Select Printer Type 1. Start Menu → Click “Devices _ Printers” 2 by suchenfz


									                                                 Figure 1
Select Printer Type:

    1. Start Menu → Click “Devices &
    2. Select “Add Printer”
    3. Select “Add a Local Printer”

Create A Printer Port:

    1. Under “Choose A Printer Port” menu
       select “Create A New Port” → select
       “Standard TCP/IP Port” from the
       drop-down menu (Fig. 1)
    2. Select “Next”

Configure TCP/IP Port:

    1.   (your laptop may begin searching) The
                                                 Figure 2
         “Type a Printer Hostname or IP
         Address” menu will eventually appear
         (Fig. 2)
    2.   Type in the appropriate print server
         address from fig. A-3 into the
         “Hostname or IP Address Name” field
    3.   De-select the box “Query the Printer
         and Automatically Select the Driver
         to Use” → Click “Next”
    4.   The “Additional Port Information
         Required” will appear
    5.   Under “Device Type” select “Custom”
         → Select “Settings”

   Figure 3
Configure LPR Queue:

    1. Change “Protocol” to “LPR” see fig. 4        Figure 4
    2. Enter the appropriate print queue
       found in fig. 3 into the “Queue Name”
       field under “LPR Settings” (Color or
       BW) → Select “OK”
    3. On the “Additional Port Information
       Required” window select “Next”
    4. Select “Finish” on the “TCP/IP Print
       Port Wizard” confirmation window

Installing/Selecting a Printer:

    1. Under “Manufacturer” column to the
       right → select “Canon” see fig. 5
    2. Use fig. 6 to select the correct
       printer/driver → select “Next”
       NOTE: If desired print driver is not
       listed, install printer description files
    3. You will likely need to download the
       drivers the first time you install one of
       the Canon printers
    4. Once downloaded and extracted
       →select “Have Disk” and browse the location of the zipped files
                                                   Figure 5

Rename Printer:

    1. Rename printer to location of the
    2. Deselect “Set as the Default
       Printer” see Fig. 7
                                                          Figure 6
Print Test Page:
    1. When “Print Test Page” window
        appears →select “Yes”

Final Confirmation:
    1. Final wizard window will appear
        →select “Finish” →the wizard will
        install some files and a window will
        appear asking if the test page
        printed correctly →select “OK”
                                               Figure 7
                                                Figure 6

       swipe your Sun Card to see if your
       test page showed up. If the
       document “Test Page” appears, you
       set it up correctly. Remember your
       “OWNER” name on the PRINT
       RELEASE STATION, it’s the account
       on your laptop.
    3. It’s not necessary to print your TEST

Sending a Print Job:

    1. When you click print in your
       document program, your new print
       queue should be available see fig. 8

                                               Figure 8
        NOTE: There is no direct printing
        client for laptop printing. The
        owner information sent to the
        release station will default to your
        laptop’s local account ID. Your
        document name will be the file
        name or web address of the site
        you would like to print

    2. To install other printers for the
       various sites repeat the above
    3. Be sure to logoff the release
       station when you are finished

        NOTE: You must be connected and
        logged on to the ASU or ASUPublic
        wireless network

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