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									Milestone Systems, Inc.

Technology, Company & Product Overview

Reinier Tuinzing
Distribution Manager, Americas
Milestone Fast Facts

 Established in 1998

 D&B AAA Credit Rating

 Worldwide market leader*

 Over 50,000+ installations

 2,000+ partners worldwide

 130+ solution partners

 70+ manufacturer alliances

 850 + Camera compatibility

                *) IMS report:The EMEA Market for CCTV andVideo Surveillance Equipment - 2009 Edition   2
What is IP Video Management?
                                           Developed By Milestone Solutions Partners

 Capture live video from IP            Alarms                                 Sensors
  cameras and IP video encoders
 Perform basic video processing
 Record video to database
 Search, retrieve, & share video
  for evidence or analysis
 Facilitate remote access for live    Access               Gate     Analytics      Mobile Control
  view with camera control and         Control
 Integrate third party video
  enabled applications developed
  by MSP partners                     Camera           Server      Client           Archive

                                                                            PDA Access
                                                 Video Storage

Converging Markets

           Technology shift accelerating

Security                                   IT
market                                     market

The Open Platform Company

               Open Platform Management Software
   Offers Best of Breed Components Operating As One Solution

                                                  Open Platform




                                             Best –of-Breed Solutions

3 Reasons Why Open Platform

                                           Video-Enable your Business

 Freedom of choice

               Future Proofing your Solution
5 Hallmarks of Open Platform

 Programming interfaces

 Software Development Kits

 Training and Support

 Project Consulting

 Consistent Business Model

Milestone IP VMS Product Line

   The XProtect product suite scales from entry level to multi-site
         distributed architecture with unlimited cameras

                                 26 cameras         64 cameras                XProtect
                                                                      ~250 cameras               ∞
                                                                             Smart Wall
                                                                 XProtect Central

                                                       XProtect Analytics
                                                             XProtect                Corporate
                                           XProtect         Enterprise
                                                  Software Development               Kit             Size
                     Essential                 XProtect Transact
                                              Milestone XProtect Open Platform

A Proven Go To Market Model
 Milestone Partner Programs are designed to help partners capitalize on the Milestone
                  Open Platform added value for each solution sale

                          Milestone            Channel
                                    Milestone Channel                    End Users
  Milestone                     Distributors
                                                 Value Added
      OEM                                         Resellers

Milestone Channel Partner Program

     Partner Levels
          Bronze
          Silver
          Gold
          Platinum
     Certified Levels – Professional or Advanced

     Channel Partners are invited to Milestone‘s
      Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS)
Channel Partner Levels
Reviewed Quarterly

                                                        Reseller Discount
   Bronze — No Sales Volume Requirement                      10%
       Partner Document Requirement
       No Certification requirements

   Silver — $ 6,000 – $ 15,999 Per Qtr at list price         17%
       Partner Documents Required
       Professional Certification

   Gold — $ 16,000 – $ 34,999 Per Qtr at list prices         25%
       Partner Documents Required
       Advanced Certification

   Platinum — Above $ 35,000 Per Qtr at list prices          35%
       Partner Documents Required
       Advanced Certification

Project Registration

      Education Project Pricing           15%

      Incentive Project Pricing           2 - 5%

      Large Project                       Pricing Subjective

      * Discounts are applied to MSRP
     • Project registrations are filed by Channel Partner designating Distributor
     • Project registrations are approved by the Milestone sales manager

Freedom of choice

 Which path
 do you choose?

 Unicast OR Multicast
 Single server OR Multi server
 Failover? No, hardware, software
 COTS server, network, storage
 Camera brand: you name it, we got it

                           Go safe with Milestone!
XProtect™ Essential 7.0
Brilliant Simplicity

 All the essential video surveillance capabilities
        IP video management software supporting up to 26 cameras
        Automated device discovery & configuration wizards for quick installation
        Bulk configurations for streamline installations
        GUI Management for ease of use

 Unbeatable value
        Flexible licensing to meet users needs
        Price per channel*: $49
        Unbeatable price - capability ratio
        Seamless upgrade to other Milestone XProtect VMS products

 Easy to use
      Offers the same user friendly GUI
      Easy to use – intuitive to manage

                                    *) Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. See price book for full pricing details
XProtect Essential Overview

 All the essential video surveillance capabilities
 Single server solution
 Up to 26 cameras
 Up to 5 concurrent users                    XProtect Essential
                                              Recording Server

 Ideal DVR replacement                                            Management
                             XProtect Smart

                                                                                  IP Network


                                                                                  PTZ IP        Analogue
                                                                                  Camera        Cameras
                                                                       Fixed IP
                                                       Fixed IP        Camera

XProtect Professional
Advanced, single server solution

 Sophisticated features:
    View & Record 1-64 MJPEG & MPEG4
    Unlimited Smart Clients Included
    Remote Clients Included
    PDA Clients Included
    Matrix Clients Included
    Single Server
    Feature Rich

