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					        National Association of Women’s Gymnastics Judges – NAWGJ
                          Virginia Judging Contract
              January-February-March-April Invitationals 2011
Your signature below indicates your acceptance or refusal of the terms and conditions of employment at meets
for the following months indicated by marking an “X” in the box. Contracts for ALL meets accepted or refused
must be returned. As you receive assignments you must add them to the contract and return. Please update as
needed-ie. Meets added after contract was sent in- update your contract and resend to Diane Berry:
Submit Jan-April Contract within 5 days of assigning dates. Update as needed:
                January 2011                       February 2011                        March 2011                     April 2011
                                                                                                                  Affiliated at           Hotel Needed
                                                                   REFUSE OR                  DATE OF
                                                                                                                 Assigned Meet             Yes or No
                                                                  ACCEPT MEET               ACCEPT OR
Meet Date             Location           Assigning Date                                                          – Yes or No –
                                                                     DATE –                  REFUSE –
                                                                                                                   List Team
                                                                   SELECT ONE               PLEASE LIST
                                                                 SELECT                                                                  SELECT
                                                                 SELECT                                                                  SELECT
                                                                 SELECT                                                                  SELECT
                                                                 SELECT                                                                  SELECT
                                                                 SELECT                                                                  SELECT
                                                                 SELECT                                                                  SELECT
                                                                 SELECT                                                                  SELECT
                                                                 SELECT                                                                  SELECT
                                                                 SELECT                                                                  SELECT
Official Uniforms Required:                           YES         or        NO
Assigning Official:                 Diane Berry                  Return Form to: Diane Berry –
                                                                                                  1213 Hartford Court
                                                                                                  Virginia Beach, VA 23464
The foregoing is     SUBMITTED - this                         day of             ,          by the undersigned NAWGJ official who’s
rating is      .                                      Day                Month       Year

Name:                                      Address:
City:               State:                Zip:
Phone:          (Home)              (Work)            (Cell)
NAWGJ #:               Exp. Date:                USAG #:               Exp.Date:                  Safety Cert. Exp. Date:

Signature:                Date:

Before submitting PLEASE PRINT THIS FORM for your records. To SUBMIT FORM, please “Save As”
a Word File adding your name to the file name and e-mail to Diane Berry at

 Upon Submitting this form the above judge acknowledges that it is the same as a signature and acknowledges that she/he is bound by the
 constitution and the code of professional responsibility of the NAWGJ. Breach of this contract by the above signed judge may, in addition to other
 remedies which may pertain, result in disciplinary action under such constitution &/or codes. The undersigned judge acknowledges that she/he
 become familiar with such materials previous to execution of this contract.

 If any unforeseen problems arise in fulfillment of this contract, immediately contact the NAWGJ assigning official for available alternates. You are
 responsible for your replacement and notifying the assigning of such. The terms & conditions of your employment are controlled by the master
 agreement of USAG with the organization conducting the competition who contract for this particular competition with NAWGJ.

 Your signature on this contract will acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by those terms and conditions. It is expressly
 understood that NAWGJ assumes no responsibility for paying any expense, salary, or fee whatsoever under this contract. All judge’s fees and
 expenses are due to the judge at the time the individual meet director's contract is entered into and may be canceled only by proper notice as
 provided in the meet director's contract. Agreements not received by the deadline date will necessitate a suitable replacement at no additional cost
 to the Meet Director whenever possible.

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