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									                      FEBRUARY 2009

Volume 41 - Issue 2

Front Cover: Fantastic Super                                          Contents: Volume 41- Issue 2
by Yulia Smolyansky. The Fantacstic Super
Odyssey: See page 11 for more photos and the                          Content Normale
whole story.                                                          2     Hot News
                                                                      3     Member Anniversaries
Back Cover: Photo and Design by Reid                                  4     Driver's Seat
Trummel                                                               5     BoD Meeting Minutes
                                                                      6     Back Seat *NEW FEATURE*
                                                                      19    Classified Ads

                                                                      Upcoming Events
                                                                      7    VD Tour Feb 22nd
                                                                      8    AROO Track Day, March 21st
                                                                      9    AROO Needs Volunteers
                                                                      10    AROO Feb 18th General Meeting
                                                                      13    AROO Rally School, March 7th
                                                                      14    2008 AROO Cup Rally #1, March 8th

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Alfa Bits is the monthly newsletter of the Alfa Romeo                 11     The Fantastic Super Odyssey
Owners of Oregon (AROO)
Please submit correspondence to:
Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
P.O. Box 10072 Portland, Oregon 97296
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AROO Web Page- http://www.alfaclub.org
                                                                      EDITOR:             David Reich              503 -245-5555
The Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon, Inc. is a non-profit                 HOT NEWS EDITOR: Dima Smolyansky            503 - 804-7171
organization of Alfa Romeo enthusiasts and is a regional              CIRCULATION:        Bill Haines             503 - 282-6383
chapter of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club, Inc. It is incorporated        Editor email:     davidreich@comcast.net
in the State of Oregon. Meetings are held the third Wednesday         Hot News Editor email:       dimatda1@gmail.com
of each month, except December. The Board of Directors is             Web Site:           http//www.alfaclub.org
elected by the Membership. Officers and Chairs are elected or         WEBMASTER:          Neil d'Autremont         503-724-4345
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to publish technical information, the viewpoints and procedures       national club member. Make your check out to AROC
expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of       and send with your contact and vehicle information to :
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company. The modifications or procedures present might                Portland, OR 97296. Membership application can be
violate state and federal laws and or void the warranties. AROO       found on-line at www.alfaclub.org.
will not assume liability or any consequences.
                                             AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
                                                                                    HOT NEWS - READ NOW!

AROO General Meeting                                                AROO 3rd Annual Rally School
Wednesday, February 18th, 7:30pm                                    March 7, 2009
Buster’s BBQ on Hwy 99 in Tigard                                    The school begins at 11:00 a.m., March 7, and will be
11419 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard, OR 97223-8627                         conducted in the group meeting room at Buster’s
The February 18th AROO General Membership                           Barbeque at 11419 SW Pacific Highway, Portland.
Meeting will feature a presentation on “The History                 Please meet for registration at 10:30 in the parking
of Automobile Styling” by AROO member Alex                          lot of Buster’s. There is a nominal charge of $10 for
Ordonez. The meeting begins at 7:30 pm,                             the school and pre-registration is encouraged. Please
Wednesday, February 18, at Buster’s Barbeque,                       contact Dave Reich at davidreich@comcast.net or
Highway 99 in Tigard. Come early and join us for                    503-245-5555 to pre-register.
                                                                    AROO Cup Rally # 1
AROO Valentine’s Tour and Brunch                                    March 8, 2009
February 22nd                                                       We will meet in the parking lot of Big Red’s, at HWY
The AROO tradition continues with our first tour of                 26 and Skyline Blvd (Sylvan). Pre-registration will
the year being the Valentine Day Tour. This year you                be $15.00 per car and $20.00 on Sunday morning.
get a second chance to remember to buy your                         Please contact Roger Dilts at arcvolcon@gmail.com
sweetie a gift and a nice brunch (not that you would                or 503-768-4437 to pre-register.
forget the 14th!). Be sure to come to the February
General Meeting (2/18) to get the latest details.                   AROO Spring Track Day
Contact Bruce Fogerty or Neil d’Autremont if you                    March 21st, 2009
need more information.                                              AROO is hosting another open Track Day Saturday
                                                                    March 21st, 2009. Mark your calendars and warm
NWC Rally Committee Meeting                                         the garage so you can start turning those
March 5th, 7 pm                                                     wrenches....the 2009 track days have been set. Our
The monthly meeting of the 2009 Northwest Classic                   first event is Saturday, March 21st, which is
Rally Committee will be held Thursday, February 5th                 the second day of Spring and predicted to be warm
at 7 p.m. at Caro Amico Italian Cafe, 3606 SW                       with clear skies. If you would like to participate Pre-
Barbur Blvd, Portland. All AROO members are                         Registration is now open at www.motorsportreg.com.
welcome. We also still have a couple of openings on                 Hope to see many of you there.
the committee, so come to the meeting to learn
more. Plans are well underway for this, the club’s                  The Tri-Club Day hosted by BMW will be held on
premier annual event, and encourage your input and                  June 26th, our convention track event is on July
assistance. Note that meeting attendance does not                   16th, and our fall event is scheduled for Sunday
disqualify you from entering the rally.                             October 18th. We look forward to seeing you out
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
                                                                    their either as a driver or volunteer or both.
2009 AROO CLUB OFFICERS (*On Board of Directors)                    Registration for all but the convention date can be
President*           Neil d'Autremont1              (503)724-4345
Vice President*      Erik Roe2                      (503)287-8064   done via logging on to MotorsportReg.com.
Treasurer*           Bill Eastman1                  (503)235-8793
Secretary*           Ed Godshalk1                   (503)628-0159
Board Member         Stan Chesshir2                 (503)227-3765
Board Member         Glenn Vanselow1                (503)292-6346   Other Meetings
Board Member         Bruce Fogerty2                 (503)590-9406      Ø Board of Directors – March 4th, 7:00pm,
Board Member         Rick Martin1                   (503)292-8212
Board Member         David Reich2                   (503)245-5555          Buster’s BBQ – Open to all members
Board Member         Jim Gunter2                    (503)698-8090
Membership Chair     Char Summers                   (503)350-1705
Competition Advisors Ed Slavin                      (503)226-3633
                     Mark Scholz                    (503)703-0618
Safety Steward       Patrick Iaboni                 (503)880-5650
NWC Rally Chair      Reid Trummel                   (503)753-3700

