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                   P.O. Box 9549 | Erie, Pennsylvania 16505 | 814.833.3999

             2011                                   2010
        Membership                                Awards of
        Directory                                 Excellence

           presented by: The Builders Association
               of Northwestern Pennsylvania

            irst ann

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h l e 10, 2011
amilrfi st sports park | erie, PA
   p y ir                         W PA
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     ER AG
    D S

            Welcome to our 2011 Membership Directory and winners from our 2010 Awards of Excellence.
          Within you will find reputable contractors and those that support our industry as well as the winners
       and honorable mentions from our annual Awards of Excellence event. Special thank you this year
     goes out to the Penn State Master Gardeners for judging the landscaping portion of the awards and local
     real estate appraisers for judging the new construction and remodeling portion of the awards.

     To the community we serve - If you are planning a building, remodeling, or landscape project please be
     sure to contact us first so we can recommend the right contractor for your specific situation. We require
     all of our members to subscribe to a code of ethics, provide proof of insurance, and remodelers are
     required to register with the PA Office of Attorney General (note registration numbers in advertisements
     and directory listings).

     To our members - This is the time to be involved, and take advantage of membership in the Builders
     Association. We work against our competitors in the field however at the association we have been
     working together for decades to promote the industry, fight legislation, and make a better quality of living
     for Erie, Warren, and Crawford Counties. Our mission is to unify and create opportunities. The future is
     bright and promising.

     We offer three-in-one membership: Local (BANWPA), Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) and
     the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). With educational opportunities, industry updates,
     general membership meetings, Home Show, Awards of Excellence, golf outing, and sporting clay shoot
     – there are opportunities to network and have fun for every
     member year round. Discounted group insurance, and discounts
     on many products and services we use creates savings to offset the
     membership costs.

     Also I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members
     that give back to the industry that provides us a great way of life
     and better built community. Thank you to our Board Members
     in 2010 for their time and dedication. We are looking forward to
     the newly created 2011 Board and a successful productive year to
     come. Be sure to check out our website: and
     contact the office at any time at (814) 833-3999 or by email at


                                           Mr. Jason C. Hewitt
                                           Executive Officer

 2 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                          P.O. Box 9549       Erie, PA 16505
                                 “Cook with gas!
                                       Cook with gas!
                         ..... just repeating what 9 out of
                                10 professional chefs say.”

        The more time you spend at home, the more you appreciate Natural Gas
         Quick - Instant heat with the turn of a knob
         Economical - Costs less than electricity
         Precise - Infinite control without hot spots
         Features - Transform your kitchen from ordinary to distinctive with griddles, grills & other unique options

Phone: 814.833.3999           Email:                         Web:              3
                e ry :
              am to O
             N c I
           y e AT

          n ir I
        pa D C
       m ip SO
     o h S
    C rs S A
 By be R
• em DE

   Company Name                                   Contact Name             Phone            Listing   Ad
   A-1 Home Improvements                          Steve Logan              (814) 456-7447   29        27
   A. Duchini, Inc.                               Leroy Bedortha           (814) 456-7027   12
   ABC Supply Company                             Gary Jenkins             (814) 898-1672   9
   Access Elevator and Lift                       Deb Fagerstrom           (716) 484-7014   16
   Advanced Drying & Restoration                  Chris Hitz               (814) 455-2033   14
   All Custom Re-Bath                             Ben Stroh                (216) 377-2480   8
   Aluminum Refinishing, Inc.                     Bob Merchant             (814) 397-0116   22
   Audio Video Automation Security, Inc.          J. Albert Loranger III   (814) 313-1108   8
   Austin ServAll Concrete                        Bob Tanner               (814) 456-2901   12
   B & L Wholesale Supply, Inc.                   Mark Manczka             (814) 833-9805   9         18
   Baird Brothers Sawmill, Inc.                   Steven Stack             (800) 732-1697   18
   Balweb Inc                                     Drew Baldwin             (814) 454-4541   13
   Bauer Specialty Insulation                     Nathan Brewer            (814) 898-8517   18
   Bella Vista Sunrooms & More                    Linda Vitelli            (814) 836-0145   8, 26
   Bellagio Builders LLC                          Dan Francoeur            (814) 864-1999   13
   Bennett Supply Company                         Andy Bennett             (724) 274-1700   9
   Bert Company, The                              James P. Renshaw         (814) 838-0000   18
   Birkmire Trucking                              Tammy Birkmire           (814) 833-5855   11
   Blackman Electric, Inc.                        Frank Blackman           (814) 480-8551   15
   Blue Horizons Construction, LLC.               Ted Lasko                (814) 873-1546   23
   Bob Neil Electric, Inc.                        Bob Neil                 (814) 434-5455   15
   Bonded Services Corporation                    Vincent Pacifico         (814) 838-4979   11
   Brumagin Builders                              Dan Brumagin             (814) 825-3770   13
   Buckeye Builder, Charles G.                    Charles Buckeye          (814) 838-4985   24
   Builders Hardware & Specialty                  Chuck Sokolowski         (814) 453-4736   18
   Builders Support & Supply                      Kevin Clark              (877) 454-9663   26
   Building Systems Incorporated                  Dan Schaaf               (814) 864-4851   16
   C & C Development Group, Inc.                  Mike Corsi               (814) 838-6162   17
   C & M Hardwoods LLC                            Crist Miller             (814) 967-5453   16
   C & T Electric                                 Bob Curtis               (814) 836-4543   15
   Caesar Lombardozzi General Contractors, Inc.   Caesar Lombardozzi       (814) 836-0056   25
   Cardinal One, LLC                                                       (814) 835-7740   13
   Carlin Plumbing Inc., C.                       Chris Carlin             (814) 825-2805   22
   Carter Lumber                                  Kevin Raines             (814) 474-5501   9
   Cessna Construction                            Glenn Cessna Jr          (814) 796-1436   23
   Chardon Kitchens                               Don Jud                  (814) 833-1334   18        19
   Chernicky & Sons Bldrs, Emil                   Emil Chernicky           (814) 864-2695   24
   Cherry Valley Furniture                        Levi Miller              (440) 293-6736   18
   Chris Robertson’s Roomscaping & Construction   Chris Robertson          (814) 434-1694   18
   Clear Lake Lumber Inc                          Mark Brown               (814) 654-7156   9
   Coldwell Banker Select Realtor                 Carla Eddy               (814) 452-2100   23

  4 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                      P.O. Box 9549      Erie, PA 16505
Company Name                                    Contact Name                Phone            Listing             Ad
Colvin Construction Inc., Tim                   Tim Colvin                  (814) 836-1530   13
Contractor’s Service & Supply                   Mike Woods                  (814) 452-2886   9
Cox & Kanyuck Electric, LLC.                    Steve Cox                   (814) 789-4809   15
Creative Imprint Systems                        Rick Santos                 (814) 835-1000   25
Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors   Tony Gingrich               (814) 825-3253   19, 19, 26          18
Electrical & Mechanical System                  Bob Herbstritt              (814) 453-2518   15
Epic WebStudios                                 David Hunter                (814) 746-6987   28
Erie Custom Exteriors                           Matt Giesbrecht             (814) 438-7231   26
Erie Federal Credit Union                       Becky Nestor                (814) 825-2436   22
Erie Times-News                                 Bill Dietz                  (814) 870-1630   21
Ferguson Construction Company                   Richard & Pam Ferguson      (814) 382-5255   13
Ferrick & Sons Excavating, Joe                  Andy Ferrick                (814) 449-0155   16
Fiesta Pools & Spas                             Matthew Gromacki            (814) 866-7071   26
Frontier Lumber                                 Jeff Williams               (814) 454-0101   9
G.M. Nelson Construction, Inc                   Gordon Nelson               (814) 825-5677   17, 23, 25          10
Glass Block Specialties by Bruno                Lou Bruno                   (814) 464-0632   17, 29              36
Glass Masonry, Ed                               Ed Glass                    (814) 864-5628   21
Grab Architect, Michael J.                      Mike Grab                   (814) 455-3454   8
Greenland Homes Inc                             Nick Patel                  (814) 836-2810   13
Grenz & Sons General Cont, MH                   Michael H Grenz             (814) 725-8862   17
Gresh Construction, Chuck                       Chuck Gresh                 (814) 774-3963   17
Hart, McConhay & Martz, Inc.                    Carl Martz                  (814) 455-0987   18
Hetz Builders Inc                               James Hetz                  (814) 734-3333   23
Hilbrich Electric Company                       John Hilbrich               (814) 454-3809   15
Howard Hanna Real Estate Srvc                   Diane Potocki               (814) 835-1200   23
Iadeluca Chiropractic Center                    Brenda Smith                (814) 459-2580   11
Invisible Fence Company of Erie                 Bill Sopp                   (814) 476-9990   22
J.C. Orengia Landscaping, Inc.                  Joe Orengia                 (814) 835-3354   19
J.E. Grieshober Plumbing Hydronics              Jim Grieshober              (814) 864-9883   22
JK Construction                                 Jason Kinney                (814) 790-0874   23
JKS Finishes, Inc                               Jeffery Smicker             (814) 796-6365   22
John Finazzo & Son Builders                     John Finazzo                (814) 899-1602   24
Kilmer Contracting                              Gary Kilmer                 (814) 833-6816   23
King Electric Co.                               Tom King                    (814) 833-8233   15
Kitchen Craft Cooking Show                      Arlene Petrik               (352) 483-7600   19
Klein Bath & Basement Systems                   Doug Klein                  (814) 456-5605   9, 28
Knepp Buildings                                 Christopher Chiesa          (814) 382-0392   22
Knickerbocker Equipment Co., Inc.               George Hepler               (814) 833-7761   12
Kraft Lumber                                    Dan Shade                   (814) 833-1181   21
Krol Construction, Matt                         Matt Krol                   (814) 796-4233   8, 17, 19, 25, 25   36
Laird Associates, David James                   David Laird                 (814) 456-0330   26
Lake City Manufactured Housing                  Dan Edwards                 (814) 774-2658   24
Lathrop Electric                                Harrry Lathrop              (814) 455-1772   15
Laughlin Builders                               Jerry Laughlin              (814) 866-1277   24                  20
LD Construction                                 Lloyd Davis                 (814) 434-6729   23
Legion Supply                                   Dan Veith                   (814) 864-4896   22
Lictus Keystone Oil & Propane                   Jon Woods                   (800) 723-9213   22
Lilly Broadcasting (WICU/WSEE/CW)               Matthew Filippi             (814) 454-5201   21
Loesel-Schaaf Ins Agency, Inc.                  Douglas Loesel              (814) 833-5433   18
Lowes Home Center                               Bill Zboyovski              (814) 864-2800   9
Luciano Builders Inc, Paul                      Kyle Luciano                (814) 474-1223   13
M.A. Sprickman Heating and Cooling              Don Sprickman               (814) 734-9429   18

