Next Generation Networks, Voice over IP and SIP by undertheauspicesof



Next Generation Networks, Voice over IP and SIP
field of telecommunications networks. Some of the key topics in this connection are “All over IP”, the ever-increasing importance of mobility, the desire for greater bandwidths, the concept of next generation networks (NGN) and the session initiation protocol (SIP). This seminar will provide the necessary know-how for this important and exciting process of change, generate ideas, and promote discussions and considerations leading to the telecommunications infrastructure of the future. Contents ►	 GN (Next Generation Networks) – N Concept – Protocols ►Real-time communications in IP networks – VoIP communications scenarios – VoIP payload data – VoIP communications examples – Protocol stack ►SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and SDP (Session Description Protocol) – Fundamentals – SIP messages – Requests – SIP status information – Responses – SIP communications element structure – SDP – SIP basic processes and possible applications: VoIP, video communications, Chat, File transfer, Instant messaging, Presence – NAPT (Network Address Port Translation) and SIP
Participants will become acquainted with NGN elements and understand SIP procedures, so that they will be able to use them in practice.

Target group
Staff and operatives employed by network providers, manufacturers and authorities in the telecommunications sector, particularly those concerned with planning, operation, development, marketing, sales, regulation, and the like.

Basic knowledge of IP networks Note We ask you to bring along your own equipment.

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Seminar info
► Ordering number GE303083AS ► Duration 2 days, from 9.00 to 16.30 h ► Date, location and price on request or see under ► On-site or customized seminars and E-Learning on request

Equipment discussed ►	P protocol analyzer I

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Data/IP Networks

Radical changes are being made in the

►SIP network elements – User Agent – Registrar Server – Proxy Server – Redirect Server – Location Server ►Further network elements – Conference Server – Gateways: SIP/H.323, SIP/ISDNDSS1, SIP/POTS, SIP/SS#7 – Back-to-Back User Agent (B2BUA) – Application Layer Gateway (ALG) – Session Border Controller (SBC), Session Controller – Using the SIP network elements in a NGN ►SIP and additional functions – SIP and additional service features – SIP and Quality of Service – SIP and mobility – SIP and security ►Future telecommunications networks – IP networks – UMTS networks (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) – Heterogeneous telecommunications networks – Migration scenarios – 4th generation mobile networks – Standardization and outlook

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