1. Board of Directors term 2008 & 2009
2. Board of Directors term 2009 & 2010

                                         AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon

Rugh, David L.                41
Salvador, David               26                            ENGINES & TRANSMISSIONS
                                                               REBUILT CORRECTLY
Hodel, Jim & Mindy            12
Hui, Robert                   23                              RACE OR STREET SPECS
Finks, Chris & Shirley        15                               ALL 101 TO 115 SERIES
McNabb, Fred & Lisa           14
Pira, Gary R. & Cheryl E.     12
Weber, Stephen J              11
Miller, Gregory & Toni        10
McGirr, Tom & Paula           10
Iaboni, Patrick & Tami        10

                                                            50 YEARS ALFA EXPERIENCE
                                                                REASONABLE PRICES
                                                                QUICK TURNAROUND

                                                              BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
                                                             DENNY PILLAR 503 -554-9865

                            AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
                                                                                              DRIVER'S SEAT

                                   I hope the winter           Alfas makes it twice as fun and harder, too. I plan on
                                   snows are over,             a whiteboard for the garage to keep track of last
                                   and the gravel              drives and needed maintenance, body supplies I will
                                   can come off of             need for the next class. Our fellow club member Rick
                                   the streets so              Martin has a whiteboard in his garage that helps him
                                   that we can                 keep track of his stable, which cars are in the shop,
                                   warm up the                 when the others were last driven, any maintenance
                                   Alfa’s. I have              issues. Seems to work well for him and something I
                                   driven both of              could easily incorporate into my life.
my cars in the past two months about 350 miles,
enough to keep everything working and lubricated,              What does this mean to you? With February, the
but not enough to really have some spirited drives in          winters harshest weather should be over and done.
the memory banks. Both are pretty dirty too, since it’s        Its time to get the cars back on the road and out of the
hard to wash the car when it freezes overnight. The            barn! Maintenance that has been overdue or waiting
driveway only gets the morning sun and the                     for the warmer weather can be started now and you
afternoons are too cold.                                       can schedule your visit to the local Alfa Specialists,
                                                               before they get too busy with the folks who haven’t
The spider is coming along well in its restoration             planned ahead for the Track day on March 21st (you
process. Last weekend in class I put the car up on             know who you are!). There is a lot of pleasure having
the lift and worked on the lower front pan and lower           the Alfa primed and ready to go when we have those
grill area. I was also able to clean up some areas that        few spectacular days in the winter when you can
the media blaster missed. I was able to clean up               throw on your driving hat and a warm sweater and
some scrapes underneath and re-prime the area. It              explore out into the country and enjoy all the great
looks much better now and is symmetrical once                  smells Oregon and Washington can offer. Even the
again. Next step is to refit the stainless bumpers and         grazing cows offer a unique sensory experience that
make any adjustments in the front grill area. Also             you might have missed for the last several months.
need to do a little more alignment work on the hood
and left fender gap and I should be able to put a coat         Preparation for this year will be key to having minimal
of high build primer on it to start block sanding by the       down time with the Alfas. We have a huge year in
end of February. Then the real fun (work) begins!              front of us, more tours, the Rally Cup series, track
                                                               events and hopefully some impromptu get together’s
The GTV will be getting a new used rear axle next              to go on drives. As if we needed an excuse right?
week to get rid of the howling noise and the play in           What about the Convention, Veloce nel Verde? The
the gear set. I bought a parts car a while back for its        website is live now and you can register on line. You
engine and Weber carb setup. The bonus was the                 will see all the fantastic events your club is hosting at
brand new brake calipers on all 4 corners and a                the convention. We have incorporated some new
relatively good rear axle. Once that is complete,              ideas that ought to set up this convention as the one
along with another new set of springs, I can get it            to beat in the future. Can we see how many Alfa’s it
aligned for the track days coming up and drive! I’ll           takes to fill Pearson Air Park for the Concorso and
probably give it a good bath, vacuum and clean the             Field Meet? How about 100 Alfas in downtown
windows and it will be ready for the Valentines Tour           Portland in the Pearl for Notte Italiana? How about
on Feb 22nd.                                                   entering the Northwest Classic Rally for the first
Owning a special car like our Alfas requires us to
stay on top of the details that we often forget about          Time to fix up the Alfas and get them all shined up;
in our daily drivers. Batteries have to stay charged,          the summer we have been working toward for the
Oil needs to be checked and changed more                       last two years is here! Join us at all the events you
frequently, the old American mags leak air, the                see on the AROO website and in the Alfa Bits.
antifreeze needs to be checked. A lot of details. Two
                                                               DRIVER'S SEAT CONTINUED ON PAGE 6
                                     AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
AROO Board of Director’s Meeting
December 3, 2008                                          Discussion of managing expenses to the budget,
                                                          since at a glance it looks like the club has $40k in
MCTO: 6:46 by Glenn Vanselow. Present: Jim                projected expenses versus a $30k budget. It was
Gunter, Erik Roe, David Reich, Bruce Fogarty, Glenn       pointed out that typically significant unplanned
Vanselow, Stan Chesshir, Neil d’Autremont, Bill           revenue occurs from events such as the NWC that
Eastman, Jeff Zurschmeide, Ed Godshalk. Others            balances the budget. Need to decide on a philosophy
present: Bill and Marian Gillham, Ed Slavin, Char         on how to budget. It was decided that Tami should
Sommers, Dave Beach.                                      include the proceeds of the November Auction and
                                                          NWC revenue for more accurate understanding of
Pre-Business Discussion: Welcome to new and re-           budget.
elected Board Members: Jim Gunter, Erik Roe,
David Reich, Bruce Fogerty and Stan Chesshir.             A motion was made and passed to modify the
New Officers Elected: President: Neil d’Autremont;        November 5, BOD minutes to more accurately
Vice President: Erik Roe; Secretary: Ed Godshalk;         represent decisions made at that meeting. To be
Treasurer: Bill Eastman.                                  submitted by Dec. 4 by Bill Eastman.

