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					                                                                             Gwadar Marine Services Ltd
                                                                             37-A Harbour House, 2nd Floor,
                                                                             Lalazar Area, Off. Maulvi Tamizuddin
                                                                             Road, Karachi 74000, Pakistan
                                                                             Tel: (92) 21 5636400
                                                                             Fax: (92) 21 5611962

                                  MARINE SERVICES CERTIFICATE
                                        (Towage & Pilotage)

All towage & pilotage services to be provided by any of “Gwadar Marine Services Ltd.” vessels in
Gwadar Port are subject to the United Kingdom Standard Towage Conditions (1986 edition) as explained
or amended by the General Operating Conditions of Gwadar Marine Services Limited.

Prior to commencement of any Marine Services, Master shall agree fully to above conditions by signing
this form.

Vessel:                                            (name)
Master:                                            (name)

          __________________________               (signature)

On termination of the Marine Services, the master and the pilot shall complete and sign this form,
certifying the details of the services rendered.
               Inward                                       Outward

Name of vessel:                                    Date:
L.O.A.                                             Forward draft:
G.R.T.                                             Aft draft:
N.R.T.                                             Deepest actual draft:
Time pilot embarked:                               Time pilot disembarked:
Passing breakwater:                                Berth No.

Ships agent:                                       Port clearance No.

Assisted / towed / stood by:

from:                             to:                                 by                        tugboat(s)
from:                             to:                                 by                        tugboat(s)
from:                             to:                                 by                        tugboat(s)
from:                             to:                                 by                        tugboat(s)

Master:                                    (name) Pilot:                                         (name)

                                           (signature)                                           (signature)

The above marine services have been approved by “Gwadar Marine Services Ltd”.

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