Operating Plan 2011-12
                     This plan has been approved and submitted
                                  by the Board for :

                       Community Futures East Central Alberta
                                5104-53RD AVENUE
                          BOX 5000, VIKING, AB. TOB 4N0

     On behalf of the Board

     ___________________________           __________________________
     Signature* Preferably the Chair       Date

     Brad Hopfauf                          Chairperson
     _________________                     _____________________
     Name (Please print)                   Title

     On behalf of the CF Management

     ___________________________           __________________________
     Signature*                            Date

     Darlene Curtis                        General Manager
     _____________                         _________                      _
     Name (Please print)                   Title

     Date Plan Submitted to WD:            ________________________

Please mail your CF’s Operations Plan with original signatures by February 14, 2011 to:

                          Western Economic Diversification
               Suite 1500, 9700 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5J 4H7
                              Attention: TRICIA DEKORT

          Please forward electronic copies to BOTH your WD Officer and to
CF NAME: Community Futures East Central Alberta
Fiscal Year: 2011-12


The Operating Plan provides Western Economic Diversification with insight into the goals and
realities of your Community Futures organization (CF), forms the basis for our funding
relationship, and provides an action plan for your CF.

The Operating Plan is based on a multi-year Strategic Plan (normally five-years) with some
sections requiring annual updates. All other sections should be updated annually if important
changes occur. The performance indicators must be updated annually.

The flow is from long-term goals to strategies to short-term activities. Your CF‟s Strategic Plan
sets long-term goals and the Operations Plan gives the short-term strategies to achieve specific
accomplishments for the current year. The operating plan is submitted annually.

Please note that although you can use your own format, as long as the information required is
presented in an understandable manner and the linkages are made to the strategies and goals, it
is preferable that you use the template format (Attachment “E”) to lay out your plan for the coming


Please attach the motions from your CF‟s Board of Directors that approves:

    1. The Operational Plan
    2. The Budget
    3. Requests for Interest Transfer

Please include date of meeting, the motion and who moved each motion.


1.1 Basic information:

      CF Legal Name:                 Community Futures East Central Alberta
      Mailing Address:               Box 5000
      Location Address:              5104 53 Avenue, Viking, AB. T0B 4N0
      Phone Number:                  780-336-3497
      Fax Number:                    780-336-2266
      General email address:         ecacfdc@telus.net

      General Manager:               Darlene Curtis
      General Manager E-Mail:        dcurtis_cfdc@telus.net

      Chairperson:                   Brad Hopfauf
             Address:                513-22 Street, Wainwright, AB. T9W 1H9
             Phone Number:           780-842-1787
             E-mail Address:         Brad.Hopfauf@Wainwrightcu.ca

      Web site:                      www.cfeastcentral.ca

                                              Page 2
 CF NAME: Community Futures East Central Alberta
 Fiscal Year: 2011-12

 1.2 List of Staff (Annual – please use existing phone lists if possible)

                                                           Core Staff       Non         Phone
              Staff                    Position
                                                             (WD) *         Core      Extensions
     Darlene Curtis            General Manager             100%                      102
     Clark Knight              Business Analyst            100%                      105
     Iana Squair               Admin. Assistant            100%                      0
     Cindy Lefsrud             Bookkeeper (contract)       100%

          * Indicate if Core staff or % Salary covered by WD core funding

 1.3 Board of Directors (Annual)

          Please provide a list of your Board members, indicating the Chair, and identify their area
          of representation and the year that the member joined the Board. Area of representation
          could include expertise, geographic area, target group, current affiliations, etc.

       Name                  Position           Area of Representation           Year Joined Board
Brad Hopfauf            Chair                 Wainwright                       2007
Harvey Benke            Vice-Chair            County of Camrose                1999
Rod Krips               Sec./Treasurer        County of Beaver                 2005
Mel Sabeski             Director              City of Camrose                  2010
Jeremy Ottenbreit       Director              County of Flagstaff              2010
Bob Young               Director              County of Beaver                 2005
Ken McNeil              Director              Wainwright                       2010
Peter Miller            Director              County of Flagstaff              2001
Vacant                  Director


 2.1    Please provide information on how your organization is structured and operates:

         Board structure and committees
          The Board of CF East Central Alberta consists of nine (1vacant position to be filled in
          2011) members representing 29 shareholder communities. There is no Investment
          Review Committee; the executive is made up of Chair, Vice-chair and
          secretary/treasurer. The whole of the Board is involved in the loan approval process as
          well as looking after all other issues concerning the organization. Two committees were
          set up in late 2010, those being a nominating committee and a by-law review committee.

