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                                 Operations Agreement
                                  Spring Semester 2004

   Trio’s Objective:

    The team wants to find a software application that is easy to manage, advanced enough to
    hold specific data, and customizable to the needs of a small business.

   Type of Software:

    Microsoft Money 2004 for Small Businesses

   Purpose of Software:

    The software is composed of several tools and features that can manage customers,
    vendors, inventory, personal invoices, payroll, and financial information from multiple

   Trio’s Structure

    1. Members:
            Thuy Huynh: tnh8916
            Benjamin Craig Parris: bcp6122
            Brandon Spangler: bas0806
    2. Project Leads:
            Web Master: Brandon with the assistance of Craig
            Researcher Lead: Craig with the assistance of Brandon and Thuy
            Report Lead and Professional Writer: Thuy
            Digital Video: Brandon with the assistance of Thuy and Craig

   Trio’s Criteria and Responsibilities:

    1. Meeting attendance policy:
           Meetings are held every Tuesday from March 16-April 20. Fridays will be
           optional, depending if more team time is needed. Attendance is mandatory.

           There is an exception for emergencies and other causes that may keep a member
           from attending. Depending on the situation, they will finish the work on their own
           time or the other members will decide.
    2. Team Etiquette:
           Members will….
                   * Arrive on time to meetings and contact a member if arriving late
                   * Give 100% to their portion of the project
                   *Keep a positive attitude
                   *Maintain unit cohesion
                     * Never give up when things go bad
    3. Decision Making:
            All decisions will be discussed and ruled by majority.
    4. Quality of Preparation and Performance:
            Members are expected to be prepared at all meetings: bringing all necessary
            resources and a specific idea to discuss with the group. For their project lead,
            members are expected to complete all necessary tasks of a caliber deemed
    5. Non-performance:
            Members who neglect their commitments will not receive participation points for
            their irresponsibility. Therefore, the team will complete the unfinished portion of
            the project.
    6. Peer-review:
            Members who follow the expected requirements will receive all credit for their
            completed work.

   Project Schedule and Requirements

    March 16     Project Operation Agreement
    March 23     Reserve a camera, make an editing appointment, complete PTD quiz, and
                 obtain a PTD training manual Gather reference list (8-12), building block
                 searches including Web Page Evaluation Forms
    March 30     Discuss rough draft and report structure, and make final adjustments.
                 Structure roles and layout of presentation.

    April 6      Make video presentation
    April 13     Edit Video Presentation
    April 20     Final adjustments and editing for web page and video file

   Member Signatures:

    Thuy Huynh

    Benjamin Craig Parris

    Brandon Spangler

                                      March 18, 2004

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