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					COLT Round 12
Questions by Mike Bentley with contributions from Dave Letzler, Jerry Vinokurov and Jeremy Eaton


1. One DLC mission for this game ends after you give chase to a harmonica-playing man named Willy; that
mission was titled “The Naked City”. Characters in the main game include Leland Monroe, the CEO of the
Elysian Fields development project. IGN exposed the poor working conditions under Brendan McNamara at
Team Bondi, one of the developers of this game. One story arc in this game sees a bartender named Garret
Mason shot dead in the catacombs under a church, part of a series of missions where the hero is partners
with (*) Rusty Galloway. Chapters in this game are divided into “desks” like the Arson Desk, and one of its chief
gameplay mechanics allows you to select between truth, doubt or lie. This game used MotionScan technology to
show subtle face movements, allowing protagonist Cole Phelps to perform interrogations. For 10 points, name this
recent Rockstar game set in a West Coast city.
ANSWER: L.A. Noire

2. This artist‟s 2008 album debuted at #1 by just 13 units over Slipknot‟s All Hope is Gone, prompting a
Soundscan recount. A recent double-album mixtape by this artist contained tracks like “In My „64” and
“Khaki Suit”. This man has signed artists like Famous Fresh and Clyde Carson of The Team to The Black
Wall Street Records. This artist of Purp & Patron asks “Low [to] get Dre on the phone quick / Tell him
Eminem just killed me on my own shit” on his track (*) “We Ain‟t”, while Dre himself bragged Detox would be
out soon on this artist‟s 2005 song, “Higher”. He teamed up with Ne-Yo on a hit whose chorus mentions, “If I let
her take a picture, she gonna roll wit‟ me.” That song was titled “Camera Phone”. A rival prevented his song “Hate
It or Love It” from hitting #1. Known for albums like LAX and The Documentary, for 10 points, name this West
Coast rapper, a former G-Unit member and rival of 50 Cent.
ANSWER: The Game [or Jayceon Terrell Taylor]

3. Des Cave and Donal McCann both played an Irish man named Gar in a film adaptation of a Brian Friel
play titled, [This City], Here I Come. This city appears in the title of a film where Henry Daniell plays the
publisher of Spy Magazine, a periodical that plans to write an expose on Tracy Lord‟s father. This city also
appears in the title of a film co-starring Michael Pare and Bobby DiCicco as two (*) sailors sent forward in time
to 1984 by Dr. Longstreet, a scientist working on invisibility. One film titled for this city cast Antonio Banderas as
Miguel Alvarez, the man whom protagonist Andrew Beckett lives with. Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn
appeared in a 1940 film based on a Philip Barry play titled for this city‟s “Story”. For 10 points, name this city that
shares its name with a film where Denzel Washington plays a lawyer representing Tom Hanks‟ AIDS-afflicted
ANSWER: Philadelphia

4. While playing for the Daytona Cubs in 2003, a minor league pitcher from this country intentionally killed
an osprey with a pitch. One pitcher from this country, later traded to the Padres for Jared Wells, started
some games for the Mariners in 2006 following Jamie Moyer being sent to Philly. Cal Ripken Jr. hit a home
run in his final (*) All-Star game off a pitcher from this country. Fernando Tatis once hit two grand slams in the
same inning off of a pitcher from this country. A closer from this nation gave up a two-run homer to Scott Brosius
to allow the Yankees to tie Game 5 of the 2001 World Series. A pitcher from this country gave up both the 71st and
72nd home runs to Barry Bonds in 2001. The birthplace of Tommy Phelps, it lost to Japan in the finals of the 2009
World Baseball Classic but won gold in Beijing a year earlier. For 10 points, name this country home to players like
former Dodgers pitcher Chan Ho Park.
ANSWER: South Korea [prompt on just “Korea”]

5. This man‟s early writings included pieces like one that describe how people‟s heads will randomly explode
after December 31, 2999, titled “The Y3K Bug”. One novel by this man is narrated by a man who gives
Wheatgrass Juice laced with Inderal to his actress neighbor and wins a Most Average American contest held
by Tepperton‟s Apple Pie. He collected shorts like “Times Roman Font Announces Shortage of Periods” in
his anthology, (*) Pure Drivel. His first novel centered on Mirabelle, a woman who sells gloves at a department
store. Roz Chast illustrated this man‟s children‟s book, The Alphabet from A to Y with Bonus Letter Z. This man
wrote the novels The Pleasure of My Company, Shopgirl, and An Object of Beauty. For 10 points, name this author
and comedian, who also wrote the screenplays for films he starred in like Bowfinger.
ANSWER: (Stephen Glenn) “Steve” Martin