         Organizational structure, i.e. units, areas of responsibilities
          Currently there are three staff positions and one contract position. The Board has one
          employee, the General Manager, who is responsible for organizational activities, staff,
          reporting and accountable to the Board. The organization is responsible to Western
          Economic Diversification through regular reporting of activities and participation in the CF
          network of Alberta. The organization is accountable to the shareholder communities
          through communication efforts of appointed Board members. We also conduct council
          visitations and maintain ongoing communication with all community administrators.

                                                  Page 3
CF NAME: Community Futures East Central Alberta
Fiscal Year: 2011-12

     Office locations and coverage of communities (i.e. offices, part time staffing in other
      The office is located at 5104-53 Avenue in Viking. The East Central Alberta region
      serves 29 municipalities and maintains itinerant office in Camrose and Wainwright on a
      regular basis.

     Staff and board training plans
      Staff and Board will be participating in Pan West training opportunities as organized by
      the CFA, as well any other opportunities that may become available.

     Subsidiaries and related entities listed (i.e. does your CF hold an ownership position in
      another organization, business, or entity?).
      Currently CF East Central Alberta does not hold ownership of any other business

     Community and government partners that are “committed long term partners”. Please
      also provide a list of project partners.

      Long Term Partners:

      Community                        Provincial                        Federal
      29 shareholder communities       CF of Alberta                     WED
      9 Board members                  AFSC                              Business Dev. Bank

      Project Partners:

      Community                        Provincial                                Federal
      Beaver/Viking FCSS               Alberta Finance & Enterprise              CAP site
      Flagstaff FCSS                   Alberta Family Institute
      Beaver County Adult Learning     Alberta Employment & Immigration
      Camrose Adult Learning           Employment & Immigration
                                       14 southern CFs (youth camp)

     Funding partners
      WED – Core funding
      WED/CFA – RDI funding (where approved)
      Misc. – fee for service

     Services offered
      Investment fund programs – Repayable, Non-repayable, EDP, Quick cash loans
      Community economic development services
      Business services including technical and advisory, information, training and skill
      Agreements with AFSC and BDC to provide access to loan funds beyond the limit of

     Other

                                            Page 4
CF NAME: Community Futures East Central Alberta
Fiscal Year: 2011-12

2.2       Please provide dated copies of your CF’s policies (required once only every five
          years unless there are changes) related to:

                                                                    Date Policy was     Date Submitted
                                                                      last Updated           to WD
Investment Fund Management                                          Jan. 27, 2011       Feb. 14, 2011
     If your board is considering loans in excess of
       $150,000, please provide the updated policies that
       specifically address this. (See Below)

Conflict of Interest                                                No changes

Board of Directors (policy for appointment/selection, terms         No changes
of office, etc

WD Policy on loans over $150,000 states:
   “As financial assistance in excess of $150,000 are only to be considered on an
       exceptional basis, WD‟s position is that CFs must ensure that their internal investment
       review policies clearly lay out the conditions upon which they will consider financial
       assistance in excess of the normal limit of $150,000. CFs must provide WD with prior
       written notification of their intention to change their corporate policies to allow for the
       consideration of financial assistance in excess as per Section 5.2 of the Contribution
       agreement and provide a copy to WD of these policies as per section 5.4 of the
       Contribution Agreement.”
   Please contact your CF Officer if you require a copy of this policy.