   Phone: 814.833.3999            Email:                Web:                  5
Company Name                                     Contact Name             Phone            Listing             Ad
MacDonald Illig Jones & Britton, LLP             John J Mehler Esq        (814) 870-7757   21
Macko Builders Inc                               Frank Macko              (814) 833-3986   25
Maleno Development                               Dominic Maleno           (814) 833-6516   8, 13, 14, 25       40
Mark Scholtz Plastering                          Mark Scholtz             (814) 838-6877   22
Marquette Savings Bank                           Lou Natalie              (814) 455-4481   8
Masna Carpentry Home Repairs, Mike               Mike Masna               (814) 838-4617   11
Masonry Seal, Inc (Young Pressure Seal)          Richard Hiles            (814) 864-7116   28
Maynard Construction, Co.                        Don Whitehill            (814) 899-1777   25
MC Mobility Systems                              Dennis Charvat           (440) 951-4335   21
McClimans Construction                           Mike McClimans           (814) 866-5436   23
Mello and Labowski Plumbing Company              Rick Mello               (814) 434-4412   22
Miller Overhead Door, Co.                        Richard Miller           (814) 838-3874   14
Montagna Brothers Rental, Co.                    Paul Montagna            (814) 866-0670   25
Montagna Builders, Tom                           Tommy Montagna           (814) 866-3751   13                  21
Montagna Concrete Construction                   Dennis Montagna          (814) 835-4555   12
Montie Builders, Inc.                            Rich Montie              (814) 866-1989   23
Morrison Builders Supply, Inc.                   Lora Morrison            (814) 827-3811   9
Moss Builders, Jim                               Jim Moss                 (814) 454-1084   25
National Fuel Gas                                Cynthia Farabaugh-Hood   (814) 871-8304   28                  3
New Era Building Systems, Inc.                   Kari Nicolli             (814) 764-5581   14
North Coast Pools and Service                    Tom Gromacki             (814) 871-2211   26
Northwest Gravel, Co.                            Charles Frey             (814) 774-3680   25
Northwest Savings Bank                           Judith Gerlach           (814) 866-3900   8
Northwestern Rural Electric, Co.                 Mary Mulligan Hain       (800) 472-7910   28                  17
Oconnell Bldg & Remodeling                       Tim Oconnell             (814) 725-5513   23
Odyssey Builders                                 David Penman             (814) 833-0261   11
Ollinger’s Plumbing Heat, Chuck                  Charles Ollinger         (814) 899-2809   22
Palermo Realty and Development Corp.             Joe Palermo              (814) 835-6757   23
Paris Brothers & Company, Inc.                   Joshua Paris             (814) 825-6088   12
Parson’s Penn Glass Co.                          Graham Parsons           (814) 454-5225   17
Pastore Builders                                 Paul Pastore             (814) 838-9640   8
Paterniti Homes                                  Chuck Paterniti          (814) 833-3493   13                  24
Pella Window & Door Company                      Josh Fennell             (814) 866-6569   29
Plyler Overhead Door Company                     Jeff Plyler              (814) 476-7717   14, 14, 14, 15      27
Pollard Land Services, Inc.                      Kenneth Pollard          (814) 474-1107   16
Pound Concrete Construction                      Darrell Pound            (814) 725-2375   12
Preece Heating & Cooling                         Mark Sprickman           (814) 833-2396   18
Presta Contractors Supply, Inc.                  Timothy Presta           (814) 833-0655   11
Pro Waste Services                               Bryan Pol                (814) 455-5119   23
ProSource Of Erie                                Steven Riesenberg        (814) 455-7900   11
Redinger Homes                                   Mike Redinger            (814) 868-7549   25
Renaud-Peck Real Est Dev                         Bob Tanner               (814) 836-8881   14
Robertson Kitchen’s & Remodeling Services Inc.   Julie Zillman            (814) 833-7287   9, 11, 11, 19, 23
Robertson’s Inc. Flooring & Countertops          Scott Robertson          (814) 838-2313   12, 16
Roseto Suter Overhead Door Inc                   David Roseto             (814) 898-2424   14
Sanfilippo Building Service                      Phil Sanfilippo          (814) 796-3335   13
Scavella Building & Designs                      Silvio Scavella          (814) 474-1225   25
Seaway Windows                                   Bob Troutner             (814) 899-9900   15, 26, 26, 28      7
Sesler, Inc.                                     Scott Sesler             (814) 453-4905   25
Shirey Overhead                                  Jim Delizio              (814) 796-1126   14
Simonian Electric                                Rick Simonian            (814) 868-3224   16
Skip Knoll, Inc.                                 Skip Knoll               (814) 456-6837   9, 19, 23           26
Sleep Gallery                                    John McGuigan            (814) 866-2333   18

6 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                       P.O. Box 9549        Erie, PA 16505
Company Name                                       Contact Name                Phone            Listing          Ad
Sunshine Cleaning Service                          Molly Herr                  (814) 860-8250   11
Superior Foundations, Inc.                         Don Wagner                  (814) 725-8575   16
Swain Construction                                 Robert Swain                (814) 864-2540   24               12
TD Laughlin Custom Builders                        Tim Laughlin                (814) 796-4398   24, 25, 25, 28   29
Terella Drywall & Acousitcal, Inc.                 Tom Terella                 (814) 838-4565   15
The Hite Co.                                       Alta Fetterman              (814) 455-3923   16               28
Thermo Twin Windows                                Val Carek                   (814) 456-1400   29
Time Warner Cable                                  Jewelean Hunter-Walker                       11
Tom Sekula, General Contractor                     Tom Sekula                  (814) 796-6822   24
Tops Roofing Company                               Thomas Corey                (814) 864-4515   25
Trott Concrete Contractors                         Jerry Trott                 (814) 739-2895   12
Vavala Concrete Construction                       Tom Vavala                  (814) 459-9556   12
Waddell & Reed Financial Svc.                      Larry Kozik                 (814) 864-1199   16
Ward’s Landscape Service, Inc.                     Dennis Ward                 (814) 825-6115   19               36
Waste Mangement of NW Penn.                        Todd Debello                (814) 824-7800   23
Weaver Woodcrafts                                  Dennis Weaver               (814) 825-1098   29
Weiss Early Landscape Design & Contracting, LLC.   Charles Weiss               (814) 835-8050   21
Weld-It Construction LLC                           Annette Burgess             (814) 694-3454   17
Window World Erie                                  Larry Temple                (814) 838-2770   29
WJET-TV                                            Louis Gattozzi              (814) 864-2400   21
Wm. T. Spaeder Co., Inc.                           Terry Spaeder               (814) 456-7014   22               12
Y & Q Home Plus, LLC.                              Kai Li                      (412) 335-2541   24
Yaples Vacuum & Sewing Center                      Robert Andrews              (814) 456-2896   28
Young & Sons Masonry, Jeff                         Jeff Young                  (814) 899-5406   21
Young Electric - Chuck Young                       Charles W. Young            (814) 868-4064   16
Yurkovic Plumbing Inc                              Kevin Yurkovic              (814) 899-6309   22, 22

   Phone: 814.833.3999            Email:                   Web:               7
                     y :
               • or N
             ry t IO
            o rec AT
         eg i CI
                                               -   BUILDER
       at D O                                  -   DEVELOPER
      C hip SS
   By s A

                                    KEY:       -   REMODELER
  • er RS
    b E

                                               -   SUPPLIER
  em D

                                               -   TRADESMAN

       Apartment Management                          Bank

       Maleno Development                            Northwest Savings Bank
       Dominic Maleno                                Judith Gerlach
       2340 W Grandview Blvd                         5624 Peach Street
       Erie, PA 16506                                Erie, PA 16509
       (814) 833-6516                                (814) 866-3900       
                                                     Marquette Savings Bank
       Pastore Builders                              Lou Natalie
       Paul Pastore                                  920 Peach St.
       2315 West Grandview Blvd                      Erie, PA 16501
       Erie, PA 16506                                (814) 455-4481
       (814) 838-9640                      Basement Systems

       Architect                                     Bella Vista Sunrooms & More
                                                     Linda Vitelli
       Grab Architect, Michael J.                    2225 Colonial Drive
       Mike Grab                                     Erie, PA 16506
       1654 W 8th St                                 (814) 836-0145
       Erie, PA 16505                      
       (814) 455-3454                                PA004096
                                                     Bathroom Remodelers
                                                     All Custom Re-Bath
       Audio Video Automation Security, Inc.         Ben Stroh
       J. Albert Loranger III                        13720 W Parkway Rd
       1774 Market Street                            Cleveland, OH 44135
       Warren, PA 16365                              (216) 377-2480
       (814) 313-1108                                                   PA014129

  8 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                 P.O. Box 9549   Erie, PA 16505
Klein Bath & Basement Systems                    Bennett Supply Company
Doug Klein                                       Andy Bennett
636 West 24th Street                             300 Business Center Dr
Erie, PA 16502                                   Cheswick, PA 15024
(814) 456-5605                                   (724) 274-1700                       
                                                 Carter Lumber
Krol Construction, Matt                          Kevin Raines
Matt Krol                                        2801 Avonia Rd
375 Moore Rd                                     Fairview, PA 16415
Waterford, PA 16441                              (814) 474-5501
(814) 796-4233                         
PA002892                                         Clear Lake Lumber Inc
                                                 Mark Brown
Skip Knoll Inc                                   PO Box 129
Skip Knoll                                       Spartansburg, PA 16434
2312 Peach Street                                (814) 654-7156
Erie, PA 16502                         
(814) 456-6837                               Contractor’s Service & Supply
PA022720                                         Mike Woods
                                                 1650 West 20th Street
Robertson Kitchen’s & Remodeling Services Inc.   Erie, PA 16502
Julie Zillman                                    (814) 452-2886
2630 W. 12th Street                    
Erie, PA 16505
(814) 833-7287                                   Frontier Lumber                        Jeff Williams
PA026565                                         762 E. 5th Street
                                                 Erie, PA 16507
Building Materials                               (814) 454-0101
ABC Supply Company                               PA039007
Gary Jenkins
1702 Wagner Ave                                  Lowes Home Center
Erie, PA 16510                                   Bill Zboyovski
(814) 898-1672                                   1900 Keystone Dr Ste 2                       Erie, PA 16509
                                                 (814) 864-2800
B & L Wholesale Supply Inc
Mark Manczka                                     Morrison Builders Supply, Inc
4623 Pacific Ave.                                Lora Morrison
Erie, PA 16506                                   650 W Central Ave
(814) 833-9805                                   Titusville, PA 16354                         (814) 827-3811

Phone: 814.833.3999          Email:         Web:   9
                                THE CONTRACTOR YOU CAN TRUST

                                             CONSTRUCTION, INC.

