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									Treatise TA'ALIM


Praise be to Allah, prayers and greetings to the priests may tercurahkan the Muttaqin, leader of the
mujahideen, our master Muhammad.; As a prophet who Ummi. tercurahkan hopefully also to family,
friends, and those who follow the prompts until the day of Judgement.
Amma ba'du.
This risalahku to ikhwah fighters from the Muslim Brotherhood who had faith in the nobility of his
preaching and to the validity fikrahnya. They have a sincere determination to live and die with him on
his behalf. To them alone I presented this briefing. He was not the lessons that must be memorized, but
it is the clues that must be practiced.
Death to the move, my brother-hearted sincere!
"And say, 'Work you, then God and His Messenger and those who believe will see the job, and you will
be returned to (Allah) the Knower of unseen and the real and preached unto you what you did. ' ''(At-
Tauba: 105)
"And that (we tell) this is my straight path so follow it and do not follow jalam-road (the others),
because those roads scatter you from His path. That is enjoined that ye should fear Him. " (Al-An `am:
As for their addition, we provide for her lectures, books, papers, and trainings. Each of them has a
program in accordance with the demands, of all reward promised by God is good.
Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Hasan Al-Banna

O brother, a sincere ... !
Pillars bai'at we have ten, Memorize: Fahm (understanding), sincerity, charity (activity), jihad, tadhiyah
(sacrifice), obedience (compliance), tsabat (firmness), tajarrud (purity), ukhuwwah, and tsiqah
(confidence ).