2.3       Please provide a description of your CF’s service area including:

           Demographic information
            The East Central Alberta region represents 29 municipalities in an area of 15,605 square
            kilometers. Located along Highways 13 and 14, running 240 kilometers southeast of
            Edmonton to the Saskatchewan border. It is home to approximately 55,000 people. The
            entire region is historically dependent on agriculture and other primary resource

           Analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your service area.
            Table provided

Regional SWOT Analysis

STRENGTHS                                             WEAKNESSES

           Proximity to Edmonton                            Resistance from area residents to grow
           Good transportation access through                and change
            highways and both major railroads                Regional economy reliant on natural
           Lots of access to good education                  resources
           Gas reserves in region: oil sands                Lack of employment opportunities for
            nearby                                            women
           Strong housing prices, low land costs            General population is aging, including
           New residents adding cultural diversity           volunteers and community leaders
           Lower labor costs than some other                Shortage of trades people and skilled
            regions of Alberta                                labor
           Growing available labor force
           Excellent quality of life

                                                 Page 5
             CF NAME: Community Futures East Central Alberta
             Fiscal Year: 2011-12

                  Good regional cooperation between
                  local governments
             OPPORTUNITIES                                           THREATS

                        Oil and gas spinoffs                                 Recession and US economic crisis
                       Value added agriculture                                could have long-term effect on the local
                       Technology based ventures                              economy
                       Population growth attracted from urban                Lack of community action
                        areas would increase need for                         Youth outmigration
                        business development                                  Lack of affordable housing
                       Potential extraction of heavy crude                   Big box stores putting pressure in small
                        from gas fields                                        town retailers
                       Utilize and expand our well-educated                  Wind down of gas fields (expected to
                        youth workforce; expand the number of                  be tapped out by 2017) and pipeline
                        students studying trades                               construction will reduce local income
                       Promote entrepreneurship to youth                      streams and tax revenue
                                                                              Loss of community leadership and
                                                                              Shortage of capital for small business
                                                                              Water shortages driving up already
                                                                               high water rates

             2.2       Community Accountability

             Please address the following indicators: (as agreed to by WD and all Network Partners)

Are your organization‟s operational results     Yes, Prior to completing the Operations Plan, contact is made with all shareholders for input.
                                                AGM is open to the public.
reported and input sought from the public
in, at a minimum, one open meeting
annually (please explain)?

                                                           Yes or No
                                                                                                 Description or Link to Website
                                                   If no then explain why?

Is the following public information posted on your CF‟s public web page and kept current:

       Your organization‟s annual audited
        financial and annual report in either   Audited Financial Statements are
        its entirety or in a summary format     posted on the website, as well as hard    www.cfeastcentral.ca
        or, at a minimum, a notice is posted    copies are mailed to all shareholders.
        on the partner‟s public website with    The Annual Operations Plan is also
        information on the process the
        public may follow in order to gain
        access to this public information?

       A current listing of the names of
        your organization‟s Board of            Yes                                       www.cfeastcentral .ca
        Directors (addresses and contact
        information not required?

       A summary description of your
        organization‟s corporate policy         Yes                                       www.cfeastcentral.ca
        with respect to the appointment

                                                               Page 6
             CF NAME: Community Futures East Central Alberta
             Fiscal Year: 2011-12

        and/or election of members to its

Please describe any other efforts to ensure
                                                 Council presentations, e-mails regarding topics of interest are sent on a regular basis
that your CF remains accountable to your

             3.0     VISION

             You may use the table format as provided in Attachment “E” to detail your goals, strategies and

             3.1 Mission, Vision, and Strategic goals

                   State the mission, vision and strategic goals of your organization.

                   If your own strategic plan covers all of the requested information you may submit your own
                   plan. Mission, vision, and strategic goals are required only on a renewal of your agreement,
                   which is normally on a 5-year cycle. However objectives and strategies/activities must be
                   updated annually, but need to be linked to the applicable goals so that it is clear to the reader
                   how the activities and strategies will assist the CF in meeting its goals

                   To enhance business and community viability

                   We lead in the development of East Central Alberta as a region that integrates cooperation
                   with economic diversification opportunities to sustain communities

                    Conduct our business honestly and fairly with our clients, staff and partners
                    Ensure that we treat our clients and partners with respect
                    Ensure consistent, respectful & equitable treatment of staff
                    Provide complete, relevant accurate information to our Board of Directors

