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Research Work About Pre Elementary


Research Work About Pre Elementary document sample

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The following are the lists of courses that have been previously approved by IUSSW. If a course
is not listed, it does not automatically mean the course does not meet this requirement. It only
indicates that you need to submit appropriate documentation for our review to determine
acceptability. Do not assume that all course titles are interchangeable and therefore acceptable.
Course numbers, titles and university names must match exactly as listed here. If your course is
not on the following lists, then you must provide appropriate documentation with your
application. Appropriate documentation is a syllabus and/or a course description copied from a

                                        Revised 08/2011

   Alabama A&M
   PSY 301   Elementary Behavioral                      Azusa Pacific University
             Statistics                                 SOC 350       Applied Statistics

   Tuskegee                                             California State University
   PSYC 306       Psychological Statistics              PSYC 210      Psychological Statistics
                                                        MATH 140 Intro Stats
           ALASKA                                       PSY 202       Bio Statistics

   University of Fairbanks                                     COLORADO
   PSY F250      Intro Stats Beg. Science
   PSY F473      Soc. Science Research                  Colorado, University of
                 Methods                                BCOR 1020 Business Statistics

           ARIZONA                                      Colorade State University
                                                        ST 204       Statistics – Business
   Arizona State
   SOC 395       Social Stats. I                               CONNETICUT

   University of Phoenix                                Central Conneticut State University
   HCS 438       Statistical Applications               STAT 215    Stats for Behav. Sciences

           ARKANSAS                                     Trinity College
                                                        MATH 107 Elementary Statistics
   Harding University
   MATH 200 Elementary Stats                            Western Connecticut State University
   PSY 325     Statistics                               MAT 150     Elementary Statistics


Central Florida, University of            Eastern Illinois University
STA 2023      Statistical Methods I       PSY 370       Social Statistics
                                          SOC 3610      Stat. Analysis of Soc. Data
Edison Community College                  PSY 2610      Statistics
STAT 2023 Intro Statistics
                                          Eureka College
Florida A & M University                  MAT 206      Statistics
PSY 320      Psych Stats
                                          Greenville College
Florida State University                  SOC 202      Statistics
SYA 4400      Social Statistics
                                          Illinois College
University of Florida                     MATH 210 Elementary Statistics
STA 2023      Statistics
                                          Illinois Northwestern University
       GEORGIA                            PSY 201       Statistical Methods

Emory University                          Illinois State
MATH 107 Intro to Statistics &            PSY 340        Statistics I
                                          John Logan College
Georgia Perimeter College                 MAT 120     Elementary Statistics
MATH 1431 Intro to Statistics
                                          Knox College
Georgia State University                  PSYC 281     Research Methods &
MATH 107 Elementary Statistics                         Statistics
                                          STAT 200     Introductory Statistics
                                          Lake Forest College
University of Idaho                       PSYC 221,222 Research Methods &
STAT 251       Principles of Statistics                Statistics I & II

       ILLINOIS                           MacMurray College
                                          PSY 221    Elementary Statistics
Aurora University
SWK 4300    Social Work Research II       Millikin University
                                          SO 210        Statistical Methods
Bradley University
MTH 111      Elementary Statistics        Northwestern University
                                          PSY 201     Statistical Methods
DePaul University                         PSY 205     Research Methods in Psy.
SOC 381     Statistics
                                          Southern Illinois University
                                          STAT 107      Concepts of Statistics