                                 ADDITIONS • N CONSTRUCTION • REMODELING

                                                                                                              WINDOWS & SIDING • GARAGES
                                     AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE WINNER
                                WE MAKE EVERYTHING OLD LOOK NEW AGAIN!
                                          “Natural gas ... your most energy efficient choice.”

                                      Featuring clean, dependable natural gas heat & appliances.
                               SERVING ERIE SINCE 1978 • AFFORDABLE QUALITY

10 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                                P.O. Box 9549   Erie, PA 16505
Presta Contractors Supply Inc                    Chiropractic Services
Timothy Presta
2669 W. 16th Street                              Iadeluca Chiropractic Center
Erie, PA 16505                                   Brenda Smith
(814) 833-0655                                   1334 W 26TH ST                         Erie, PA 16508
                                                 (814) 459-2580
Cabinets - Custom                      

Robertson Kitchen’s & Remodeling Services Inc.   Cleaning Services
Julie Zillman
2630 W. 12th Street                              Bonded Services Corporation
Erie, PA 16505                                   Vincent Pacifico
(814) 833-7287                                   4859 Pacific Ave                        Erie, PA 16506
PA026565                                         (814) 838-4979
Cabinets - Kitchen
                                                 Sunshine Cleaning Service
Prosource Of Erie                                Molly Herr
Steven Riesenberg                                P.O. Box 10185
2220 W 15Th St                                   Erie, PA 16514
Erie, PA 16505                                   (814) 860-8250
(814) 455-7900                         
                                                 Closet Shelving & Organizers
Robertson Kitchen’s & Remodeling Services Inc.
Julie Zillman                                    Birkmire Trucking
2630 W. 12th Street                              Tammy Birkmire
Erie, PA 16505                                   7400 Birkmire Drive
(814) 833-7287                                   Fairview PA 16415                        (814) 833-5855

Cable / Internet Providers                       Commercial /
                                                 Industrial Builders
Time Warner Cable
Jewelean Hunter-Walker                           Odyssey Builders
7910 Crescent Executive Dr BU: 23010 Suite 16    David Penman
Charlotte, NC 28217                              1521 Lowell Avenue
                                                 Erie, PA 16505
Carpentry                                        (814) 833-0261
Masna Carpentry Home Repairs, Mike
Mike Masna
742 Clifton Dr
Erie, PA 16505
(814) 838-4617
Phone: 814.833.3999             Email:      Web: 11
    Concrete - Contractors                                                                  Concrete - Ready Mix
    Montagna Concrete Construction
    Dennis Montagna                                                                         Austin ServAll Concrete
    4172 W Ridge Rd                                                                         Bob Tanner
    Erie, PA 16506                                                                          1919 Reed Street
    (814) 835-4555                                                                          Erie, PA 16503                                                             (814) 456-2901

    Paris Brothers & Company, Inc.                                                          Concrete Block
    Joshua Paris
    2074 East Rd                                                                            A. Duchini, Inc.
    Erie, PA 16509                                                                          Leroy Bedortha
    (814) 825-6088                                                                          2550 McKinley Ave                                                           Erie, PA 16503
    PA003525                                                                                (814) 456-7027
    Pound Concrete Construction                                                             PA049541
    Darrell Pound
    9875 New Road                                                                           Construction Power
    North East, PA 16428
    (814) 725-2375
                                                                                            Tools & Equiment
                                                                                            Knickerbocker Equipment Co., Inc.
                                                                                            George Hepler
                                                                                            3001 W 17th St
    Trott Concrete Contractors
                                                                                            Erie, PA 16505
    Jerry Trott
                                                                                            (814) 833-7761
    8556 Lee Rd.
    Wattsburg, PA 16442
    (814) 739-2895                                                                          Countertops
    PA025666                                                                                Robertson’s Inc. Flooring & Countertops
                                                                                            Scott Robertson
    Vavala Concrete Construction                                                            4101 West 12th St.
    Tom Vavala                                                                              Erie, PA 16505
    2059 W 20th St                                                                          (814) 838-2313
    Erie, PA 16502                                                                          PA025140
    (814) 459-9556

                               We Offer Complete Plumbing Services                                                                                  PA147
                            to Resolve All of Your Leaks, Drips, or Clogs.
                             Need a Plumber? Call Us!
                                                                                                                  Building & Remodeling
                                                                                                                         8430 Hamot Road
                                    95 years of knowledge and training.                                                  Erie, Pennsylvania 16509
                                    Superior service with a reputation of excellence.
                                    Innovative methods and technology.                                                      BOB SWAIN
                                    Emergency Response - 24 hours 7 days.                                                             Owner
                                                             Call Now: 456-7014
       HIC # PA 012152
    Plumbing License # 15   “The Satisfaction of Our Customer is Our First Consideration”                                  (814) 864-2540
12 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                                                          P.O. Box 9549        Erie, PA 16505
Custom Builders                              Luciano Builders Inc, Paul
                                             Kyle Luciano
Balweb Inc                                   7950 Palmer Dr
Drew Baldwin                                 Fairview, PA 16415
2540 Village Common Drive                    (814) 474-1223
Erie, PA 16506                     
(814) 454-4541                               PA039401
                                             Maleno Development
Bellagio Builders LLC                        Dominic Maleno
Dan Francoeur                                2340 W Grandview Blvd
529 Megan Court                              Erie, PA 16506
Erie, PA 16509                               (814) 833-6516
(814) 864-1999                                          PA014677
                                             Montagna Builders, Tom
Brumagin Builders                            Tommy Montagna
Dan Brumagin                                 1132 W 54th St
8555 Wattsburg Rd                            Erie, PA 16509
Erie, PA 16509                               (814) 866-3751
(814) 825-3770                                        PA035948

Cardinal One, LLC                            Paterniti Homes
 5635 W Ridge Road                           Chuck Paterniti
Erie, PA 16506                               5311 Deerfield Dr
(814) 835-7740                               Fairview, PA 16415
                                             (814) 833-3493
Colvin Construction Inc., Tim      
Tim Colvin                                   PA036146
2545 W 20th St
Erie, PA 16506                               Sanfilippo Building Service
(814) 836-1530                               Phil Sanfilippo
PA004266                                     225 Talcott Road
                                             Waterford, PA 16441
Ferguson Construction Company                (814) 796-3335
Richard and Pam Ferguson                     PA002487
11095 State Hwy 18
Conneaut Lake, PA 16316                      Developers
(814) 382-5255                    Greenland Homes Inc
PA019411                                     Nick Patel
                                             8760 Evelyn Way
                                             Waterford, PA 16441
                                             (814) 836-2810

Phone: 814.833.3999         Email:      Web: 13
   Maleno Development                     Doors - Electric
   Dominic Maleno
   2340 W Grandview Blvd                  Plyler Overhead Door Company
   Erie, PA 16506                         Jeff Plyler
   (814) 833-6516                         8850 Fry Road          McKean, PA 16426
   PA014677                               (814) 476-7717
   Renaud-Peck Real Est Dev               PA29639
   Bob Tanner
   PO Box 8328                            Doors - Garage
   Erie, PA 16505
   (814) 836-8881                         Miller Overhead Door Co                   Richard Miller
   PA055276                               2540 Manchester Rd
                                          Erie, PA 16506
   Disaster Restoration                   (814) 838-3874
   Advanced Drying and Restoration
   Chris Hitz                             Plyler Overhead Door Company
   1220 W 20th St                         Jeff Plyler
   Erie, PA 16502                         8850 Fry Road
   (814) 455-2033                         McKean, PA 16426                 (814) 476-7717
   Doors - Commercial
                                          Roseto Suter Overhead Door Inc
   New Era Building Systems Inc           David Roseto
   Kari Nicolli                           4877 E Lake Rd
   700 Hepburn St Ste 2                   Erie, PA 16511
   Milton, PA 17847                       (814) 898-2424
   (814) 764-5581                           PA010666

   Plyler Overhead Door Company           Shirey Overhead
   Jeff Plyler                            Jim Delizio
   8850 Fry Road                          12661 Rt. 19 South
   McKean, PA 16426                       Waterford, PA 16441
   (814) 476-7717                         (814) 796-1126          
   PA29639                                PA005016