                        Anticipate and identify critical success factors for clients and then exceed their
                          expectation for delivering on our commitments in a creative, timely and cost-effect
                        Recognize and appreciate the constant need to change and innovate
                        Create an environment that fosters effective teamwork among staff, Board of
                          Directors, clients and partnerships
                        Anticipate trends and take advantage of opportunities for our clients and for our own
                        Create and maintain a learning organization environment

                         Create an environment that promotes professional and personal achievement for
                            our staff, clients and partnerships
                         Provide a reasonable return on investment for WED
                         Demonstrate leadership and gain recognition in the Community Futures sector

             YEAR (Annual plan)

                                                                Page 7
CF NAME: Community Futures East Central Alberta
Fiscal Year: 2011-12

This section provides your plan for the coming year.

4.1       For each of your CF’s strategic goals, please identify the objectives (strategies to
          achieve goals) and supporting activities (short term projects) in columns 3, 4, 5 of
          Attachment “E”.

Please include targets and indicators used to evaluate your projects. (Targets are what you want
to achieve. Indicators are what you are going to use to measure the achievement towards the
Your plan should cover the following areas for the coming Fiscal Year: (as identified in
attachment “E”)

         Core service area(s) (repeat for each goal as necessary) - Column 1
         Strategic goals - Column 2
         Long term/short term strategy - Column 3
         Short term activities (annual update) - Column 4
         Targets/Indicators - Column 5
         Evaluation /Measurement (if applicable) - Column 6
         Target groups if applicable - Column 7

In preparing your operational plan, please bear in mind that you will be asked to review your
accomplishments at the end of the fiscal year. Column 8 of Attachment “E” is designed to assist
you in this process.

4.2       Inclusivity

Because community economic development promotes the inclusion and participation of all
community members fully and effectively in the local economy, it is important to ensure that the
CF program be accessible to the entire community.

Please identify sectors of the service area, which may not have full uptake of the core services
that your CF provides (e.g. Aboriginal people, Women, Youth, Disabled Entrepreneurs,
Francophones, etc.) and your plans to ensure full and effective access.

         Value-added Agriculture
         Retail sector
         Tourism/hospitality
         Youth
         Disabled
         Home based business
         Ag. Service businesses
         Communities (CED services)
         Aboriginal clients

4.3       Please describe any strategies/activities that your CF may employ to support the
          social economy and social economy enterprises. ("This is optional, however if your
          CF intends to provide support to social enterprise development, please describe.")

The social economy is defined by WD as a grass-roots, entrepreneurial, not-for-profit sector,
based on democratic values, that seeks to enhance the social, economic, and environmental
conditions of communities. Social enterprises are a component of the social economy. They are
run like businesses, producing goods or services for the market economy, but manage their
operations and redirect their surpluses in pursuit of social and environmental goals.

          To be addressed as needed
                                              Page 8
CF NAME: Community Futures East Central Alberta
Fiscal Year: 2011-12

4.4     Planned projects and priorities.

Please identify your CF‟s top 5 project priorities.

            Planned Project/Initiative                      Brief Description (1 Sentence)
1                By-law review                                    To update as needed
                                                      Board will be considering options to increase
2              Revenue generation
                                                      Review of current activities and update where
3               Visibility/Marketing
4                     Staffing                             Looking at hiring a contract person
                                                      Reporting back to council and encourage s/h
5            Shareholder involvement
                                                                   attendance at AGM

        Please identify and provide a summary of any RDI (AB) or REDI (BC) applications
        that are planned or that you anticipate will be submitted.