Trinity College                               Calumet College
MATH 105 Statistics for Social Science        PSY 230      Statistics for Behavioral
University of Illinois - Urbana
STAT 100       Statistics                     DePauw University
MAT 132        Statistics                     PSY 210    Statistics for Behavioral
Western Illinois University                   BIO 375    Biostatistics
PSY 224       Stat. Methods & Research        MATH 340 Elem Probability & Statistics
LEJA 303      Quantitative Techniques for     Earlham College
              Law Enforcement                 MA 15       Elementary Statistics
                                              PSYC 342    Experimental Psychology
                                              Evansville, University of
Anderson University                           QBA 227       Introduction to Statistics
PSYC/POSC 2440 Applied Statistics &           PSYC 245      Statistics for Psychology
                    Intro to Research         SOC 344       Intro to Behavioral Statistics
MATH 2120 Introductory Statistics with
            Applications                      Franklin College
MATH 4010 Mathematical Statistics             PSY 224      Basic Applied Statistics
                                              MATH 224 Basic Statistics
Ball State University
CJC 221       Data Analysis in Crim. Just.    Goshen College
SOCWK 440 Dev. of Knowledge in SWK 2          ECON 207     Introduction to Statistics
ECON 221      Business Statistics             MATH 125 Introduction to Statistics
PSYSC 241 Elementary Statistics
HSC 387       Quan. Methods in Epidem.        Grace College
HSC 392       Quan. Methods in Health Sci.    MAT 320      Probability and Statistics
MATH 221 Applied Probability &
              Statistics                      Hanover College
SOC 382       Social Statistics               ID 147       Applied Statistics
MS 421        Advanced Statistics             MATH 147 Applied Statistics
                                              MATH 217N Applied Statistics
Bethel College                                PSY 220      Research Design & Statistics
MATH 111 Basic Probability & Statistics
                                              Huntington College
Butler University                             MA 151      Intro. to Probability & Stat
PS 310       Statistics
MS 264       Statistics I
SOC 293      Stats for Social Research
MA 103       Elementary Statistics
ECON 270     Intro to Statistical Theory in
             Economics & Business

Indiana State University                       Indiana University-Indianapolis
PSY 204       Intro. to Psychological          STAT 113     Statistics and Society
              Statistics                       STAT 310     Elementary Statistical
PSY 375       Stats and Research Methods I                  Methods I
PSY 376       Stats and Research Methods II    K300         Statistical Techniques
SOC 381       Statistics for Social Research   B305         Statistics
HLTH 340      Health Biostatistics             R359         Intro to Sociological
MATH 241 Principles of Statistics                           Statistics
PSY 312       Intro to Psychological Stats     E270         Intro to Statistical Theory in
EPSY 302      Intro to Applied Statistics                   Economics
MATH 341 Probability & Statistics              P501         Statistical Methods Applied
                                                            to Education
Indiana University- Bloomington                S300         Statistical Reasoning for
MATH 100 Statistical Techniques Health                      SWK Practice
             Professions                       POL SCI Y205Elements of Political
PSY 251      Statistics & Research Design                   Analysis
PSY K310     Statistical Techniques            SPEA 300     Statistical Techniques
PSY K300     Statistical Techniques            PSY-B 305 Statistics
H317         Introduction to Health
             Statistics                        Indiana University-Kokomo
R390         Statistical Appl. of Leisure      K300         Statistical Techniques
             Studies                           M300         Stat Tech Health Prof.
S356         Elem. Sociological Statistics
P354         Stat. Analysis in Psychology      Indiana University-Fort Wayne
R 505        Measurements & Data               MATH 161 Statistics
             Analysis                          PSY 201      Intro to Quantitative Topics
H355         Data Analysis/Practice &                       in Psy
             Research                          STAT 125     Communicating with
H391         Intro to Health Statistics                     Statistics
SOC 371      Statistics for Sociology
STAT 301     Elem Statistics Methods I         Indiana University -Northwest
STAT 350     Intro to Statistics               ECON E270 Intro To Statisical Theory in
COLI-S 330 Computerized Statistical                         Economics & Business
             Analysis                          PSY K300     Statistical Techniques
K300         Statistical Techniques            SOC S250     Methods and Statistics I
SPEA K300 Statistical Techniques               SPEA V506 Statistical Analysis for Policy
                                                            & Mgmt
Indiana University-Columbus                    SPEA K300 Statistical Techniques
H355         Data Analysis/Practice &
             Research                          Indiana University-South Bend
B305         Statistics                        P354         Statistical Analysis in Psy
                                               S351         Social Statistics
Indiana University – East
                                               Indiana University-Southeast
K300         Statistical Techniques
                                               R354         Stat Analysis in Psychology
                                               R250         Methods & Statistics I
                                               R251         Methods & Statistics II

