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									A Unique Franchise Opportunity.

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We May Not Actually Pickup or Deliver Shipments

   But we do deliver
         Experience, Savings
             and Service
     to meet customers’ shipping needs.

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Unishippers Overview
 »  Founded in 1987
 »  Largest reseller of a complete shipping services
 »  More than 75,000 customers nationwide
 »  285+ franchises throughout 48 contiguous states
    and Hawaii

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Industry Snapshot: The Opportunity
 »  Express Industry – $75 Billion Annual Revenue
 »  Freight Industry – $680 Billion Annual Revenue
         **$26 Billion is the LTL ( Less Truck Load) Sector
 »  Mature, well-established industry
 »  Huge opportunity in Small to Medium Business market
 »  Selling a product that customers already use and need

                                           On a scale of 1-10, I’d give Unishippers a 15. In my
                                         eight years in shipping, Unishippers is one of the best
                                            companies I have worked with. And that’s the truth.
                                                   Will Williams, Medical Carbon Research Institute

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Why Customers Choose Unishippers
 »  Savings: Average 10% to 20% savings
    on nearly 10 million shipments annually
 »  Local Support to our Customers
 »  Flexible Shipping Products
 »  Industry Leading Technology Tools

                                   Unishippers allows us the ability to better focus on our
                                      guests and our food. Unishippers takes care of the
                                             shipping. It’s one less thing to worry about.
                                             Greg Baker, Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurants

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Our Trusted Partners
 »  Choices based on reliability, pricing and meeting our
    customers’ needs
 »  Partner with regional and local carriers as well
 »  Gives customers access to a wider selection of shipping
 »  30+carriers to choose from

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Unishippers Franchise Offerings
»  Option 1: Express Only Franchise
»  Option 2: Freight Only Franchise
»  Option 3: Combined Franchise
   (Both Express and Freight Services)

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  How Does Our Franchise Work:
»  Owner/Sales Consultants are responsible
   for finding new business
»  Role of the Owner:
   75% of Time Spent on Sales
   25% of Time Spent on Administration
  (Billing, Collections and Customer Service)

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  Why Invest In A Unishippers Franchise?
»  Proven track record of success for more
   than 22 years
»  First class training and support
»  Ability to build residual income
»  Low initial investment (non-asset based business)
»  Low overhead (no inventory, no need for storefront)

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Why Invest In A Unishippers Franchise?
 »  Life-style business
    (regular business hours, flexible)

 »  Franchisee involvement in strategic
    decision making
 »  Build equity for retirement

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Profile of an Ideal Unishippers Franchisee
 »  Strong sales and marketing background
 »  Ability to manage sales and customer service teams
 »  Previous business owner who understands how to grow
 »  Highly driven person who is motivated to succeed financially

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Next Steps
 Click on link and complete Franchise Inquiry Form:

Call 800-999-8721 ext 5822
and speak with our Franchise Development Manager.

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A Unique Franchise Opportunity.

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