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                               Premium Wedding Package

     Frequently asked questions:

  1. What   does the package price include?
           2 Hours Pre-Production & Planning
           1-2 Camera coverage using Sony HDV professional cameras
           10 Hours Location Filming on the day
           30-40 Hours Editing & Post Production
           DVD Main Feature: The Wedding Day
           DVD Special Feature: Highlights of the day
           DVD Special Feature: Voxpop messages from family & friends
           3 Personalised copies of your DVD in Presentation Boxes
           2 Exclusively designed copies of your DVD
           MCPS/PPL Copyright License for music used on the soundtrack
           Travel expenses

  2. How much is the deposit and when do I need to pay?
     The deposit is £95.00 and is non-refundable. Payment of the deposit is required to
     secure your date with us.

  3. Do you carry out a consultation beforehand?
     Yes, we will arrange a convenient time to visit you in your home, or location of your
     choice, to discuss your requirements in detail. This should be done no less than 6
     weeks before your wedding day. This consultation is free and lasts for about 1 hour.
     If you want to go ahead with the shoot and purchase the package we will require
     you to pay a small deposit (see 2. Above) and sign the contract before any work can

  4. Why do I need to sign a contract?
     A written signed contract is to protect both parties (the ‘Client’ and ‘Colbridge
     Videography’) to make clear the work that is to be carried out and to finalise all the
     details. Each film we make is unique and tailored to customer requirements.

  5. Why do you need to do Pre-Production work?
     We need to plan the filming and will arrive at the venues in advance to set up our
     equipment and check the shots and positioning. We may also need to clarify
     requirements with the Church or venue manager to make sure we can carry out the
     work we plan to do.

  6. If travel expenses are included in the package how many miles will you travel?
     We will travel a 100 mile radius of our base in Essex (excluding overseas) before we
     begin to charge extra for mileage.

  7. Do you film overseas?
     Yes, but we will not incur any costs for flights and connecting transport, this is the
     responsibility of the customer. However we will pay for travel insurance.

Colbridge Videography  2011
  8. Do you have relevant insurance?
     Yes, we have Public Liability insurance, Professional Indemnity insurance and
     Product Liability insurance which covers our operation. Please ask to see our current

  9. Why does it take 30-40 hours Post Production?
     After we have filmed all of the raw footage from the event we download it onto our
     Apple Mac computers to edit with Final Cut Pro Studio. This is where some of the
     magic begins and your film really takes shape. We add music, titles, transitions,
     effects, DVD menu’s, scene selections and author your personalised DVD. This
     process is very time consuming, labour intensive and requires a degree of technical
     skills and creativity.

  10.Do you use Dollies, Steadicams and Cranes?
     Yes, however this additional equipment will incur extra charges for use and setup on
     location. We will discuss this at your consultation and give you the best deal we
     possibly can.

  11.When will I receive my finished DVD’s?
     Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery due to the intensive work required, especially
     during peak season over the summer months and at Christmas. We have found that
     when customers view their big day again, weeks after the event, they tend to view it
     more objectively after all the excitement, stress and activity of organising your day
     has calmed down and you have settled back into your normal life!

  12.How long will my Wedding film last for?
     On average 70-90 minutes duration. We aim to capture the best moments and edit
     them into a memorable cinematic experience.

  13.Can I purchase more DVD’s for family and friends?
     Yes, you receive a total of 5 copies as part of your package. Additional copies of the
     exclusively designed presentation boxes cost £12.00 each. Additional copies of the
     luxury presentation boxes cost £18.00 each.

  14.What music can I use in my Wedding film?
     You can use whatever music you like because we make sure that all copyrights have
     been licensed from PPL and MCPS and other bodies where appropriate. We also use
     music from our Royalty Free music library that does not require copyright clearance.
     If we don’t have the track or style of music you want we will get it for you, this is all
     included in the price. For more information about copyright please check the
     Institute of Videography website ( and read their copyright guide.

  15.What time do you start filming from and can I request more time?
     We will start filming when you instruct us to but remember the package includes 10
     hours of location filming on the day, therefore if you want us to arrive at the Church
     for 12noon we will film through to 10.00pm at the Reception (but not continuously).
     Every hour over the 10 hour period will cost an additional £50.00, so for example if
     you wanted us to film for 12 hours instead of 10 the cost for 2 extra hours will be an
     additional £100.00 onto the package price.