XProtect Enterprise
Distributed architecture, scalable, for the enterprise

  Comprehensive features:
     Unlimited Servers
     Unlimited Smart Client Licenses
     Very Scalable
     Active Directory Support
     Runs as a Service
     API / SDK Support
     PDA Clients Included

XProtect Corporate
Flexible architecture – matches your specific needs

Support for unlimited servers, cameras, sites and clients
 Central Management Server with easy to use Management Client
    Centralized user authentication
    System-wide configuration of recording servers, devices and users
 Unlimited Number of Recording and Failover Servers
    Records video and audio
    Manage events and predefined alerts and actions
 Unlimited Number of Smart Clients
    Feature-rich Smart Client for
     live view and playback of video
 Flexibility
    Auto device detection
    Multicast support
 Smart Wall
    Video wall solution for
     XProtect Corporate
    Add-on product

XProtect Smart Client 5.0
Ultimate usability

                       Single user interface for all
                        daily operations
                       Control cameras, view live
                        or playback video, and
                        create evidence material
                       Wide choice in view layouts
                        with private and shared
                       Sequence Explorer enables
                        fast investigation
                       Support for 20 languages

Smart Client Map Function
Intuitive map application

 Display surveillance system status
 Supports layered maps
 Intuitive user control:
      Instant camera preview on ‗mouse over‘
      Specify camera view-zones,
      Integrated I/O control (doors, gates, etc.)
 Real-time status indications from system
 Fully integrated with the Smart Client and
  Smart Wall

XProtect Smart Wall
Advanced product option for XPCO

Powerful situation management
   Improve situational awareness
Seamlessly integrates with XPCO
  • Single operational interface
HW Agnostic
  Hardware & network independent,

Smart Wall Control
  Smart Wall
        Left Monitor        Center Monitor           Right Monitor

                        Operator‘s Smart Client
   Logical display of                             Drag & drop cameras
      the Smart Wall,                             from the Map view to
    including defined                             the Smart Wall layout

Product License Structure

 Easy and transparent licensing model
 Enables seamless scaling of the solution

                                               Optional Application License for XProtect Smart
         Smart Wall Application License        Wall for unlimited numbers of Smart Walls (incl.
                                               physical displays) and camera feeds

               Channel     …         Device
                                               One Device Channel License is required per
                                               connected camera channel
   License     License               License

                                               Mandatory license that includes:
                                               • 1 Management Server
             XProtect™ Corporate               • Unlimited numbers of Recording Servers /
             Base Server License                 Failover Servers
                                               • Unlimited numbers of Smart Clients and
                                                 Remote Clients

Milestone Systems
Add-On Product Modules

     XProtect Central
      (Alarm Mgmt. App)
     XProtect Transact
      (POS / ATM App)
     Analytics Framework
      (Plug in Alert Correlation)
     Smart Wall
      (Video Wall)
     Matrix (Built in to SC)
      (Event Driven Video)
     XProtect Retail
      (Custom POS Integration)

                                    3 cylinders
Ordering Information
Information required on the PO
    Reseller Name, Address, City, State, Zip
    Contact Person, Email, Phone number

    Milestone Classification Level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
    Certification – None, Professional or Advanced

    Product Number – XProtect Essential+, Professional, Enterprise, or

        Number of camera licenses: __________________
       End User Company Name, Address, City, State,
                 Contact Person, Email, Phone number
    End User Vertical (Education, Healthcare, Commercial, Government..)

     Milestone Knowledge Center
     Milestone Certification Offering

Professional           Basic IP & video   Basic IP & video   XPP 4 camera license
Certification $495        2 day TtT            1 day            (MSRP $1,195)

                                                             XPE Base+8 camera
  Advanced                                                   (MSRP $4,151) or
                        XPE & XPCO             XPA
Certification $2,995       2 day               1 day         XPCO Base License
                                                             (MSRP $4,499)

    Special            Company Cert.       SDK training
                         “On site”            2 day

Milestone Certification Training

   Training & Certification of Milestone Resellers provides a
    means to promote their expertise
   Understand the different Milestone products
   Become an expert at installing video enabling solutions
   Understand best practices in video network design
   Learn about different installation scenarios

Embrace the Opportunity

 Analog to digital migration inflection point is here
 Historically an Open Platform strategy has been a winning
 Milestone’s Open Platform for IP Video Management is a leader
  in the industry
 Milestone has a proven track record of reliability with over
  50,000 customers
 Exercise your freedom of choice with 130+ Video Enabling
  Solutions Applications worldwide
 Join us to take advantage of this market opportunity


        THANK YOU

Open Platform Design

   Upgrade only           Choice, Scaling & Future Proof

    necessary           Third Party Applications      Management      XProtect
    components            SDK/API Interface
                                                       Application     Client

   Modeled after                       XProtect™ ―Core‖
    IT software                               Device Drivers