6. A YouTube star known for playing this instrument collected her songs onto I Made You a CD … But I
Eated It. This instrument is the only one playing at the start of a song that mentions, “I like every minute of
the day”. Besides being played by Molly Lewis and appearing on The Who‟s “Blue Red and Grey”, a recent
album titled for this instrument included tracks like “Hey Fahkah”, “Can‟t Keep” and (*) “Sleeping by
Myself”. Jake Shimabukuro had a YouTube hit with a cover of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” performed with
this instrument. Eddie Vedder released a 2011 solo album titled for this instrument, which Train used rather than a
guitar on “Hey, Soul Sister”. In the „90s, popular versions of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “What a
Wonderful World” were recorded by Israel Kamakawiwo‟ole on this instrument. For 10 points, name this stringed
instrument that originated in Hawaii.
ANSWER: Ukulele

7. Alongside Bobby Alto, he played a man who kills Butchie in Debt Collector. He had a turn as a New Jersey
man who owned a bowling alley but thought he was going to hit it big in Las Vegas in a film released as both
Dear Mr. Wonderful and Ruby’s Dream. He plays Oscar, who connects Alan Alda‟s father-of-the-bride
character with loan sharks in (*) Betsy’s Wedding. He also had a turn as a Weegee-esque news photographer
from the 1940s named Bernstein in the 1992 Howard Franklin film, The Public Eye. In a famous role, he shoots
Spider in the foot after “making him dance” and is made to dig a grave to hide Spider‟s body with co-horts played
by Paul Sorvino and Robert De Niro. For 10 points, name this actor who played a New York lawyer engaged to
Marissa Tomei trying to get his relatives acquitted of murder in My Cousin Vinny.
ANSWER: (Joseph Frank) “Joe” Pesci

8. In 1984, this man finished just one behind teammate Karl Allgower in goals scored for his team. On his
first non-domestic team, this man scored 14 goals and led his team to a 1990-1991 UEFA Cup victory while
coached by Giovanni Trapattoni. This man once tripped over the legs of Frank Rijkaard, setting up a Lothar
Matthaus penalty shot, but his team ended up losing that 1988 Euro Championship semifinal game to (*)
Holland. Two years later he scored the first goal against Holland after fellow striker Rudi Voeller was sent off.
 This man once scored four goals in a 6-2 victory over Wimbledon, saving Tottenham from relegation in 1998.
 Pedro Monzon was once red carded after tackling this man in the final game of the 1990 World Cup. For 10 points,
name this prolific striker who coached Germany to a third place finish in the 2006 World Cup.
ANSWER: Jurgen Klinsmann

9. Josh Duhon played a mobster with this first name who got stabbed by Luke on General Hospital. Jean
Smart played a woman with this surname who gets romantically involved with Aaron Pierce and eventually
stabs her disgraced ex-husband, Charles. One TV character with this first name turns out to be the half-
brother of Charlie Stone and used to date (*) Lilly Kane, who once had sex with his father on tape. A character
with this first name was once a member of Yale‟s Life and Death Brigade and was the son of Shira and Mitchum
Huntzberger. The aforementioned Gregory Itzen character with this surname was a president on 24, while a
character with this first name has his marriage proposal rejected by Rory on the final season of Gilmore Girls. For
10 points, give this common name shared by a character played by Michael York in a 1976 sci-fi film where,
according to the title, he runs.