Old Biz:                                                  New Biz:
No Financial Report, since Tammy Iaboni was not           It was proposed that the BOD have informal meetings
present. IRS: Late in filing tax return, so notice of     where no decisions are made, but instead ideas and
$250 fee received, but it is expected that Ken Ivey       challenges are to be discussed in a general manner
will resolve this, since an extension was filed for on    to build cohesion among BOD members. Min. 2-day
time.                                                     notice to the BOD of when such a meeting will occur.

                                                          Glenn proposed that in addition to the two currently
                                                          existing formal committees for the NWC Rally and
                                                          AROC Convention that others be formed to handle
                                                          other matters of importance to AROO. Suggestions
                                                          were: 1) Policy Procedures, 2) Bylaws, 3) Track Day,
                                                          4) Tours, 5) Membership and 6) Promotion of the
                                                          club (AROO). The result should be documentation
                                                          of procedures, insurance issues, accounting, etc. so
                                                          that this knowledge is not lost over time and can be
                                                          passed on to new organizers of such activities.

                                                          Bill Gillham raised the issue that insurance forms
                                                          must be sent in for coverage at Track Day. Discussion
                                                          followed as to proper procedure to do this, and a
                                                          Resolution was proposed and passed stating that
                                                          the Treasurer is responsible for sending insurance
                                                          forms to AROC’s insurance company. A discussion
                                                          followed on insurance for any AROO event; Neil
                                                          wants to investigate limits of liability (both personal
                                                          and club), etc.

                                                          Glenn presented a letter from AROC regarding the
                                                          need for nominations for AROC BOD. He moved
                                                          that Char Sommers be nominated to AROC BOD
                                                          and this motion was seconded by Stan and passed
                                    AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
                                                                                    FROM THE BACK SEAT

A discussion ensued as to how AROC BOD can                      FROM THE BACK SEAT
better serve AROO through Char and Dave Beach.
It was recommended that they advocate AROO                      All AROO members encouraged to attend the
issues to the national level such as more coverage of           Convention Concorso and Field Meet
AROO activities in “Alfa Owner”, since although in
                                                                By now, you are well aware that AROO is hosting the
the past articles had been submitted in a timely
                                                                2009 AROC national convention, Veloce nel Verde in
manner they were not published.

Dave Beach gave a report on his investigation of                Of course, we hope you will register and attend the
credit card options for the 2009 AROC Convention                entire convention. You will be able to participate in a
and NWC Rally. He strongly recommended that                     wide range of events on the road, at the track or at the
PayPal be adopted, since in essence a laptop                    hotel. If you can’t do that, there is one event that
computer becomes a credit card machine. A Credit                offers a special opportunity for all AROO members.
Card Committee composed of Dave Beach, Dave
Rossman, Neil d’Autremont and Bruce Fogerty was                 We are holding a “Concorso and Field Meet” on
                                                                Saturday, July 18. Concorso entrants will be judged.
mentioned. Glenn moved that we “accept the
                                                                Field Meet entrants will be on display, but the cars
committee recommendation that AROO use PayPal
                                                                will not be judged. Those options are on the
for 2009”. It was added that Track Day will continue            convention registration form. For those who, for
to offer motorsport.reg.com for payment. The motion             whatever reason, are not registering for the
was seconded by Ed G. and it passed unanimously.                Convention, we encourage you to bring your Alfa
                                                                and park in a special guest parking area.
Bill G. gave the AROC Convention report. He
passed out the proposed registration form for review            Our goal is to have every Alfa at the convention
and various financial issues were discussed. Neil               participate. Plus (and this is where you come in) we
reported that the website was almost on-line for the            want every AROO member to bring their Alfa to this
                                                                event. We have purposely designated the Concorso
AROC Convention.
                                                                and Field Meet as “No Charge” precisely to encourage
                                                                every single member to be there.
No comments on Track Day.
                                                                Please help us make this the largest gathering of
Dave Reich reported that the Bits were about ready              Alfas in the country. If you are reading this newsletter
to go to the printer. Some costs saving options were            and you own an Alfa, we want you to bring your car.
discussed: 1) few pages 2) fewer issues and 3) use              It may be a just-restored, 100-point trailer queen, a
less color. Neil proposed raising advertising fees.             heavily modified race car, the roughest, rustiest
                                                                daily driver, or a yet-to-be started restoration project.
Glenn V. submitted a preliminary Calendar for 2009.             It makes no difference. Bring your Alfa.
Ed G. volunteered to give a talk on the Bugatti
                                                                As an added bonus, you will see some of the world’s
Brescia in January, a talk has already been lined up
                                                                most significant Alfas and a few rare cars that you
for the February meeting, and Bill E. volunteered for           won’t see anywhere else.
a presentation in March.
                                                                Just to be clear, if you are an AROO member and you
Meeting adjourned about 9:45 PM                                 have an Alfa of any stripe, we want you at the
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○   Concorso and Field Meet, Saturday, July 18. No
DRIVER'S SEAT CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4                             charge.