Colbridge Videography  2011
  16.Do you film for the whole 10 hours?
     We will be on location for the 10 hour duration capturing key moments of the day.
     This does not mean that we will be filming everything for 10 hours continuously.

  17.Are you value for money compared to other Videographers?
     Yes because in 2008 the average cost of a videographer was between £1,100 and
     £1,450 (not to mention the videographers out there charging much more than this)
     so our all inclusive one package price of £749.00 is excellent value for money. Put
     that into perspective within the average cost of a Wedding in the UK costing
     between £16,000 and £20,000 in 2008 then our package just accounts for 4.25% of
     your budget. A small price to pay for a product that will capture your day forever
     and be cherished and treasured by you and your family for years to come. You can
     effectively relive your special day time and time again to show your children and
     grandchildren (which can’t be said for the flowers, cake and decorations!)

  18.Do I own the copyright and can I copy the DVD’s?
     No, Colbridge Videography owns the copyright. All of our discs have copyright
     protection so you cannot copy the discs. They are issued with hologram stickers on
     each disc to certify their authenticity.

  19.When do I pay the balance?
     We need to have the balance cleared in our account by 10 working days before the
     event. We cannot proceed with the work until we are in receipt of full payment. You
     can pay by BACS, cash or cheque or we can process your credit/debit card.

  20.Can I cancel at any time?
     Yes, but you will lose the deposit of £95.00.

  21.Are you member of any professional bodies?
     Yes, we have registered with the Institute of Videography.

  22.What do I do if I have a problem?
     Please speak to Bridget or Colin in the first instance however in the unlikely event of
     a dispute over the supply of product(s) or service(s), the ‘Customer’ and ‘Company’
     shall agree to accept the findings of the Institute of Videography’s Arbitration Office.
     Any disputes must be notified in writing within 28 days of the Customer receiving
     the product(s) or service(s). Please refer to the IOV Terms & Conditions.

  23.Can I purchase the master DV tapes?
     Yes, we can arrange for you to purchase these after we have edited a version of
     your Wedding film. By selling the master tapes to you we are relinquishing our
     copyright over the material which you will then own. Therefore to purchase the
     copyright of your filmed material the cost will be a further £495.00. You are then
     free to re-edit the material and use it in anyway you want to.

  24.Can we negotiate on price?
     We like to reach an agreement with you on what you would like us to film and the
     cost of this service. To purchase all of the features of our Premium Wedding package
     please refer to the full advertised price however if you want less than this (i.e.
     reduced features) we can negotiate on price.

  25.Do you offer any discounts?
     Please check our ‘Special Offers’ page on our website for our latest discounts. In
     most cases only one discount applies and these are subject to terms and conditions.

Colbridge Videography  2011
  26.Can I redeem your vouchers against any of your packages?
     Yes, but they must be redeemed by the expiry date printed on each voucher.

  27.Do I need to sign a client release form?
     We will require you to sign a client release form if you have agreed to allow us to
     use your images in a reasonable and responsible professional manner for our
     promotional purposes (brochures, advertisements, website, Wedding fairs, etc).

  28.Can I upload my Wedding video on Youtube or other video websites?
     No, not unless you have purchased the copyright. If you have signed our client
     release form we may upload your material onto Youtube or Vimeo or other video
     websites but we usually notify you of this. Videos embedded on the Vimeo website
     provides a link to our website directly via a Vimeo player.

  29.I would like my Wedding film in other formats such as for my iPhone
     This is no problem, we can convert your Wedding film to most formats to be played
     on iPods, iPhones, Apple TV, PS3, on the web, etc. Please ask for details. However
     this may incur a small conversion charge.

  30.Can I purchase my film in HD?
     Yes, however we need to have filmed your Wedding footage in High Definition. We
     will then edit this HD footage and author it onto Blu Ray discs so you can play it
     back on a Blu Ray DVD player. However this increases our operational costs so
     expect to add at least £200 to the cost of your Wedding film. Please speak to
     Bridget or Colin about this option.

     Please check this document regularly for any updates to our FAQ.
     Please also see our Terms and Conditions on the Production Services page.

     Last update: April 2011

Colbridge Videography  2011
Colbridge Videography  2011

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