O my brother is sincere ... !
What I mean by Fahm (pemaharnan) is that you are confident that we are fikrah 'fikrah Islamiyah clean'.
Thou shalt understand Islam, as we understand it within the bounds of usul al-'isyrin (twenty principles)
are very compact:
1. Islam is a comprehensive system, which touches all aspects of life. He is a country and homeland, the
government of the people, character and strength, compassion and justice, civilization and law, science
and justice, material and natural wealth, income and wealth of jihad and da'wa, forces and ideas, as well
as he is aqeedah straight and true worship, no less and no more.
2. The glorious Qur'an and the Sunna of the Prophet which is sacred to return every Muslim to
understand the laws of Islam. He should understand the Qur'an according to the rules of the Arabic
language, without takalluf (forced) and ta'assuf (haphazard). Furthermore, he understands the pure
Sunna through rijalul hadith (Hadith narrators) are reliable.
3. Sincere faith, true worship, and mujahadah (sincerity in worship) is light and enjoyment that God
instilled in the hearts of His servants He wills. As for inspiration, the trajectory of feelings,
ketersingkapan (confidential nature), and the dream, he was not part of the theorem the laws of Sharia.
He could also be considered on condition that the proposition does not conflict with religious laws and
4. Amulets, incantations, charms, divination, shamanism, supernatural disclosure matters, and
semisalnya, is misguidance that must be fought, but the spell of the Quranic verse or a history of the
5. Priest or his representative opinion about something that no legal text, about something that contains
diverse interpretations, and about something that brings the public good, can be practiced as long as
not contrary to the general rules of Shari'a. He may change with changing circumstances, conditions,
and local traditions. Principal, worship practiced with total submission without considering the meaning.
While in the affairs of other than worship (customs), then it should consider the intent and purpose.
6. Any person may be taken or rejected his words, except for Al-Ma'shum (Prophet) of Allah. Any that
come from the Salaf and in accordance with the Book and Sunna, we have received. If it does not suit
him, then the Qur'aan and the Sunnah of His Messenger more mainstream to follow. However, we
should not be cast to the people-because of something that is disputed with him-the word contumely
and reproach. We give it to their intentions, and they have passed with charity-charity.
7. Every Muslim who has not reached the capability review of the legal arguments of furu '(branches),
should follow religious leaders. Nevertheless, it would be nice if, in conjunction with this attitude, he
tries to follow it as much as he did to learn their arguments. Should he accept any input that is
accompanied by the argument as long as he believes in the capacity of the person giving the feedback.
And should he perfected its shortcomings in terms of science if it includes the clever people, to achieve
the degree pentelaah.
8. Err in matters of fiqh furu '(branches) should not be a divisive factor in religion, does not lead to
hostility and hatred as well. Every mujtahid get the reward. Meanwhile, there is no ban on doing an
honest scientific study of the issue khilafiyah in the shade of love and help each other for God to get to
the truth. All of that without giving birth are selfish and bigoted attitude.
9. Any problems that charity is not built on it, causing unnecessary conversation-is an activity that is
prohibited by syar'i. For example, discuss the various laws on the subject that is not really happening, or
having the meaning of the verses of the Qur'an content of meaning is not understood by the mind, or
having about the comparative virtues and disputes that occurred between the companions (although
each each of them has its primacy as the Companions of the Prophet and the reward of his intentions)
With ta'wil (menafsiri good behavior of the Companions) us apart from the question.
10. Ma'rifah to God with an attitude of unity and sanctification (Essence) is as high as his high-level
Islamic Aqeedah. As for the verses and hadiths of the nature of authentic about it, as well as a variety of
information mutashabihat associated with it, we simply mengimaninya as it is without ta'wil and ta'thil,
and not exacerbate the differences that occur among the clergy. We suffice himself with the statement
that there is, as the Prophet. suffice himself and his companions with him.
"And those deep knowledge say, 'We believe in the verses mutashabihat, all of it from the side of our
Lord.'" (Ali Imran: 7)
11. Every heresy in the religion of God that there is no foothold but considered good by the passions of
man, either the addition or subtraction, is a heresy that must be fought and destroyed using the best
possible way, that does not actually lead to other, more innovation severe.
12. Differences of opinion in matters of heresy idhafiyah), heresy tarkiyah), and iltizam) to worship
mutlaqah (which is not applicable, either way and time) is the difference in. fiqh issues. Everyone has
their own opinion. But why not if. conducted research to gain substantially with the arguments and
13. Love to the people who are righteous, paying tribute to him, and praise for good behavior is part of
taqarrub to Allah swt. While the trustees are those referred to in his words,
"That is those who believe and those that fear Him."
Karamah on them it really happened if it meets the requirements syar'inya. it all with a belief that they-
may Allah be pleased with them-do not have Awliyaa 'and the benefits for themselves, either while alive
or after death, let alone for others.
14. Pilgrimage graves anyone-sunna is prescribed in a manner taught by Prophet. However, asking for
help to the residents who had their graves, praying to him, begging for the fulfillment of basic need
(either up close or from afar), bernadzar for him, build his grave, covered it with satire, providing lighting,
wipe it (to get baraka), swear by but God and everything similar to it is a great heresy that must be
combated. also do not find ta'wil (read: justification) against a variety of behaviors, in order to close the
door slander worse.
15. Prayer, when accompanied tawasul to God with one of his creatures is a dispute furu'menyangkut
ordinance pray, not including the issue of Aqeedah.
16. The term '(mistakenly) that has been mentradisi) does not change the legal nature syar'inya.
However, it must be adapted to the purpose and objectives of the Shari'a, and we guided him. In
addition, we must be careful of the various terms that deceive), which is often used in discussions about
world issues and religion. lbrah was the essence behind a name, not on behalf of itself
.17. Aqeedah is the foundation of the activity; activity of the heart is more important than physical
activity, however, efforts to improve both the demands of the Shari'a, although levels of each claim is
18. Islam is to free the mind, urge him to do the study of nature, elevating science and clerical as well,
and welcomed the presence of everything that gave birth to beneficiaries and benefits. "Wisdom is the
missing items belonging believers (believers). Whoever got it, he was the person most entitled to it."
19. Syar'i view and the view of logic have their respective areas who can not enter each other perfectly.
However, both are never different (always intersect) in the problem that qath'i (absolute) proper
scientific nature may not conflict with the rules of the Shari'a tsabitah (obviously). Something zhanni
(interpretable) should be interpreted to fit with the qath'i. If the opposite were two things that are
equally zhanni, then the more mainstream view syar'i to follow up the logic of getting the legality of its
truth, or fall altogether.
20. We do not mengkafirkan a Muslim, who had pledged two sentences creed, the practice of abortion,
and fulfill its obligations, either because the burst of opinion or because of kemaksiatannya, unless he
says the words of kufr, to deny something that has been recognized as an essential part of religion,
openly rejected the Qur'an, interpret it in ways that are not in accordance with the rules of Arabic
language, or do something that may not be interpreted except by act of Kufr
If Muslims understand their religion with the limits the rules above, it means he has to know the
meaning syiarnya: 'The Qur'an is our Dustur and the Apostles are qudwah us. "

What we want sincerely is that an al-akh Muslims in every word, activity, and jihad, all must be intended
solely to please Allah and seeking His reward, without considering aspects of wealth, appearance, rank,
title, advances or retardation .. With that, he became a soldier fikrah and doctrinal camps, not the army
of interest and personal ambition.
"Say, 'Verily my prayers, devotions, life and death, is due to Allah the Lord of hosts. There is no ally for
him and so that was commanded."' (Al-An `am: 162-1630)
Thus, the meaning of the slogan of the Muslim brothers pahamlah eternal; God our purpose, God's
mighty, praise be to Him.