14 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania       P.O. Box 9549   Erie, PA 16505
Doors - Residential                            C & T Electric
                                               Bob Curtis
Plyler Overhead Door Company                   PO Box 8502
Jeff Plyler                                    Erie, PA 16505
8850 Fry Road                                  (814) 836-4543
McKean, PA 16426                               PA026295
(814) 476-7717                            Cox & Kanyuck Electric, LLC
PA29639                                        Steve Cox
                                               14254 Cox Road
Seaway Windows                                 Guys Mills, PA 16327
Bob Troutner                                   (814) 789-4809
2250 E 33rd St                       
Erie, PA 16510                                 PA008304
(814) 899-9900                        Electrical & Mechanical System
PA35                                           Bob Herbstritt
                                               316 Cherry St.
Drywall Contractors                            Erie, PA 16507
                                               (814) 453-2518
Terella Drywall & Acousitcal, Inc.   
Tom Terella                                    PA006475
2200 Colonial Ave, #1
Erie, PA 16506                                 Hilbrich Electric Company
(814) 838-4565                                 John Hilbrich
                                               12 W 30th St
                                               Erie, PA 16508
Electrical Contractors
                                               (814) 454-3809
Blackman Electric Inc
Frank Blackman
                                               King Electric Co.
1154 W 8th St
                                               Tom King
Erie, PA 16502
                                               1921 Powell Ave
(814) 480-8551
                                               Erie, PA 16505
                                               (814) 833-8233
Bob Neil Electric, Inc.
Bob Neil
                                               Lathrop Electric
501 E 29th St.
                                               Harrry Lathrop
Erie, PA 16504
                                               1104 Selinger Ave
(814) 434-5455
                                               Erie, PA 16505
                                               (814) 455-1772

Phone: 814.833.3999           Email:      Web: 15
   Simonian Electric                      Financial Services
   Rick Simonian
   11213 Rt 97 N                          Waddell & Reed Financial Services
   Waterford, PA 16441                    Larry Kozik
   (814) 868-3224                         5473 Village Common Dr Ste 205                      Erie, PA 16506
   PA006629                               (814) 864-1199
   Young Electric - Chuck Young
   Charles W Young                        Floor Covering Products
   8530 Perry Hwy.
   Erie, PA 16509                         Robertson’s Inc. Flooring & Countertops
   (814) 868-4064                         Scott Robertson
   PA026556                               4101 West 12th St.
                                          Erie, PA 16505
   Electrical Supplies                    (814) 838-2313
   The Hite Co.
   Alta Fetterman                         Floor Hardwood
   2402 W 15th St.
   Erie, PA 16505                         C & M Hardwoods LLC
   (814) 455-3923                         Crist Miller                      11507 Leboeuf Trail Rd
                                          Centerville, PA 16405
   Elevators                              (814) 967-5453
   Access Elevator and Lift
   Deb Fagerstrom                         Foundations
   1209 E 2nd St
   Jamestown, NY 14701                    Superior Foundations Inc
   (716) 484-7014                         Don Wagner              9391 Main Street
   PA026610                               North East, PA 16428
                                          (814) 725-8575
   Excavating Contractors       

   Ferrick & Sons Excavating, Joe         General Contractor
   Andy Ferrick                           Building Systems Incorporated
   5426 Perkins St.                       Dan Schaaf
   Erie, PA 16509                         7335 Old Perry Highway
   (814) 449-0155                         Erie, PA 16509
   PA019466                               (814) 864-4851
   Pollard Land Services, Inc             PA006167
   Kenneth Pollard
   8150 Franklin Rd
   Girard, PA 16417
   (814) 474-1107
16 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania        P.O. Box 9549       Erie, PA 16505
C & C Development Group Inc                  Glass - Mirrors
Mike Corsi
805 Powell                                   Parson’s Penn Glass Co.
Erie, PA 16505                               Graham Parsons
(814) 838-6162                               2817 Pine Ave                Erie, PA 16504
PA012296                                     (814) 454-5225
Grenz & Sons General Cont, MH                PA020708
Michael H Grenz
PO Box 190                                   Glass Blocks
North East, PA 16428
(814) 725-8862                               Glass Block Specialties by Bruno                   Lou Bruno
PA16596                                      907 French St
                                             Erie, PA 16501
Gresh Construction, Chuck                    (814) 464-0632
Chuck Gresh                        
8650 Tannery Rd                              PA005469
Girard, PA 16417
(814) 774-3963

Krol Construction, Matt
Matt Krol                                                   Northwestern Rural Electric
375 Moore Rd                                                  Co-operative Assoc., Inc.
Waterford, PA 16441
(814) 796-4233                                You have better things to do                than worry about your water heater.
                                              Members receive a lifetime guarantee on an electric
G.M. Nelson Construction, Inc                 water heater, plus 24 hour FREE servicing when
Gordon Nelson                                 participating in load management
9439 Old Waterford Rd
Erie, PA 16509                                When necessary, we replace your
(814) 825-5677                                old water heater with a state of the
PA3150                                        art, energy efficient water heater.
                                              Northwestern REC also offers a
Weld-It Construction LLC                      great competitive off-peak heat
Annette Burgess                               rate.
22995 Olson Rd                                Call 1-800-473-3567 for details.
Union City, PA 16438                          Cambridge Springs, PA 16403
(814) 694-3454                      

                                                     !"# $%&'()*'
                                                      It’s the SMART choice.

Phone: 814.833.3999         Email:      Web: 17
   Hardware Supplies

   Builders Hardware & Specialty   Home Design                  Hart, McConhay & Martz, Inc.
   Chuck Sokolowski                                             Carl Martz
   2002 W. 16th Street             Cherry Valley Furniture      1611 Peach St
   Erie, PA 16505                  Levi Miller                  Erie, PA 16501
   (814) 453-4736                  5391 Hayes Rd                (814) 455-0987   Andover, OH 44003  
                                   (440) 293-6736
   Hardwood                                                     Loesel-Schaaf Ins Agency Inc
                                                                Douglas Loesel
   Mouldings & Doors               Sleep Gallery
                                   John McGuigan                3537 W 12th St
                                   3616 Liberty St              Erie, PA 16505
   Baird Brothers Sawmill Inc
                                   Erie, PA 16508               (814) 833-5433
   Steven Stack
                                   (814) 866-2333     
   7060 Crory Rd
   Canfield, OH 44406    
   (800) 732-1697                                               Kitchen          Insulation                   Contractors
                                                                Chardon Kitchens
   Heating & Cooling
                                   Bauer Specialty Insulation   Don Jud
   Contractors                                                  3220 W. 26th Street
                                   Nathan Brewer
                                   4002 Main St                 Erie, PA 16506
   M.A. Sprickman Heating                                       (814) 833-1334
     & Cooling                     Erie, PA 16511
                                   (814) 898-8517     
   Don Sprickman                                                PA016427
   7767 Crane Rd         
   Edinboro, PA 16412              PA010662
                                                                Chris Robertson’s Roomscaping
   (814) 734-9429                                                 & Construction Services
                                   Insurance Agencies           Chris Robertson
   Preece Heating & Cooling                                     2726 West 8th Street
   Mark Sprickman                  Bert Company, The
                                                                Erie, PA 16505
   1127 W. 26th Street             James P Renshaw
                                                                (814) 434-1694
   Erie, PA 16508                  3645 W Lake Rd
   (814) 833-2396                  Erie, PA 16505
                                                                PA052594           (814) 838-0000

18 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania            P.O. Box 9549      Erie, PA 16505
Krol Construction, Matt                           Landscape Architects
Matt Krol
375 Moore Rd                                      Dahlkemper Landscape Architects and Contractors
Waterford, PA 16441                               Tony Gingrich
(814) 796-4233                                    1650 Norcross Rd                    Erie, PA 16510
PA002892                                          (814) 825-3253
Skip Knoll Inc                                    PA198
Skip Knoll
2312 Peach Street                                 Landscaping / Lawncare
Erie, PA 16502
(814) 456-6837                                    J.C. Orengia Landscaping, Inc.                                Joe Orengia
PA022720                                          4468 W Ridge Road
                                                  Erie, PA 16506
Robertson Kitchen’s & Remodeling Services Inc.    (814) 835-3354
Julie Zillman                           
2630 W. 12th Street                               PA060218
Erie, PA 16505
(814) 833-7287                                    Ward’s Landscape Service Inc                         Dennis Ward
PA026565                                          7890 Lake Pleasant Rd.
                                                  Erie, PA 16509
Kitchen Supplies                                  (814) 825-6115
Kitchen Craft Cooking Show                        PA000260
Arlene Petrik
4129 United Ave
Mount Dora, FL 32757
(352) 483-7600
                                                                     & Ser vi ce Si nce 1 9 7
                                                        Q ual i ty                              6

Landscape / Lawncare

Dahlkemper Landscape Architects and Contractors
Tony Gingrich
1650 Norcross Rd
Erie, PA 16510
(814) 825-3253

                                                    PA #016427

                                                  3220 West 26th Street | 814.833.1334 |

Phone: 814.833.3999         Email:                    Web: 19
          We’re proud to use high-quality                                                                  PA #00129
          Andersen® windows in our homes.

                                                                                   Custom Quality Homes

                                                                                              “Our Energy Star
                                                                                               homes are 50%
                                                                                              more efficient than
                                                                                              homes built to the
                                                                                               PA State Energy


                                                                                     Jerry & Dan
                                        “Natural Gas, your most energy efficient
                                        choice.” Lower your heating bill without
                                           touching your thermostat with high
                                            efficiency Natural Gas equipment.


20 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                               P.O. Box 9549          Erie, PA 16505
 Weiss Early Landscape Design           Masonry                                        Lilly Broadcasting (WICU/
   & Contracting, LLC                   Contractors                                      WSEE/CW)
 Charles Weiss                                                                         Matthew Filippi
 4500 W Ridge Rd                        Glass Masonry, Ed                              3514 State Street
 Erie, PA 16506                         Ed Glass                                       Erie, PA 16508
 (814) 835-8050                         1601 Davis Ave                                 (814) 454-5201                   Erie, PA 16509                       
 PA001335                               (814) 864-5628
 Legal Services                         PA058535                                       Louis Gattozzi
                                                                                       8455 Peach Street
 MacDonald Illig Jones                  Young & Sons Masonry, Jeff                     Erie, PA 16509
   & Britton, LLP                       Jeff Young                                     (814) 864-2400
 John J Mehler Esq                      5747 Jordan Rd                       
 100 State Street Suite 700             Erie, PA 16510
 Erie, PA 16507                         (814) 899-5406                                 Mobility Systems
 (814) 870-7757                            PA030323                                       MC Mobility Systems
                                                                                       Dennis Charvat
 Lumber                                 Media                                          7588 Tyler Blvd
                                                                                       Mentor, OH 44062
 Kraft Lumber                           Erie Times-News                                (440) 951-4335
 Dan Shade                              Bill Dietz                           
 1707 Peninsula Drive                   P.O. Box 800
 Erie, PA 16505                         Erie, PA 16512
 (814) 833-1181                         (814) 870-1630

      Tom                       PA #035948
                                              LET US CUSTOM BUILD
    Montagna                                    YOUR NEW HOME
    Builders               award winning
1132 West 54th Street
                                                           Lots available
                                                             for custom
                                                             building in
                                                           Glen Meadows

                                                                      “Natural Gas. Your most energy efficient choice.” Lower your heating
                                                               bill without touching your thermostat with high efficiency Natural Gas equipment.

