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					         he cosmetics packaging               MSC & SGCC has introduced
         market is facing its own         a specially developed range of
         production constraints,          equipment for these markets,
with small and complex designed           comprising the Argos and Astra 2
articles. This versatility of shapes,     series of products.
combined with extremely high
quality requirements, does not
make standard inspection solutions
for vision and carrousel machines         Argos is the only solution available
applicable. It is necessary for quality   for on-line and non-contact check
control providers to adopt a different    detection. Detection of checks on
approach for glass article inspection,    cosmetic and perfumery articles
combining the best of non-contact         is almost impossible in available
inspection with the highest possible      carrousel machines, or leads to an
flexibility.                              impossible compromise between
                                          mechanical setup time and                a defect.
                                          performance.                                 As this learning can be either static or dynamic, it
                                               Suitable for any article shape,     can automatically take into account any modifications
                                          the Argos system is able to detect       made on the line (mould changes, article orientation
                                          vertical checks on the top finish        modification) without the intervention of an operator. This
                                          and horizontal checks, either in the     feature leads to a simple adjustment of all parameters and
                                          thread, ring, shoulder or base of the    thresholds, making obsolete the former way to deal with
                                          neck. The rejection of broken necks      checks, where every defect type involved a different set
                                          is also possible. With the different     of mechanically adjusted sensors, including long manual
                                          optical setup options, it can be used    adjustments and poor repeatability on job changes. It also
                                          on articles with a 6mm to 35mm           makes possible a high sensitivity on defects, coupled with
                                          finish diameter, possibly extendable     a low rate of false rejections.
                                          to 45mm in certain cases, enabling
                                          the use of this solution in the bottle
                                          market.                                  Astra 2 is the latest generation of flexible non-contact
                                               Inspection rates of up to 500       sidewall and dimensional inspection machines, dedicated
                                          articles/min are achievable, with the    to the cosmetics market. The particular requirements
                                          shortest possible job change times       encountered in this market combine a wide range of
                                          (not exceeding 15 minutes), which do     article shapes with high demands on quality. These quality
                                          not require any tools or moving parts    level requirements are often coupled with different glass
                                          adjustments. Maintenance time is         colour and/or special surfaces on the articles, eg smooth,
                                          also very low, via the use of an LED     engraved or stippled.
                                          light source.                                 With the highest available resolution of imaging
                                                                                   and total flexibility regarding camera placement, Astra
                                                                                   2 meets the industry’s requirements, including small or
                                          Argos uses the learning concept,         low contrast defect rejection. The dimensional inspection
                                          enabling the best possible balance
                                          between sensitivity and selectivity.      Speed                   500 articles/min inspection
                                          Inspection is based on a reference        Job change time         15 minutes
                                                                                    Finish diameter range   6mm-35mm
                                          mask, learnt on production, which         Product range           Cosmetic and perfumery.
                                          allows the software to compare                                    Also applicable to bottles for finish inspection
                                          articles with the reference. This
                                          exclusive MSC & SGCC concept
                                          allows the machine to make the            Speed:                  400 articles/min inspection
                                          difference between objects that are       Diameter range:         25mm-140mm
                                                                                    Height range            25mm-330mm
                                          part of the article and defects; if an    Products range:         Cosmetics and perfumery.
                                          object seen by the system is not                                  Also applicable for tableware and premium bottles
                                          included in the reference mask, it is
                                                            in terms of height, distance and angle
                                                            to articles.
                                                                 The light source is also designed
                                                                                                       All defects in sidewall, finish and
                                                            with a flexibility of inspection target,   shoulder
                                                            as it covers the entire length of the      Bubbles
                                                            machine, avoiding the necessity            Stones/inclusions
                                                            for positioning compromises. This          Folds
                                                            ensures the best possible match            Stains
                                                                                                       Checks in the body
                                                            between article shape and detection        Birdswings
                                                            needs, with fast and reliable              Black points
                                                            positioning repeatability during job       Blisters
                                                                                                       Stuck glass (even on neck)
                                                            changes.                                   Laps/hollow laps
                                                                                                       Broken or open seeds
                                                            Astra 2 uses the same learning             Oil marks/chill marks
                                                            concept as the Argos machine,              Bad shoulders
                                                                                                       Bad mould points
                                                            with the same benefits in terms of         Broken necks
                                                            setup ergonomics and detection             Shape defects
                                                            performances, combined with
                                                            image management tools for
                                                            faster and user-friendly experience
has also been designed to match the particular needs        during job changes and parameters
                                                                                                       Laurent Barel is Vision and
of the market relating to article shapes. The flexibility   adjustments.                               Hot End Product Manager at
of the Astra 2 also allows the machine to be used for           The Astra 2 and Argos machines         MSC & SGCC
tableware or premium bottle control.                        were conceived in close co-operation
                                                            with leading cosmetics glass
                                                                                                       MSC & SGCC, Vourles, France
                                                            manufactures to provide answers to
                                                                                                       tel:   +33 4 37 20 15 94
The mechanical design of the camera system, including       market requirements for flexibility,       email:
between six and 12 camera options, affords total            design complexity and high level           web:
freedom to the operator regarding cameras placement         quality control.

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