   Choice                    MJPEG / MPEG-4 / MPEG-4 ASP / MxPEG / H.264

                       IP Cameras     IP Encoders       DVR / NVR     I/O Devices

                    Decoupling hardware from software

XProtect Matrix
Highly scalable IP video matrix solution

Transmit live video streams from any camera to any
PC monitor on the network
Direct video-to-screen:
 Manually from XProtect Professional
   and Enterprise screens
 Manually from a web page
 Automatically activated via external
 Automatically activated via Video
   Motion Detection

XProtect Central
Robust Alarm & System Health Management Console

Key Benefits:
 Full alarm management
 Centralized overview and control
  of large installations
 Hierarchical multi-level maps
  Visual and audible alerting
 Instant access to servers and
  camera devices for verification
 Integration with third party
  access control or intruder devices

XProtect Transact for Retail
Improves profit margins by reducing fraud & shrinkage

 Integrates POS, ATM and production transaction data with
 digital video images of events for simultaneous viewing and
 evidence support

  Input from one or multiple POS or
   ATM machines via RS-232 interface

  Simultaneous viewing of time-linked
   transactions and 1-2 video cameras

  Transaction searching and ‘go to‘
   next or previous match

  Print transaction reports with linked
   video images

Milestone Services

  Milestone Partner Programs
  Audits and Analysis
  Order Using the Online Order System (for Distributors)
  Maintenance & Upgrades
  Partner Knowledge Base
  Milestone Technical Support
  Training & Certification

Manufacture Alliance Program

               Compatibility for 800+ Cameras from 70 Vendors


   Milestone Develops and Certifies drivers for partner hardware products
   Sign up on the Milestone web site
   Customer flexibility, different cameras for different applications
   Visibility to Milestone resellers and distributors worldwide
   Leverage Milestone market presence

Milestone Solutions Partner Program
Stimulate A Dynamic Ecosystem of IP Video Solutions

 No Charge Program
 Includes
      5 cam licenses for both Enterprise and Corporate
      Technical integration support.
      Automatic registration for SDK Forum (in our Blogs & Forum site)

 Promotional Opportunities
      List in Milestone Solutions Data Base
      Partnership announcements in Milestone partner newsletters
      Co-marketing opportunities (MIPS and exhibitions WW)

                              “The IP video market is in full swing at growth rates rarely seen - - and turning
                              everything in the convergence video path to digital. Growth is one thing - - staying
                              with it is another - lots of changes coming in IP Camera, Server and NVR product
                              designs - and even new ideas that haven't been seen yet."

                              J.P. Freeman, 2007 The Worldwide IP & Video Network Market

3rd Party Analytics Products
Integrated in Smart Client Interface

   Fully Integrated With:
         Vidient
         Cernium
         Agent VI
         Object Video
         Mate Intelligent
         Viasys
         BVI Networks
         Others
   Behaviors:
        Crowd & Traffic Detection
        Exit Lane
        Human Tailgating
        Loitering
        Removed Objects
        Stopped Vehicle
        Unattended Objects
        Vehicle Tailgating
        People/Vehicle Counting
        PTZ Tracking
        Perimeter Intrusion

Milestone Analytics Framework
Correlate Alerts

    Benefit: Minimize False Positives
                                             No alert
    Correlate alerts from multiple VCA                 No alert

     sources                                 No alert

    Apply rules to generate new alerts
    Rules based on AND / OR                 No alert

                                                        No alert
    Only alerts fulfilling the correlated
     criteria will be passed on the          Alert
    Supports video Analytics from
     multiple vendors checking for the
     same behavior

3rd Party Access Control Products
Integration Examples

 Enterprise:                 In Development:
      S2 Security             Software House
      RS2                     Hirsch
                               Others
      Open Options
      AMAG
      Paxton
      Netgenium
      Lenel
      Others

 Corporate:
      S2 Security
      Lenel API / Data Conduit
      JCI P2000
      AMAG
      Open Options
      Others

Milestone Partner Programs
   Distributor Partner Program
        National General & Specialized Distributors
   Channel Partner Program
        Resellers & Integrators
             Focused on physical security solutions

   Manufacture Alliance Partner
        Hardware integration to Milestone products (camera, encoders, DVR)
   Milestone Solutions Partners
        Video enabling solutions based on the Milestone core
   Milestone Channel Services
          Training
          Support
          MIPS
          Knowledge Base

Project Registration

      EPP               15%                 Education Project Pricing

      LPP               Subjective          Large Project Pricing

      IPP               2 - 5%              Incentive Project Pricing

      * Discounts are applied to MSRP

      • Project registrations are filed by Channel Partner with a Distributor
      • Project registrations are approved by the sales manager


 Pricing Deviations
    2 reseller driven program available
       Education 15% off list
       Project xx% off list
    Deviations are reseller driven
    Documentation is required
    Milestone inside sales provides and approval code
    Reseller must include the approval code on PO‘s
    Deviations ―pass through‖ distribution


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