                                                                                                                    & Ser vi ce Si nce 1 9 7
                                                                                                       Q ual i ty                              6

                                                                                                      We’re proud to use high-quality
                                                                                                     Andersen ® windows in our homes.

Phone: 814.833.3999           Email:                       Web:                                            21
   Mortgage & Loans                  Plastering & Stucco               Wm. T. Spaeder Co., Inc
                                                                       Terry Spaeder
   Erie Federal Credit Union         Mark Scholtz Plastering           1602 E 18th St
   Becky Nestor                      Mark Scholtz                      Erie, PA 16510
   1109 E 38Th St                    6392 Heidler Raod                 (814) 456-7014
   Erie, PA 16504                    Fairview, PA 16415      
   (814) 825-2436                    (814) 838-6877                    PA012152
                                     PA005049                          Yurkovic Plumbing Inc
   Oil & Propane                                                       Kevin Yurkovic
                                     Plumbing                          2828 Buffalo Road
                                                                       Erie, PA 16510
                                                                       (814) 899-6309
   Lictus Keystone Oil & Propane
   Jon Woods                         Carlin Plumbing Inc., C
   8799 West Main St                 Chris Carlin
   Clymer, NY 14724                  2259 Brooksboro Drive
   (800) 723-9213                    Erie, PA 16510                    Plumbing     (814) 825-2805                    Fixtures - Supplies
   Painting                          PA003563                          Legion Supply
                                                                       Dan Veith
                                     J.E. Grieshober Plumbing          4818 Peach Street
                                       Hydronics                       Erie, PA 16509
   Aluminum Refinishing Inc.
                                     Jim Grieshober                    (814) 864-4896
   Bob Merchant
                                     857 Ruth Ave            
   7465 Edinboro Rd
   Erie, PA 16509                    Erie, PA 16509
                                     (814) 864-9883                    Yurkovic Plumbing Inc
   (814) 397-0116
                                          Kevin Yurkovic
                                     PA026680                          2828 Buffalo Road
                                                                       Erie, PA 16510
   JKS Finishes, Inc
                                     Mello and Labowski Plumbing       (814) 899-6309
   Jeffery Smicker
   2189 HARE RD
                                     Rick Mello                        PA060246
   Waterford, PA 16441
   (814) 796-6365                    1642 Townhall Rd W          Erie, PA 16509                    Pole Buildings &
   PA061403                          (814) 434-4412                    Garages
                                     Ollinger’s Plumbing Heat, Chuck   Knepp Buildings
   Pet Containment                   Charles Ollinger                  Christopher Chiesa
                                     4855 E Lake Rd                    7214 Church Street
   Invisible Fence Company of Erie
                                     Erie, PA 16511                    Conneaut Lake, PA 16316
   Bill Sopp
                                     (814) 899-2809                    (814) 382-0392
   8983 Neuburger Road
   Fairview, PA 16415
   (814) 476-9990                                                      PA3031

22 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                   P.O. Box 9549      Erie, PA 16505
Real Estate Sales                 Remodelers                       McClimans Construction
                                                                   Mike McClimans
Coldwell Banker Select Realtor    Blue Horizons Construction LLC   1158 West 29th St.
Carla Eddy                        Ted Lasko                        Erie, PA 16508
2100 W 8th St                     1152 Western Lane                (814) 866-5436
Erie, PA 16505                    Erie, PA 16505         
(814) 452-2100                    (814) 873-1546                   PA020749
                                  PA019432                         Montie Builders, Inc.
Howard Hanna Real Estate Srvc                                      Rich Montie
Diane Potocki                     Cessna Construction              5024 New Perry Hwy
3822 Colonial Ave                 Glenn Cessna Jr                  Erie, PA 16509
Erie, PA 16506                    11135 Tamarack Road              (814) 866-1989
(814) 835-1200                    Waterford, PA 16441              (814) 796-1436                   PA004602
Palermo Realty and Development    PA032689                         G.M. Nelson Construction, Inc
Corp.                                                              Gordon Nelson
Joe Palermo                       Hetz Builders Inc                9439 Old Waterford Rd
2500 Palermo Dr                   James Hetz                       Erie, PA 16509
Erie, PA 16506                    12341 Lakeview Dr                (814) 825-5677
(814) 835-6757                    Edinboro, PA 16412               PA3150               (814) 734-3333
PA005492                            Oconnell Bldg & Remodeling
                                  PA020738                         Tim Oconnell
Refuse Disposal                                                    11329 E Lake Rd
                                  JK Construction                  North East, PA 16428
Pro Waste Services                Jason Kinney                     (814) 725-5513
Bryan Pol                         25646 Maple Grove Rd.            PA035143
813 E 18th St                     Union City, PA 16438
Erie, PA 16503                    (814) 790-0874                   Skip Knoll Inc
(814) 455-5119                   Skip Knoll                                           2312 Peach Street
                                  Kilmer Contracting               Erie, PA 16502
Waste Mangement of NW PA          Gary Kilmer                      (814) 456-6837
Todd Debello                      5046 Grubb Rd.         
851 Robinson Road - East          Erie, PA 16506                   PA022720
Erie, PA 16509                    (814) 833-6816
(814) 824-7800                       Robertson Kitchen’s & Remodeling            PA007654                           Services Inc.
                                                                   Julie Zillman
                                  LD Construction                  2630 W. 12th Street
                                  Lloyd Davis                      Erie, PA 16505
                                  3408 Maple Street                (814) 833-7287
                                  Erie, PA 16508         
                                  (814) 434-6729                   PA026565

Phone: 814.833.3999          Email:           Web: 23
      NC#60888             AWARD WINNING BUILDER

        Paterniti Homes                                                “Natural Gas, your most energy efficient
        Charles J. Paterniti (Owner)                                   choice.” Lower your heating bill without
        5311 Deerfield Drive                                              touching your thermostat with high
        Fairview, PA 16415                                                 efficiency Natural Gas equipment.

        Cell: (814) 397-1015
        Office: (814) 833-3493                                        We feature high-quality Andersen® products.

                        CUSTOM HOMES ON YOUR LOT OR OURS!
   Tom Sekula, General Contractor      Y & Q Home Plus LLC            John Finazzo & Son Builders
   Tom Sekula                          Kai Li                         John Finazzo
   11274 Donation Rd                   1739 Liberty Ave.              5360 Reese Rd
   Waterford, PA 16441                 Pittsburgh, PA 15222           Erie, PA 16510
   (814) 796-6822                      (412) 335-2541                 (814) 899-1602
   Swain Construction                                                 Lake City Manufactured Housing
   Robert Swain                        Residential Builders           Dan Edwards
   8540 Hamot Rd                                                      10068 Keystone Drive
   Erie, PA 16509                      Buckeye Builder, Charles G     Lake City, PA 16423
   (814) 864-2540                      Charles Buckeye                (814) 774-2658                   5640 Grubb Rd        
   PA147                               Erie, PA 16506
                                       (814) 838-4985                 Laughlin Builders
   TD Laughlin Custom Builders           Jerry Laughlin
   Tim Laughlin                        PA039632                       8333 Edinboro Road
   13247 Route 19 South                                               Erie, PA 16509
   Waterford, PA 16441                 Chernicky & Sons Bldrs, Emil   (814) 866-1277
   (814) 796-4398                      Emil Chernicky                          3370 Flower Rd
   PA048953                            Erie, PA 16509
                                       (814) 864-2695

24 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                  P.O. Box 9549             Erie, PA 16505
Caesar Lombardozzi General        G.M. Nelson Construction, Inc       TD Laughlin Custom Builders
  Contractors, Inc.               Gordon Nelson                       Tim Laughlin
Caesar Lombardozzi                9439 Old Waterford Rd               13247 Route 19 South
2216 W 50th St                    Erie, PA 16509                      Waterford, PA 16441
Erie, PA 16506                    (814) 825-5677                      (814) 796-4398
(814) 836-0056                    PA3150                                                                     PA048953
PA070984                          Redinger Homes
                                  Mike Redinger                       Tops Roofing Company
Macko Builders Inc                1533 West 38th Street               Thomas Corey
Frank Macko                       Erie, PA 16508                      PO Box 3192
1303 Lowell Ave                   (814) 868-7549                      Erie, PA 16508
Erie, PA 16505                                                        (814) 864-4515
(814) 833-3986                    Scavella Building & Designs         PA1338
PA16320                           Silvio Scavella
                                  7201 Bear Creek Road                Sand & Gravel
Maleno Development                Fairview, PA 16415
Dominic Maleno                    (814) 474-1225                      Northwest Gravel Co
2340 W Grandview Blvd                Charles Frey
Erie, PA 16506                    PA013579                            10746 Ridge Road
(814) 833-6516                                                        Girard, PA 16417     Sesler, Inc.                        (814) 774-3680
PA014677                          Scott Sesler              
                                  107 E 10th Street
Maynard Construction Co           Erie, PA 16501                      Screen Printing
Don Whitehill                     (814) 453-4905
1957 Davison Rd.                        Creative Imprint Systems
Harborcreek, PA 16421             PA46                                Rick Santos
(814) 899-1777                                                        2670 W. 11th Street          TD Laughlin Custom Builders         Erie, PA 16505
                                  Tim Laughlin                        (814) 835-1000
Montagna Brothers Rental          13247 Route 19 South                ricksantos@creativeimprint
  Company                         Waterford, PA 16441         
Paul Montagna                     (814) 796-4398
5544 Larchmont Dr.      
Erie, PA 16509                    PA048953
                                                                      Siding Contractors
(814) 866-0670
                                                                      Krol Construction, Matt
                                  Roofing                             Matt Krol
Moss Builders, Jim                Contractors                         375 Moore Rd
Jim Moss
                                                                      Waterford, PA 16441
648 E 26th St                     Krol Construction, Matt             (814) 796-4233
Erie, PA 16504                    Matt Krol                 
(814) 454-1084                    375 Moore Rd                        PA002892
PA004602                          Waterford, PA 16441
                                  (814) 796-4233