10. Country rocker Joe Ely recorded a live album named for the Liberty Lunch venue in this city. The A V.
Club has praised bands from this city like Zorch and Follow That Bird! NOFX‟s Fat Mike got banned from
Emo‟s in this city after he dressed up as Cokie the Clown and gave fans tequila shots laced with his own
urine. The Descendents headlined the 2010 (*) Fun Fun Fun Fest held in this city. In 2011, Jack White gave an
unannounced performance in front of a Third Man Records bus in a parking lot in this city. White‟s performance
was part of a festival that concluded with a Kanye West mega-show at the VEVO Power Station. The 2007 iteration
of an annual “music, film and interactive” festival held in this city is credited with spreading the popularity of
Twitter. Zilker Park is the setting of a fall festival named for this place‟s city limits. For 10 points, name this city
which hosts South by Southwest.
ANSWER: Austin, Texas

11. Non-fiction works written by this person include The Ten Trusts and Reason For Hope. Mutts creator
Patrick McDonnell illustrated a recent children‟s book about this woman, which shouldn‟t be confused with a
different 2011 children‟s book about her titled The Watcher. A Lego-based version of this woman is a friend
of Terry and doesn‟t much care for Steve in the webcomic, Irregular Webcomic. This woman gets on Eliza‟s
case for (*) domesticating Darwin in a Wild Thornberrys episode. A comic where a female says, “well, well --
another blond hair … Conducting a little more „research‟ with [this tramp]?” inspired her to write the preface to the
Far Side Gallery 5. This woman‟s own works have included one subtitled 50 Years at Gombe, and she‟s best
known for interacting with David Greybeard, Fifi, and other creatures. For 10 points, name this chimp expert.
ANSWER: Jane Goodall [or Dame Jane Morris Goodall or Valerie Jane Morris-Goodall]

12. This film was originally to have a secondary villain named Elvira, while the final version does contain
minor characters like Peppo, an Italian. Arkansas accents were strangely given to two dogs named Napoleon
and Lafayette in this film. Musical numbers in this movie include “She Never Felt Alone” and one where
Scat describes how “A square with a horn / (*) Makes you wish you weren‟t born / Ev‟rytime he plays / Oh, a
rinky tinky tinky”. Its theme song describes the title figures as “prone to hardly any flaws” and possessing “the
longest pedigrees”. This film was the first one completed by the “Nine Old Men” following the death of Walt
Disney and contains the character of Thomas O‟Malley. The title characters are thrown out into the countryside by
Edgar, the evil butler, forcing Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse to fend for themselves. For 10 points, name this Disney
film centering on some well-to-do felines.
ANSWER: The Aristocats

13. One comic character of this name once refused to battle his father until it appeared that his father had
mortally wounded his companion, Skyppi. That same character of this name was given Recorder #417 to
chronicle his journeys by the Colonizers of Rigel and was known for being from the 24th Century. Another
incarnation of this hero was freed by Hawkeye from a trance put on him by the Enchantress and was a
member of the Champions of Los Angeles. It‟s not The Hulk, but an (*) “incredible” character of this name
organized a group of heroes to fight Amatsu-Mikaboshi in the Chaos War storyline. A different version of that
character was originally named Alcaeus, and once threw himself into the fire after Hydra‟s blood was rubbed on his
shirt by his wife, Deianeira. For 10 points, name this mythological Marvel character who once had to battle his
father, Zeus, for his immortality.
ANSWER: Hercules [or Heracles]

14. Mr. Bean records himself repeating the word “hello” in an animated short that shares its name with this
segment. This segment originally appeared in an episode also containing “Hell‟s Grannies” and “Army
Protection Racket”, and it ends with a man being interrupted while eating yogurt before transitioning to
“frontal nudity”. One character in this sketch claims that his answer of “Ipswich” was intended as either a
pun or a palindrome. A self-described (*) brain surgeon at the Complaint Department absolves the British Rail
from blame after one character is sent to Bolton in this sketch. The title character in this sketch is described as
“probably pining for the fjords”. One of the men in this sketch claims that the titular Norwegian Blue is simply
resting and had earlier nailed that animal to its perch. For 10 points, name this Monty Python sketch partially set in
a pet store.
ANSWER: Dead Parrot Sketch [accept Pet Shop Sketch until the end]

15. ESPN cameras caught this player dozing off when he unexpectedly was not drafted in the first round,
being passed over for players at his position like Brad Muster and Gaston Green; he was eventually drafted
after assurances of his health were given by his college coach, Pat Jones. With 21 postseason touchdowns,
this player trails just Jerry Rice in that statistic. Although this man rushed for 135 yards on 15 carriers in his
first Super Bowl, the MVP award that year went to the other team‟s running back, (*) Ottis Anderson. While
in college, he was backed up by Barry Sanders. Elected to the Hall of Fame in 2007, this man once missed his
team‟s first two offensive plays in a Super Bowl because he misplaced his helmet. This running back would have
won a Super Bowl over the Giants had Scott Norwood‟s game-winning field goal not been wide right. For 10
points, name this Bills running back.
ANSWER: Thurman Thomas