Rekindle the flame, and have some great times with              This is a club for all members. This is another way to
the great folks in our club. It why you joined years ago        enjoy it together.
and why it’s still a blast!
                                                                Glenn Vanselow, AROO Past President
See you on the road!                                            February 2009
                                        AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
AROO Valentine’s Day
Tour and Lunch
February 22nd, 2009                                          enjoy a scenic drive for about an hour, take a rest
                                                             break, and hop back in our Alfa’s for the final pitch to
February 22nd is the day we celebrate AROO’s                 the Ristorante.
Annual Valentine’s Day Tour and Brunch. This year
we have an exciting new restaurant to visit with a           Bugatti’s Ristorante of West Linn
new menu that fits with our Italian heritage, Bugatti’s      18740 Willamette Dr (AKA Highway 43)
Ristorante in West Linn.                                     West Linn, OR 97068
                                                             (503) 636-9555
We will meet for a leisurely drive first at the Willamette
Coffee House where you can get excellent coffee              We should arrive at Bugatti’s about 11:45 to 12 noon
and tea drinks made to your specifications                   where the meal served family style, will consist of:
2120 8TH Ct
West Linn, OR 97068-4365                                     Antipasti Assorti (marinated vegetables, meats,
Phone: (503) 722-1708                                        imported cheeses & finger foods)
                                                             Caesar salad
This is off of I-205 at the 10th Street exit in West Linn.   Meat lasagne, housemade
                                                             Cappellini (toasted pinenuts, feta, arugula and tomato)
Plan for a 9:00 – 9:15 departure. There is also a
                                                             Funghi w/ fettuccini (alfredo w/ mushrooms)
Shari’s and a McDonalds close by as well as a                Grilled chicken breasts & ribeye, sliced to top the
Chevron gas station. So if you or your car needs a fill      pastas (on platter)
up, they are close to our start. From there we will          Alternating deserts:
                                                             Profiteroles w/ warm Belgian Chocolate sauce
                                                             Tiramisu w/ espresso sauce

                                                             The cost will be $22.00 per person, plus tips and
                                                             beverages. Bugatti’s has a reasonably priced wine
                                                             list with some very nice selections. Following this
                                                             great meal, a local winery is just over the hill where
                                                             we can sample some nice Oregon wines if you wish.
                                                             Please RSVP to Bruce Fogerty at 503-351-2684 or
                                                             See you on the tour on the 22nd of February!

                                       AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
                                                                                UPCOMING EVENTS
March 21st Track Day
Automotive Stimulus Package
Why should you come out to Track Day at PIR?             2) Enter as a participant, and receive a discounted
1) For the FUN of it                                     entry for over 1.5 hours of exciting time behind the
2) To make money for AROO                                wheel! The link for entry can be found through our
                                                         website alfaclub.org under Track Day.
The AROO Track Day is critical to our fiscal success.
As one of our few money-making events, Track Day         3) Get a friend to enter as a participant, and receive
makes our other tours and events possible.               their gratitude for learning about this exciting event!
Without it, our events could become more expensive.
                                                         4) Be a spectator and watch all these beautiful Alfas
How to participate?                                      and other cars on the track!

1) Volunteer for a couple of hours, and receive a        See you at Portland International Raceway on March
FREE Fast Tours session during the lunch break!          21st!
Call Mark at 503-703-0618 or email to
mark@mirafiori.com to sign up as a volunteer.            Mark Scholz
                                                         Competition Co-Chair

                                   AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
Volunteers Needed:
AROO Northwest Classic Rally,
AROC Convention                                           AROO meeting I should have actual jobs and time
                                                          slots to choose, but you can beat the rush and
The success of AROO’s premier event the Northwest         volunteer now, either for a particular job or “I’ll do
Classic Rally, and the AROC National Convention,          what’s needed.” Please contact me at
Veloce nel Verde, depends on you!                         arcvolcon@gmail.com or 503-768-4437 to offer your
AROO won’t be able to put on our traditional NWC          -Roger Dilts
Rally and an excellent convention without the support
of volunteers, and that means you. As we develop
the specifics of events, we will refine our needs, but
at this point, we need a pool of people to draw on
when event chairs develop their detailed lists. Some
jobs are very similar for both events, so by developing
a cadre of cross-trained workers, which will reduce
the work for everyone. Time commitments can be as
short as a couple of hours, so you’ll have plenty of
time to enjoy the events.

As the Volunteer Coordinator, expect me to ask for
                                                                       NORTHWEST CLASSIC RALLY XXI
your contribution at every opportunity. By the next

                                     AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
                                                                                       UPCOMING EVENTS
NEEDED!                                                    AT THE FEBRUARY 18TH AROO
                                                           MEMBERSHIP MEETING
With the national convention fast approaching and
the need for a huge number of volunteers to put on         The February 18 AROO General Membership
the best event possible, AROO is literally “putting out    Meeting will feature a presentation on “The History
the call” for volunteers. Expect a personal telephone      of Automobile Styling” by AROO member Alex
call soon from an AROO Board member asking,                Ordonez. Alex will define the difference between
charming or begging you to volunteer. Before they          car design and car styling. He will help you develop
call, review the list below and pick which jobs you will   a new perspective on how to view a car. You will
do, then be ready to step up and do your part to make      learn how social and technical trends influenced
this national convention one we can all be proud of.       automobile styling through the decades. Through all
The number of slots exceeds the number of AROO             of this, you will see some of the best work from
members, so we will all need to do more than one           automobile stylists from Italy and elsewhere.
job. Many of these jobs only take a couple of hours,
leaving plenty of time to enjoy other events. If you       The meeting begins at 7:30 pm, Wednesday,
just can’t wait for that phone call, or you want to get    February 18, at Buster’s Barbeque, Highway 99 in
a jump on the competition and get first pick, email        Tigard. Come early and join us for dinner.
volunteer coordinator Roger Dilts at
arcvolcon@gmail.com or 503-768-4437. And if you
need even more reason to participate, all volunteers
will be treated to a volunteer appreciation party in

Event         Day Number of Volunteers needed
Time trials   Thursday           46
Autocross     Thursday           20
                                                             Don Suklis State Farm Insurance
Car wash      Saturday           6                                 Specializing in Classic, Antique, Sport
Gimmick Rally Thursday           20                                     and Custom Car Insurance
Gimmick Rally Saturday           20
Concorso      Saturday           15                          Superior In Coverage and Premium to Haggerty
Registration Wednesday           24
                                                             A Local Agent & Alfa Nut for Service and Support
Registration Thursday            24
Registration Friday              12                                  State Farm’s Excellent Reputation
Registration Saturday            12
Vendor room Wednesday            3                              Agreed Value Coverage of Your Car’s Worth
Vendor room Thursday             3
Vendor room Friday               3                                         Examples of coverage
Vendor room Saturday             3
Vendor room Sunday               3                          *1974 Alfa Romeo GTV – Agreed Value of $14,000
Dinner/dance Saturday            3                                     Annual Premium: $146.92
Brunch        Sunday             3
Art/model Rm. Thursday           1                         *1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto – Agreed Value of $25,000
Art/model Rm. Friday             1                                     Annual Premium: $183.45
Art/model Rm. Saturday           1                         *Examples assume accident/ticket free driving records. Quoted
Board MeetingWednesday           4                             with 250,000/500,000/100,000 limits of liability and
                                                                            Towing/Hazard included