Phone: 814.833.3999          Email:              Web: 25
   Seaway Windows                Seaway Windows                  North Coast Pools and Service
   Bob Troutner                  Bob Troutner                    Tom Gromacki
   2250 E 33rd St                2250 E 33rd St                  1904 West 26th Street
   Erie, PA 16510                Erie, PA 16510                  Erie, PA 16508
   (814) 899-9900                (814) 899-9900                  (814) 871-2211         PA007289
   PA35                          PA35
                                                                 Tree Care / Clearing
   Siding Products               Surveyors
                                                                 Dahlkemper Landscape Architects
   Erie Custom Exteriors         Laird Associates, David James     and Contractors
   Matt Giesbrecht               David Laird                     Tony Gingrich
   16517 Hoyt Road               1557 W 26th St                  1650 Norcross Rd
   Union City, PA 16438          Erie, PA 16508                  Erie, PA 16510
   (814) 438-7231                (814) 456-0330                  (814) 825-3253
   PA029830                                                      PA198
                                 Swimming Pools
   Sunrooms                      & Spas                          Trusses/Roof Floor

   Bella Vista Sunrooms & More   Fiesta Pools & Spas             Builders Support & Supply
   Linda Vitelli                 Matthew Gromacki                Kevin Clark
   2225 Colonial Drive           3607 Peach St.                  18568 Route 6 & 19, P.O. Box 668
   Erie, PA 16506                Erie, PA 16508                  Saegertown, PA 16433
   (814) 836-0145                (814) 866-7071                  (877) 454-9663     
   PA004096                      PA025686                        PA043382

26 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania             P.O. Box 9549      Erie, PA 16505
                                          Qualifies for $500.00 tax credit

                                          Steve Logan

                                              the only window contractor accredited by the
                                                   Better Business Bureau from Erie, PA
                                               FOR SIX YEARS IN A ROW with an A+ rating!

                                          Steve does all his own work, himself!

                                         “Steve honestly represents his products and services,
                                            including clear and adequate disclosures of all
                                                           material terms.”

                                                                                        PA 4656

Phone: 814.833.3999   Email:      Web: 27
   Utilities                              Waterproofing Contractor

   National Fuel Gas                      Masonry Seal, Inc (Young Pressure Seal)
   Cynthia Farabaugh-Hood                 Richard Hiles
   P.O. Box 2081                          5801 Sun Ct.
   Erie, PA 16512                         Erie, PA 16509
   (814) 871-8304                         (814) 864-7116                      PA040133

   Northwestern Rural Electric Co         Website Developers
   Mary Mulligan Hain
   PO Box 207                             Epic WebStudios
   Cambridge Springs, PA 16403            David Hunter
   (800) 472-7910                         905 French St.
   MMH@NorthwesternREC.Coop               Erie, PA 16501
                                          (814) 746-6987
   Vacuum Cleaners              

   Yaples Vacuum & Sewing Center          Windows - Replacement
   Robert Andrews
   801 West 26th St.                      Seaway Windows
   Erie, PA 16508                         Bob Troutner
   (814) 456-2896                         2250 E 33rd St                     Erie, PA 16510
   PA061665                               (814) 899-9900
   Waterproofing (Basements)              PA35

   Klein Bath & Basement Systems
   Doug Klein
   636 West 24th Street
   Erie, PA 16502
   (814) 456-5605

   TD Laughlin Custom Builders
   Tim Laughlin
   13247 Route 19 South
   Waterford, PA 16441                                                           Ready to build or remodel? See the
   (814) 796-4398                                                        experts at The Hite Company for expert
                                                                         assistance with all of your lighting needs:                                                     –lighting layouts for any room
   PA048953                                                              –free on-site consultations
                                                                         –outdoor lighting for beauty and safety
                                                                         –whole house lighting control systems

                                                                         M-F 9-5; Thurs. until 6; Sat. 9-noon.

                                         2402 West 15th Street ERIE       814-455-3923 • 800-227-4483 (HITE)

28 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                  P.O. Box 9549              Erie, PA 16505
Thermo Twin Windows                                                                          Windows
Val Carek                                                                                    Replacement
1210 W 26th St
Erie, PA 16508                                                                               A-1 Home Improvements
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                                                                                                       The PSU Master Gardeners
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                                  Your Energy Star Partner
                                                                                              Penn State Master Gardeners are members of the
                                                                                              community who have an interest in gardening
                                                                                              and a desire to help others. What sets them apart
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                                                                                              in horticulture they receive from Penn State
                                                                                              Cooperative Extension. In exchange for their
                                                                                              training, Penn State Master Gardeners serve as volunteers for extension
                                                                                              horticulture programs.
                                                                                              WHAT DO ERIE COUNTY MASTER GARDENERS DO?
                                                                                              Each county varies in the programs that their group offers. Here are just
                                                                                              a few of the things Erie Master Gardeners do:
                                                                                                  • Teach horticultural classes to the public.
                                                                                                  • Develop demonstration and community gardens.
                                                                                                  • Teach plant science to youth
• Custom Homes                                        “Natural Gas. Your most energy
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• Additions                                          efficient choice.” Our homes feature

• Remodeling                                        clean, dependable natural gas heating.
                                                                                              WHAT IS REQUIRED OF A PENN STATE MASTER
                                                                                              To become a Master Gardener, you need a keen interest in gardening,
814.882.9085 •                                                              a willingness to learn more, and, most importantly, a strong desire to
                                                                                              help others learn. To become certified as a Penn State Master Gardener,
                  Craftsmanship & Affordability                                               you must complete a minimum of 30 hours of training, score at least 80
                                                                                              percent on a final exam, and fulfill 50 hours of volunteer service. You
                                                                                              can maintain your Penn State Master Gardener status by giving at least
  We feature high-quality Andersen ® products.
                                                                                              20 additional volunteer hours and attending at least 8 hours.

Phone: 814.833.3999                              Email:                                    Web: 29
                                            2010 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE
            New Construction - $200,000 - $250,000                                               New Construction - $300,000 - $350,000
                TD Laughlin Custom Builders                                                          TD Laughlin Custom Builders
    * WINNER *

                                                                                    * WINNER *
 This unique style custom home opens up to you                                     Custom Home built to owners specifications – It
 when you open the front door. It has a stone fireplace                            has a spacious open floor plan for the center of their
 in the back center of the great room, with intricate                              home with tile floors thru out, cathedral ceilings with
 beam work on the cathedral ceiling, hardwood floors,                              can lightings, cherry kitchen, custom woodwork all
 all solid oak doors, wide custom trim work, trayed                                through the home, and a large bonus room with its
 ceilings with crown molding in the office and open                                own bath which are all just a few of the beautiful
 kitchen.                                                                          things this home has to offer.

            New Construction - $350,000 - $400,000                                               New Construction - $400,000 - $500,000
                      Bellagio Builders                                                                     Renaud Peck
    * WINNER *

                                                                                    * WINNER *

 This magnificent mission style design is Energy Star certified with Geo thermal   This expansive family home invites you into the two story foyer with a gorgeous staircase
 HVAC and a heat recovery ventilator. This unique home has 4 bedrooms, 2 ½         complete with hand forged wrought iron balusters. Hardwood flooring completes the
                                                                                   look and continues throughout most of the first floor. The living room adjacent to the
 baths, a spacious secluded office, a custom designed kitchen that is open to a    foyer has a large bay window that allows plenty of sunshine to light the room and built-in
 comfortable dining and living room. This home includes is a semi-finished walk    bookshelves to complement the décor. A bathroom complete with granite countertops, tile
 out basement made of Insulated Concrete Forms.                                    shower and oil rubbed bronze fixtures is conveniently located between the living room and
                                                                                   study. The study has a large bank of window that overlooks the backyard. The heart of the
 The master bath has a unique shower capable of creating steam, lights, music      home is the great room, which includes a cozy fireplace and mantle which ties in all of the
 and body massaging jets. The claw foot tub adds elegance and charm.               hardwood flooring. The adjoining dining area features a lovely porcelain tile that continues
 The extra large closets in the bedrooms offer tons of storage. The upstairs       into the open kitchen. Beautiful cabinetry, granite tops, mosaic backsplash and GE profile
 laundry is very practical and convenient.                                         appliances make the kitchen a highlight of the home. The spacious mudroom and laundry
                                                                                   off of the kitchen make simple work of keeping the home organized. Not to be outdone, the
 The cherry hardwood floor is stunning and adds character to the house.            formal dining room with bay window and spectacular backlit tray ceiling is favorite place
 The U-shape kitchen is designed for functionality and style. The color contrast   for entertaining. The custom split staircase leads from both the great room and foyer up to
 blends nicely between the cherry hardwood floor, the stainless appliances and     the spacious second floor. The elegant master suite includes his and hers walk in closets and
                                                                                   a luxorious master bath. There are four additional bedrooms upstairs including a private
 cream painted cabinets. The larger window allows plenty of natural light to       suite with large walk in closet and bathroom. The lower level has a convenient separate
 enter the kitchen over the farm style sink.                                       entrance from the garage for easy access to company. A large family room is complete with
 The large rear deck overlooks the wooded 2+ acres with hills and a creek.         kitchenette, full bath and adjoining guest suite.