What I mean by charity (activity) is that it is the fruit of knowledge and sincerity.
"And say, 'Work you, then God and His Messenger and the believers will see it work, and you will be
returned to (Allah) The Knowing which ghailb and real, and preached unto you what ye do, '"(At-Tauba:
The level of charity is required of a genuine akh are:
1. Self-improvement, so that he became physically strong person, firm behavior, broad minded, capable
of earning a living, surviving aqidahnya, true worship, warrior for himself, attentive to his time, tidy
affairs, and beneficial to others. It should all be owned by each akh.
2. The establishment of Muslim family, namely by conditioning the family in order to appreciate
fikrahnya, keep the ethics of Islam in every activity of his home life, choose a good wife and explain to
him the rights and obligations, educating children and helpers with a good upbringing, as well as guiding
them with the principles Islamic principles.
3. Guidance of the community, ie by spreading propaganda, fighting a dirty and evil behavior, behavioral
supports major, commanding the good, hasten to do good, leads public opinion to understand fikrah
Islamiyah and dyeing practice constantly with her life. It all is an obligation that must be accomplished
by any akh as a person, also an obligation for the pilgrims as a dynamic institution.
4. Liberation of the homeland of every ruler. non-foreign-Islam-either politically, economically, and
5. Improving the state government, thus becoming a good Islamic government. That way he can play its
role as a servant people and workers who work for their benefit. Islamic government is a government
whose members consist of the Muslims who fulfill the obligations of Islam, not berterang publicly with
disobedience, and consistently apply the laws and teachings of Islam.
Why not use those non-Muslims-if in an emergency, provided that not a strategic position to position.
Does not really matter about the form and name the job, as long as in accordance with the general rules
in the system of Islamic law, then it should be.
Some properties are required, among others: a sense of responsibility, compassion for the people, be
fair to everyone, not greedy of wealth nations, and economical in its use
Some of the obligations that must be accomplished include: maintaining security, implement the law,
spreading the values of teaching, preparing for strength, health, protect public safety, develop and
maintain the property investment, strengthen the mentality, and spreading propaganda.
Some right-of course, if has been accomplished, among other duties of loyalty and obedience, as well as
help to lives and property.
If he ignores its obligations, then the advice and guidance entitled to it, then, if no changes can be
applied dismissal and expulsion. There is no obedience to immoral creature in the Creator.
6. Efforts to prepare all of the assets of this country in the world for the benefit of Muslims. That this
should be done by freeing the entire country, build its glory, bringing civilization, and bring together the
words, so as to restore the establishment of the caliphate that has lost power and the realization of
unity in the dream dreamed together.
7. Enforcement of world leadership with the spread of Islamic da'wah across the country.
"So there is no more fitnah and the religion is for God alone." (Al-Baqarah: 193)
"And God does not want other than perfect His light." (At-Tauba: 32)
Four of the past must be enforced by pilgrims and by every akh as a member of the congregation it.
Really, how much of this responsibility and how great this end. People see it as fantasy, while a Muslim
sees it as a reality. We never gave up and grabbed it with God-we-have lofty ideals.
"And God is able of his affairs, but most people do not Aware" (Yusuf: 21)

What I mean by jihad is a duty that remained legal until doomsday. This is the content of what that
related the Prophet sa.,
"Whoever dies while he has never fought or intend to fight, he dies in a state of ignorance."
Ranked first is the denial of jihad with the heart, from the last ranking is the war in the way of Allah.
While between them there is a jihad by the tongue, pen, hand, and the words right in front of the ruler
who wrongdoers. Not be alive, except by jihad. Levels of height and breadth of a stretch preaching
ufuknya is determinant for the extent of the glory of jihad in the way and extent to which the price that
must be redeemed to support it. While the greatness of the reward given to the mujahideen.
"And ye strive in Allah's way with the real true jihad." (Al-Hajj: 78)
Thus you have understood your eternal slogan: jihad is our path.