                                                                  For a free quote, just give me a call!
                                                                       Don Suklis 503-390-1069

                                                                        AROO Member Since 1998

                                     AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon

The Fantastic Super Odyssey
                                                                   Bill brings his Hooligan to one of the convention
Dima Smolyansky, January 2009
                                                                   preparation meetings, for Yulia and me to drive. The
                                                                   short drive is wonderful; the 1750 engine with Webers
I occasionally check the Classifieds forum on Alfa                 is great, cornering and acceleration is lovely. Yulia is
Romeo Bulletin Board. Not that I need another Alfa                 concerned about the lack of headrests and safety
– I have three, plenty of choices to play with. I just like        issues related to that. The way I drive during the
to keep abreast of what is happening in the world of               classic rallies, sometimes safety should be a
Alfa cars and prices, and find out when the current                concern… Considering the price we are about to pay
price bubble will burst and a correction will occur.               for the car, getting a pair of seats from a later Berlina
                                                                   that would apparently bolt right in, and doing them to
That September day, an interesting 1967 Gulia                      match the car, should increase the overall price
Super from Northern California came on the BB                      modestly. At the end of the meeting, we are still
classifieds. “Price – 33k… 1750cc (dyno 135hp), 2L                 sitting at the restaurant with Bill Eastman, who
trans., rear end 4/56, 2L brakes… Car has about                    proceeds to repeat Bill Gillham’s comment that the
2500 miles since rebuild and is fully sorted… even                 Super is the best car ever built, and explains why. I
clock works.” Unfortunately, I know that my wife                   particularly like the idea of the car becoming “dead
Yulia has sworn to veto any 60’s Italian sedan on the              silent at 80-100 mph.” Both Bills seem to agree on
grounds that they all look too much like Fiat 124-                 that point.
based, Soviet-made Lada. I enjoy the pictures and
get back to work. I bring the printout of the ad home              I contact Centro Storico in Milan via e-mail to get
for my wife to enjoy – it is a beautifully done car, after         information on the car using the serial number the
all.                                                               owner provided and schedule an inspection using a
                                                                   guy in San Francisco bay area that Gillham
The next day I get a call from my wife at work. “It has            recommended. The owner needs to fetch the car
seat belts in the back…Perhaps we can put Daniel                   from his summer home in California Gold Country.
in the back seat and join the Alfa club tours more                 He spends the day with the car, and the next day an
often that way.” In the interests of matrimonial                   e-mail comes in: “I drove the car two hundred miles
harmony, I begin to investigate. An e-mail goes off to             today, BIG MISTAKE! Sixty miles of winding country
the owner, Kevin McKee. “Beautifully done car...                   roads, I had lunch with my wife in a small country
Would love to have and drive it... But my threshold of             town along our route, she said “don’t sell the car”.
price pain is lower than the asking price.” The                    Tom [the pre-purchase inspection person] said the
response comes that the price is very negotiable.                  car is worth 35k and I’ll quote Tom, “Dima would be
                                                                   a fool not to buy this car, No one does Supers to this
We agree on the price, and I start calling the restorer,           level”… So Dima here is where I am at, I got five calls
the people who Bill Gillham recommended as the                     and three emails today about the car… I don’t need
Super gurus, and other references. The comments                    the money or to part with the car so if you are going
come back ranging from “in the pictures [the car is]               to do this deal I have two requests: 1- Give me first
as good as any Super I’ve ever seen” to “it looks                  right to refusal if you ever sell the car, I might like to
gorgeous and worth the money if it is as                           own it again someday when you are finished. 2-
represented...should be a proper rocket with the                   Send me a 10k deposit this week, I think I’ve given
1750 engine.” Bill’s own comment is “The Super is                  you enough references in the Alfa Community that
the best car Alfa ever built.” The restorer (Fred                  this should not be a problem.”
Schueddekopp from Anacortes, WA) looks through
his notes and receipts on the car and sighs over the               10k deposit sounds steep, but even without seeing
enormous effort put into getting the car right. No, it is          the 45 minute video that the pre-purchase
not the perfect original 1967 Super, but it surely is              inspection guy is sending me, I have had enough
modified in a proper way. Gillham points out that the              references on Kevin, the owner, and on the car
car is set up exactly like his Hooligan and says, “I               itself to feel like if I want the car, I should respect
want you to buy it so that I don’t have to.”
                                        AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
                                                                             FEATURE ARTICLE

his request. And I want the car – it just feels right.
Even if it likely means that I need to get rid of one
of my GTVs. I call the owner, he is much calmer
now … but asks me to respect his conditions.
Yulia is still with me on the deal, and the deposit
check will be going out this week.

I drive my red 1974 GTV to work… What a wonderful
car! It is actually mechanically more solid than my
burgundy 1974 GTV, even though I will definitely
keep the burgundy one – it is just much more original
and has records back to 1978… you just do not get
rid of a car like that. The red car probably has to go.
Time to start drafting an ad.

I arrange to stop in San Francisco on the way back
from a business trip at the end of September, and
get a one-way ticket for my wife to join me. We are
planning to take our time getting back to Portland;
should be a fun drive. Sounds like if all goes well, we
can even join the Joe Cantrell’s and Doug Klein’s
Old Super Tour on October 4!

The inspection video comes back. The car is
spectacularly restored. The only things to pick on
are the on are the old rear view mirror and cracking
of the hood and trunk lid insulation.