16. A powerful mace can be obtained in this game by repeatedly attacking a tree next to a large waterfall,
although for the European release the mace was changed to a lightsaber. The ending theme to this game
contains lyrics like, “Say no more worry, endless corridor / Say no more worry, hopeless warrior / You were
there / You were there”. In one early scene, the protagonist is knocked unconscious and imagines himself
running up a large (*) spiral staircase toward a cage where a young woman emerges out of liquid. The namesake
team behind this game is currently working on The Last Guardian. Its European and Japanese cover art borrowed
from de Chirico. This game begins with the title horned character set to be sacrificed in a sarcophagus, and for
much of the game the protagonist is helping Princess Yorda escape a fortress. For 10 points, name this PS2
platformer, a pseudo-predecessor to Shadow of the Colossus.

17. He‟s not David Bowie, but he did reference “A Day in the Life” with his song “I Told My Girl to Go
Away” from his solo album, Inner Views. In one song, he declares, “I never thought I‟d cut a record by
myself” and “This world‟s got a lot of space / And if they don‟t like my face … Let „em laugh at me”. This
man provided backing vocals on a song that ends, “Ride, I‟d like to ride again some day / I think I‟d still
know how to play” titled (*) “A Cowboy‟s Work is Never Done”. This man wrote “You Better Sit Down Kids”
and “Bang Bang” for a frequent collaborator. His “Mickey Mouse Protection Act” extended copyrights in the US by
20 years. In his most famous song, he sings “Put your little hand in mine / There ain‟t no hill or mountain we can‟t
climb” and “Well I don‟t know if all that‟s true / „Cause you got me, and baby I got you”. For 10 points, name this
co-host of a variety show with Cher.
ANSWER: (Salvatore Phillip) “Sonny” Bono [prompt on just “Sonny”]

18. It‟s eventually explained to the heroine of this film that “stats” are “old ladies who are scared of colored
people”. Matthew Beard plays Graham, a spurned love interest who gives the protagonist one of two new
Latin dictionaries for her birthday, while Olivia Williams plays Miss Stubbs, the protagonist‟s English
teacher. One character pretends to know (*) C. S. Lewis at Oxford and meets the heroine after he offers to drive
home her cello to keep it dry from the rain. One scene in this film sees Danny allowing the protagonist to bid on an
Edward Burne-Jones painting, although it‟s later revealed that Danny stole an antique map. Near the end of this
film, David, played by Peter Sarsgaard, admits to the teenage protagonist that he‟s already married. Set in 1960s
England, for 10 points, name this 2009 Oscar-nominated drama about a British teenager played by Carey Mulligan
receiving the titular schooling in life.
ANSWER: An Education

19. This character once reneged his gift of a house to Damien Flemming. In another episode, Walter Evans
Edge tells him that money is being diverted to a rival of his named Frank Hague. This character is able to
use his influence to get his mistress a job at a boutique owned by Madame Jeunet. In the episode “Hold Me
in Paradise” this character agrees to shelter Nan Britton as a political favor for a presidential candidate. He
is an ally of (*) Chalky White. The series begins with this character sleeping with Lucy Danziger and occupying a
suite at the Ritz in an episode directed by Martin Scorsese. His brother Eli is the chief of police, and he had the
abusive husband of Margaret Schroeder killed. One of his younger relatives, Jimmy Darmody, was an associate of
Al Capone. For 10 points, name this County Treasurer of Atlantic City played by Steve Buscemi on HBO‟s
Boardwalk Empire.
ANSWER: Enoch “Nucky” Thompson [accept any underlined answer]

20. This player‟s agent, Elbert Crawford, sued an organization owned by Joe and Gavin Maloof because the
Maloofs supposedly reneged on a promise to give this player a $50 million contract if he played the 1999
season at below-market value. In his final collegiate game, he went just 3 for 16 and was dominated by
UCLA center George Zidek. This man briefly played for the Raptors after being traded for (*) Doug Christie,
while he‟d later be part of a deal for Derrick Coleman and Amal McCaskill that sent him to Philadelphia. Although
his college teammate Scotty Thurman went undrafted in 1995, this man would be taken 13th overall by the Kings.
 He earned the 2002 Sixth Man and a 2004 championship with the Pistons. This man put up 23 points and 8
rebounds to beat Duke in the 1994 NCAA Championship game while at Arkansas. For 10 points, identify this
player, nicknamed “The Big Nasty”.
ANSWER: Corliss (Mondari) Williamson

