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UCAS Codes


									UCAS Codes
UCAS Institution Codes                             or college. You are responsible for paying the       Visual Arts and Design - Performance
                                                   correct application fee, for obtaining and           and Events                             WN28
Institution code name: CANCC                       attaching the academic reference and for             Visual and Performing Arts             WW29
Institution code: C10                              submitting the completed application online          Visual Arts and Creative Writing       WW28
Campus code for Canterbury: None                   to UCAS.
Campus code for Medway: M                          For all applicants, there are full instructions at
Campus code for Broadstairs: N            to make it as easy as possible          Diploma of Higher Education
Campus code for Folkestone: F                      for you to fill in your online application, plus     Performing Arts                        W491
                                                   help text where appropriate. UCAS also has a
Applying via UCAS                                  comprehensive guide called Applying Online,
(Universities and Colleges                         which can be downloaded from
                                                                                                        Programmes offered at the
Admissions Service)                                                                                     BROADSTAIRS CAMPUS
For all programmes in the prospectus
which state ‘applications are made                 Programmes offered at the                            (Campus code: N)
through UCAS’, you must apply online               MEDWAY CAMPUS
                                                                                                        BA Honours
at                                    (Campus code: M)
                                                                                                        Creative Visual Media                  WP23
There are three types of applicant:                BA Honours                                           Early Childhood Studies                X310
                                                   Early Childhood Studies                     X310     Graphic Design                         W210
1. Students at a school or college                                                                      Music: Commercial Music                W340
registered with UCAS
                                                   BSc Honours                                          Music: Creative Music Technology        J930
All UK schools and colleges (and a small
number of establishments overseas) are             Diagnostic Radiography                      B821     Music: Industry Management             N291
registered with UCAS to manage their               Midwifery                                   B720     Photography                            W640
students’ applications.                            Occupational Therapy                        B920     Video and Motion Graphics              WW62
                                                   Operating Department Practice               B991     Web Design                             WG2L
Advice is available from your teacher or a
careers adviser at your school or college. You
                                                   Diploma of Higher Education                          BSc Honours
fill in an online application and submit it to a
member of staff. After checking your details,      Nursing (Adult Branch)                      3060     Business Management                    N200
and having added the academic reference,           Nursing (Child Branch)                      3360     Business Management (Logistics)        N210
your school or college submits the completed       Nursing (Mental Health)                     3160     Business Management (Retail)           N240
application online to UCAS. You pay online         Operating Department Practice               B990     Policing                                L435
using a credit card or debit card. You may also
be able to pay through your school or college.
                                                   September intakes at Medway – Midwifery and          Joint/Combined Honours
                                                   Nursing (Adult). April intakes at Medway –           Business Management and Multimedia
2. Independent applicants in the UK
                                                   Diagnostic Radiography, Nursing (Adult),             Design                                 GN4F
Other UK applicants, who are not at school or
                                                   Nursing (Child), Nursing (Mental Health) and
college, apply online independently.                                                                    Business Management and Photography NW26
                                                   Occupational Therapy. These programmes are
                                                   also offered at the Canterbury Campus.               Multimedia Design and Photography      G4WQ
It is likely that you are a mature applicant,                                                           Music Production and
who, unlike school and college students,                                                                Business Management                     JN9F
cannot readily seek advice from your teacher,      Programmes offered at
                                                   FOLKESTONE                                           Music Production and Multimedia
but can instead consult with various careers
                                                                                                        Design                                 GWK3
organisations (such as Connexions). You are        (Campus code: F)
responsible for paying the correct application                                                          Photography and Music Production       WJ69
fee, for obtaining and attaching the academic      BA Honours
reference and for submitting the completed         Creative Writing and Performing Arts      WW84       Diplomas of Higher Education
application online to UCAS.                                                                             Business Management                    N201
                                                   Dance Education                            WX53
                                                   Performing Arts                            W490      Business Management (Logistics)        NN25
3. International applicants outside the UK
                                                   Performing Arts (Dance)                    W500      Business Management (Retail)           N241
(EU and worldwide)
Except for those whose school or college is        Performing Arts (Drama)                    W400      Policing                                L436
registered with UCAS, individuals from the         Performing Arts (Technical Theatre)        W440
EU (excluding the UK), and worldwide, apply
                                                   Performing Arts (Vocal Studies)            W310
online independently.
                                                   Visual Arts and Design                     W900
Advice is available from British Council offices   Visual Arts and Design - Image and
and other centres overseas, such as your school    Communication                              WP29