30 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                                                       P.O. Box 9549                     Erie, PA 16505
                                                              2010 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE
                       New Construction - $750,000+                                                                              New Commercial Construction
                            Laughlin Builders                                                                                         Laughlin Builders

                                                                     ! BEST IN SHOW

                                                                                                                    * WINNER *

                                                                     ! BEST IN SHOW
                                                                            NEW CONSTRUCTION

   This 5300 square foot, five bedrooms, Energy Star Certified, ranch is a pure delight. The setting for this
   home is spectacular and the privacy is perfect. The owners of this home wanted to enjoy nature at its best
                                                                                                                  This 10 unit apartment building sits nestled in the woods and has all
   and built this home with multiple outdoor views. When you enter this home into the spacious foyer, off to      the amenities of home. There are 6 two bedroom townhomes and 4
   one side there are two bedrooms, a laundry room and a bathroom with a full soaking tub, separate shower
   and cherry cabinetry. Off the opposite side of the foyer is the great room and dining room with 14’ high       one bedroom units. Foam insulation used throughout and energy star

                                                                     ! BEST IN SHOW
   ceilings. In the great room there is a stone fireplace, custom built-ins and floor to ceiling windows that
   overlook Walnut Creek. Off the great room and dining room you can walk out on to the cedar deck or
   screened-in porch with cathedral ceiling to enjoy the view. The master suite has a corner fireplace, walk-in
   closet, separate commode room, walk-in shower, whirlpool tub and cherry cabinetry with Paperstone tops.
                                                                                                                  rated appliances helped earn this complex an Energy Star Certificate.
                                                                                                                  It is heated by natural gas and central air conditioners were installed.
   The floor is accented with pebbles that were collected by the owners from Lake Erie. Between the dining        All units have vaulted ceilings, ceiling fans and decorative open areas
   room and kitchen is a tall custom made two sided cherry hutch. The Cherry cabinetry is continued into
   the kitchen with Paperstone tops and a backsplash made from stones collected at the creek outside. A           for display or storage. Hardwood oak, ceramic tile and carpeting are
   granite peninsula and stainless steel appliances complete the kitchen. Down the hall are a half bath and a
   mud room with a custom built-in bench with storage and hooks. Also off the foyer is the stairs to the lower    the flooring materials used. The kitchens have Oak cabinetry, laminate
   level with a window seat. Down below the lower level family room has a stone fireplace, large kitchenette
   with an eat-at bar. There is a second stairwell from the garage that leads to a game processing room with
                                                                                                                  countertops and appliances. Each unit has its own full basement and
   its own laundry facilities. The lower level also has two additional guest rooms and a shared bath. The         outside patio area. The common areas are beautifully landscaped and
   garage has room for three cars as well as a separate work room. This home has plenty of space, privacy and
   quietness for a family to relax and enjoy the view.                                                            include a pavilion with a grill and picnic tables.

                     New Residential Kitchen Design                                                                               Specialty Exterior Installation
                          Laughlin Builders                                                                                               Paris Brothers

                                                                                                                    * WINNER *

   This kitchen was designed for the owner to have her own cooking space and for                                  Our project started with the removal of two existing patios. We then
   her guests to be near but separate at the same time. The owner selected custom                                 removed a maple tree and its root system. We installed a footing for
   Cherry shaker style cabinetry with a Late Harvest stain. The main countertops
   are “Paperstone” an environmentally friendly product made from recycled paper.                                 the fireplace and the new patio. The patio is finished with a mag swirl
   The appliances are stainless steel and consist of a café style refridgerator, radiant                          for the body, and a contrasting smooth edge for a subtle decorative
   cook-top with full size oven below, a vented range hood, a second convection oven                              look. The brick and copper fireplace is made of a majority of recycled
   with microwave above and a dishwasher. The peninsula has “Bedrock” granite                                     materials. The brick, sand stone, and slate are all reclaimed materials.
   countertops with a drop down section for seating. The kitchen sink faces three
   large windows with wooded views. And opposite the windows is a tall Cherry                                     The planting area around the patio and fireplace was intended to give
   two sided contemporary hutch that separates the kitchen from the dining area.                                  privacy and provide a wind break. Forty seven shrubs and flowering
   The floor is White Oak and the backsplash behind the stove is made from stones                                 plants were planted, including a flowering Crabapple tree. Bark mulch
   collected from the creek on the property. The main ceiling is 9’ high but at the                               was added to planting area for the finished look. The lawn was graded
   seating area it rises to 14’ and has clerestory windows. With plenty of storage and
   cabinet accessories this kitchen is the owner’s dream.                                                         and reseeded to finish the project. All work was started and completed
                                                                                                                  in four weeks.

         Phone: 814.833.3999                                    Email:                                          Web: 31
                                             2010 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE
                 Residential Kitchen Remodel                                               Major Residential Addition – Below $100,000
                      Chardon Kitchen                                                                  Laughlin Builders

                                                                                      * WINNER *
 This custom kitchen was created with Candlelight cabinetry. The old soffits were    The French Country style pool house has warmth
 removed and custom height wall cabinets along with multiple stacked moldings
 were designed to meet the ceiling and conceal duct work for the new stainless       and function all together. With stucco, stone and
 steel range hood. The upper crown molding was continued around the entire           fiber cement, the pool house was built to match
 room to finish off the look. An island was added to the new layout and includes
 a wine refrigerator and a large cabinet with roll-out trays. The solid wood roll-   the existing home. Inside the pool house there is a
 out trays and extra deep drawers along with the concealed hinges feature the        half bath with room for dressing, storage for pool
 soft close system. Other storage accessories include a super susan corner base
 cabinet, tray divider, and sink tilt-out tray. Decorative acanthus appliqués were
                                                                                     accessories and enough space for an additional car.
 applied above the hood and on the valance above the sink to put the last touches    Outside there is a full stone wall with an outdoor
 on the “Burnished” maple cabinetry. The “Caribbean Blue” quartz countertops
 with a full-height backsplash complete the kitchen. The undermount granite
                                                                                     shower. Behind the pool house is a deck, hot tub and
 composite sink in a biscuit finish was selected to complement the countertop.       covered porch for a place to relax.

                                      ! BEST IN SHOW
        Major Residential Addition – Above $100,000
                                                                                           Landscape Makeover - $0-$5,000
                    McClimans Construction                                           Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors

                                                     ! BEST IN SHOW
                                                          NEW CONSTRUCTION

                                                                                      * WINNER *

                                                     ! BEST IN SHOWREMODELING

 We added a master bedroom and bathroom addition                                     This homeowner wanted a patio area extending from the sunroom to
                                                                                     look “like it was always part of the house”. The design incorporated
 on the first floor. Position the new addition so it                                 elements from the existing architecture to define this outdoor room.
 does not block the view of the wooded yard while                                    Whipple- Allen contracted directly with the owner to build the pergola
 sitting in the house. Bedroom has a cathedral ceiling,                              as designed as they were already working on renovations to the house.
 fireplace, hardwood floors & view of the wooded                                     We completed the landscape work including seeding the area that was
 back yard. The master bedroom has a whirlpool                                       formerly a pool.
 tub, walk-in shower with multiple shower heads,                                     The result is just what the client wanted, a comfortable outdoor seating
                                                                                     area, a sunning area and complimentary plantings that make it look
 body sprays and no threshold so it can be wheelchair                                like it was part of the original work. Landscape lighting helps to extend
 accessible if ever needed. Custom shelving was                                      the use of this extension of the house.
 added to the closet.
32 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                                                    P.O. Box 9549             Erie, PA 16505
                                     2010 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE
    Landscape Makeover - $5,000-$10,000                                      Landscape Makeover - $10,000-$15,000
Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors                            Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors
   * WINNER *

                                                                          * WINNER *
This landscape makeover was undertaken in July of 2009.                 A dark dry area that would not support lawn grass was
The laundry was converted into a community building and                 converted into a restful meandering woodland garden and
the owner was looking to upgrade the look of it and the pool
area. Traditional sheared yews were replaced with ornamental            walkway. Perennial flowers and bulbs, deliver a variety of
grasses, junipers and perennials for a low maintenance and              seasonal color. The new space invites the visitor to enter,
colorful summer landscape for the high use season. Crushed              rest and pass through to the side yard. This once troubled
limestone mulch was replaced with a tan silica stone to soften
the color. Soft plant materials take the snow around the parking        area now settles the house with the mature trees and
and walkways better than the woody plants and help to hide              unifies the landscape by connect the existing island bed
some of the utilities on the side of the building. The result is a      with the foundation plantings.
fresh new look for the community area.

       Landscape Makeover - $25,000+                                   Landscape Makeover - $25,000+ - Honorable Mention
Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors                            Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors
   * WINNER *

This project revolves around the celebrated sunset views of             The park was much in need of renovations. The area was dark and
Lake Erie. The need for more interior living space consumed an          poorly maintained. The turf was not growing well and there just wasn’t
                                                                        much interest in the existing design.
existing covered porch area. The result is expanded living room
and kitchen with a seamless transition from old to new. The             The new design played of a classic axial symmetry focusing on the
existing patio was extended to maintain its pre-renovation size,        Griswold Post Office and Union Station. The best trees were kept and
and now includes a gas fire pit, seat walls, pillars, night lighting    poor trees removed. Stone curb pieces were also preserved and reused.
and built in gas grill area. The vaulted roof allows great views of     The new design is more open and colorful and includes a large active
                                                                        fountain that creates a focal point in the center of the park.
the lake and mature trees while providing shade and protection
from rain. Entertaining and relaxation opportunities abound in          This area will be a springboard for additional development around the
this lakeside garden room.                                              Union Square area and be a front yard for the new town homes.