21. One scene in this film sees the Ed Sullivan Show on in the background while the protagonist works on a
model town made out of bolster wood. As the credits roll in this film, a talk show host states that the
protagonist must either be a “whacko or an illegal immigrant”. A pivotal moment in this film comes when
the protagonist disables jamming equipment and learns that his daughter (*) Eve is actually 15 years old. This
was the first film for a man who would go on to direct Source Code, Duncan Jones. It begins with the protagonist
being injured while supervising a Helium-3 mining operation. The protagonist eventually discovers that he‟s a clone
who will be killed when his contract expires. Kevin Spacey provides the voice for a robot named GERTY in this
film. For 10 points, name this sci-fi film starring Sam Rockwell, set on the titular astronomical object.


1. He suffers a heart attack at Camp David and is the father of Mallory. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this character played by John Spencer who dies before he can serve on a ticket with Matt Santos.
ANSWER: Leo Thomas McGarry [accept either underlined answer]
[10] Leo McGarry was one of the underlings of Jed Bartlet on this NBC drama.
ANSWER: The West Wing
[10] Played by Janel Moloney, this character was the Deputy White House Chief of Staff on the West Wing until she
decided to join the Will Bailey campaign.
ANSWER: Donnatella “Donna” Moss [accept any underlined answer]

2. This fashion company designed the famous jungle dress worn by Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy Awards in 2000.
 For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this Italian fashion company whose founder was murdered by Andrew Cunanan in 1997.
ANSWER: Versace [or Gianni Versace S.p.A.]
[10] One place where you can buy Versace products is in this chain of luxury department stores. Each Christmas,
they release a catalog that contains ridiculous presents like a backyard golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus or a
private concert from Elton John.
ANSWER: Neiman Marcus
[10] The 2010 Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog also offered a special convertible version of this car available in
“deep bordeaux”. This type of car appears in the title of a song where the singer states, “Love me two times girl /
Cause I got AIDS”, recorded by the Dead Milkmen.
ANSWER: Chevrolet Camaro [or Chevy Camaro]

3. Members of this band like Billy Talbot and Danny Whitten originally played together in the group Danny & the
Memories, and they once did a tour where their roadies dressed up as Jawas from Star Wars. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this band that backed up a certain artist on albums like 1979‟s Rust Never Sleeps.
ANSWER: Crazy Horse
[10] Crazy Horse backed up this musician. He recorded “For What It‟s Worth” while in Buffalo Springfield and
became the fourth member of a band who recorded “Ohio” about the Kent State shootings.
ANSWER: Neil (Percival) Young
[10] Although Crazy Horse didn‟t appear on this 1972 Neil Young solo album, Young did find success with tracks
like “Heart of Gold” and “The Needle and the Damage Done”. It‟s often regarded as the album in which Neil
Young “went country”.
ANSWER: Harvest

4. In one film, this man plays a character who, along with Amber Mendez, must survive attempts on his life from
Captain Freedom, Subzero and other participants on the namesake game show. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this man also played “Moscow‟s toughest detective” in the overtly homoerotic film Red Heat.
ANSWER: Arnold Schwarzenegger
[10] Schwarzenegger was panned for playing over-the-top superstar Jack Slater in this film, where eleven-year-old
Danny Madigan is given a golden ticket that allows him to go into the films he watches.
ANSWER: Last Action Hero
[10] Not to be confused with a 1948 Anthony Mann directed gangster film with the same name, this 1986 film sees
Schwarzenegger play a disgraced former FBI agent who‟s tasked with taking down Max Keller, the mobster
responsible for killing informant Blair Shannon.
ANSWER: Raw Deal