                  Open Days:
220               Canterbury Christ Church University | 2011 entry undergraduate prospectus |
Programmes offered at the                          BSc Honours                                       BSc (Honours) Paramedical
CANTERBURY CAMPUS                                  Accounting and Finance                   NN43     Diagnostic Radiography                  B821
                                                   Animal Science                           D300     Occupational Therapy                    B920
BA Honours                                         Animal Science
American Studies                                   (Four years including Foundation)        D301     These programmes are offered in September
(History, Politics and Diplomacy)         T700     Biosciences                              C191     each year at Canterbury. There is an April
American Studies                                                                                     intake for both programmes at the Medway
(Semester in North America)               T703                                                       Campus.
                                                   (Four years including Foundation)        C192
American Studies (USA)                             Business Computing                       GN41
(Film, Art and Literature)                T701                                                       BA (Honours) in Primary Education,
                                                   Business Studies                         N100     leading to Qualified Teacher Status
American Studies
                                                   Computing                                G400     (Three years)
(With a year in North America)            T792
                                                   Crime and Policing                        LL34    Lower Primary QTS (3-7 years)           X121
Applied Criminology                       M900
                                                   Ecology and Conservation                 C180     Upper Primary QTS (5-11 years)          X122
Education Studies                         X301
                                                   Environmental Biology                    C150     Primary Languages (lpr)                 X3R9
English                                   Q300
                                                   Environmental Biology                             Primary Languages (upr)                 X3RX
                                                   (Four years including Foundation)        C168
(Double degree incl. a year abroad)       Q320
                                                   Environmental Science                     F850    LLB
Film, Radio and Television Studies       W620
                                                   Environmental Science                             Law                                     M100
  Animation                              W615
                                                   (Four years including Foundation)         F855
  Broadcasting                            P310
                                                   Events Management                        N820     Diplomas of Higher Education
  Film                                    P314
                                                   Finance                                  N300     Animal Science                          D302
  Radio                                   P312
                                                   Forensic Computing                       FG45     Biosciences                             C193
  Television                              P311
                                                   Geography                                 L700    Environmental Biology                   C151
Forensic Investigation                     F410
                                                   Health Studies                           B900     Environmental Science                    F854
History                                   V100
                                                   Health Studies (Health Promotion)         BL95    Integrated Science                       FC00
History with Archaeology                  V1V4
                                                   Health Studies (Public Health)           BL9M     Nursing (Adult Branch)#                 3060
Journalism: Multimedia Journalism         P501
                                                   Integrated Science                        CF00    Nursing (Mental Health)#                3160
Law (LLB)                                 M100
                                                   Integrated Science
Law (non-qualifying)                      M102     (Four years including Foundation)        N121     # Nursing (Adult) has an intake at Canterbury
Media and Cultural Studies                P300     Internet Computing                       G453       in September and April each year. Nursing
Music                                    W300                                                          (Mental Health) has an intake in September.
                                                   Marketing                                N500
Music Education                          W3XH      Mathematics with Secondary                        Foundation Degree
Physical Education and Sport Science      XC36     Education (QTS)                          G1X1
                                                                                                     Computing                               G402
Politics and Global Governance             L290    Midwifery #                              B720
Politics and International Relations       L250    Nursing (Adult Branch)                   B740     International Foundation Programme
Religious Studies                         V627     Nursing (Child Branch)                   B730     International Foundation                Y002
Social Work                                L500    Nursing (Mental Health)                  B760     International Foundation in Music       W302
Sociology and Social Science               L300    Physical Education and Sport Science     XC36
Theology                                  V610     Psychology                               C800
                                                   Science with Secondary Education (QTS) CFG0
Art and Design                                     Sport and Exercise Psychology            C813     Programmes offered at George
Art: Fine and Applied Arts               W193      Sport and Exercise Science               C600     Williams YMCA College
                                                   Sport and Leisure Management             N222
                                                   Tourism Management                       N800
                                                                                                     Informal Education                      X320
                                                   Urban and Regional Studies                 K400
                                                                                                     Informal Education                      X300
                                                   # The Midwifery programme runs in April each
                                                     year. There is a September intake at the
                                                     Medway Campus.

                                                        If you have any questions email:
                             Canterbury Christ Church University | 2011 entry undergraduate prospectus |         221

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