  Phone: 814.833.3999                 Email:                          Web: 33
                                  2010 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE
      New Landscape Installation - $0-$5,000                          New Landscape Installation - $25,000+
  Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors                   Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors
   * WINNER *

                                                                  * WINNER *
 This fieldstone relic wall creates the timeless trailhead       The previous cottage had been torn down to make way for new construction.
                                                                 As designers we worked to preserve existing trees, realigned driveway to present the house
 for an “enchanted forest” on Walnut Creek. The                  to its full potential and help it to fit onto the site.

 wood chip pathways meander through mature                       The hardscape features a paver auto court with a paving transition at the front entry to the
                                                                 deck, utilizing a complimentary paver surrounded by precast concrete as used on the house.
 woodlands where hidden features meet the visitor at             The same treatment is used at a side door to the garage to subtly set off the entry. A change
                                                                 in paver pattern leads to a walk around the house and flows into a wave pattern in the back
 every turn. Fairy houses, tree faces, a unicorn, and            Plantings are clean and contemporary like the house, utilizing evergreen for year round,
 dragon can be found if you choose to search them                grasses for a lakeside effect and hydrangeas for summer color. Rhododendrons help
                                                                 provide additional screening and privacy to the west. Flowering trees are used as accents
                                                                 and a new shade tree to help soften rooflines. Myrtle ground cover will help to reduce
 out.                                                            maintenance in the long run and give an evergreen and flowering base plane.
                                                                 The completed design meets the owners desire for a clean contemporary beach house.

           Water Feature - $0-$5,000                                     Water Feature - $15,000-$20,000
  Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors                   Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors

                                                                                                                        ! BEST IN SHOW LANDSCAPING
   * WINNER *

                                                                  * WINNER *

                                                                                                                        ! BEST IN SHOW
                                                                                                                              NEW CONSTRUCTION

 The elementary school was looking for a water feature that      This wonderful woodland oasis is animated with the
 the kids could interact with in their interior courtyard.       sounds of falling water, the bright movement of pond
 The feature was designed to have a stream that disappears                                          BEST The area
                                                                 fish, and the warmth of the passing sun.IN SHOW
                                                                 was a dark woodland pond now renovated to include
                                                                                                           REMODELING   !
 into a stone basin for security. The backdrop of the feature    updated pumping and filtration equipment that helps
 is a butterfly garden with colorful plants for attracting and   improve the pond habitat and reduce maintenance.
 providing habitat for butterflies. A meandering stone path      Select trees were removed to allow light in, and were
 and stone bridge crosses the stream and allows the kids to      replaced with more desirable species. A planting
                                                                 berm adds floral interest and diversity.
 get up close and interact with the water.

34 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                                     P.O. Box 9549                      Erie, PA 16505
                             2010 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE
           Hardscape - $0-$5,000                                 Hardscape - $5,000-$10,000
Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors            Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors
   * WINNER *

                                                            * WINNER *
This rustic stone staircase allows much safer access    A tired railroad tie wall was replaced with a clean durable
from the foot of a tram system to the beach. The pre-   and rustic concrete unit retaining wall to make this
existing three foot high eroded beach bank has been     driveway border functional and fresh. The inclusion of a
bridged and stabilized against average wave activity.   stone pathway leads the visitor to backyard activities.
The hazards of getting to the beach have been greatly

        Hardscape - $20,000-$25,000                                 Hardscape - $25,000+
Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors            Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors
   * WINNER *

                                                            * WINNER *

This new home dresses up nicely with a walkout          This project in the Chautauqua Institution involves an architecturally significant house. The house was designed by Paul R.
                                                        Williams, an American architect who designed homes for many celebrities including Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball/ Desi Arnaz,
                                                        Lon Chaney and Charles Correll. The house is mid century modern and the owners wanted the landscape to compliment the
basement level patio room. The fireplace and wood       style of the home. They asked for long clean lines and were specific in their views and color choices.

boxes act as the focal point while other amenities      We redesigned the site to have a series of terraces that would strike these strong lines. The pavers were selected to echo the
                                                        module of the house brick, a 4” x12” size in a complimentary earth color blend. The ability to terrace allowed for the house to be

include paver surface, seat walls, and complementary    set back on a level plane to reinforce the architecture. Large buff colored gravel was used as a transition in the overhang areas.
                                                        Similarly, terraces were created for outdoor terraces off of the kitchen and near the existing pool. The timber steps to the lake

gas grill island. Front foundation plantings,
                                                        were replaced with stone that blended to the colors of the house.

                                                        The landscape plantings were selected at the nursery with the owner and installed for a clean contemporary look.
lawn trees and privacy hedging round out the            There are many parts of this landscape that were quite involved including revamping the storm water system with an oil grit

transformation of house to home.                        separator to improve water quality into Lake Chautauqua, screening the pool equipment with retaining walls and a perforated
                                                        stainless steel screen, linear gas fire pits near the living areas, and the design of an outdoor kitchen, currently being installed.

                                                        The owner is happy with the result and the project will be part of a retrospective of the architects work opening in October at the
                                                        University of Memphis art museum.

 Phone: 814.833.3999          Email:                        Web: 35
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                                                                                                                       ent                            Doors – Residential
                                                                                                        en                                            Doors –l Contractors
savings per 10’x10’ exhibit space.                                                           Apartm cts
                                                                                              B anks t Systems
                                                                                                                                                       Drywal l Contractors
                                                                                                                                                       Electrica l Supplies
                                                                                               Bas  emen emodelers                                     Electrica t Rental &
                                                                                                Bathroo oducts                                          Equipm ing Contracto

•As a member, your company and contact information is listed in this                            Brick Prg Materials
                                                                                                 B uildin – Custom
                                                                                                                                                         Excavat l Services
                                                                                                                                                          Fireplac Hardwood
                                                                                                 Cabinet s – Kitchen
membership directory published in the Erie Times-News – 80,000 are                                Cabinet ry
                                                                                                  Carpent Tile Contrac
                                                                                                                                                          Floor – overing Pro
                                                                                                                                                           Floor C Contractor
                                                                                                                                                           General Mirrors
                                                                                                      eramic Services
distributed to the tri-county area.
                                                                                                   C                                 ers
                                                                                                   Clean Shelving &        Organiz lders                    Glass – locks
                                                                                                    Closet cial/Industriars
                                                                                                                               l Bui                        Glass B ontractor
                                                                                                     Commere – Contracto                                     Gutter C e Suppli
                                                                                                      C oncret – Ready Mix                                   Hardwar and Coo
                                                                                                              ete                                             Heating esign
•Local newsletter mailed as well as PBA & NAHB e-newsletters help you                                 Concr e Blocks
                                                                                                       Concret ction Power T
                                                                                                       Constru ent
                                                                                                                                  ools &                       Home D n Cont

stay ahead of – the competition.                                                                        Equ  ipm                         ns
                                                                                                                ertops rints & Desig
                                                                                                         Count Bluep
                                                                                                         Custom                                                            rcle
                                                                                                                                                              please ci
                                                                                                                                     ificati      on :
•We pay your $100 subscription to PA One Call.                                                            M em be
                                                                                                                      rsh   ip Class
                                                                                                                                                  ble to an
                                                                                                                                                            y pers
                                                                                                                                          e availa es normally r
                                                                                                                                rships ar         ur
                                                                                                                     ER membe or other structter and business
•Member Rebate Program – simply submit the paperwork at                                                     BUILD al, industrialof good charac
                                                                                                            commer Ethics and is
                                                                                                                e of and receive a quarterly refund check for

building supplies you purchase.

Phone: 814.833.3999         Email:                Web: 37
                         “THE BEST HOME SHOW IN ERIE.”

                                                                   ADVANCED TICKETS: $4.00
                                                                     at northwest savings bank

                    April 7: 4:00-9:00pm
                   April 8: 12:00-9:00pm
                   April 9: 10:00-9:00pm
                   April 10: 12:00-5:00pm
  BEST APPETIZER CONTEST                                   UGLY DOOR CONTEST
  come sample the best appetizers from local restaurants   your ugly garage door could win a make-over

        FOOD BANK HOUSE                                          LEGO CONTEST
        BRING A NON-PERISHABLE FOOD ITEM AND                watch our future builders and contractors
       BE ENTERED TO WIN A PEAK’N PEAK GETAWAY             compete for prizes in our 2nd annual contest.

38 Builders Association of NorthWestern Pennsylvania                P.O. Box 9549       Erie, PA 16505
     The Builders Association of Northwestern Pennsylvania is a professional trade organization
     representing and promoting the building industry and its related services. Our members are
     local professionals in the many fields of home construction, renovation, and modernization.
     Whether you want to build a new home or remodel your present home, you need craftsmen
     who are reliable, qualified, and stand behind their work. The Builders Association can help you
     find the right company for the job. The Association keeps its members up-to-date with the
     latest innovations, designs and technology. Every member has subscribed to a code of ethics
     that states their belief in quality, workmanship, integrity and community involvement.

                         THREE MEMBERSHIPS IN ONE
     By joining the Builders Association, local companies earn memberships to the top three
     Pennsylvania and national organizations of builders- ensuring that our members stay current
     with the latest trends, news, and legislation in the building industry!
                LOCAL                            STATE                          NATIONAL

                      2011 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS:
President – Glenn Cessna (Cessna Construction)
                                                                Lou Bruno (Glass Block Specialties by Bruno)
First VP – Tom Montagna (Tom Montagna Builders)
                                                                Sharon Kalajainen (National Fuel)
Second VP – Kevin Raines (Carter Lumber)
                                                                David Hunter (Epic WebStudios)
Secretary – EJ Chernicky (Emil Chernicky & Son Builders)
Treasurer – Judy Gerlach (Northwest Savings Bank)
                                                                PBA-LIFE DIRECTORS:
Past President – Bob Tanner (RenaudPeck Custom Builders)
                                                                Jim Grieshober (J.E. Grieshober
Member At Large – Cynthia Farabaugh-Hood (National Fuel)
                                                                  Plumbing Hydronics)
Solicitor – Jack Mehler (MacDonald Illig Jones & Britton LLP)
                                                                Scott Sesler (Sesler, Inc.)
Executive Officer – Jason Hewitt

                                                                NAHB-LIFE DIRECTORS:
Dan Francoeur (Bellagio Builders)
                                                                John Maleno (Maleno Development)
Mike Corsi (C&C Development)
                                                                Dominic Maleno (Maleno Development)
Matt Krol (Matt Krol Construction)
Chris Robertson, Robertson’s Kitchens

 Phone: 814.833.3999         Email:               Web: 39

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       • Custom Homes
          • Land Available
          • Will Build On
            Your Lot
       • Apartments
       • Quality Neighborhoods
       • Condominiums
       • Land Developer

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