What I mean by tadhhiyah (sacrifice) is to sacrifice the soul treasure, time, life, and everything that
belongs to the person to reach the goal. There is no struggle in this world, except must be accompanied
by sacrifice. For the sake of our fikrah, do not narrow the sacrifice, because he really has a great return
and a wonderful reward. Whoever relax just as with us, then he is guilty.
"Verily Allah has purchased of the believers, themselves and their property." (At-Tauba: 111)
"Say, 'If your fathers, children, brothers, wives, your kindred, the wealth that ye have gained, commerce
you fear loss, and houses of residence, are dearer to you than Allah and apostles, and of his striving in
the path, then wait until Allah brings about His decision. " And Allah does not guide the wicked people. "
(At-Tauba: 24)
"If all of you obey, Allah will give you a good return."
Thus, you already know the meaning of your eternal slogan: fall the way of Allah is the cladding of our

What I want to obey (obedience) is running the command and make it happen with immediately, either
in a state difficult or easy, as eager and lazy. That is because there are three stages of this mission:

In this stage fikrah proselytizing done by spreading Islam in society. The mission system for this stage is
that the institutional system. Urgency is the social work for the common good, while the medium is the
advice and guidance at a time, and build a useful place in another time, as well as various other media
activities. Semua syu'bah (branches) the Brotherhood's current representation of these stages in the life
of dawah. He coordinated the 'basic law' which has disyarah by various treatises and publication of the
Brotherhood. Da'wah, at this stage, are common.
Jamaat relationships with people who want to contribute to its activities and wanted to maintain the
principles of his teachings. Obedience without reserve, at this stage, is not prosecuted, even unusual.
Level in line with levels of observance to the system and general principles of pilgrims.

In this stage of propagation is established by selection of positive elements to carry the burden of jihad
and to collect the various parts of the existing. Mission systems-on-this stage is pure tasawwuf in the
spiritual level, and are in the military operational level. The slogan for these two aspects are: command
and obey, without hesitation and wavering, All katibah (battalion) of the Brotherhood have now is the
representation of these stages in the life of dawah. He assembled the treatise manhaj ago.
Da'wah at this stage is special. Can not be done by a man but who has the right readiness to bear the
burden of a long era of jihad and the weight of the challenge. The main slogan in this preparation are:
totality of obedience.

Da'wah in this stage is that jihad; without knowing the wishy-washy attitude, working constantly to
reach the final destination, as well as the readiness to bear trials and tests that are not likely to be
patient over it, except for people who sincerely. Da'wa is not able to achieve success, except with the
"total devotion" as well. For this, the first contingent of the Muslim Brotherhood in Rabiul berbai'at H.
Early 1359
By joining you guys in this katibah, with the attitude of this treatise you shall receive, and with your
loyalty to this bai'at, you have been at the second level to third level. Answer exert responsibility that
has been dipikulkan to you and prepare yourself to be faithful to him.

What I want to tsabat (firmness) is that an akh should always work as a mujahid in the path that led to
the goal, no matter how far-reaching and long time, so meet with God in such circumstances, while he
has managed to get one of two good : victory or martyrdom in His way.
"Among the believers there are people who keep what they have janjilkan to Allah, and among those
who died there. And among them there are (too) are waiting and they are not in the least change (his
promise ), "(Al-Ahzab: 23)
Time for us is part of the solution. While the road will we go through this for a long time, long stages,
and many challenges. However, he is the only path that can lead to the goal with the promise of great
rewards and a wonderful reward.
That's because every means of our mission, the six kinds of good-requires readiness, proper timing, and
careful execution. All were greatly influenced by time.
"They said, 'When is it (will happen)?' Say, 'I hope it is near." (Al-Isra ': 51)

What I mean by tajarrud (purity) is that you must clean up the pattern you think of a variety of other
values and principles of individual influence, because he is a high-high and complete as a full-fikrah.
"Shibghah God And who better shibghahnya than God?" (Al-Baqarah: 138)
"Indeed there has been a good role model for you in Ibrahim and those with him when they said to their
people, 'Verily we are innocent of you and from what you worship besides Allah, we deny (disbelief) and
you have real between us and you enmity and hatred for forever until you believe in Allah alone. "'(Al-
Mumtahanah: 4)
Humans, in view of genuine akh is one of six groups: Muslim fighters, who sat Muslim, Muslim sinner, or
muahid dhimmis (infidels who are bound by a peace treaty), muhayid (infidels protected), or muharib
(unbelievers who fight). Each of them has its own law in the scales of Islam. Within the limits of an
individual or institution is weighed; berhakkah he earned the loyalty or the opposite: hostility?

What I mean by ukhuwah are bound by ties of spiritual care and Aqeedah. Aqidah is as solid-solid bond
and semulia-noble. Brotherhood of faith is his brother, while his twin separation is kufr. The first
strength is the strength of unity, no unity without love; love is the minimum and maximum tolerance is
itsar (altruism of self).
"Whoever he was kept out of stinginess, they are the ones who are lucky." (Al-Hashr: 9)
Al-Akh sincere brothers see others better than himself. himself, because he, if not with them, can not be
with the others. While they, if not by himself, can be shared with others. And in fact wolves only eat the
goat that escapes alone. A believer to another believer is like a building, the one affirming the other.
"The believers men and women believers, some of them to be protective for others.
So should we.