                                                Page 9
CF NAME: Community Futures East Central Alberta
Fiscal Year: 2011-12



5.1    Performance target/budget information is required for the coming fiscal year for
       the following indicators:

Performance Indicator                                               Targets for 2011-12
# Projects or activities improving leadership and/or expertise                    4
# Partnerships developed/maintained                                              38
# Advisory services provided to clients                                         120
# Training sessions delivered                                                     2
# Training session participants                                                  10
# Volunteers leveraged                                                            0
# Volunteer hours leveraged                                                       0
# Instances facilitating community involvement                                    1
# Instances of increased capacity in community organizations                      3
# Enhanced community services or facilities                                       1
# Instances of increased community stability                                      2
# Jobs created/maintained/expanded                                               36
# Loans approved (note both Total Investment Fund and
Repayable EDP Investment Fund):
      # Loans to new businesses and other investments approved
      where initial disbursements made + # Loans to existing
      businesses and other investments approved where initial
      disbursements made
$ Value of all loans and other investments approved where initial
disbursement made (note both Total Investment Fund and              600,000.00
Repayable EDP Investment Fund)

Once agreed to by the CFDC and WD Officer, the targets for the 14 indicators must be entered
into the Performance Measurement Tool (PMT), that is, “The Exceptional Assistant” (TEA). In
order to do this, please log into the WD PMT; open the WD PMT, and create a „New Target‟
report for this time period. Note that all information must be entered manually.

Your performance targets will only be accepted if they have been entered into the PMT.
They must be entered in the 2011 year. Therefore, you must attach the “print out” of your
CF’s targets for fiscal year 2011/2012 that your CF has inputted.

                                            Page 10
CF NAME: Community Futures East Central Alberta
Fiscal Year: 2011-12

Other indicators contained in the PMT are for the internal use of your CFDC. If an indicator will
not be used, please enter a target of “0”.

5.2     Community Economic Development:

In addition to the overall numeric targets requested for Community Economic Development (CED)
please describe two CED initiatives planned for the coming year and the measurable results you
intend to achieve. (This is required as a minimum performance standard as discussed in section

             CED Initiative            Description                          Measurable Results
1                                                                           Have 2 kids from
          Alberta Youth Camp
                                                                            region attend camp.
2                                       Partner with Alberta Employment     25 attendees at the
                                        and Immigration to host several     event.
            Speakers series
                                           speakers for the business

5.3     Minimum Performance Standards:

In an ongoing effort to enhance overall performance and performance reporting, we are asking
you to pay particular attention to the following key performance measures which are directly
linked to the key goals of the Community Futures Program and for which core funding has been
provided to your CFDC:

# Business Advisory services provided to clients
# Training sessions delivered
# Clients trained
# Loans Approved
$ Loans Approved

WD Officers will be responsible for ensuring that each CFDC has established targets that reflect
its potential to meet their community needs. These targets will meet or exceed the Minimum
Performance Standards (discussed in the next section) that will be established in each of the
five areas noted above.

During the year, WD Officers will review CFDC performance against these targets and will identify
with your CFDC any significance variances in order to ensure that your CFDC will have an
opportunity to address performance issues that may emerge.

                                              Page 11
        CF NAME: Community Futures East Central Alberta
        Fiscal Year: 2011-12

        The following chart displays the minimum performance standards that must be met or exceed by
        each CFDC. Please note that there are two sets of Minimum Performance Standards: basic
        numerical targets and a percentage of performance targets. The approach that yields the highest
        minimum targets will apply to your CFDC.

        The process of setting overall performance targets should take into account considerations such
        the CFDC‟s historic performance, status and trends in your region‟s economy, activities of other
        business service providers, needs of your community(ies), capacity of the CFDC and so on.
        Note, both the CFDC and the WD Officer must agree to the final overall performance
                                        Minimum Performance Standards

        Performance Indicator                        Standard                     2011-12        2011/12 Minimum
                                                Greater of Columns                Targets        Performance (75%
                                                     (1) or (2)                                      of Target)
                                               (1)              (2)                 (1)                  (2)
Lending Services
Number of Loans                            Minimum           75% of
                                             of 6          performance               9                        7
                                                        targets* for 11/12
Dollar Value of Loans                      Minimum           75% of
                                              of           performance       600,000.00               450,000.00
                                           $200,000     targets* for 11/12
Business Advisory Services
Combination of # of Advisory Services      Minimum           75% of
& Clients Trained                           of 116         performance              130                   98
                                                        targets* for 11/12
Community Economic Development
Number of CED Projects that are fully      Minimum            75% of
reported to WD                               of 2           performance              2                        2
                                                        targets* for 11/12
Number of Community Plans                  Minimum            75% of
(Initiating, leading or                      of 1           performance
participating in a community plan or                     targets*for 11/12           1                        1
public participation in a Community
Futures plan)