5. Identify the following about some college basketball tournaments, for 10 points each.
[10] Connecticut defeated Kentucky 84-67 to win this tournament in 2010. It‟s traditionally held over Thanksgiving
weekend at Chaminade University of Honolulu and is sponsored by EA.
ANSWER: EA Sports Maui Invitational Tournament
[10] Another Hawaiian tournament, the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic, was won by this team in 2010.
 NIT fans may recall them losing to Wichita State in the NIT semifinals last year even though their roster included
Warriors fist round draft pick, Klay Thompson.
ANSWER: Washington State University [or WSU or Wazzu]
[10] This other Thanksgiving tournament will be celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. Named for a numerical
chain of gas stations and held in Anaheim, UNLV defeated Virginia Tech to win this 8-team tournament in 2010.
ANSWER: 76 Classic

6. This man borrowed themes from commedia dell‟arte in writing the story for a work documenting the title
character‟s love for Columbina in Harlequin Valentine. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this author of the 1998 novel, Stardust.
ANSWER: Neil (Richard) Gaiman
[10] Gaiman co-authored his novel Good Omens with this author of The Colour of Magic and other works from the
Discworld series.
ANSWER: (Sir Terence David John) “Terry” Pratchett
[10] The protagonist of this Neil Gaiman novel, Fat Charlie, has his fiancee stolen from him by his evil brother,
ANSWER: Anansi Boys

7. Answer some questions about films addressing the comic aspects of adultery, for 10 points each.
[10] This actor was given a “Hall Pass” from his wife in a namesake 2011 film. He also tried to get with a daughter
of Christopher Walken‟s character alongside Vince Vaughn in high-grossing R-rated comedy.
ANSWER: Owen (Cunningham) Wilson
[10] After a doctor played by Nathan Fillion tells Jenna Hunterson that she‟s pregnant--and not by her abusive
husband played by Jeremy Sisto--in this 2007 indie film, Jenna starts writing letters to her unborn child.
ANSWER: Waitress
[10] In this Elaine May film, Lila‟s marriage gets off to a rocky start when she accidentally smears an egg salad on
her face while driving to her Miami Beach honeymoon. While Lila is recovering from a sunburn, her husband meets
Cybill Shepherd‟s character.
ANSWER: The Heartbreak Kid

8. One of his most acclaimed albums produced hits like “Back Like That” and “Be Easy”, and he dropped the
second word from his name on The Pretty Toney Album. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this hip hop artist behind the album FishScale. He‟s also a member of a hip-hop group along with
artists like U-God.
ANSWER: Ghostface Killah [or Dennis Coles]
[10] Ghostface Killah has often identified himself with this superhero, titling his first solo album after him. A song
that shares its name with this character asks, “Is he alive or dead? / Has he thoughts within his head?”
ANSWER: Iron Man [or Tony Stark]
[10] This most recent album from Ghostface Killah sees U-God declare, we “wore the same drawers, fucked the
same whores” on its penultimate track, “Ghetto”. Other tracks on this 2010 album include “Starkology” and
ANSWER: Apollo Kids

9. Identify the following about some highlights from people who have sponsored pages on,
for 10 points each.
[10] The WCW-themed sponsorship on this man‟s page reads, “It is time to give Chris Sabo back his goggles...
CAREER OVER”, a reference to the “Game Over” banner often displayed when this closer entered a game. He was
briefly the Brewers closer before being replaced by Salomon Torres in 2008.
ANSWER: Eric (Serge) Gagne
[10] The 1987 Cubs page reads, “Seemed every game I attended that season featured [this player] as starter, and he
sucked!” He‟d later win the Cy Young from 1992 until 1995 while with the Braves.
ANSWER: (Gregory Alan) “Greg” Maddux [prompt on “Mad Dog” or “The Professor”]
[10] This man‟s page once contained a joke about how he looked like Uncle Joey from Full House. He had 139 hits
and 12 home runs his rookie year, beating out players like Jason Kendall and Edgar Renteria for Rookie of the Year.
ANSWER: Todd (Mathew) Hollandsworth

10. Identify the following about the Festrunk Brothers SNL sketch, for 10 points each.
[10] The Festrunk Brothers were two “wild and crazy guys” from this country. The Plastic People of the Universe
were an underground band from this country.
ANSWER: Czechoslovakia [do not accept “Czech Republic”]
[10] The Festrunk Brothers sketch starred Steve Martin and this original SNL cast member. He was also one of the
Blues Brothers with John Belushi.
ANSWER: (Daniel Edward) “Dan” Akyroyd
[10] The Festrunk Brothers are dissuaded from believing that foxes are coming to their bachelor pad by an American
character with this name. Another TV character with this first name almost goes to Canada to follow his love
interest, Margaret O‟Keefe, played by Annie Golden, on an „80s sitcom.
ANSWER: Clifford