What I mean by tsiqah (trust) is a sense of satisfaction a top army commander, in terms of leadership
capacity and sincerity, with deep satisfaction that produces feelings of love, respect, reverence, and
"So by your Lord, they (basically) do not believe until they make you judge of the case that they can not
agree, then they do not feel in their hearts something objection against a decision you give, and they
receive the fullest." (An-Nisa: 65)

Leaders are an important element of proselytizing, no preaching without leadership. Levels of
mutual trust, between leaders and troops into the balance sheet that determines how far the power
of congregational systems, resilience khithahnya, realize the goal of success, and her strength to
face various challenges.
"The more mainstream for their obedience and good words."
Leadership-in proselytizing the Brotherhood-position of parents in terms of bonding the liver, the
position of professor dalarn kepengajaran terms of function, the position of sheikh in the aspect
of spiritual education, and the position of leader in the aspect of determining the general policy
for da'wah. Da'wah we gather this sense as a whole, and tsiqah to leadership is everything to the
success of propaganda. Therefore, a genuine akh must ask ourselves about this, to know how far
the confidence of the leadership:
1. Does he long ago knew their leaders, whether life ever studied history?
2. Does he believe in the capacity and sincerity?
3. Is he ready to assume all of the instructions-which was decided by the leader for him, without
necessarily immoral-as instructions to be executed without reservation, without hesitation,
without adding and without deduction, with the courage to give advice and warnings for the right
4. Is he ready to consider himself one and true leaders, in the event of conflict between the
dictates of leaders and what he learned in matters that do not exist ijtihadiyah text specifically in
the Shari'a?
5. Is he ready to put the whole activity of life in mission control? Do-in his view, the leader has
the right to download the Legal Affairs Committee (weighing and deciding) between the benefit
of himself and the benefit of preaching in general?
With the answers to the questions presented or the like, akh can know how far the bond and trust
levels of the leader. As for heart, he was in the 'grip' of God, He moved him at will.
"Even though you spend all of (the wealth) that are on earth you could never unite their hearts,
but Allah has united their hearts. Surely He is the Almighty, the Wise." (Al-Anfal: 63)
Sincere Brethren O ...
This bai'at your faith requires you to fulfill the obligations following, so you become 'bricks' that
kutat for building:
1. Whom you have a daily wird of the Qur'aan is not less than one juz. Try to mengkhatamkan
Qur'an in no more than a month and no less than three hearts.
2. Of whom you read the Qur'an properly, watching carefully, and ponder its meaning. Sirah
whom you also review the history of the Prophet and the Salaf in accordance with the time
available. Books were deemed sufficient for this minimum is Humatul book of Islam. Many of
whom you also read the hadith the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him., At least memorize
forty hadith; stressed to al-Arba'in AnNawawiyah. And let you examine the minutes of the main
frame of faith and conviction and the branches of fiqh.
3. Of whom be thou hasten to do general check up regularly or treatment, so the disease feels
about you. In addition, consider the factors that cause the body's strength and protection, and
avoid factors that cause impaired health.
4. Whom you away from the consuming excessive coffee, tea, and stimulant drinks semisalnya,
thou shalt not drink it except in emergencies, and you should avoid at all from smoking.
5. Let thine affairs of cleanliness in all things, about: shelter, clothing, food, body, and the
workplace, because religion is built on a foundation of hygiene.
6. Of whom be thou honest in saying, do not ever lie.
7. Of whom be thou keep promise, do not deny it, no matter how the conditions you face.
8. Of whom be thou brave and enduring. Courage is the main thing is frank in telling the truth,
keeping secrets resilience, courage to admit mistakes, be fair to yourself, and can master it in
anger though.
9. Of whom be thou always be calm and serious impression. But let that stop you from the
seriousness of the right jokes, smiles, and laughter.
10. Whom you have a strong sense of shame, feeling sensitive, highly susceptible (sensitized) by
the goodness and badness; the emergence of the feeling of happiness for the first and tortured for
a second taste. Let all you humble yourself without insulting, being dogmatic (yes man), and too
berlunak liver. And let you memuntat-from others-is lower than your dignity to get real
11. Let thou be fair and correct in deciding a case, in every situation. Do not anger melalaikanmu
to do good, do not you close your eyes pleasure of bad behavior, do not make you forget the
hostility of the recognition of good service, and let you speak the truth even if it's any harm or
hurt the people closest to you.
12. Of whom you become a hard worker (work aholic) and trained in dealing with social
activities. Whom you feel happy if it can offer service to others, like visiting the sick, helping
people in need, bear a weak, relieve the burden of the affected person even if only with words of
good, and always hasten to do good.
13. Berhad of whom you love, generous, tolerant, forgiving, gentle to humans and animals, well-
behaved dalarn in touch with everyone, keep the social ethics of Islam, love the small and great
respect, giving place to others in the assembly, not spying, no wag, no cursing, asking permission
if the incoming and out of the house, and others.
14. Of whom be thou good at reading and writing, reviewing of the minutes of the Brotherhood
reproduce, newspapers, magazines, and other writings. Whom you build a special library, no
matter how its size; concentration of scientific specifications and expertise if you are a specialist;
master of Islamic issues in general mastery which allowed him to build a good perception to be a
reference to an understanding of the demands fikrah.
15. Whom you have a business project economics however rich you are, no matter how small
independent project priority, and be content with what is on yourself no matter how high
keilmuanmu capacity.
16. Thou shalt not expect to become civil servants and make it as narrow-narrow door of
sustenance. But do you reject, if given the chance. thou shalt not let go, unless he is completely