                                      AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
March 7, 2009, 11 am
Have you ever thought about entering the Northwest            the school and pre-registration is encouraged. You
Classic Rally in August each year, but hesitated              do not need to be an Alfa club member to attend, so
because you didn’t know “how to rally”? Have you              please encourage your friends to sign up!
been running the rally but want to be more
competitive? We have a solution!                              This school is the perfect way for beginners to learn
                                                              rally basics. No experience is necessary! We will
The Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon, hosts of the                 introduce you to the knowledge you need to have a
Northwest Classic Rally, would like to invite you to          good time on road rallies. The course will review the
attend our 3rd Annual Rally School, to be conducted           General Instructions, explain how to read and
on Saturday, March 7th. This one-day course will              understand rally route instructions, and cover basic
include a classroom session with table top exercise,          route finding. In addition this year we will be
and a take-home annotated set of rally instructions,          introducing basic rally math and timekeeping skills.
so you can follow a route on your own and know                The school is designed to give you, in one day, the
what the rally master wants you to do at every turn.          experience and skills that it would otherwise take
Additionally, the AROO Cup Rally series will begin            several rallies to develop, but without the frustration!
the next day, March 8th, so you can get right out and
practice your new skills. The AROO Cup rallies will           So please join us on March 7th for an introduction to
run again this year with 4 rallies from March to June.        road rallying. This venerable automotive sport is
If interest is high, we’ll extend the series into the fall.   surging in popularity and we want to help you get in
These rallies are also an excellent way to hone your          on the fun! Please contact Dave Reich at
rally skills and prepare for the Northwest Classic            davidreich@comcast.net or 503.245.5555 to pre-
Rally.                                                        register. (Pre-registration is NOT required, but is
                                                              much appreciated.)
The school begins at 11:00 a.m., March 7, and will be
conducted in the group meeting room at Buster’s               Thanks and we hope to see you there!
Smokehouse Texas Style Barbeque at 11419 SW                   Dave Reich, Reid Trummel
Pacific Highway, Portland; that’s just off I-5 Exit 294
on Highway 99W. Please meet for registration at
10:30 in the parking lot of Buster’s (we want to
get started as soon as possible once Buster’s is
open at 11am). There is a nominal charge of $10 for

                                                                                     Photos by Dave Reich
                                        AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
                                                                                   UPCOMING EVENTS
AROO Cup Rally # 1
March 8th, 2009
This year’s AROO Rally Cup Series
starts Sunday, March 8th, giving Rally
School participants one night to
memorize the General Instructions
and find their calculators, clipboards,
and highlighter pens. The AROO Rally Cup Series
will continue to be an excellent way for participants
new to the sport to get started and for seasoned
teams to sharpen their skills. This series is great
preparation for running the Northwest Classic Rally.
The same General Instructions will be used for the         The schedule for this year’s series continues with
AROO rally series, the Columbia Gorge Classic (CG          rallies set for April 12th, May 3rd, May 31st, and June
MGA Club), and the Northwest Classic. This year,           14th. We’ll take a break for the Veloce nel Verde in
rally masters for the AROO series will be available        July and the Northwest Classic Rally in August. If
for questions and “de-briefing” after each rally, giving   there is sufficient interest, the series may continue in
everyone the chance to learn more.                         the fall.

Besides being a great learning experience, this            Roger Dilts
series is a fantastic excuse to take your Alfa (or other   AROO Rally Cup Chair
car) out on some backroads you’ve probably never
seen before, and enjoy the fabulous Oregon

The first rally will be run in northern Washington
County. We will meet in the parking lot of Big Red’s,
at HWY 26 and Skyline Blvd (Sylvan). Pre-registration
will be $15.00 per car and $20.00 on Sunday morning.
Please contact Roger Dilts at arcvolcon@gmail.com
or 503.768.4437 to pre-register. Registration Begins
around 9:15 Sunday, and even if you have pre-
registered (recommended) please arrive by 9:30 to
sign-in, get your car number, and affix it to your car.
Each rally starts with a driver’s meeting at 9:45 a.m.
and the first car is out at 10:01 a.m. The distances
(typically) will be less than a hundred miles and
everyone should be back at the start by around noon
for lunch, awards, and storytelling.

                                     AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon

                                                                lives. We talk about the nearby Stanford University,
                                                                kids and public school quality.

                                                                Finally, the car. It is spectacular. I do not need to
                                                                check it. We move the luggage into the Super’s
                                                                trunk, do the paperwork. We say adios to Kevin’s
                                                                wife, and off to the bank to cash the cashier’s check.
                                                                With all this credit crisis going on, you never now
                                                                what problems we might run into, so we follow Kevin
                                                                to the bank. Then, we are on our way.

                                                                The car is absolutely solid. It handles better than
                                                                most modern cars. Minimal body roll, 80 mph does
                                                                not seem to trouble it at all. I calculate that in the 5th
                                                                gear it is capable of about 132 miles. Aerodynamics
                                                                of the car ought to allow that. A minor nuisance –
                                                                driver side vent window generates some wind whistle
                                                                at speed. That should not be happening on a Super
                                                                – will have to get that fixed.

                                                                Next is a stop at our friends in southern San Jose,
                                                                near the mountains. A nice dinner over a bottle of
                                                                wine is followed by admiring comments from our
                                                                friends. In the morning, a leisurely breakfast at
                                                                Starbucks, with some more discussion of cars, jobs,
                                                                and kids. After some debate, my wife and I decide to
                                                                go to Napa. Seems appropriate, considering the
                                                                kind of car we are driving.

