Titanic.

By summer’s end, Minn will solve a
ghostly mystery and, most importantly,
finally be able to give up the terrible
secret she has kept locked in her heart.
The Bar Code Tattoo
        It's 2025, and the thing to do on
        your 17th birthday is to get a bar
        code tattoo, which is used for
        everything from driver's licenses
        to shopping. Kayla, almost 17,
        resists because she hates the idea
        of being labelled. Then the
        tattoos begin to drive people to
        commit suicide, Kayla's father
        among them, and she soon finds
        out that the markings contain
        detailed information about their
        bearers, including their genetic
School’s Out Forever

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