at odds with the tasks dakwahmu.
17. Let thine penunaian your duties, how the quality and thoroughness, not mempu, and should
keep the agreement.
18. Of whom you meet with both your right and fulfill the rights of others perfectly, with no
reduced and redundant; thou shalt not procrastinate.
19. Whom you keep gambling with all that stuff, however the intention behind it, and let you
stay away from illicit livelihoods, however the big advantage that lies behind them.
20. Let you get away from usury in any aktivitasmu, and purify it from usury altogether.
21. Whom you maintain the wealth of Muslims in general by encouraging the development of
factories and projects of Islamic economics. Whom you also keep the coin from falling into the
hands of non-Muslims under any circumstances. Do not get dressed and do not eat unless the
product is Islamic land.
22. Whom you have contributed financially to the mission, you exert zakatmu obligations, and
make it part of your wealth to those who ask and those in need, no matter how small your income.
23. Let you store most of your produce to supply the tough times, no matter how little, and do
not ever bother you to pursue perfection.
24. Whom you work, as best you can do-to revive the Islamic tradition and deadly alien tradition
in every aspect of your life. Eg greetings, language, history, clothing, furniture rumab stairs, way.
work and rest, eating and drinking, how come and go, as well as style. vent their joy and sorrow.
Whom you maintain. Sunnah in every activity.
25. Whom you boycott the local trials or the entire judiciary that is not Islamic. Likewise-rink
arena, publications, organizations, schools, and all institutions that do not support fikrahmu in
26. Whom you always feel watched by God, given hereafter, and get ready to pick her up, took a
shortcut to get to the good pleasure of Allah with determination, draw closer to Him in worship
sunna, such as: night prayer, fasting three days, a minimum- every month, Dhikr (the liver and
oral), and tried to practice the prayer taught at every opportunity.
27. Purification of whom you well and try to always in a state of ablution in the most of your
28. Of whom you pray properly and always fulfilled on time. Try to keep the congregation in the
mosque if it is possible.
29. Whom you fasting for Ramadan and pilgrimage to the well, if you are able to do so. Do it
now if you have been able to.
30. Whom you always accompanies you with the intention of jihad and martyrdom of love, Be
ready for it, whenever the opportunity arrives.
31. Of whom be thou repent and renew istighfarmu, and beware of small sins, let alone a great
sin. -Provide for yourself, just before bed for introspection on the vang anything you've done,
good and bad. Consider your time, because time is life itself. thou shalt not use it-any-to no avail,
and do not be careless against doubtful things from falling into a puddle unlawful.
32. Whom you increase your capacity to fight in earnest that ye may receive the baton. Let your
eyes you subdue, suppress your emotions, and cut out low tastes of your soul, bring it just to
reach a lawful and good, and he hijabilah of illicit, under any circumstances.
33. Khamer and of whom you stay away from all food or drink intoxicating as far.
34. Let you get away from the association with bad people and friendships with people who are
broken, and stay away from places where immoral.
35. Whom you fight for fun places; do not ever approach him, and let you stay away from lavish
lifestyle and bersantal-relaxed.
36. Katibah member whom you know you one by one with complete knowledge, also introduce
yourself to them with more. Ukhuwah exert their rights in full; rights affection, appreciation. aid,
and itsar. Of whom be thou ever present in their assemblies, and not absent, except for
emergency udzur, and hold firm on the pergaulanmu itsar attitude with them.
37. Let you avoid a relationship with any organization or congregation if that relationship does
not bring serious benefits for fikrahmu, especially if it was ordered for it.
38. Whom you deploy dakwahmu anywhere and provide information to the leaders of all
conditions that melingkupimu. thou shalt not do something strategic impact, except with
permission. Always let you put yourself as a 'soldier in the barracks, the commander who was
waiting for instructions.
Sincere Brethren O ... !
This global frame fikrahmu dakwahmu and concise explanations. You can collect these
principles in five slogans: ghayatuna Allah (Allah is our goal), qudwatuna Ar-Rasul (Messenger
is our model), the Qur'an syir'atuna (Qurban is our law), Al- sabiluna Jihad (Jihad is our way),
and ash-Shahadah umniyyatuna (Dead martyrs are our ideals).
You could also compile its various following words: simplicity, recitations, prayers, soldiering,
and morals.
Cengkeramlah seriously this guidance. If it were not so then you will fall in line qa'idin (who sit
around leisurely) that will bring you become lazy and idle carpenters.
I am sure, if you know it very well and the 'you make the ideals and life orientation, then you
repay is living in a world of honor and virtue and pleasure in the afterlife. You are part of us and
we are part of you. If you turn away from him and then sit relax, then there is no longer a
relationship between us. If you are someone who used to be ahead in our assemblies, tacked on
shoulders flashy titles, and you seemed so prevalent among us, then your seat will be judged by
God with the heavy-heavy reckoning. Then choose the right position for yourself, surely we ask
for God-for us and for you, His guidance and Taufik.
"O ye who believe! Sukakah you I show you a commerce that can save you from a painful
adzab? (It is) ye believe in Allah and His Messenger and striving in the path of Allah with their
wealth and soul. That's better for you jilka you know it, Allah will forgive your sins and bring
you into Gardens with rivers flowing beneath the river, and (insert you) to a good place to live in
paradise 'Eternity. That is the supreme triumph. And (there are more ) other gifts that you like
(that) help from God and near victory (his time). And the glad tidings to those who believe. O ye
who believe, be ye helpers (religion) of Allah, as Isa son of Mary said to have been loyal
followers, "Who will be a helper-penolongmu (to establish the religion of) Allah?" Then a party
of the Children of Israel believed and a class (the other) disbelieve, then We gave power to
people the believers against their enemies, then they become the people who win. " (Ash-Saff:
Wassalamu'alaikurn warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.