                                                                The Napa trip goes relatively uneventfully. The
                                                                valley is very pretty, egg-shaped, surrounded by two
                                                                rows of hills on each side. We see lots of wineries,
I meet my wife in San Francisco airport on Friday. I            a couple of Mazeratis, a new Bentley, a dozen or two
am a bit tired after a business trip. Kevin (the current        limousines. Our car is the most special of them all.
owner) is delayed by traffic. He comes in a black               We hit some traffic in St. Helens, CA, and it is getting
Lexus (somehow I expected he’d bring the Super).                a bit hot, probably in the upper 90. No trouble for the
Our two suitcases barely fit in the trunk; “Super’s             car, but we are beginning to get thirsty and want to
trunk is bigger than that.”                                     get into an air-conditioned building – or at least to
                                                                speed up! We stop at the Culinary Institute of America
Kevin drives calmly but confidently, and tells us               for lunch, and the food was excellent. Yulia rates the
stories of his racing exploits from mid-1990s to 2005           crème-Brule as the second best she has tasted. The
in a GTV and other cars. “Racing is tremendous                  building looks like an English castle. This must be
waste of time and money… but now that I have quit,              the best (or at least most prestigious) culinary institute
my family asks me – where are we driving this                   in the country.
                                                                We also stop at Paoletti Winery – a place our friends
We go through some very expensive Silicon Valley                recommended. It is owned by an Italian Gianni
real state on the way to Menlo Park where Kevin                 Paoletti, and he makes a number of good California

                                      AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
                                                                                           FEATURE ARTICLE

wines. We pick up a couple of bottles of Piccolo Cru           A trip over the mountains toward I-5 reveals that
and go on. Interestingly, Gianni has no interest in our        under heavy cornering to the left, the car’s rear right
car whatsoever.                                                tire rubs the body. That puts a damper on my fun
                                                               factor. Turns to the right are OK though, and I take
                                                               those harder. We reach Red Bluff, CA, dine at a local
                                                               fancy restaurant by the Sacramento River. It is
                                                               already dark, and we have another hour to the St.
                                                               Bernard Lodge, located close to the entrance to the
                                                               Lassen National Park.

                                                               We stop in the dark in the mountains, and watch the
                                                               stars. The stars are huge and plentiful. We are at the
                                                               lodge around 10pm, and promptly go to sleep.

                                                               The breakfast is included and we both order eggs-
                                                               sunny side and blueberry pancakes. The pancakes
                                                               are the real thing. Pretty full (so full in fact that we will
                                                               not have lunch that day), we check out the lodge,
                                                               which has tons of pictures of St. Bernard dogs, old
                                                               farm implements, and an artificial lake with running
                                                               water from a house spout and huge trout. This is
                                                               where the advertised “trout dinners” must come

                                                               We take our suitcases to the car. The night was
                                                               good, we are content. The car, however, must have
                                                               gotten too cold and refuses to start. I check the
                                                               battery, and the Optima Red is perfectly fine. Just in
                                                               case, we ask for a jumpstart, but it does not help.
                                                               Finally, with the help of an old gentlemen who has
                                                               come to the lodge for breakfast, with Yulia behind the
                                                               wheel, and me the primary horse power, we push-

                                                               SUPER ODYSSEY CONTINUES ON PAGE 17
                                    AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon

start the car. Yulia pays for the gentleman’s breakfast.
My exercise now justifies the huge breakfast.

I place a couple of calls – to Bill Gillham and Dan
Sommers, but neither is available. We are about 400
miles away from home. We decide to go on, enjoy
Lassen Park, and push start the car all the way
home. At the very first stop at Lassen, we restart the
car without any problem. It must have simply gotten
cold and the starter solenoid had stuck.

Lassen has no snow whatsoever, and it is not as
impressive as I remember it from our trip to Tahoe
about 10 years ago. A few nice viewpoints and view
sulfur steams. We must have gotten spoiled, living in      We reach Medford around 4pm, stop at Starbucks,
Northwest. We have visited Crater Lake twice this          and pick up a couple of books. We stay tonight at a
year, and it surely is way more impressive.                Magnolia Inn, a distinguished B&B in historic town of
                                                           Jacksonville. Our friends live just 3 blocks down the
We go on to the next stop – our friends at Jacksonville,   street. We go dinner to a local steak and ribs place,
OR. The car’s starting problem never re-occurs.            where the peanut shells are supposed to go straight
                                                           on the floor. After dinner, we stop at their place, open
We get to Redding, and continue North. I-5 through         a bottle of Picolo Cru, check out their cat and dog
Shasta is a very nice drive. Mt. Shasta itself has         whom Yulia really likes, and call it a night.
almost no ice. That’s an amazing and eerie sight.

                                                                     PROVEN WINNERS:

 Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors
 Systems Design and Installation
 Service, Repair and Updating of Systems
 Preplanned Preventive Maintenance
 Residential and Commercial               MECHANICAL COMPANY, INC.

                                      AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
                                                                            FEATURE ARTICLE

Light breakfast at Magnolia the next morning, and
we hit the road. The car by now averages about 20
mpg, which is reasonable for a 1750 engine rebuilt
to higher performance specs.

We get some Southern Oregon peaches at a fruit
stand on the way, and these have to go in the back
seat of the Super. Curiously, they turn out to be from

The remaining road is straight I-5. We stop for lunch
at a sandwich shop in Salem. I check the web on my
phone. The House of Representatives has failed to
approve the Wall Street bailout package, and Dow
Jones has dropped 777 points. It will drop another
1,700 points in the next two weeks.

We then stop for 5 minutes at Dan and Diane
Sommers’ to show them the car, and go on home.
Over total of 1030 miles, the car has not missed a bit
– if you do not count the cold morning starter problem,
of course. Our 4-year old son Daniel is thrilled to see
us. My father-in-law, who with my mother-in-law
have babysat Daniel at our house, is looking at the
car in amazement. “It is nothing like the Lada,”- he
says. “It is so perfect.”

 Daniel, Yulia and I wash the car and feel all of it
curves, as Bill Eastman has suggested we should. I
hope the weather holds for the Old Super Tour [next]

Photos by Yulia Smolyansky

                                     AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon

Cars for Sale –                                          1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto, White, Black Leather
                                                         upholstery. Very good condition, always garaged.
1957 Alfa Romeo 750F/1300 Spider Veloce racecar.         Recent Brake work, new MC. Restored c. 1980.
A joy to race; fast, forgiving & predictable. All the    Second owner. $15,000 OBO (541)488-3034 Arlie
necessary competition parts. Newly rebuilt & updated
AR 101 engine; 0 race hours. Logbooks. SOVREN            1972 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Custom — A one-of-a-
legal. Retiring from racing. $40,000 firm with 5 new     kind red/black GTV 2000 that has a lightly modified
Hoosier tires and AMB transponder.                       body to present a styling that harkens back to this
fastracr@owt.com or (509) 531-5594. See photo.           model’s successful racing heritage. This Oregon
                                                         ‘blue plate’ car is on its third owner with approximately
                                                         105k miles, and only approximately 4k miles since
                                                         restoration. This GTV features a new interior (seats,
                                                         headliner, carpets), new paint following professional
                                                         modifications, refreshed motor converted to Webers
                                                         with new cams, pistons, headers, etc., and modern
                                                         Sony CD player. Call for price, owner interested in
                                                         keeping car in Oregon. Contact Chris Bright at (503)
                                                         697-5375 if interested. See photo below.