Indiana Vocational Technical Institute        STAT 114      Probability and Statistics
(IVY Tech)                                    STAT 503      Statistical Methods for
MAT 115      Statistics                                     Biology
BUSN 230     Business Statistics              BHS 201       Statistical Methods for BHS
MATH 200     Statistics                       STAT 130      Statistics & Contemporary
Indiana Wesleyan University
MAT 112      General Statistics               Saint Francis College – Fort Wayne
PSY 354      Statistics for Social Sciences   MATH 201 Introductory Statistics
ADM 320      Business Statistics              MATH 302 Statistics
NUR 435      Statistics
SWK 354      Statistics for Social Science    Saint Joseph’s College
MAT 305      Statistics for Social Sciences   PSY 011       Statistics
                                              PSY 225       Statistics
Indianapolis, University of                   ECON 210      Statistics for Business &
STAT 113      Statistics & Society                          Economics
MATH 220 Elementary Statistics
PSY 470       Advanced Topics: Statistics     Saint Mary’s of the Woods College
              for the Behavioral Sciences     MA 253       Statistics
MATH 245 Statistics for the Sciences
                                              Southern Indiana, University of
Manchester College                            SOCW 325 Social Work Statistics
MATH 210 Statistical Analysis                 PSY 302      Psychological Statistics
MATH 209 Elementary Statistics                SOC 372      Sociology Statistics
Marian College                                Taylor University
PSY 205      Statistical Methods              SOC 355      Applied Social Statistics
SOC 205      Social Science Statistics        SOC 370      Social Statistics
BUS 205      Statistical Methods              PSY 330      Statistics and Design

Martin University                             Valparaiso University
MA 205      Statistical Methods               PSY 201      Statistical Methods
PSY 267     Statistical Behavior & Soc.
            Sciences                          Vincennes University
                                              SMA 110     Statistics
Notre Dame
PSY 341    Experimental Psy I: Stats          Wabash College
MGT 230    Statistics in Business             DV3 01      Statistics in Social Sciences
                                              PSY 202     Statistics & Hypothesis
Purdue University                                         Testing
SOC 382     Intro Meth. of Social             PSY 03       Research Method & Qaunt.
            Research I                                    Anly I
STAT 113    Statistics and Society
PSY 201     Intro to Quant Topics in Psy
PSY 20100 Intro to Statistics in Psy
STAT 301    Elementary Statistical
       IOWA                                   Kentucky, University of
                                              STA 200     Statistics: A Force in Human
Coe College                                               Judgment
PSY 215     Stats & Measurement in
            Psych                             Kentucky Christian College
                                              BSPS 222    Intro to Statistics
Iowa, University of
225 002      Statistics and Society           North Kentucky University
                                              STA 205     Intro to Statistical Methods
Iowa State University
STAT 101     Principles of Statistics         Spalding
STAT 104     Introduction to Statistics       SW 450        Research for Social Work
                                              MATH 231      Stats Techniques
Iowa Western Community College
MA 236A     Statistics                        Transylvania University
                                              MATH 144 Elementary Statistics
St. Ambrose University
PSYC 213     Statistics for Social Science    Union College
                                              BHSC 245     Basic Stats: Theory &
University of Northern Iowa
MATH 072 Introduction to Statistical
              Methods                         University of Louisville
                                              PSY 312       Quan. Method in Psy
                                              Western Kentucky University
                                              SOCL 300    Using Statistics in Sociology
Central Christian College
SPSY 209     Statistics
Kansas State University
                                              Townsend University
STAT 330     Elem Statistics for the Social   MATH 231 Basic Statistics
STAT 325     Introduction to Statistics              MASSACHUSETTS
                                              Clark University
                                              PSY 105      Quant. Methods
Asbury College
PSY 230      Statistics for Behavioral
                                              Emmanuel College
                                              MATH 117 Intro to Statistics
Bellarmine College                                   MICHIGAN
MATH 205 Elementary Statistics
                                              Andrews University
Georgetown College                            PSYC 354    Statistical Reasoning
MAT 111     Elem Probability & Statistics
                                              Calvin College
                                              SOWK 255 Statistics & Research Design