        * Negotiated with WD Business Officer

        6.0 FINANCIAL


        Please provide your CF‟s total budget (revenues and expenses) forecast for the coming year,
        shown by quarters. For sources of revenue, please include WD core funding, interest transfers
        (please refer to Attachment "B" Special Conditions of the contract), and other revenues of which
        there is a high level of certainty, as separate line items. The WD core funding will constitute the
        cash flow by quarter for advance purposes.

        WD will not accept a deficit operational budget. If there is a surplus please provide details.
        When including other funders, please ensure WD funding is fully committed. Do not
        include Interest Transfers in the Operational Budget as requests will be individually

        Note: The following budget is an Excel imbedded template.
                                                       Page 12
      CF NAME: Community Futures East Central Alberta
      Fiscal Year: 2011-12
     Operations Budget (Total Operations) 2011-12

                                   1ST Quarter Apr- 2nd Quarter Jul-       3rd Quarter     4th Quarter
                                         Jun             Sep                 Oct-Dec         Jan-M ar      TOTAL
     Total WD Contribution**                  73,741             73,741          73,741          73,740     $294,963
     Other Federal Funds                           0                                               3,000      $3,000
     Other Provincial Funds                                                                                        $0
     Other Revenue                              547                 551             551             751       $2,400
     Other Revenue                             8,054                                                          $8,054
     Total Revenues                          $82,342             $74,292         $74,292         $77,491    $308,417
     Wages and Benefits                       42,891              42,891          42,891          42,891    $171,564
     Administration                           32,595              41,817          16,417          21,147    $111,976
    Travel, Meals and
    Accommodations                             6,013               4,728           4,728           4,728     $20,197

     Office Equipment/ Computers               1,170               1,170           1,170           1,170      $4,680
     Other (specify)                                                                                               $0
     Other (specify)                                                                                               $0
     Other (specify)                                                                                               $0
     Total Expenditures                      $82,669             $90,606         $65,206         $69,936    $308,417
     RECONCILIATION                                                                                                $0
     Surplus or Deficit                        -$327          -$16,314            $9,086          $7,555           $0

    *Revenue and expenditure sub-totals should agree with Operational Estimates above.
    **Total WD Contribution breakdown should agree with Cash-Flow Requirements above.


For the fiscal year for which this operational plan is submitted, please complete an interest transfer
request form.


                                                       Page 13
Attachment E: TABLE FORMAT
                                                                                                                                                                For use in reviewing & analyzing your
                                                                          Short term         Targets/Indicators                             Target          achievements towards your targets. (You may
                                            Long term/short term                                                      /Measurement
  Core Service        Strategic Goal                                    activities for FY           for                                   Groups if           want to complete this section as the year
                                                  strategy                                                             (if applicable)
    Area(s)                                                                  _____               FY _____                                 applicable            proceeds depending on your targets.
                             (2)                                                                                                                                                  (8)
                                                      (3)                                                                   (6)
       (1)                                                                     (4)                    (5)                                     (7)             Achieved in           Analysis/Discussion of
                                                                                                                                                               FY ____                    Variance

Table Legend

Note: Columns (1) and (2) may be switched.

(1) Please indicate how this project addresses the Core Service Areas. Please specify the Core Service. (See Attachment B)
(3) How do you plan to achieve your strategic goal?
(4) Projects and programs anticipated in the next twelve months, which will contribute to achieving your strategic goal.
(5) Targets (goal) and Indicators (measurables), which will be used to measure (quantitatively/qualitatively) the success of your short-term activities.
(6) The methods used to measure your indicators, e.g., survey, report, etc.
(7) Please indicate how this activity will support specific target groups if applicable, i.e., Aboriginal People, Women, Youth, Visible Minorities, Disabled Entrepreneurs, Francophones, etc.
(8) Use to measure/evaluate the achievement of your CF‟s previous fiscal years targets

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