                                                         1973 Alfa Spider. Navy with wine interior. Second
                                                         owner - purchased in 1980 from original owner -
                                                         really! Excellent car - was completely rebuilt/restored
                                                         about 10,000 miles ago. $9800. Call with questions
                                                         to Mindy Hodel at 503-997-0288.

                                    AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
                                                                     NASKO’S IMPORTS
1974 Alfa Romeo Spider 2L, 5sp, light grayish blue,
black top. Runs well but pops out of reverse. Needs                   PORTLAND MINI
interior restoration and rust repair. Great project car.
$2500 OBO. 503-523-9179 Elizabeth                           With over 30 years in business we are Portland’s
                                                            oldest independent Alfa Romeo facility. We are-
1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sedan for sale for the best
offer. Mechanically it is good, interior is rough (4/10),   *Dedicated to preventative maintenance for your Alfa
and the body is rusty (4/10), but it is an excellent
donor car if you require drive line and misc. parts.        *Attentive to customers’ individual needs.
The car is located just outside of Victoria, B.C.
Canada. Rob Carson, Tel: 250-652-0733,                      *A conscientious repair staff with diverse Alfa Romeo
carsonpacific@pacificcoast.net                              know-how.

1985 GTV6 121,000 miles. Black ext. Great driver.           Our reputation is built on these things, and we thank
Lots of fun still in this car. I had hopes of doing a       our loyal customers whose continued support and
complete restore, but don’t have the time, money or         referrals have helped us continue doing business
apparently the desire to get in that deep. This car         this way.
spent most of its life in California….there is no rust.
This is a MUST SELL…$3,000 or best acceptable
offer 541-395-2830 denis.carlsen@gmail.com

1987 Milano Platinum. OK, so you won’t buy my
Milano at $1750. How about , “Make a reasonable
Offer”. New clutch. I drive it one week and the GTV6

                                                            We offer:

                                                            *Service - Alfa Romeo as well as other fine European
the next. It’s not perfect but not many cars are. It’s      automobiles.
a Drive it and park anywhere type of car. Call or
                                                            *Parts - Large stock of new and used.
email, Philip Weaver, 541-431-0884. whitealfa@nu-
world.com Photo below. 200,000 miles on the Body,           *Sales - Used European autos.
about 145000 on Engine. Tuned up with new starter,
alternator, water pump, timing belt, other belts, cap
& rotor, plugs, clean injectors, front drive shaft             NASKO’S IMPORTS/ PORTLAND MINI
coupling, engine seals, spark plug seals, cam cover
gaskets and battery. The rear suspension bushing                        5409 S.E. Francis (54th & Foster)
have been replaced and four front uppers. The car                             Portland, OR 97206
has been in the family for about 18 years. It was a                              (503) 771-1472
California car. Very little rust, two spots.
                                     AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon

1991 Alfa Romeo 164. Power windows and power               1992 Spider Veloce: white/black, 71,000 miles,
seats, automatic transmission. Silver with gray cloth      always garaged, new tags, mechanically sound,
interior. Original owner. Excellent condition, always      some cosmetic issues. Upgraded sound system.
garaged. 131K miles and always serviced by RTGT.           Original radio, Tyvek car cover and spare set of tail
$2500 (503)631-8191 Marvin                                 lights included. Clear title. Asking $5,900 OBO for
                                                           a nice but not perfect series 4 Spider. Call Alex
1991 164L - Beautiful car; for sale by third owner.        Carrara       at    503-984-0302 or         email:
Midnight green exterior / tan leather interior: both in    vrotate1@yahoo.com
very good condition. 163,000 miles on original motor
(runs well, but uses oil) and auto trans. (no problems).
The car has been well maintained at Ron Tonkin GT
service center since I’ve owned it, and has many
significant parts replaced with new factory parts.
$3,500. Contact John at: jbnunzio@europa.com

                                                           1993 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce, convertible, all
                                                           original, 29,900 mi., black/black, one owner, excellent
                                                           condition, clear title. Runs great, no problems,
                                                           mechanically sound. Specially made cover included.
                                                           $17k - Call Matt at 503-717-1578 for more information
1991 Alfa Romeo 164 Base Model including factory           or email at shieldscfi@qwest.net can be seen,
options of sunroof, cruise and power seats. Body in        Gearhart, Oregon
excellent condition with beautiful original gray-blue
paint exterior and blue cloth interior. 92,000 miles
and running great. 5-speed manual transmission
that shifts nicely. New tires, timing belt and front
discs with receipts. Well cared for and properly
serviced. Residing in Salem, Oregon. Previously
parked in garage and now in carport. Must sell.
$5000 or best offer. (503) 851-7367 or

                                      AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon

Parts for Sale –
1986 Spider PARTS CARS. No engine or
transmission, rusty. Call for details. Nasko 503-

1991 and 1992 164 PARTS CARS. Both automatics.
Call for details. Nasko 503-771-1472

This is a stunning, never used three piece set of Alfa
Romeo Milano soft sided luggage. This luggage
belongs to Mr. Ron Tonkin who has owned it for the
past 20 years, but never used it. The suitcase and
expandable suitcase measures 26" long, 14 inches
wide and 5 inches high. The expandable suitcase
expands to a height of 6". The “Suiter” is 21" long
when folded and 42" long when unfolded. It is 23'
wide. This Alfa Romeo luggage is in outstanding
condition and will be a great addition to any Alfisti’s
collection. $395.00… Please call Larry at Ron Tonkin
Gran Turismo : 503-255-7560

Wanted –
Wanted 101 5 speed transmission – Doug Klein

                                     AlfaBits Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon
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