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					Press-Release                                                     Darmstadt/Marl, October 28th, 2002

Coating glass for glasstec

Fully automatic inline inspection for coated

The term “coated glass” covers a broad spectrum of various
types of glass and coatings, which are used not only in the
important sectors of construction glass, automotive glass
and mirrors, but also in an increasing number of new
applications. Moreover, the market demands ever higher
production capacities and speeds that can only be achieved
through       the   latest   manufacturing   and     automation
techniques.     These    new   high-performance technologies,
which are increasingly complex, require 100% inspection,
which can be guaranteed only by technologically evolved
systems. With its COATINGSCAN product line, ISRA GLASS
VISION has a tried-and-trusted range of optical inline
inspection systems that can be added onto or integrated into
any production installation. They enable continuous and
complete monitoring and control of the production quality.

Coated Glass, with its broad spectrum of various types of glass
and coatings, enables an ever greater number of new
applications that are finding expression in global “emerging
markets”. New coatings and processes are leading to improved
products with interesting target characteristics, such as: saving
energy, reducing size and weight, shielding from light and
radiation and splitting or filtering out specific wavelengths and

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Coated glass for glasstec – ISRA VISON SYSTEMS AG

Both the coatings themselves and the production methods are
constantly changing. For instance, the same coating systems can
be used to make different layers, layer thicknesses, colors and
Common coating processes include “hard” coating of glass
through spray pyrolysis application in the float glass line or
subsequent     "soft"   coating   through    in-   or off-line sputter
application.   Important    sectors   of    current   application   are
construction glass, automotive glass and mirrors. But complex
products such as glass for display technologies are becoming
more and more important, including the required contact patterns,
radiation- and light-splitters, as well as electromagnetic shielding.

These rapidly growing markets require ever higher production
capacities, which inspection systems need to keep pace with.
This means that a wide variety of coatings must be inspected at
top production speeds, followed by measurement and recognition
of defects as small as 10 micrometers. The importance of the
defects in reference to the product specifications must then be
evaluated. This would exceed the ability of human inspectors in
every respect. Only high-performance technology can meet such

Modular systems

The tried-and-tested optical inline inspection systems of ISRA
GLASS VISION ensure reliable, continuous and complete
monitoring of production quality under the harsh conditions of
factory life. The systems have a general-purpose, modular design
consisting of real-time standard components developed and
manufactured by the company. In combination with ISRA-
BrainWARE®,       a     modular   application-specific program for
intelligent machine vision systems, the resulting solutions are

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Coated glass for glasstec – ISRA VISON SYSTEMS AG

extraordinarily effective for any type of coated glass inspection

Typical uses include:
•      Arc-burns
•      Inline coating float lines
•      Vacuum offline coating of jumbos
•      Phased coating installations
                   •   for small-sized panes
                   •   for mirrors
                   •   for high-end special coatings such as ITO
                   •   for high quality

Precisely customizable

The proprietary, scalable standard components make it easier to
set up and lay out such systems flexibly. Each customer thus
receives installations that are precisely tailored to their specific
needs. It is perfectly adapted to the production environment from
the technical and economic standpoints in terms of transport
speed, track width, sheet dimensions, installation requirements
and feed. There are no application-related constraints on
resolution or lighting, either. For example, each substrate can be
given the proper, user-defined lighting combination – light/dark
field, reflection/transmission – for defect detection, and the
appropriate type and number of cameras can be integrated for
any required level of precision.

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Coated glass for glasstec – ISRA VISON SYSTEMS AG

The spectrum of real-time defect detection in the production
process running at the usual high speeds includes:
•   Arc-burns
•   Pin-holes
•   Scratches
•   Clouds
•   Areas of oxidations
•   Broken edges or plates
•   and other defects

Clear display of defects

A PC-based control computer synthesizes all the defect data
from the various input channels. Defects are identified by
category on the user monitor in a defect map display. Each
individual defect is assigned a descriptive picture ("mug shot") in
a digitized image. All the data are then ranked, reported in full,
and documented. That information can be used to generate
statistics on defect categories, defect frequency and trend

To optimize the production process, PLC systems can be
integrated. In addition, 24-volt defect signals are provided in
order to control external marking bridges for optimized cutting as
well as alarm devices and material locks. These additional
system capabilities have finally made it possible not only to "test"
quality but to produce it. That is the only way to ensure a good
return on such investments.

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Coated glass for glasstec – ISRA VISON SYSTEMS AG

A complete program

The market leader in production inspection over the entire
spectrum of glass manufacturing has many years of practical
experience with all types of glass applications at leading
manufacturers: float, drawn, insulating, rolled glass, as well as
display glass and ITO coatings.

The success and acceptance of these systems is based not only
on the reliability of a unique combination of theoretical knowledge
and   know-how         in   mathematics,   physics,   optics,    image
processing, industrial process design and modular software
expertise. Another factor is the general-purpose, modular design
consisting of real-time standard hardware components developed
and manufactured by the company, whose inhouse-regulated
product life cycle guarantees unique functional compatibility for
many long years to come.

The   extremely    durable      technologies   have   been      proving
themselves effective for years in raw float glass manufacturing for
detecting glass and surface defects such as depressions, spots,
scratches and inclusions in transparent and colored glass of
various thicknesses.

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Coated glass for glasstec – ISRA VISON SYSTEMS AG

Image material:             as attached

For further information:    ISRA VISION SYSTEMS AG
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Coated glass for glasstec – ISRA VISON SYSTEMS AG


Picture 1: Coating 1.jpg

In-line coating inspection system in operation

Picture 2: Coating 2.jpg

Running defect map (RDM) with grey value defect images

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