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									Israel’s Cosmetics and
   Toiletries Industry
The Israel Export & International
     Cooperation Institute –
   Consumer Goods Division
The Israel Export & International
  Cooperation Institute (IEICI)
       is your key to the unique
  benefits of the Israeli industry
  and market.
   We offer assistance in forging
    corporate alliances and joint
   We advise on trade in a world of
    borderless markets.
The Israel Export & International
  Cooperation Institute (IEICI)
  We       will assist   you in
   establishing connections with
   Israeli companies via:
    • international exhibitions
    •trade missions
    •one-on-one matching
    •similar initiatives
              IEICI – Why us?
 Primary    organization facilitating trade
    ties, joint ventures and strategic
    alliances between overseas businesses
    and Israeli companies
   Experience – the institution was
    founded in 1958
   Representing and serving virtually the
    entire industrial community in Israel.
   Board of directors representing Israel’s
    leading exporters and economic
  Background – What’s behind
          the masks
The Israeli cosmetics industry owes its
  uniqueness and success to:
 Israel’s Natural resources – an
  abundance of sun and minerals
 Hi Tech beauty - advanced R&D
  combined with sophisticated
  manufacturing capabilities allow the
  local industry to offer diverse products
  for differentiated markets
        A Growing Industry
 Over 60 Israeli cosmetics and toiletries
  companies export to the world’s most
  demanding markets

 The majority of cosmetics exports: skin
  care products

 Another rapidly growing market in
  recent years: sun care products
Dead sea – A Living Industry
   World wide acknowledged - The lowest
    point on the planet is home to one of the
    most therapeutic places known to man
    since Roman times
   Unique ingredients - Salts, Black mud and
    other rich minerals are some of the reasons
    for the success of the Israeli Cosmetics
   Scientific Research- from the
    minerals taken from the dead sea
    gave birth to nearly 50 cosmetic
    companies that base their
    products on these resources.
   Black mud-
    is know for its deep cleansing
     and skin stimulation effects.
    Refined and combined with
     additional ingredients, the mud
     has become one of the most
     popular product lines.
 Minerals extracted from
  the dead sea salts-
  including magnesium,
  calcium, chloride,
  bromide and potassium.
 These materials improve
  cell metabolism, stimulate
  circulation and repair
  cells naturally.
       Toiletries products
 Product lines range from diapers,
  toilette, and facial tissues
 Significant presence in the
  feminine hygiene market, dental
  care and shaving products.
 private labels and participation in
  international trade show account
  for the success of Israeli toiletries
Toiletries – cause of success
Israeli innovations paper-
 based products have
 had great success
 around the world
R&D- Israeli companies
 invest significant budgets
 in R&D in this field
    Sun Sun Sun - care and skin
 The sunny climate in the
    country gave birth to one
    of the most dominant
    driving force behind the
    Cosmetic industry
   R&D- Israeli companies
    invest significant budgets
    for R&D in this field.
 Customs? What customs?!
 Free trade – Israel has free
  trade agreements with the
  US, EU and EFTA.
 Duty Free entry- allows
  Israeli products to be more
  attractive to international
                Why Israel?
 Strategic location: Geographic
    proximity to Europe is a
    significant marketing
   Low cost manufacturing: salary
    levels in Israel are lower than in
    Europe or in the U.S
                Why Israel?
 Creativity and flexibility: Israeli
    industry is known for its
    creativity, flexibility and
    capability to respond quickly to
    changes in customer needs.
   These capabilities make it a
    reliable partner for retail chains
     Maximum Effectiveness
   Israeli manufacturers- have maximized
    these properties to produce families of
    body care products aimed to the
    international market focusing on
    consumer’s demand for these exclusive
      Maximum Effectiveness
   Availability.- In addition to marketing
    via overseas offices and distributors,
    many cosmetic products can be
    purchased over the internet.
   Private labels – strict quality control and
    meeting production deadlines allow
    Israeli manufacturers to work
    successfully in the private label market.
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