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Set Skills for a General Manager


Set Skills for a General Manager document sample

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									                             General Manager

A masked New York City firm is looking for a General Manager to continue to
position the firm as a strategic global leader.

S/he will direct and be responsible for the overall strategy of the business.
S/he must be able to manage and grow a customer-focused organization and
should enjoy working in an entrepreneurial, fast paced environment. The
ideal candidate is a self-starter with a well-rounded background that focuses
on internet-based businesses. Strong existing market relationships are
essential, as well as the ability to cultivate and manage business
partnerships. The ideal candidate will be a dynamic leader who has a proven
record of customer satisfaction, sales, and audience growth. S/he will also be
able to present a history of substantial leadership success in previous
management roles.

The General Manager should possess business, financial and analytical
capabilities to advance the company as it continues to grow. He/she should
bring an engaging capacity and excitement to reach out traditional of the
media universe to work with a new set of partners.

The General Manager will have responsibility for coordinating the
performance of all departments and will serve as a leader, motivating the
staff to continue to create breakthrough opportunities for the company.

He/She will be responsible for monitoring industry trends, evaluating
competition and innovating our offering.

•   Minimum 10 years experience in a senior management capacity
•   Digital experience
•   Ability to build/maintain strong business partnerships
•   Demonstrated managerial and leadership skills
•   P&L experience required along with strong quantitative/analytic skills
•   Strong communication and negotiation skills
•   Lead by example, coach and mentor department heads as needed


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