Central Michigan University                    St. Olaf College
PSY 211      Intro to Psychological            STAT 110      Principals of Statistics
Hope College
                                               Drury College
MATH 210 Introduction Stats
                                               MATH 227 Introduction to Statistics
Kalamazoo College
SA 412     Quant. Anly. & Stats                Lincoln University
           Reasoning                           MAT 117      Elementary Statistics
MATH 260 Applied Statistics I
                                               Southwest Baptist University
Wayne State                                    PSY/SOC 3243 Elementary Statistics
PSY 3010    Psy: Statistical Methods
                                               Truman State University
Western Michigan                               STAT 190    Basic Statistics
PSY 300     Behavioral Statistics
                                               University of Missouri – Columbia
Wright State University                        4170          Intro to Educational Statistics
EDL 751      Education Statistics &            ED 370        Educational Statistics I
                                               Montana State University-Billings
Bemidji State University                       STAT 141    Intro to Statistics
PSY 3301      Intro to Statistics & Research
Concordia University
PSY 230     Statistics: Psychological
            Measurement                        Creighton University
                                               PSY 211      Intro to Statistics
Minnesota, University of
                                                      NEW HAMPSHIRE
SOC 3801     Soc. Methods I: Descriptive
                                               Franklin Pierce College
SOC 3801     Soc. Methods II: Statistical
                                               PSY 260      Stats for Behavior Science
PSY 4801     Introduction to Statistics
                                               University of New Hampshire
STAT 1001 Introduction: Ideas of Stat.
                                               SOC 502       Statistics
Moorhead State University
                                                      NEW MEXICO
PSY 231     Psy. Statistics &
            Methodology I
                                               Eastern New Mexico University
Saint Cloud State University                   STAT 213    Statistical Methods
SOC 278      Social Statistics
STAT 129     Use of Statistics in Society

       NEW YORK                                   OHIO

Clarkson University                        Bowling Green State University
MG 284      Statistics                     MATH 1150 Introduction to Statistics

Jamestown Community College                Baldwin Wallace College
MAT 154    Elem. Statistics                PSY 279     Elements of Statistics

SUNY                                       Case Western Reserve University
PSYCH 110      Statistics in Psych         STAT 201    Basic Statistics for Social &
                                                       Life Sciences
Syracuse University
MAT 221      Elem. Probability & Stats     College of Mount St. Joseph
                                           MTH 176      Stats I with SPSS Software
                                           Cedarville College
Campbell University                        PSYCH 261 Psych Stats I
MATH 160 Elementary Statistics
                                           Central State University
East Carolina University                   SWl 200       Elementary Stat. Analy.
MATH 3228 ERM Statistical Methods I
                                           Defiance College
Fayetteville State University              SW 230        Behavioral Statistics
SOCI 331       Social Statistics
                                           Denison University
                                           PSYC 200     Research Methods in
North Carolina, University of – Ashville
PSY 201      Research Methods I