Praise be to Allah, prayers and greetings may terlimpahkan the Messenger and those who follow

Islam emphasizes the need for the establishment usar (usrah-usrah) from his followers, who can
guide them to the top example, cementing his bond, and elevating ukhuwahnya; of words and
theories to the reality and real charity. Therefore, O my brother, try to be yourself into bricks for
both buildings (Islam) is.
While the pillars of this bond there are three; memorize and try to make it happen, so he is not
only a burden of the dry weight without the spirit.

1. Ta'aruf (Mutual Understanding)
He is the beginning of the pillars of this. Therefore, mutual and mutual berkasih mengenallah
sayanglah you with Ruhollah. Hayatilah ukhuwah true meaning and the whole of you, try not to
tarnish there is nothing that ties you, hadirkanlah always the shadow of the verses of the Qur'an
and the noble hadith in mind. Put on your eye lids contain the following verses,
"Those who believe are brothers." (Al-Hujurat: 10)
"And all of you to strap berpegangteguhlah (religion) of Allah, and do not divorce disarray.''(Ali
Imram: 103)
Also words of the Prophet. follows,
"A believer to another mukimin is like building that partially affirming the other,"
"A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim; not mendzalimi and not give (the enemy)."
"Those who believe that, in terms of filial and berlemah soft, such as one body."
The commandments of God and the Prophet taujih taujih-this-after passed the first generation of
Muslims-has (only) to decorate the lips the words of the Muslims and fantasy in their minds,
until you come, O Brethren who know each other. You have attempted to implement it in your
community, and you want the return of people who bond with each other soul brothers Muslim
brotherhood. Safety for you if you are sincere, and I hope so. Allah is your protector.