11. One of the most famous actors to play this man reprised his role in 1953‟s Young Bess, while Eric Bana played
him in a 2008 Justin Chadwick film. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this monarch, played by Charles Laughton in a 1933 film directed by Alexander Korda.
[10] This actor more recently portrayed Henry VIII on Showtime‟s The Tudors. He was also in Bend It Like
ANSWER: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
[10] This actor played Henry in 1966‟s A Man For All Seasons. He played a Mossad agent in Black Sunday and
may be best remembered today for playing Quint in a film directed by Steven Speilberg.
ANSWER: Robert (Archibald) Shaw

12. Identify the following about some shorthanded goals, for 10 points each.
[10] Cam Ward, the goaltender for this team, somehow gave up three shorthanded goals in a little over a minute to
the Bruins in 2010. This team won the Stanley Cup in 2006 and used to be the Whalers.
ANSWER: Carolina Hurricanes [accept either underlined answer]
[10] This guy is second on the list of active players with all-time shorthanded goals, probably because his career
stretches back to the long-defunct Minnesota North Stars. He currently plays center with the Red Wings.
ANSWER: (Michael Thomas) “Mike” Modano, Jr.
[10] Modano trails Brian Rolston, who has returned to playing with this team, in the shorthanded goal statistic.
 Rolston had earlier won a Stanley Cup with this team alongside fellow centers like Sergei Brylin in a sweep of the
Red Wings.
ANSWER: New Jersey Devils [accept either underlined answer]

13. The first game in this series sees terrorist groups like Silhouette form in reaction to a global shortage in the
supply of Ambrosia, a vaccine for the Gray Death. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this game series featuring characters like JC Denton.
[10] Deus Ex was co-designed by Warren Spector. Spector more recently created this Wii platformer that made
heavy use of a paint motif and which brought back Oswald, a long-forgotten rival to the title character.
ANSWER: Epic Mickey
[10] The Illuminati were featured in both the Deus Ex series and the first film based on this series of videogames.
 Entries in this franchise have included Underworld and Angel of Darkness and they center on a female British
ANSWER: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

14. The artist of this song says she “used to be a damsel in distress” and her lover told her she was pretty when she
looked like a mess. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this 2010 single by the artist of the song“Tim McGraw” that asks, “can you feel this magic in the air?”
ANSWER: “Today Was a Fairytale”
[10] “Today Way a Fairytale” was recorded by this artist, who recorded songs like “Mine” and “Back to December”
for her 2010 smash hit album, Speak Now.
ANSWER: Taylor Alison Swift
[10] This album track from Speak Now sees Taylor “wondering which version of you I might get on the phone
tonight”. It asks the title figure--whom many have speculated to be an ex-boyfriend and artist of “Waiting on the
World to Change”--“Don‟t you think I was too young to be messed with?”
ANSWER: “Dear John”

15. In an issue of Games magazine, this man proposed a variant of Hearts using complex numbers, and he‟s also
known for creating games like Netrunner. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this man who created a game whose spells are divided into five different colors and whose tournaments
are organized by the Duelists‟ Convocation International.
ANSWER: Richard (Channing) Garfield
[10] Richard Garfield is best known for creating this card game. Among the most sought after cards are those in the
Power Nine set, while land cards provide mana in this game.
ANSWER: Magic: The Gathering [prompt on “MtG”]
[10] The alpha variant of this Power Nine card is generally considered to be the most valuable Magic card out there.
 Named for a type of flower, it adds 3 mana of any color to your magic pool.
ANSWER: Alpha Black Lotus

16. Christopher Jordan Wallace, aka Biggie‟s son, helps the protagonist of this film sort out his goods in exchange
for the protagonist instructing him in baseball. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this film based on a Raymond Carver short story where Nick Hasley, played by the star of Stranger
Than Fiction, is turned out of his house by his wife.
ANSWER: Everything Must Go
[10] Everything Must Go starred this actor. He‟s better known for playing comedic roles like Brennan Huff in Step
Brothers and racecar driver Ricky Bobby.
ANSWER: (John William) “Will” Ferrell
[10] This director adapted several of Carver‟s short stories in his 1993 film, Short Cuts. His other work includes
Vincent and Theo, A Wedding and his first film, 1957‟s The Delinquents.
ANSWER: Robert (Bernard) Altman

