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        The first draft of this guide was conceived of, researched, and written by
Brandeis University student Rebecca Gedalius in Spring 2005. Much of the structure,
flavor and content of this publication is hers. We gratefully recognize her contribution.
MHLAC also thanks Melissa Stimell and the Legal Studies Program at Brandeis for
matching Rebecca with MHLAC.

         This guide draws upon previous guides for youth and families involved in the
juvenile justice system, notably:

        •    “From a Parent’s Perspective,” by Linda (Smelstor) Pedersen and published
             by the Massachusetts organization, Citizens for Juvenile Justice (2000);
        •    “Kids and the Law: A User's Guide to the Court System,” by Rebecca Pries
             and Carol Rosensweig (3rd ed. 2002);
        •    “Making Your Voice Heard: Family Advocacy Handbook,” by Gabriella
             Celeste and published by Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana;
        •    The Parents' How-to Guide to Children's Mental Health Services in
             Massachusetts, by the Boston Bar Association and other organizations and
             published by the Boston Bar Association (2004).

         MHLAC particularly would like to thank Joshua Dohan, Lael Chester, Barbara
Kaban, Cecely Reardon and Robert Fleischner who commented extensively on drafts
of this document. MHLAC extends a special thank you to Judge Stephen Limon, whose
edits formed the basis for the Third Edition.

        We also would like to acknowledge the extensive and excellent assistance
of Americorps members Judy Pisnanont, Lyndsey Frushour, Sandra Carter, Sarah
Sallen and Claire Bolton, who came to MHLAC through Americorps’ Massachusetts
Legal Assistance for Self-Sufficiency Program, which is administered by South Coastal
Counties Legal Services, Inc.

        In addition, MHLAC would like to thank the following individuals for their
contributions to this book:

Calvin Feliciano; Jenny Chou; Hon. Jay Blitzman; Andrea Watson; Jeremy Maco; William
Landers; Kathleen Boundy; Jurgen Kern; Megan Bremer; Francine Sherman;
Tina Adams; Jeanne Greeley; Yvonne Sparling; Vicky Pulos; Janice Manfredi;
Rebecca Rodman; Melissa Sewruk; Barbara Fedders; Robert Kinscherff; Richard
Romboletti; Wes Cotter; Maggie Giles; Patricia Cone; Stan Goldman; Lester Blumberg;
Katie Martin; Joan Mikula; Edward Dolan; Crispin Birnbaum, Wendy Wolf, Mary Silva,
Diane Curran, Peter Kosciusko and Robert Turillo.

        We also acknowledge the layout and design of this book by Laura Colby at
MHLAC and the technical support from Glenn Kendall of the Commonwealth Print

        Finally, we recognize the contributions of MHLAC’s student interns:

Sarah Thompson, Christine Hayes, Angelica Vargas, Sarah DeOliveira, Kristin Musto,
Elizabeth Grimm, Seth Klotz, Mari Lubin, and Crystal Rodriguez.

All errors are MHLAC’s alone.

                                                            JUST FOR YOUTH ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
   The Commonwealth of         Massachusetts Legal Assistance for Self-
      Massachusetts                    Sufficiency Program

Mental Health Legal Advisors           An AmeriCorps Program

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