North Carolina, University of– Chapel      Lakeland Community College
Hill                                       MATH 1550 Statistics
STAT 285     Statistical Methods
                                           College of Wooster
                                           SOC 203      Qualitative Research
North Carolina, University-Greensboro
PSY 310      Statistics in Behavioral
             Science Research              Miami University
                                           STAT 261    Statistics
North Carolina, Wesleyan
                                           PSY 293     Statistics
MAT 213      Elem/. Stats
                                           Notre Dame College of Ohio
       NORTH DAKOTA                        MA 221      Elementary Statistics
North Dakota State University              Ohio University
330         Introductory Statistics        PSY 121      Elem. Statistics for the
                                                        Behavioral Sciences
                                           PSY 145      Intro Statistics
                                           PSY 293      Intro Psych. Statistics

Ohio State University                    Juniata College
STAT 145     Intro Pract. Statistics     MA 120        Intro to Probability &
SOC 549      Quantitative Research                     Statistics
             Methods                     Lafayette College
                                         PSYC 120      Quantitative Methods
Toledo, University of
SOC 329      Statistics                  Lehigh University
                                         EDUC 408     Introduction to Statistics
University of Dayton
MATH 207 Introduction to Statistics      Muhlenberg College
PSY 216       Elementary Stats.          PSY 103     Psychological Statistics

Wilberforce University                   Pennsylvania State University
PSY 320      Statistical Analy.          STAT 200     Elementary Statistics

Wittenburg University                    St. Francis University
PSY 107     Statistics                   STAT 101      Statistics

Wright State University                  University of Pittsburgh
STT 160      Statistical Concepts        STAT 0200 Basic Applied Statistics

Xavier University                               SOUTH CAROLINA
MATH 156 General Statistics
PSYC 210     Statistical Techniques      College of Charleston
MATH 116 Elementary Statistics           MATH 104 Element Stats

       OKLAHOMA                                 SOUTH DAKOTA

Oral Roberts University                  Sioux Falls, University of
MAT 232      Elementary Statistics       SOC 233       Statistics

Oklahoma Baptist University              South Dakota State University
MATH 200 Basic Statistics                STAT 341     Statistical Methods

University of Oklahoma                          TENNESSEE
PSY 2003      Understanding Statistics
                                         Middle Tennessee State University
       PENNSYLVANIA                      SW 3120     Data Analysis for SW
Bucks County Community College           PSY 3020    Basic Statistics for
MATH 11584 Elementary Statistics                     Behavioral Science

Cannon University                        Milligan College
HY211       Psychological Statistics I   MATH 213 Statistics

Duquesne University                      Tennessee State University
MATH 125 Fundamentals of Statistics      SOC 300      Social Statistics

Tennesse, University of                              VERMONT
PSY 201      Statistics
                                              Trinity College
Union University                              MATH 117 Basic Statistics
MAT 114     Intro. Statistics & Probability
Vanderbilt University
MATH 127 Probability & Statistics             University of Washington
                                              PSYCH 213 Elem Psy Statistics
                                                     WEST VIRGINIA
Abilene Christian College
PSCY 556     Elementary Statistics            West Virginia University
                                              STAT 101     Elem. Statistical Inference
Jarvis Christian College
CRMJ 4308 Statistical Methods                        WISCONSIN

Southwest Texas State University              Carthage College
SOC 3307     Statistics for Behavioral        SOCS 233     Behavioral Statistics
                                              Marquette University
Texas, University of - at Arlington           SOCI 060    Social Statistics
SOCI 3352 Social Statistics I
                                              St. Norbert College
Texas, University of – at Austin              DS 224       Basic Stats
PSY 325K     Advanced Statistics
                                              Wisconsin, University of
       UTAH                                   MATH 67-107 Introductory Statistics

Bringham Young University                     Wisconsin, University of – at Madison
PSY 301    Psych Stats                        STAT 301     Intro Statistical Methods
MFHD 290 Critical Inquiry & Research
           Methods                                   WYOMING

       VIRGINIA                               Wyoming College, University of
                                              STAT 2070 Intro to Soc. Statistics
College of William & Mary
PSYC 301      Elementary Statistics

Roanoke College
STAT 101    Introductory Statistics

Virginia Tech
MASC N34 Stats, Liberal Arts


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