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Reseller Training


Reseller Training document sample

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									   Add Equipment
   To Your Account
From the Inquiry Option Menu,
enter 06 to access the Reseller
Equipment Entry screen.

Enter all equipment attributes of
Baud, Format, Service, Frequency,
Model, and Manufacturer. “L”
enables you to look-up valid values.

For Alpha Devices select “AANN”.                                                        Select AANN for
NOTE: If garbled messages are                             When adding a cap code that
                                                                                        Alpha Devices
received using this format/function,                      begins w/ an "A" or an "E",
please contact Customer Service to                        ignore the letter and enter
update pager timing code.                                 the cap code using only
                                                          numeric values
Enter pager CAPCODE(s) or
CAPCODE RANGE using only
numeric values. If the capcode         Ca pcode R ules:
begins w/ an "A" or "E" ignore the
                                       Pocsag capcodes are always 7 digits
letter and replace it with a zero
when necessary according to the        Flex capcodes are 7 or 9 digits
capcode rules to the right:            Reflex capcodes are always 10 digits

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