17. This woman renamed a dog to be called Jethro after it was framed for murder in one episode, and owns a stuffed
hippo named Bert. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this TV character played by Pauley Perrette.
ANSWER: Abigail “Abby” Sciuto [accept any underlined answer]
[10] Abby is a character on this JAG spin-off that owes much to another show on its network, CSI.
ANSWER: Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigation Service
[10] This NCIS character‟s signature look is “sweet in a nerdy way” according to the NCIS Fan Wiki. This medical
examiner had a relationship with Michelle Lee and is played by Brian Dietzen.
ANSWER: Jim “Jimmy” Palmer [accept any underlined answer]
18. Identify the following about some of the NFL players to come out of Aliquipa High School in Western
Pennsylvania, for 10 points each.
[10] This long-time Bears coach and erstwhile Levitra spokesman played three sports at Aliquippa. He considered
running against Barack Obama in a 2004 senate race.
ANSWER: “Iron” Mike Ditka [or Michael Keller Ditka, Jr]
[10] Another product of Aliquippa was this future Pitt star. His 6,082 career rushing yards in college wasn‟t
surpassed until Ricky Williams did so in 1998.
ANSWER: Tony Dorsett [or Anthony Drew Dorsett]
[10] More recent Aliquippa alums include this receiver, a first round draft pick for the Chiefs this year.
ANSWER: Jonathan (Dupree) Baldwin

19. The book Legal Aspects of Managing Technology cites a court case where the Krofts sued this character for
infringing on their own H. R. Pafnstuf as “a fundamental precedent for the substantial similarity analysis later used
in computer copyright disputes”. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this advertising character who held political power in a world containing characters like The Professor,
Birdie the Early Bird and Captain Crook.
ANSWER: Mayor McCheese
[10] This character succeeded Will Whitfoot as Mayor of the Shire. He‟s known for saying things like “I wasn‟t
droppin‟ no eaves sir, honest” and was played on film by Sean Astin.
ANSWER: Samwise “Sam” Gamgee [or Samwise Gardner; accept any underlined answer]
[10] Jim Krenn voiced The Mayor, the chief antagonist of this stop-motion animated series. Originating as a
segment on All That, other characters included Bill the Lab Guy and The Chief, the latter of whom liked to yell,
“Blast it!”
ANSWER: Action League Now!

20. This album opens with the track “Ain‟t Got You” and its title track describes how “there‟s a crazy mirror
showing us both in 5-D” and warns how it‟s “easy for two people to lose each other” in the title place. For 10 points
[10] Identify this 1987 album by the artist of The Promise and The Rising containing tracks like “One Step Up” and
“Spare Parts”.
ANSWER: Tunnel of Love
[10] Tunnel of Love is an album by this man, whose other albums include Human Torch and Greetings from Asbury
Park, N.J.
ANSWER: Bruce (Frederick Joseph) Springsteen [prompt on “The Boss”]
[10] In 2010, Springsteen released this collection of previously unreleased songs from the Darkness at the Edge of
Town recording sessions. It included an alternate take of “Racing in the Street” and a song given to Patti Smith,
“Because the Night”.
ANSWER: The Promise

21. Identify the following about some Hollywood stars that have appeared on Broadway in recent years, for 10
points each.
[10] This actor made his Broadway debut as Ralph D. in Stephen Aldy Guirgis‟ The Motherfucker With the Hat. He
once referred to Sean Penn as a low-rent Tom Cruise while hosting the Oscars.
ANSWER: (Christopher Julius) “Chris” Rock III
[10] This actress won a Tony Award for her turn as Catherine, Eddie Carbone‟s niece in a recent adaptation of
Arthur Miller‟s A View from the Bridge. Her character moved in with John Travolta and Gabriel Macht in A Love
Song for Bobby Long and she also played the daughter of Kari Wuhrer‟s character in Eight Legged Freaks.
ANSWER: Scarlett Johansson
[10] This actress appeared in another Arthur Miller revival, All My Sons. Her breakout role came as Joey Potter on
Dawson’s Creek.
ANSWER: (Kate Noelle) “Katie” Holmes

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