2. Tafahum (Mutual Understanding)
He is the second pillar from the pillars of this system. Therefore, istiqamahlah you in the right
manhaj, exert what is enjoined, and leave anything that is prohibited. Evaluate yourself with a
detailed evaluation in terms of obedience and disobedience, then let each of you willing to advise
you of other so disgrace look at him. Let an akh accept his brother's advice with a sense of joy
and thanked him.
To akh who advise, beware lest your heart-who sincerely want to give advice to your brother-that
changed intentions, although only a hair. Do not let him feel the lack of counsel at the target,
then assume that his more mainstream him. If he was not able to fix it, let it for about a month,
then do not tell the shame that he saw it, except to the leader usrah only. After that, stay in a state
of love and respect, so that Allah swt. His decision sets.
As for akh yang advised, beware lest you change attitudes, a harder heart to the akh who advise,
though just a hair. Why is that? because mahabbah fillah (love for God) is as high as a high-
prestige in religion, while the advice is the pillar of religion. "Religion is advice." Allah protect
some of you guys (evil) others, memuliakanmu with obedience to Him, and turned the cunning
of Satan from us and you All.

3. Takaful (Mutual Bear the Burden)
He is the third pillar. Let some of you carry the burdens of others. Such is the phenomenon of
faith and the essence ukhuwah concrete. Let some of you always ask the others (about the
conditions of life). If you get him trouble, immediately gave way to relief as long as there is.
Bring in your mind the word content of the Prophet. this,
"Someone walking (Go) in order to meet the basic need of his brother is better than one month in
masjidku Itikaf this."
"Whoever put joy in the temple of the Ahl-ul-Muslims, God does not see a reply for him except
May God bind your heart with His spirit. He was the best of the best of protectors and helpers.
O Brotherhood ...
In a variety of tasks in front of you-if you notice and on a variety of jobs that exist in your hands-
if you do, there is something that can guarantee the realization of these pillars. Let you constantly
relearn the various obligations ukhuwah ta'awun around, and each one of you am left regarding
the evaluation of its application. After that, let every akh try to attend every meeting agreed, and
immediately set aside from property held for cash usrah him until no one was left behind to
fulfill his duties.
If you have fulfilled various duties, both individual pilgrims and treasure-is, no doubt, these
pillars will soon terwuiud usrah. If you ignore it, then this system will gradually fragile, and die
eventually. At his death there is a huge loss for propagation, whereas it is the hope of Islam and
the Muslims entirely.
Many of you questioned, "The flurry of what actually exists on them in a regular meeting usrah?"
The question was simple answer. After all, how many tasks that must be solved, but how little
time is available. As for who should occupy the agenda of its meeting usrah members. are among
1. Each akh convey the problem, while others involved to discuss and seek resolution. All this in
a sincere atmosphere and orientation ukhuwah clear only to God Almighty. In such exist
affirmation process and strengthening bonds tsiqah heart, "The believer is the mirror of his
brother," also in order to manifest a part of what the Apostle of Allah as the Lord. "Those who
believe, in terms of affection and weak soft attitude It is like one body. If one member
complained, then the other members to feel the impact; fever and could not sleep. "
2. Studies around the issue of Islam and read the treatises and taujihat that ditelorkan by public
leaders aimed usar. There is no place in the assembly usrah for debate, a war of words, or
emotional outlet with a high voice raised. That's all according to the fiqh usrah unlawful. Have
been justified are: explanations of explanations requested, it should also be taking into account
the ethical boundaries with the integrity of mutual respect of all members. If there is a suggestion
or complaint, Naqib (chairman of the forum) should hold them to then present it to the leader.
Allah swt. has denounced some people as his word,
"And when it comes to them a word about keamanahan or fear, they then broadcast it."
Then Allah. explain how it should be,
"And if they handed it to the Messenger and ulil amri among them, surely the people who want
to know the truth (would be) find out from them (Allah and His Messenger)." (An-Nisa: 83)
3. Studies of a variety of useful books. After that let the akh strive to realize the meaning
ukhuwah in various fields of life, which he could not be covered in the books nor contained
dalarn various taujih. Prophet. mengisyaratkannya, among other things: visiting the sick, meeting
the intent akh in need if only with words that are comforting, seeking information about the
absent akh, akh constantly approaching the 'disconnected', and others. All of that adds bond
ukhuwah and reinforces a sense of love and bonding in the spirit.
To add a strong bond between the brothers, they must consider the following things:
1. Conducting rihlah tsaqafiyah (sort of study tours) by visiting various historical relics, factories,
and so on.
2. held a full moon tour.
3. conduct tours of the river by canoe to paddle.
4. Conducting tours of the mountain, hills, parks, and so on.
5. hold a bicycle tour.
6. Fasting together one day a week, or a day in two weeks.
7. Morning prayer together at mosque once a week.
8. Trying to be mabit (overnight) together once a week once every two weeks.

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