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Research Survey Presentation


Research Survey Presentation document sample

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									SwITched on ICT Years 3–6 Contents

Unit   Unit title               Focus of unit                   Target skills                                         Target AFs   Suggested software
3.1    We are researchers       Researching a topic             Research, presentation                                AF1, AF3     PowerPoint / Impress
3.2    We are comic writers     Creating a comic strip          Photography, image editing, text                      AF1, AF3     Comicbrush / Publisher
3.3    We are animators         Creating a cartoon              Programming, graphics                                 AF1, AF2     Scratch / PowerPoint
3.4    We are opinion           Opinion polling                 Research, survey creation, data analysis, charts      AF1, AF2     PollDaddy, Excel/ InspireData /
       pollsters                                                                                                                   Survey Monkey
3.5    We are                   Here and there: communicating   Text, e-mail, forums, chat, video conference          AF1, AF3     Email, Moodle, Skype
3.6    We are presenters        Videoing performance            Video recording and editing                           AF1, AF3     MovieMaker / Adobe Premiere
4.1    We are co-authors        Producing a wiki                Text, collaborative editing, research                 AF1, AF3     MediaWiki / PBWorks
4.2    We are meterologists     Presenting the weather          Data logging, analysis, charts, presentation, video   AF1, AF2     GoogleSheet, InspireData,
                                                                recording                                                          MovieMaker
4.3    We are musicians         Producing digital music         Audio, music composition, sequencing                  AF1, AF2     JamStudio, Audacity, MuseScore
4.4    We are historians        Then and now: databases         Survey creation, databases, presentation              AF1, AF3     Google Form, Excel / Impress /
4.5    We are artists           Fusing geometry and art         Vector graphics, programming                          AF1, AF2     Scratch, InkScape
4.6    We are travel writers    Trip report                     Research, digital photography, video, video           AF1, AF3     MovieMaker / PhotoStory
5.1    We are                   Themed photography              Digital photography, image library management,        AF1, AF3     Picasa, GIMP / Microsoft Photo
       photographers                                            photo editing                                                      Editor
5.2    We are architects        Creating a virtual space        3D modelling, research, image management              AF1,   AF2   SketchUp / Picasa
5.3    We are bloggers          Media reviews                   Text and other media, writing for an audience         AF1,   AF3   BuddyPress / Publisher
5.4    We are advertisers       Creating an advert              Research, video recording, video editing              AF1,   AF3   MovieMaker / PhotoStory
5.5    We are statisticians     Analysing data                  Data analysis and presentation, datalogging           AF1,   AF2   InspireData, Excel / Impress /
5.6    We are traders           Summer fete games               Programming, spreadsheet modelling and analysis,      AF1, AF2     Scratch, Excel / Impress /
                                                                graphics                                                           GoogleSheet
6.1    We   are   explorers     Creating geo-trails             Photography, geolocation /research                    AF1,   AF3   GoogleEarth, Picasa
6.2    We   are   fundraisers   Charity fundraiser              Research, DTP, graphics, data handling                AF1,   AF2   Excel / Impress / GoogleSheet
6.3    We   are   developers    Programming an adventure game   Programming, graphics                                 AF1,   AF2   Scratch / Gamemaker
6.4    We   are   farmers       Resource allocation and         Research, spreadsheets, modelling, charts             AF1,   AF2   Excel / Impress / GoogleSheet
6.5    We think for ourselves   Cyber safety research/media     Research, collaboration, web design                   AF1, AF3     GoogleSites / PBWorks
6.6    We are publishers        Creating a year book            Photography, image editing, graphics, text, DTP       AF1, AF3     GoogleDocs, InDesign / Inkscape

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