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Adam Lawton


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									                                               Adam Lawton
                                              3D Modeler and Texture Artist
                            adaml@fullarticulation.net | 407.718.7902 | www.fullarticulation.net

Full Sail University - Winter Park, FL November 2004
Associate of Science Degree in Computer Animation

Employment History:

3D Modeler - Adacel Corporation - Orlando, FL July 2008 - Present
•   Created photo-realistic buildings, props and vegetation using Photoshop and Creator
•   Created Moving Models (Aircraft and Ground Vehicles) for Adacel’s Moving Model Libraries using Creator and 3DS Max
•   Painted various texture maps (Color, Specular and Alpha)
•   Developed 2D playing areas for use in various real-time scenarios
•   Configured Airfield and Moving Models for Adacel’s Flight Simulator IG (MaxSIM)

Database Developer - AVT Simulation - Orlando, FL August 2007 - July 2008
•   Built and textured airfields using LODs based off satellite imagery/source photos for the B-2 Bomber Weapon Systems Trainer
•   Worked closely with B2 Bomber Pilots to ensure airfields were built visually and technically accurate
•   Optimized and placed 3D models for use in a proprietary engine (RasterXT)
•   Designed and created company marketing material including calendars, logos and web development
•   Researched new software and provided relevant feedback

3D Artist - Raydon Corporation; Art and Animation – Daytona Beach, FL February 2006 – July 2007
• Created DIS configured and attributed models for Raydon’s Moving Model Library using Creator
• Worked with a team to create a high resolution insert for a Terrex Database project including over 40 geo-specific buildings
  and landmass features
• Provided Maya training to team members focusing mainly on the Modeling, Animating, and Rendering toolsets
• Developed and documented procedures for Multiple Elevation Structures (MES) models for use in Terrex
• Produced marketing material including logo animations for company presentations using Maya

Lead Environmental/Level Design Artist - Art Infantry - Miami Beach, FL October 2005 - January 2006
• Created concept material area content for the game project “Fallen Angel”
• Built polygonal meshes and textures for use throughout a mall level using Maya

Environmental/Prop Modeler - Blackwater Software - Costa Mesa, CA July 2005 – January 2006
• Constructed high-polygonal meshes and built normal maps off them for low poly models on the project “Kingdom Lost” using
  Maya and ZBrush
• Worked closely with the Project Director, Program Lead and 3D Leads to help flesh out all aspects of gameplay

Software Qualifications
•   Maya 4.5 – 2008
•   Photoshop 5 – CS5
•   Final Cut Pro 3 – 4.5
•   Dreamweaver 8 – 9
•   Illustrator CS3 - CS5
•   Creator 3 - 4.1
•   3D Studio Max 2009
•   ZBrush 2
•   Modo 301
•   Premiere Pro 7
•   Shake 2.5 - 3

Personal Skills and Hobbies
•   Photography
•   Web Development (HTML, CSS, and PHP)
•   Sculpting
•   Creative Writing
•   Multilingual – Proficient English, intermediate French and conversational Japanese

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